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Early aeronautics and aviation[edit]

I have a professional interest in aeronautics and aviation before 1916 and there's a lot here on Wikisource to use and to work on. Need to apply these wonderful categories: Category:Aviation, Category:Aeronautics, and add to Author:Octave Chanute and Author:Cleveland Abbe

Notes on The Education of Henry Adams[edit]

This book difficult to follow, partly because it makes so many oblique references to specifics of the author's time and place. I am reading and taking notes on basic underlying facts of it. The notes are on various discussion pages and clarify the text. Here are key bits:

  • page 21 -- relevant locations in Massachusetts: Boston, Quincy, and Medford
  • page 22 -- the styles of the many historic houses of his family's, and what the author preferred
  • page 32 -- lays out his mother's proximate family tree of notables named Brooks and Adams
  • page 37 -- views on American division about slavery circa 1850, in which the author's father Charles Francis Adams Sr was an important figure

BLS portal category[edit]

I work at BLS and transcribe some of its historic work now and then:

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  • create index with exactly the name of the commons file, prefixed simply by Index:
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  • Then, at least for simple modern docs, add 1=1 and save again
  • Then add "Ready to Match"; documents with pagination changes are harder but I don't need to address those cases now