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My Contributions[edit]


Lord Acton
Historical Essays and Studies/The Borgias and their Latest Historian
Historical Essays and Studies/The Causes of the Franco-Prussian War
Historical Essays and Studies/German Schools of History
The World's Famous Orations/Volume 1
The European Concert in the Eastern Question
Democratic Ideals and Reality: A Study in the Politics of Reconstruction
Georges Sorel's Reflections on Violence

In Progress[edit]

Goethe's Letters From Italy
Maxwell's Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
Howard's Garden Cities of To-morrow
Taylor's Scientific Memoirs Vol 1
Index:De Vinne, Invention of Printing (1876).djvu

Interesting Items[edit]

Already Uploaded[edit]

John Ruskin

Seven Lamps of Architecture

Aether and Matter

Index:Historical Works of Venerable Bede vol. 2.djvu

William James, Will to Believe and Other Essays

Frank Knight, Risk Uncertainity and Profit

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics[edit]

The laws of radiation and absorption; memoirs by Prévost, Stewart, Kirchhoff, and Kirchhoff and Bunsen ([1901]) Brace
The theory of heat radiation; Max Planck
Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics, developed with especial reference to the rational foundation of thermodynamics; Gibbs


Parantheses contain number of pages

Richard Taylor, Scientific Memoirs
Goethe, Theory of Colors, translated by Charles Eastlake
Banister Fletcher, History of Architecture
Langlois; Introduction to the study of history (390)
Talbot; Lightships and Lighthouses (444)
Wegmann; Design and Construction of Dams 7th edition
Brangwyn and Sparrow; A Book of Bridges (514)
Phillips; A General History of Inland Navigation Foreign and Domestic 4th ed (652)
Wegmann; Water Supply of the City of New York
Bigmore and Wyman; A Bibliography of Printing ( 3 vol: 504, 464, 150)
Hind; A History of Engraving and Etching from the 15th Century to the Year 1914 (514)
Lalanne; A Treatise on Etching (172)
Mumford; Stories of Utopias
Congressional Research Service Annotated Constitution
R. C. Jebb; Attic Orators
Thomson and Tait; Treatise on Natural Philosophy (2 volumes)
Oakes and Mowatt; Great European Treaties of the Nineteenth Century(428)
List; National System of Political Economoy
Thomas Tusser; Five hundred points of good husbandrie
Rites of Durham
Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic literature: with historical notes on other table-games (1905)
Bird: Chess History and Reminiscences
Willis An attempt to analyse the automaton chess player, of Mr. de Kempelen ... to which is added, a ... collection of the knight's moves over the chess board
Olmstead, A Journey Through Texas, A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States, A journey in the Back Country
Unwin, Town Planning in Practice
A treatise on wood engraving, historical and practical; Wiliam Chatto John Jackson
Johnston Writing & Illumintating & Letterin
Glimpses of Unfamilar Japan
The Classical Poetry of the Japanese (Chamberlain)

History of Maxwell Equations and Electromagnetism[edit]

Original Papers Showing the Laws[edit]

  • Gauss
  • Biot
  • Savart
  • Ampere
  • Lenz
  • Ohm
  • Orsted
  • Faraday
  • Coulomb

Later Reformulation / EM Radiation[edit]

  • Heaviside
  • Hertz
  • Lorentz
  • Michelson
  • Poynting
  • Liénard–Wiechert
  • Röntgen
  • Marconi
  • Boser


  • Stokes
  • Green