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Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC BY.

I'm Pete Forsyth.

In April 2020 the Signpost published my essay on why Wikipedia's history matters to the study of collaboration:

Trusting Everybody to Work Together

For more about me, please see my profile on English Wikipedia.

Wikisource projects[edit]

Awards for contribution

Proofread of the Month
November 2011

Special: Validation month

26 validated works

Proofread of the Month
November 2014

Special: Validation month
26 works


Encyclopedia articles about Oregon[edit]

Modoc War[edit]

Oregon Historical Quarterly[edit]

  • Complete (but need validation): volumes Vol. 1 through 4, 7. Other volumes in progress.

Marcus Whitman[edit]


Open education[edit]


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For future reference[edit]

To extract and replace text in a djvu file:

Rename on GNU/Linux command line[edit]

$ ls
23-aa hello aaa23-aa
$ rename 's/^[0-9]*-//;' *
$ ls
aa hello aaa23-aa

and put new text between the two slashes