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Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC BY.

I'm Pete Forsyth.

For more info, please see my profile on English Wikipedia.

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Encyclopedia articles about Oregon[edit]

Oregon Historical Quarterly[edit]

  • Complete (but need validation): Vol. 1, 4, 7. Other volumes in progress.

Marcus Whitman[edit]


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For future reference[edit]

  • Converting JP2 to PNG: I have finally found a pretty convenient way of doing this on Ubuntu Linux. (Previously, I made use of online conversion tools like, which is inconvenient for many reasons.)
    1. Install the package img2pdf
    2. Download or unzip the JP2 file you want to convert.
    3. On the command line, go to the directory containing the JP2 file.
    4. Run the command, with the following syntax: img2pdf file.jp2 -o file.pdf
    5. Now, open the PDF file in Atril Document Viewer. (If you're unsure whether you grabbed the correct page from the archive, this is where you can check.) (Perhaps other PDF readers would work as well, I'm not sure.)
    6. Right-click on the image, and choose "save image." Save it as a .png
  • Better method: Wikisource:Scriptorium/Help/Archives/2018#Converting_Jp2_files_for_upload_to_Commons
    opj_decompress -ImgDir . -OutFor PNG
  • A good diff for a screenshot, illustrating cleanup of OCR: [2]
  • A good example of an article with value added through contextual (internal and external) linking: San Tzu Ching/San Tzu Ching
  • Dealing with non-free images in transcriptions of freely licensed works (EDP / exemption doctrine policy)
  • Getting bots to start pages from OCR
  • convert a folder of JP2 files to PNG (in Ubuntu-based linux): opj_decompress -ImgDir . -OutFor PNG (see WS:H from June 2018)
  • overfloat formatting see history at Page:History of Oregon Newspapers.pdf/260‎

Rename on GNU/Linux command line[edit]

$ ls
23-aa hello aaa23-aa
$ rename 's/^[0-9]*-//;' *
$ ls
aa hello aaa23-aa

and put new text between the two slashes