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Ref: Wikisource:Policies_and_guidelines

Adding texts[edit]

  • Naming conventions
  • Download djvu file; click Download button on Internet archive; click see all files; right click .djvu file, Save As… e.g. Philosophical_Review_Volume_n.djvu.
  • See User:Zoeannl wikimedia page Upload to Wikimedia Commons; use old form if troublesome. The upload may take some time and finishes with 'File:Philosophical Review Volume n.djvu' page. Put 'this' into Wikisource 'Search' to find it again. Note number of pages in file.

Index page[edit]


Search for Author in Wikisource. Try Wikisource:Authors first. We use full names, no initials. {{Initials}} Do a Wikipedia search to find full name. Wikisource:Author_names
If no Author page in Wikisource—Create Author page by inputting link as Author on Index page (edit) i.e.[[Author:Able Body Smith|A. B. Smith]]. See Help:Author pages. Separate multiple authors with a comma. may have suggestions for categories. A category assistant on side bar would be helpful. (like wikicommons has in upload wizard)
Author:William Youatt exemplar
Author:Pierre Blot wikidata to do
Publisher: Individual publishers may have a Author page. (Create as for an author, above). Publishing companies have portals on Wikisource. (Create as i.e.[[Portal:Able Body Books]] Both should be in Category:Publishers. As well as info about the publisher (including Works about) and the books they have published (including any on Wikisource), you may find images of their publisher mark. Check Portal:Publishers for the publisher's portal. Try Category:Portals. Unfortunately searching for a publisher's page doesn't work often.
Add copyright info Help:Copyright tags


Index pages according to author or publisher—use what links here.

Project discussion page[edit]

(Discussion tab on Index page)

Project Notes[edit]

  • History/Introduction
  • Source notes
  • Project Manager introduction
  • Project Discussion: Project instructions and exceptions (reference Proofreading guide)
Add standardised formats
Automatic listing of links as per "what links here" but in reverse

Project Management[edit]

  • Prepping for proofreading
Header and footers set
Table of Contents for file index page
Discussion page
standard headings
Introduction, contact details for Project manager
Reference proofreaders guide, links guide, style guide
Special instructions contrary to above; in addition; project templates, formatting standards
Common scannos (link to Scanno page) to be bot-checked on transclusion.
Idiosyncrasies - consistent (mis)spelling etc.
Images link
Wiktionary links to uncommon/obscure words; foreign quotes for Wikiquote
Common refs to Authors, WS. WP?
Publication references within book (to be considered for WS inclusion]
  • Communication
Referencing pages
Work to do (individual pages)
Special notes; Exceptions to Proofreading guide (approval)
Problematic pages—missing image, table etc. e.g. [ This scan] used to determine illegible text ~~~~
Internal communication <-- -->
  • "Pages I have done"

Project Organisation[edit]

  • Project title/name; Author’s page
  • Links
internal navigation i.e. Front matter, Title page, Contents, List of Illustrations, Preface, Introduction, Chapters, Bibliography, Appendices, Index, Advertisements
  • Journals:
authors list; contributors
categories within journal
by date; by category; by author


(someone else needs to validate)

  • fix Author insert on mnu so it comes up with [[Author:x|x]] of highlighted x

Proofreader’s Guide[edit]

Parts of Books[edit]

Front Matter[edit]



  • Contents are formatted to provide links—
—from contents.djvu to pagespace. Use {{dtpl}}{{Dotted TOC page listing|I|[[The Problems of Philosophy/Chapter 1|APPEARANCE AND REALITY]]|djvupage=9|djvupageoffset=4|entry-width=100%|spaces=10}}
—from Index page to pagespace. See Help:Index_pages#Parameters Table of Contents (way down list) (note wtf formatting—would like subheadings). curly bracket individual djvu pages: would be good to do range like transclusion. e.g. {{page:Behemoth 1889.djvu/10}} To be considered: adding additional links i.e. any transcluded pages not in contents e.g. title page, preface, index, glossary, advertisements. Can be added manually as link [[Behemoth/Preface|PREFACE]] {{float right|[[Page:Behemoth_1889.djvu/13|vii]]}}
—from transcluded title/contents to mainspace page

Chapters and Sections[edit]

  • running headers
  • paragraph spacing
  • hanging indents




Special Skills[edit]

If anyone wants to work on Cassell’s 9 volumes of Illustrated History of England, feel free to do so. Personally I would like to see the volumes done. I like doing images so that is what I will work on but others can also. Volumes 1-9 are open to anyone to work on. Happy Spring, —Maury (talk) 22:38, 21 March 2017 (UTC)
  • other languages and fonts


  • (contents) {{DJVU page link}}: In the index namespace, it will show the proofreading status of the pages as a background colour.


Book titles and authors
Wiktionary, Wikiquote

to link Category—add : i.e. Category:Image_templates

Category:Internal link templates

Wiki page[edit]

(click on Book name on Index page)

Fill in Author page
Determine Category/ies, Portal/s


for spell checking (e.g. coördinate), scanno checking (e.g. denned for defined), find and replace (e.g. { for (; ’ for '; 1' for l'), consistent spelling (e.g. co-ordinate, to-day); ae for æ etc.
to add commonly occurring links e.g. authors, abbreviations, references, index
to collate references
Author’s pages and titles, with the aim of promoting books that are referenced in WS already.
references to book in wikipedia, wiktionary, wikiquotes

Putting it out there[edit]

  • Upload file
  • Create Index page
Add copyright info
Create Project discussion page (Discussion page on Index page)
  • Proofread (someone else needs to validate)
templates for "advanced" proofreading-{{missing}} table, greek, image; links especially books and authors;
Add standardised formats, notes to Discussion page
  • Fill in Wiki page (click on Book name on Index page)
Fill in Author page. redirects (alt names) Help:Author_pages
Determine Category/ies, Portal/s. Help:Categorization

HotCat is a useful gadget for quickly adding, changing or removing categories to a page.

To turn it on, go to the your preferences and, under Editing tools, check the box with the description "easily add / remove / change a category on pages, with dynamic suggestions". Then save.

Transclude Title, Contents, Chapter etc. pages consecutively. Copy header from Wiki page.

Focus of the Month[edit]

  • January: Basic Proofreading
  • February: Project Management, file management, copyright
  • March: Short projects
  • April: Wikifying, internal links, cross-referencing
  • May: Authors
  • Image processing
  • Categories and Portals
  • Templates, bots and scripts
  • Periodicals and Large works
  • X Wiki, incl Wiktionary, wikiquotes, wikipedia projects
  • November: Validation
  • December: Finish and focus

Poetry, drama, music, maths, tables, recruiting experts, X language wikisource