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Hello, VIGNERON, welcome to Wikisource! Thanks for your interest in the project; we hope you'll enjoy the community and your work here.

Please take a glance at our help pages (especially Adding texts and Wikisource's style guide). Most questions and discussions about the community are in the Scriptorium.

The Community Portal lists tasks you can help with if you wish. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my talk page. Poetlister 17:33, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

The bird book[edit]

Quadell (talkcontribs) has imported The Bird Book. It needs proofreading. John Vandenberg (chat) 23:13, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

Added to Autopatrolled and note[edit]

Added you to Autopatrollers, as you know your way around a wiki. One thing about the page environment, the radio buttons next to the edit summary. The amber button advances the work to proofread, and the green button (when it appears) is to promote a page to validated. After you have reviewed and corrected a work, then we would encourage you to upgrade the status of a work. I have been through and done the proofread stage of the works that you did earlier, and you may feel it worthwhile to validate them. May also be worth perusing the {{welcome}} messages for changes since you joined up in 2008. billinghurst sDrewth 14:01, 18 January 2010 (UTC)


You have new messages
Hello, VIGNERON. You have new messages at Billinghurst's talk page.
Message added 21:52, 18 January 2010 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

billinghurst sDrewth 21:52, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

The Statutes of the Exchequer (51 Hen3. Stat 4 & 5) (1266)[edit]

Thanks, can you have a look at my other attempts at transcribing stuff from that source - see my User page :) Sfan00 IMG (talk) 11:21, 29 March 2012 (UTC)