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Maintenance of the Month Sister-project link standardization

Increasing consistency in displaying sister-project links

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The standard template for sister-project links on Wikisource is {{plain sister}}. Its parameters are integrated in {{header}}, {{author}}, {{portal header}}, and {{process header}}. This allows users to easily add such links in the main, Author, Portal, Wikisource, and Help namespaces.

There are also other templates for sister-project linking. Some of them can be removed from those namespaces. See the below list.

{{commons}} {{meta}} {{meta-inline}} {{sisterlinks}} {{wikibooks}} {{wikinews}} {{wikipedia}} {{wikipedia-inline}} {{wikiquote}} {{wikispecies}} {{wiktionary}}

Be sure to reinsert the links through {{plain sister}}—or {{header}}, {{author}}, {{portal header}}, and {{process header}}.