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validation works
Small to medium works needing validation.

This page shows pages that have been validated through communities combined efforts through Proofread of the Month or aligned efforts.


As works that are RUNNING are validated (completed)

  1. Change the progress of the Index: page of the work to done (validated)
  2. Move the completed work to the COMPLETED section
  3. Move a QUEUED work into RUNNING

Works requiring validation

Archived Validation months

Completed in November 2014 PoTM

  1. Index:Old Towns and New Needs.djvu
  2. Index:Divorce of Catherine of Aragon.djvu
  3. Index:Pictures From Italy.djvu
  4. Index:More Celtic Fairy Tales.djvu
  5. Index:Love Songs.djvu
  6. Index:Great Expectations.djvu
  7. Index:Helen of Troy and Other Poems.djvu
  8. Index:Studies of a Biographer 4.djvu
  9. Index:The seven great hymns of the mediaeval church - 1902.djvu
  10. Index:Gorky - Reminiscences of Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi.djvu
  11. Index:Flame and Shadow.djvu
  12. Index:The Intrusion of Jimmy.djvu
  13. Index:The Distinction between Mind and Its Objects.djvu
  14. Index:Inside Canton.djvu (225pp)
  15. Index:Heralds of God.djvu
  16. Index:Maud, and other poems.djvu
  17. Index:French Revolution (Belloc 1911).djvu
  18. Index:Buttered Side Down.djvu
  19. Index:History of the Guillotine.djvu
  20. Index:Chartism.djvu

Completed in November 2015 PotM

See category:Indexes validated in November 2015
  1. Index:Our Social System-Andrade.djvu
  2. Index:Life among the Apaches.djvu
  3. Index:The Story and Song of Black Roderick.djvu
  4. Index:The Religion of Ancient Egypt.djvu

Completed validation

  1. Index:A Concise History of the U.S. Air Force.djvu
  2. Index:Law and Authority (1886).djvu
  3. Index:Daniel Schrock v. Learning Curve International, Inc. 7th Cir. 08-1296.djvu
  4. Index:The Obligations of the Universities Towards Art.djvu
  5. Index:List of Carthusians 1800-1879.djvu
  6. Index:Villette.djvu
  7. Index:Live and Let Live.djvu
  8. Index:In Flanders Fields and Other Poems.djvu
  9. Index:Economic Development in Denmark Before and During the World War.djvu
  10. Index:The Relations of the Advanced and the Backward Races of Mankind.djvu
  11. Index:Wills Act 1837.djvu
  12. Index:A Kentucky Cardinal.djvu
  13. Index:Fair Circumvention.djvu
  14. Index:Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.djvu
  15. Index:Frost - A Boy's Will, 1915.djvu
  16. Index:Jane Eyre.djvu
  17. Index:The music of Bohemia.djvu
  18. Index:Mandragora.djvu
  19. Index:Court Royal.djvu
  20. Index:Frederic Shoberl - Persia.djvu
  21. Index:Horses and roads.djvu
  22. Index:A Jewish State 1917.djvu
  23. Index:A Beacon to the Society of Friends.djvu
  24. Index:Our American Holidays - Christmas.djvu
  25. Index:Two Sussex archaeologists, William Durrant Cooper and Mark Antony Lower.djvu
  26. Index:An account of a voyage to establish a colony at Port Philip in Bass's Strait.djvu
  27. Index:A Thousand-Mile Walk To The Gulf.djvu
  28. Index:The Effect of External Influences upon Development.djvu
  29. Index:The atomic theory (1914).djvu
  30. Index:The Story of the Treasure Seekers.djvu
  31. Index:Devonshire Characters and Strange Events.djvu
  32. Index:England's alarm!.djvu
  33. Index:From canoe to tunnel.djvu
  34. Index:Victoria, with a description of its principal cities, Melbourne and Geelong.djvu
  35. Index:Chesterton - A Short History of England.djvu
  36. Index:Guide to health.djvu by M. Gandhi
  37. Index:Low Mass Ceremonial (Burnett).djvu
  38. Index:Tortoises, DH Lawrence, 1921.djvu
  39. Index:Wood Beyond the World.djvu
  40. Index:Horsemanship for Women.djvu
  41. Index:March 1916 QST.djvu
  42. Index:A memoir of Lewis David von Schweinitz.djvu
  43. Index:Betty Gordon in Washington.djvu
  44. Index:Avon Fantasy Reader 10.djvu
  45. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 4.djvu
  46. Index:The Bible Against Slavery (Weld, 1838).djvu
  47. Index:Rise and Fall of Society.djvu
  48. Index:The Church of England, its catholicity and continuity.djvu
  49. Index:The landmark of freedom.djvu
  50. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 5.djvu
  51. Index:English Law and the Renaissance.djvu
  52. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 6.djvu
  53. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 7.djvu
  54. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 8.djvu
  55. Index:The Negroes at Port Royal - Report of the Government Agent.pdf
  56. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 9.djvu
  57. Index:The Public Records and The Constitution.djvu
  58. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 10.djvu
  59. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 11.djvu
  60. Index:Machiavelli, Romanes Lecture, 2 June 1897.djvu (Romanes Lecture)
  61. Index:Napoleon's Addresses.djvu
  62. Index:In a Steamer Chair and Other Stories.djvu
  63. Index:Last of the tasmanians.djvu
  64. Index:Picture Posters.djvu
  65. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 12.djvu
  66. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 13.djvu
  67. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 14.djvu
  68. Index:Ports of the world - Canton (1920).djvu
  69. Index:1903 Lhasa and Central Tibet by G. Ts. Tsybikoff.pdf
  70. Index:Austen_-_Pride_and_Prejudice,_third_edition,_1817.djvu
  71. Index:Studies of a Biographer 3.djvu
  72. Index:Audubon and His Journals.djvu
  73. Index:Steamlocomotivec00ahrorich.djvu
  74. Index:The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses.djvu
  75. Index:Statement of facts relating to the trespass on the printing press in the possession of Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie, in June, 1826.djvu
  76. Index:Latency of Pupillary Reflex to Light Stimulation and Its Relationship to Aging.djvu
  77. Index:St. Oswald and the Church of Worcester.djvu
  78. Index:Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and Republican, Vol 2.djvu
  79. Index:Edgar Allan Poe - a centenary tribute.pdf (102pp)
  80. Index:Riders of the Purple Sage.djvu (335pp)
  81. Index:Problems of Empire.djvu
  82. Index:Mehalah 1920.djvu
  83. Index:Origin of Species 1859 facsimile.djvu
  84. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 15.djvu
  85. Index:Austen - Northanger Abbey. Persuasion, vol. I, 1818.djvu
  86. Index:Austen - Northanger Abbey. Persuasion, vol. II, 1818.djvu (Northanger Abbey, part 2)(332pp)
  87. Index:Tom Brown's School Days (6th ed).djvu
  88. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 16.djvu
  89. Index:Australian Emigrant 1854.djvu
  90. Index:Mexico in 1827 Vol 1.djvu
  91. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 17.djvu
  92. Index:Old Melbourne Memories.djvu
  93. Gulliver's Travels


The four works listed below are transcluded to Wikisource:Proofread of the Month for display
  1. Index:Aphorisms — an address delivered before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution, November 11, 1887.djvu
  2. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 18.djvu
  3. Index:A History of Japanese Literature (Aston).djvu
  4. Index:Iran Air Flight 655 investigation.djvu

Alternatively randomly have a page selected that requires validation.

Queued to be validated

  1. Index:Dictionary of National Biography volume 01.djvu (280pp)
  2. Index:Transactions of the Geological Society, 1st series, vol. 2.djvu (669pp)
  3. Index:Heroes of the hour- Mahatma Gandhi, Tilak Maharaj, Sir Subramanya Iyer.djvu (322pp)
  4. Index:Newton's Principia (1846).djvu (600pp)
  5. Index:The Chartist Movement.djvu (327pp)
  6. Index:An introduction to physiological and systematical botany (1st edition).djvu (590pp)
  7. Inquiry into the shipwreck of 'Geffrard' several passages of illegibile hand-written text (23pp)
  8. Index:Notes on the churches in the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.djvu (~275pp)
  9. Index:The European Concert in the Eastern Question.djvu (275pp)
  10. Index:John Masefield.djvu (~40pp)
  11. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 1.djvu (The Life of Jonathan Swift)(568pp)
  12. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 2.djvu (Tale of a Tub and other works)(458pp)
  13. Index:Austen - Northanger Abbey. Persuasion, vol. III, 1818.djvu (Persuasion, part 1) (279pp)
  14. Index:Austen - Northanger Abbey. Persuasion, vol. IV, 1818.djvu (Persuasion, part 2) (309pp)
  15. Index:Austen - Mansfield Park, vol. I, 1814.djvu (361pp)
  16. Index:Austen - Mansfield Park, vol. II, 1814.djvu (295pp)
  17. Index:Austen - Mansfield Park, vol. III, 1814.djvu (355pp)
  18. Index:Austen - Emma, vol. I, 1816.djvu (324pp)
  19. Index:Austen - Emma, vol. II, 1816.djvu (353pp)
  20. Index:Austen - Emma, vol. III, 1816.djvu (364pp)
  21. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 3.djvu (letters) (451pp)
  22. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 8.djvu (letters) (440pp)
  23. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 9.djvu (essays relating to Ireland)(426pp)
  24. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 10.djvu (sermons and other works) (399pp)
  25. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 11.djvu (letters) (493pp)
  26. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 12.djvu (letters) (501pp)
  27. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 13.djvu (letters) (479pp)
  28. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 14.djvu (Letters between Swift and Pope; Journal to Stella) (388pp)
  29. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 15.djvu (Journal to Stella) (434pp)
  30. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 16.djvu (Miscellaneous) (379pp)
  31. Index:The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 17.djvu (Miscellaneous) (484pp)
  32. Index:Myth, Ritual, and Religion (Volume 2).djvu (monograph) (373pp)
  33. Index:The Indian Biographical Dictionary.djvu (384pp require validation)
  34. Index:Reflections on the Motive Power of Heat.djvu (276pp)
  35. Index:Mexico in 1827 Vol 2.djvu [~681]
  36. Index:National Life and Character.djvu
  37. Index:An_Essay_on_the_Principle_of_Population_(1798).djvu (~300pp)
  38. Index:Palestine Exploration Fund - Quarterly Statement for 1894.djvu (271pp)
  39. Index:Nil Durpan.djvu
  40. Index:Rajmohan's Wife.djvu
  41. Index:The Poison Tree.djvu
  42. Index:Durgesa Nandini.djvu
  43. Index:Krishna Kanta's Will.djvu
  44. Index:Kapalkundala (1919).djvu
  45. Index:Green Mansions 1904.djvu (315pp)
  46. Index:Islam, Turkey, and Armenia, and How They Happened.djvu (192pp)
  47. Index:Alabama State Constitution of 1901.djvu ~60pp
  48. Index:Letters of Junius, volume 2 (Woodfall, 1772).djvu
  49. Index:Notes on the Anti-Corn Law Struggle.djvu
  50. Index:Aristophanes (Collins).djvu (175pp)
  51. Index:Euripides (Mahaffy).djvu (144pp)
  52. Index:Plautus and Terence.djvu (155pp)
  53. Index:Aeschylus.djvu (196pp)
  54. Index:Pro Patria, Florence Earle Coates, 1917.djvu (10pp)
  55. Index:A Naval Biographical Dictionary.djvu (1410pp)

Popular Science Monthly Volumes queued for validation

  1. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 19.djvu (805pp)
  2. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 20.djvu (849pp)
  3. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 21.djvu (785pp)
  4. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 22.djvu (837pp)
  5. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 23.djvu (821pp)
  6. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 24.djvu (313pp)
  7. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 25.djvu (660pp)
  8. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 26.djvu (862pp)
  9. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 27.djvu (847pp)
  10. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 28.djvu (880pp)
  11. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 29.djvu (662pp)
  12. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 30.djvu (690pp)
  13. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 31.djvu (566pp)
  14. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 32.djvu (775pp)
  15. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 33.djvu (785pp)
  16. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 34.djvu (653pp)
  17. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 35.djvu (775pp)
  18. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 36.djvu (752pp)
  19. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 37.djvu (812pp)
  20. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 38.djvu (835pp)
  21. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 39.djvu (833pp)
  22. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 40.djvu (780pp)
  23. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 41.djvu (292pp)
  24. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 42.djvu (406pp)
  25. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 43.djvu (713pp)
  26. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 44.djvu (715pp)
  27. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 45.djvu (795pp)
  28. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 46.djvu (830pp)
  29. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 47.djvu (796pp)
  30. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 50.djvu (513pp)
  31. Index:Popular Science Monthly Volume 86.djvu (360pp)


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