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For the first reform month, see Reform Month 2007.

This July is Reform Month 2012. In order to improve the project for users new and old, we are dedicating a month to improving documentation about Wikisource's practices and policies, and making the site easier to navigate and edit. We invite all editors, including non-Wikisourcerors, to participate by leaving constructive suggestions and comments concerning any aspect of Wikisource. It is also a good time for general cleanup. Please join the effort!

Important pages include the help pages, policies and guidelines, the index, process pages like Proposed deletions, Wikisource pages like Wikisource:News, and so forth. If you're looking for a particular page, the Main Page and index should lead you to it.


  • Wikisource:Translations needs work. There is no real guide for creating to translating a work.
  • Category:Proposed Wikisource policy: Many of these haven't been edited in months. Are these current proposals, rejected, superseded, forgotten about?
  • How do I transcribe a JPG, or non-DjVu/PDF file?
  • Wikisource should only be hosting images that are free in the United States but not in the country of origin, but there are many others lying around.
  • Help:DjVu files: Why DjVu? (This is always confusing to newbies.)
  • Help:Adding texts makes no mention of scans, or transcribing.
  • Better search boxes, for authors, portals on the front page and advanced searches within specified works or authors.
  • Big effort to flag incomplete and partially proofread works.
  • More setting of short-term goals to galvanise editors and reporting of their achievements.
  • Identify and correct uncategorised works and works not appearing in portals