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Works from 1923 (losing US copyright 2019-01-01)

On January 1st, 2019, the first new published works will be entering the US public domain in 20 years. Those would be all the works first published in 1923. This is an attempt to accumulate a body of works so we can have a big bang of this new material available on New Year's Day.

Works with scans[edit]

The Plays of Roswitha (transcription project) by Hrotsvitha, translated by Christabel Marshall

Tarzan and the Golden Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1923) (transcription project)

A Son at the Front (transcription project) by Edith Wharton

The Rover (transcription project) by Joseph Conrad

Fancies versus Fads (transcription project) by Gilbert Keith Chesterton [OCR text layer needed]

Bengali Religious Lyrics, Śākta (external scan) (external scan), tr. Edward John Thompson and Arthur Marshman Spencer (transcription project)

"The Dead Man's Tale, by Willard E. Hawkins, published in Weird Tales (transcription project)

Collected Poems (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2) of John Drinkwater

Emily of the New Moon (external scan) by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Many Marriages (external scan) by Sherwood Anderson

The Best Plays of 1922-1923 (external scan) by John Colton; Clemence Randolph; Philip Barry (Died 1949); John Galsworthy ; Owen Davis (Died 1956); Jesse Lynch Williams; Channing Pollock; George Simon Kaufman (died 1961); Marc Connelly (died 1980); Don Marquis; Karel Čapek; Rachel Crothers (died 1958);

Jim Maitland (external scan) by Herman Cyril McNeile

The gentleman from San Francisco, and other stories (external scan) by Ivan Bunin (died 1953) translated by Leonard Woolf (died 1969) and others.

The Poetic Edda, translated from the Icelandic by Henry Adams Bellows (external scan)

The Clue of the New Pin by Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (died 1932) (external scan)

Mystery at Geneva; an improbable tale of singular happenings by Rose Macaulay (died 1958) (external scan)


Works with hard-copies available[edit]

Desired works[edit]

w:1923 in literature (many of the works noted there have no PD English translation; the below is a selected few)

Sherwood AndersonMany Marriages (see above for scans)
Ivan BuninThe Dreams of Chang and Other Stories, translated by Bernard Guilbert Guerney
Willa Cather – A Lost Lady
Agatha Christie – The Murder on the Links (died 1976)
The Sketch magazine has a number of Poirot short stories in the 1923 copies
Robert Frost (died 1963)
New Hampshire
Selected Poems
Hermann Hesse – Demian (first English-language edition) (died 1962)
Georgette Heyer (died 1974)
The Great Roxhythe
Instead of the Thorn
The Transformation of Philip Jettan
D. H. Lawrence
The Fox, The Captain's Doll, The Ladybird: Three Novellas
Maurice Renard – New Bodies for Old (first English language edition of Le Docteur Lerne - Sous-Dieu (1908))
Rafael Sabatini – Fortune's Fool (died 1950)
Dorothy L. Sayers – Whose Body? (died 1957)
George Bernard Shaw – Saint Joan (died 1950)
Jules Verne (died 1905) (first English-language editions)
The Castaways of the Flag (Translator: Cranstoun Metcalfe)
The Lighthouse at the End of the World (largely attributed to Michel Verne)(Translator: Cranstoun Metcalfe)
Listed as 1923 works in Jules Verne bibliography, renewed as 1924 works (R97799, R97800, R97801)
Edgar Wallace
Bones of the River
The Books of Bart
Captains of Souls
Chick (short stories)
The Clue of the New Pin
The Green Archer (UK 1923; US, renewed 1924)
The Missing Million
H. G. Wells – Men Like Gods
Margaret Widdemer – Graven Image
William Carlos Williams – The Great American Novel
P. G. Wodehouse (died 1975)
The Inimitable Jeeves
Leave It to Psmith
Charles Boardman Hawes – The Dark Frigate
Hugh Lofting – Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (third in the Doctor Dolittle series of 13 books)
Hugh Lofting – The Story of Mrs Tubbs
Lucy Maud Montgomery – Emily of New Moon (first in the Emily series of three books)
Edith Wharton – A Son at the Front
Rudyard Kipling – His Gift
Aldous Leonard Huxley (died 1963)
Antic Hay
On the Margin, notes and essay
Edward Bernays – Crystallizing Public Opinion
Gilbert Keith ChestertonSt. Francis (hosted at Wikilivres)
Herman Cyril McNeile – The Dinner Club
Francis Scott Fitzgerald – The Vegetable: Or, from President to Postman
Richard Austin Freeman (died 1943)
The Cat's Eye
Dr. Thorndyke's Casebook (published in USA as The Blue Scarab)
Abraham Grace Merritt – The Face in the Abyss
Thomas Sigismund Stribling – Fombombo
William Butts Mershon – Recollections of My Fifty Years Hunting and Fishing
Amy Roberta Ruck (died 1978)
Sir or Madam
The Dancing Star
The Idol
Clemence Randolph – Rain
John Gresham Machen – Christianity and Liberalism

w:1923 in poetry

Jean Toomer – Cane
E. E. Cummings (died 1962) — Tulips and Chimneys
Amos Niven Wilder – Retrospect and Other Poems
Wallace Stevens – Harmonium

w:1923 in philosophy

w:1923 in science

Google Scholar search for papers published in 1923 sorted by number of citations found. Many have Wikipedia articles about the thesis they introduced.

To be validated[edit]

Kahlil GibranThe Prophet (transcription project)
The Choëphoroe (Libation-Bearers) of Aeschylus, translated by George Gilbert Aimé Murray (transcription project)
Descriptions of two new rodents of the genus Phenacomys by Alfred Brazier Howell