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WikiProject Jewish Texts
WikiProject to create a critical mass of Jewish religious texts on Wikisource

Text philosophy[edit]

Texts for the WikiProject must meet three criteria to be considered complete:

  1. There must be a copy of the original text (Hebrew, Aramaic, Ladino etc.), if the text was not originally in English.
  2. There must be an English translation.
  3. Relevant commentaries should be included and translated appropriately.

Additionally, the original text (regardless of language) should include modern English punctuation marks if that is at all possible to do.

Texts Completed[edit]


Texts in Construction[edit]

Texts on Hold[edit]

Texts Desired[edit]

  • Hebrew Bible
    • Chumash
  • Halakha
    • Talmud Yerushalmi
    • Mishneh Torah
  • Midrash
    • Mekhlita
    • Mekhilta de-Rabbi Shimon
    • Sifra
    • Sifre
    • Alphabet of Akiba ben Joseph
    • Seder Olam Rabbah
    • Genesis Rabbah
    • Lamentations Rabbah
    • Leviticus Rabbah
    • Pesikta de-Rav Kahana
    • Midrash Tanhuma
    • Seder Olam Zutta
    • Ashkenazi Siddur
    • Sephardi Siddur


Project History[edit]

  • 16 May 2007 - Project formed!