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Table of Contents

May 1881

Story of a Salmon 1
Physical Education V 7
The Mineral Springs of Saratoga 24
Action of Radiant Heat on Gaseous Matter 33
Another World Down Here 43
The Origin and Structure of Volcanic Cones II 49
Eyes and School-Books 54
Deep-Sea Investigation 59
The Will-O'-The-Wisp and its Folk-Lore 67
Cynicism Opposed to Progress 78
Some Prehistoric Vessels 80
The Horace Mann School for the Deaf 84
Color-Blindness 91
The Eucalyptus in the Roman Campagna 94
Influence of the Post and Telegraph on International Relations 101
Sketch of Edward D. Cope 110
Editor's Table 114
Literary Notices 116
Popular Miscellany 127
Notes 143

June 1881

Physical Education VI 145
On Fruits and Seeds I 156
Sunstroke and Some of its Sequels 171
The Value of our Forests 176
Production of Sound by Radiant Energy I 186
The Development of Political Institutions VII 197
Degeneration I 218
The Primeval American Continent 229
Natural Production of Alcohol 238
The Modern Development of Faraday's Conception of Electricity 242
Glucose and Grape-Sugar 251
The Mental Effect of Earthquakes 257
Sketch of Julius Adolph Stöckhardt 261
Editor's Table 265
Literary Notices 269
Popular Miscellany 275
Notes 287

July 1881

The Races of Mankind 289
European Schools of Forestry 311
Production of Sound by Radiant Energy II 324
Physical Education VII 334
The Development of Political Institutions VIII 342
On Fruits and Seeds II 354
How to Prevent Drowning 369
Recent Advance in the Law of Intellectual Property 372
Recent Advances in Electric Lighting 378
Degeneration II 382
The Phenomena of Death 394
Union of the Telegraph and Postal Service 400
Sketch of Dr. Charles T. Jackson 404
Editor's Table 408
Literary Notices 412
Popular Miscellany 422
Notes 431

August 1881

The Herring 433
Physical Education VIII 450
The Blood and its Circulation I 460
The Teachings of Modern Spectroscopy 468
Origin and History of Life Insurance I 482
The Insufficient Use of Milk 491
Intelligence of Ants I 495
Lunar Lore and Portraiture 511
The Visions of Sane Persons 519
School-Room Ventilation 531
Origin and Uses of Asphalt 539
The Unit in Plant-Life 543
The Electric Storage of Energy 546
Sketch of Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 550
Correspondence 554
Editor's Table 555
Literary Notices 557
Popular Miscellany 565
Notes 575

September 1881

The Development of Political Institutions IX 577
Physical Education IX 595
Ancient Copper-Mines of Isle Royale 601
Writing Physiologically Considered 620
Modern Basis of Life Insurance II 625
State Education: A Necessity 635
The Blood and its Circulation II 644
About Measures of Length 652
Are Cemeteries Unhealthy? 657
Inheritance 663
Increase and Movement of the Colored Population I 665
Progress of Higher Science-Teaching 676
The Australian Aborigines 680
Unexplored Parts of the Old World 684
What Is a Molecule? 688
Sketch of James Craig Watson 693
Correspondence 697
Editor's Table 698
Literary Notices 706
Popular Miscellany 711
Notes 719

October 1881

Physical Education X 721
The Practical Business of Life Insurance III 732
How the Earth Is Weighed 743
The Development of Political Institutions X 750
The Cultivation of Medical Science 774
Increase and Movement of the Colored Population II 784
About Comets 790
The Connection of the Biological Sciences with Medicine 795
Progress in the Manufacture of Steel 808
Intelligence of Ants II 816
Forest-Culture in Alpine Ravines 830
Cattle-Raising in South America 835
Biographical Notice of Prof. C. A. Young 840
Correspondence 843
Editor's Table 846
Literary Notices 852
Popular Miscellany 859
Notes 864
Index 865