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[It is impossible to do more than give a selection of works on Folk-lore: they have of late years become very numerous.]

Aubrey, J. Gentilism and Judaism. 1686–1687: reprint, 1881.
Baring-Gould, S. Strange Survivals. 1892.
Bassett, F. S. Legends of the Sea, etc. 1885.
Black, W. G. Counting-out Rhymes. 1888.
Browne, Sir Thomas. Popular Errors. 1646; reprint, 1852.
*Chambers, R. The Book of Days. 2 Vols. 1864.
Choice Notes from Notes and Queries (Folk-lore). 1859.
Clouston, W. A. Popular Tales, etc. 2 Vols. 1887.
Felix-Faure-Goyan. La Vie et la Mort des Fees. 1910.
Frazer, J. G. The Golden Bough. 2 Vols. 1890, 1900.
Frazer, J. G. Totemism. 1887.
Frobenius, L. The Childhood of Man. 1909.
Gomme, G. L. Ethnology of Folk-lore. 1896.
Gomme, G. L. Handbook of Folk-lore. 1890.
Gomme, G. L. Folk-lore as a Historical Science. 1908.
Gomme, G. L. Folk-lore Relics of Early Village Life. 1883.
Grimm, J. L. C. Deutsche Mythologie. 2 Vols. 1835, 1847. English Translation, 4 Vols., 1880–1888.
Hartland, E. S. Science of Fairy Tales. 1891.
Haslitt, W. C. Faiths and Folk-lore. 2 Vols. 1905.
*Hone, W. Everyday Book, Year Book, and Table Book. 7 Vols. 1826–1832.
Kelly, W. R. Curiosities of Indo-European Tradition. 1868.
Keightly, T. The Fairy Mythology. 1828. New Ed. Bohn, n. d.
Keightly, T. Popular Fictions. 1834.
Lang, A. Custom and Myth. 1884.
Mannhardt, W. Germanische Mythen. 1858.
Mannhardt, W. Die Göttez d. Deutschen u. Nord. Völkes. 1860.
Mannhardt, W. Wald u. Feld Kulte. 2 vols. 1875–1877.
Nork, F. Mythologie d. Volks Sagen. 1848.
Nork, F. Sitten u. Geträuche. 1849.
Tyler, E. B. Primitive Culture. 2 Vols. 3rd Ed. 1891.
Thorpe, B. Mythology and Popular Traditions. 3 Vols., 1851.


Brinton, D. G. Myths of the New World. 1868. New Ed., 1896.
Derman, R. M. Origin of Primitive Superstitions. 1881.
Muller, J. G. Geschichte d. Am. religion. 1855.


Brand, J. Observations on Popular Antiquities. 1813. 3 Vols. Various Editions.
Bray, A. E. The Tamar and the Tavy: Traditions, etc., of Devon. 3 Vols. 1838. In 2 vols., New Ed., 1879.
Hardwick, C. Traditions, etc., of Lancashire, etc. 1872.
Harland, J., and Wilkinson, T. T. Lancashire Folk-lore. 1867.
Henderson, W. Folk-lore of the Northern Counties. 2nd Edition. 1879.
Hunt, R. Popular Romances of the West of England. 2 Series. 1865, 1881.
Jackson, G. F. Shropshire Folk-lore. 1883.
Moore, A. W. Folk-lore of the Isle of Man. 1891.
Parkinson, T. Yorkshire Legends, etc. 2 Series. 1888–1889.
Roby, J. Popular Traditions of England and Lancashire. 3 Vols. 1841.
Thiselton-Dyer, English Folk-lore. 1878.


County Folk-lore. Vol. 8. 1903.
Cunningham, A. Traditional Tales. 1874.
Douglas, G. Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales. 1893.
Gregor, W. Notes on the Folk-lore of N.-E. Scotland. 1881.
Mackinlay, J. M. Folk-lore of Scottish Lochs, etc. 1893.
Napier, J. Folk-lore. 1879.


Croker, T. Crofton. Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland. 1862. New Ed., Tegs, n. d.
Curtin, J. Tales of Fairies, etc. 1895.
Deeny, D. Peasant Lore. 1900.
Kennedy, P. Legendary Fictions. 1866.
Larminie, W. Western Irish Folk Tales, etc. 1893.
Lover, S. Legends, etc. 2 Series. 1831–1837.
O’Hanlon, J. Irish Local Legends. 1896.
Rhys, J. Celtic Folk-lore. 2 vols. 1901.
Wilde, J. Ancient Cures, Charms, etc. 1890.
Wilde, J. Irish Fairy and Folk Tales. N. d.
Wood-Martin. Traces of Elder Faiths. 2 Vols. 1902.


Johns, G. Legends, etc. 1903.
Rhys, J. Celtic Folk-lore. 2 Vols. 1901.
Sikes, W. W. British Goblins. 1880.


Folk-lore, from 1890.
Folk-lore Journal, from 1883.
Folk-lore Record, from 1878.
Melusine, from 1878.
*Notes and Queries, from 1849.
Zeitschrift d. Vereins f. Volkskünde, from 1891.

*The Proceedings and Journals of Various Archæological and other Societies in the Several Counties contain scattered up and down in them Notes on Folk-lore.

* Those so marked contain Notes on Folk-lore, together with other Matters Historical, Biographical, and Articles on Natural History.