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To Francis Atterbury[edit]

To John Barber[edit]

To John Boyle[edit]

To M. Adelmar Cæsar[edit]

To John Carteret[edit]

To Robert Cope[edit]

To Rebecca Dingley[edit]

To John Evans[edit]

To George Faulkner[edit]

To John Gay[edit]

To John Gay and Catherine Hyde[edit]

To Elizabeth Germain[edit]

To Edward Harley[edit]

To Robert Harley[edit]

To Henrietta Howard[edit]

To Robert Hunter[edit]

To Esther Johnson[edit]

To William King[edit]

To Narcissus Marsh[edit]

To Charles Mordaunt[edit]

To Benjamin Motte[edit]

To Laetitia Pilkington[edit]

To Alexander Pope[edit]

To William Pulteney[edit]

To William Richardson[edit]

To Lionel Sackville[edit]

To Thomas Sheridan[edit]

To Henry St. John[edit]

To Philip Stanhope[edit]

To Richard Steele[edit]

To John Sterne[edit]

To James Stopford[edit]

To Henry Temple[edit]

To Dr. Tisdall[edit]

To Esther Vanhomrigh[edit]

To Mr. Wallis[edit]

To Archdeacon Walls[edit]

To Martha Whiteway[edit]

To Mr. Windar[edit]

To Charles Wogan[edit]

To Jack Worral[edit]

To Miscellaneous Persons[edit]

To Unknown[edit]

From Unknown Persons to Jonathan Swift[edit]

Falsely Attributed to Jonathan Swift[edit]