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Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co, 1886 $1.25
The author has brought together in this volume, in ordered and systematic shape, the social philosophy which for some years he has expounded in magazine articles, lectures, etc.
N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1890 $1.25
This work is a consideration of nature and humanity as an unfolding of the divine life. A view in which Christ takes the central place.
N. Y., Funk, Wagnails & Co., 1895 $1.50
Thirty-one sermons which will bring inspiration and comfort to the friends of Christ.
Bost., 1893 $1.50
A volume of helpful sermons which have been delivered at various times by the author during the course of his regular week day and Sunday work.
Bost., D. Lothrop & Co., 1891 75c
Very scarce are the books which are so lucid, forceful and thorough, and at the same time interesting, as this volume.
Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1893 $1.25
The thoughts in these sermons are not of one or two doctrines ; but rather of the trend and movement of the times in religion.
N. Y., Button & Co., 1893 $1.25
These discourses represent an earnest man's effort to make the gospel more credible and potent in his own generation.
N. Y., Ward, Lock & Bowden, 1895 $2
Written by a scholar of distinction, a man of letters, of fine taste and unerring judgment.
Chicago, H. W. Bolton, 1892 75c
A series of lectures delivered before patriotic organizations, and afterwards put in book form.
N. Y., Revell & Co., 1890 50c
A book for the anxious.
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1895 $2
A collection of helpful and interesting sermons.
N. Y., Scribner's Sons 2d ser., '94, $2; (3d ser., '95, $3)
The author aims to inspire all Christians with a living faith that will make them do away with all that is sad, gloomy and sour in religion and cling to its brightness and hope.
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1894 $2
This book is an attempt to exemplify the truth and sympathy in human life, through the writings of one well qualified to teach us.
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1896 $1.75
The volume contains chapters on : Tares and wheat ; Motives of religion ; Unseen spiritual helpers, etc.
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1879 $1.25
The Bohlem lectures of 1879.
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1890 $1.75
Behind the literary excellencies is a practical acquaintance with the weakness and strength of men's souls, not acquired in the study, and not often possessed by popular preachers.
8 vols., 1887 $1.75
Written with that directness and simplicity which characterizes all of Bishop Brooks' sermons.
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1892 $1.50
Behind the literary excellence is a practical acquaintance with the weakness and strength of men's souls.
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1895 $1.50
Contents : Mystery of iniquity ; Homage and dedication ; The battle of life, etc.
N. Y., W. B. Ketcham, 1896 $1.50
Thirty-four sermons by the pastor of the Collegiate Church of New York city.
N. Y., Christian Literature Co., 1893 $2.50
The first volume of a series of denominational histories which will constitute together an American church history.
Chic, Revell & Co., 1896 $1
There is no one better fitted to delve in this mine and bring the rich ore to the surface than the author of this book.
Written in an easy and flowing style, abounding in illustrations and incidents, unincumbered by abstruse and scientific terms, the book cannot fail to interest as well as instruct.
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1893 $2
A series of essays which aims to suggest a method of inquiry rather than to give definite theological results.
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1894 $1.50
Dr. Clarke's diction is always unsurpassed in purity and simplicity. The animating spirit of his teaching is ever love, trust and fidelity to present duty.
Chic., Revell & Co., 1897 $1.50
This volume contains sermons from some of the finest minds in the American pulpit with the messages of inspiration which they have brought to the members of Yale University.
N. Y., Baker,Taylor & Co., 1894 $1
There is no such school of bible religion in the land as a happy, Godfearing home.
N. Y., Baker, Taylor & Co., 1892 $1.25
Eighteen sermons thoroughly representative of the author's characteristic style and speech. They are strong, clear, spiritual, helpful.

Dale, D. (Ed.) Story of the bible in poetry and song. 

Denver, C. H. Emery & Co., n. d. $2
A narrative of the principal events of the Bible as told by the poet.

Drummond, H.The ideal life. 

N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1898 $1.50
In religion he was a master, and if in this sphere he failed anywhere in his thinking, it was in his treatment of sin. He could make holiness so lovely that all men wished to be christians.

Fairbairn, A. M.Studies in the life of Christ. 

N. Y., Appleton & Co., 1895 $1.50
Not exhaustive and critical discussions, but attempts at reaching points of view from which the life of Christ may be understood.

Farrar, F. W.The early days of Christianity. 

N. Y., Cassell Co., 1882 $2
The present volume is an attempt to set forth the work and writings of St. Peter, St. James, St. Jude, St. John, and the writer of the epistle to the Hebrews.

Farrar, F. W.The life of Christ. 

N. Y., Crowell & Co., (2 v.) 1895 $3
The life of Christ is avowedly the work of a believer. Those who expect to find in it new theories about the divine personality of Jesus will look in vain.

———Sermons and addresses in America. 

N. Y., E. P. Button & Co., 1886 $2
These words are the utterances of him we have known so well as the advocate of temperance and the preacher of eternal hope. — Phillips Brooks.

Faunce, D. W.Resurrection in nature and revelation. 

N. Y., Randolph & Co., 1884 $1.50
The subject, always one of deep interest, has been newly studied by the author, in the presence of a great bereavement, and comes from the heart.

Fiske, J.The idea of God as affected by modern knowledge. 

Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886 $1
A model for authors and a delight to readers.

Foster, C.Story of the bible. 

Phila., C. Foster Pub. Co., 1877 $2.75
This volume is meant to interest those who read it in the thing's that the Bible teaches, so that they may wish to study the Bible itself.

Geike, C.New life of Christ for young and old. 

Lond., Hatchard & Co., 1888 6s
A clear, simple and bright picture of the divine Savior as he lived and moved among us.

Gladden, W.Burning- questions. 

N. Y., W. B. Ketcham, 1895 $1
Discourse on the life that now is and on that which is to come.

———The christian way. 

N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1897 75c
"With the hope of making 'the way' plainer this little book has been written."

Griffis, W. E.Bible stories for young people. 

N. Y., Harper & Bros., n. d. $1

Harbaugh, H.Heaven. 

Phila., Reformed Church Publishing Bd., n. d. $1.25
Any book that will serve in any degree to draw the realities of the eternal world nearer to us is not written nor read in vain.

———Heavenly recognition. 

Phila., Reformed Church Publishing Bd, n. d. $1.25
Natural and scriptural arguments for personal immortality and identity after this life.

Harris, S. S.The dignity of man. 

Chic., McClurg & Co., 1889 $1.50
A volume of sermons preached at various times, by the late Bishop Harris of the eastern diocese of Michigan, and collected by his daughter as a memorial.

Hepworth, G. H.Herald sermons. 

N. Y., E. P. Button & Co., 1894 $1
These sermons have been written with the hope of smoothing the pathway of the troubled, and helping them to higher things.

Hinton, J.The mystery of pain. 

Bost., Cupples & Patterson, 1886 $1
Full of good and uplifting thoughts which will not readily pass from the memory.

Hughs, T.The manliness of Christ. 

N. Y., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1880 $1
The author aims to show that the whole life of Christ on earth was the assertion and the example of true manliness.

Jell, J. E.Musings on mother, home and heaven. 

N. Y., Thos. Whittaker, 1892 $1.50
In this volume the writer has endeavored to reach the heart and the life, the will and the affections of his readers.

Kingsley, W. W.Old faiths and new facts. 

N. Y., Appleton, 1896 $1.50
A volume full of spiritual reassurance and uplifting- influence.

Larcom, L.As it is in heaven. 

N. Y., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1891 $1
The religious sentiment of New England never had a more willing and graceful interpreter.—F. G. Whittier.

Maclaren, A.The conquering Christ and other sermons. 

N. Y., E. P. Dutton, 1891 $1.25
Sermons no man could hear without profit, and every man may read with advantage.

Miller, J. R.Personal friendships of Jesus. 

N. Y., Thos. Crowell & Co., 1897 $1
The author first shows the human-heartedness of Jesus ; he then draws a lesson from the relations which Jesus had with his mother and his childhood friends.

———Silent times. 

N. Y., Crowell & Co., 1886 $1
Suggestive of the need of seasons of quiet in every life that would grow into full, rich beauty.

Moulton, R. G.Bible stories — old testament. 

N. Y., Macmillan Co., 1899 ———
There can surely be no question that these classical stories of Biblical literature should have a place in all education.

Mozoomdar, P. C.Heart-beats. 

Bost., G. H. Ellis, 1894 $1.50
The book is an illustration of the lofty heights to which devotional sentiment may rise, free from all tinge of superstition.

Munger, T. T.The freedom of faith. 

N. Y., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1883 $1.50
These sermons deserve to rank with the noblest productions of modern times.

Murray, A.Abide in Christ. 

N. Y., Randolph & Co., 1888 $1
Thoughts on the blessed life of fellowship with the Son of God.

———The spiritual life. 

Phila., G. W. Jacobs & Co., 1897 50c
The author's writings have proven blessings to thousands in this and other lands.

———Manual of mythology. 

N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1875 $2.25
The volume first appeared in 1872, and has been revised and extracts from poets have been inserted without consulting the original author.

Paton, J. G.An autobiography. 

N. Y., Revell & Co., 1892, 2 v. $2
"I have just laid down the most robust and the most fascinating piece of autobiography — John G. Paton was made of the same stuff with Livingston." — T. L. Cuyler.

Patton, W. W.Prayer and its remarkable answers. 

N. Y., Funk & Wagnails, 1885 $1
A careful and thorough, though popular discussion of the principles underlying prayer as taught in scripture and sanctioned by reason.

Pearse, M. G.The gentleness of Jesus. 

N. Y., Crowell & Co., 1898 75c
Seventeen sermons of great strength and helpfulness.

Phelps, E. S.Story of Jesus Christ. 

Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1897 $2
Not a formal biography, but presents very effectively those shining acts and experiences in the life of Jesus which most signalized the loftiness of his nature.

Pierson, A. T.The heart of the gospel. 

N. Y., Baker & Taylor, 1892 $1.25

Pollard, J.The bible and its story. 

N. Y., Boutledge & Sons, 1889 $1

Rawlinson, G.Moses, his life and times. 

N. Y., Randolph & Co., 1888 $1
The materials for this volume are found chiefly in the books of the Pentateuch.

Rogers, A. K.The life and teachings of Jesus. 

N. Y., Putnam & Sons, 1894 $1.75
A critical analysis of the source of the gospels, together with a study of the sayings of Jesus.

Sanderson, J.The bow in the cloud. 

N. Y., E. B. Treat, 1888 $1.75
Words of comfort for those in sickness, sorrow or the varied afflictions of life.

Smith, H. W.The christian's secret. 

N. Y., Revell & Co., 1890 $1
Buy this book and keep it with your Bible for constant study, until you have thoroughly mastered, in your own experience, the " secret which tells."—N. Y. Evangelist.

Smyth, J. K.Footprints of the Savior. 

Bost, Roberts Bros., 1886 $1
This little volume aims to make real to thought and affection the divine humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stanley, A. P.Thoughts that breathe. 

Bost., D. Lothrop, 1880 $1
Rich in the assertion and illustration of those principles of thought and action which are universal and eternal.

Story of the heavenly camp-fires. 

N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1896 $1.25
A thoughtful and religious speculation concerning existence in Heaven.

Strong, J.The new era. 

N. Y., Baker & Taylor, 1893 cl. 75c; lib. ed. $1.50
Author believes this is a period of transition, and points out through these discourses its relations to the past and the future, and thus interprets its meaning.

Swing, D.Sermons. 

Chic, McClurg & Co., 1884 $1.50
Twenty beautiful and helpful sermons, teaching by their divine philosophy the way to the higher life.

Taylor, W. M.Elijah, the prophet. 

N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1875 $1.50
The story of Elijah is one of thrilling interest. There is a shadow of mystery and yet a mien of majesty about the hero which affects every reader.

———Joseph, the prime minister. 

N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1886 $1.50
Retains the charm of scripture story and throws light of modern scholarship on incidents not well understood heretofore.

———Ruth, the gleaner. 

N. Y., Harper & Bros., 1891 $1.50
Two biographic lectures on Ruth and Queen Esther.

———The miracles of our Savior. 

N. Y., Armstrong & Son, 1890 $1.75
Author has not attempted any classification of the Savior's miracles. His aim throughout is expository and practical.

Tee, E.The sanctuary of suffering. 

N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1896 $2
"There is no book more calculated to help one in trouble, more free from anything morbid, more full of divine love."

Trine, R. W.In tune with the infinite. 

N. Y., Crowell & Co., 1897 $1.25
Fresh, earnest, untrammeled by any creed narrower than the universal religion of love.

Van Dyke, H.Gospel for an age of sin. 

Dr. Van Dyke's lectures form one of the most eloquent defenses of Christianity that we have yet met with.

———Reality of religion. 

N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1884 $1
A book written from the heart, and perhaps this may help it to find its way to the heart. It has no reference to points of temporary interest or transient dispute.

———Sermons to young men. 

N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1898 $1.25
"If any will take it up and read somewhat, we are confident he will be so held by its attractiveness that he will read many pages before laying it down."

———Story of the psalms. 

N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1887 $1.50
The writer gives an analysis of eighteen of the most universally read psalms, aiming "to bring them in close connection with the men who wrote them."

———Straight sermons. 

N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1893 $1.25
The real aim of these sermons is nothing else than to help people to be good, which is the hardest and the finest thing in the world.

Watson, J. (Ian Maclaren.) The mind and the master. 

N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1896 $1.50
These discussions on temptation, individuality, etc., are characterized by the same keen insight and sympathetic touch which have so potently appealed to readers of his other books.

———The upper room. 

N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1895 net, 50c
A collection of sermons.