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The Edition module is responsible for retrieving and displaying various bits of data about editions on Wikisource.

For all of the methods below, the wikidata parameter can be left out and the item ID of the page on which it is invoked will be used.

Method: author_list[edit]

Get a list of authors. These will be linked to their author pages where they exist.

Used by {{author-list}}.

Wikitext Output

Method: badge[edit]

Display Wikidata badges for an edition.

Edition Wikitext Output
A Camp in the Adirondacks {{#invoke:Edition|badge|wikidata=Q16325556}} validated
The Great Secret {{#invoke:Edition|badge|wikidata=Q75047127}} proofread
The Riverside song book/The Open Window {{#invoke:Edition|badge|wikidata=Q59364480}} digital documentproblematic
Douglas Adams (no badge) {{#invoke:Edition|badge|wikidata=Q42}}

Method: inline[edit]

The 'inline summary' of an edition can be used on an author's page, for example, to show the basic details about the edition and work.

Wikitext Output
{{#invoke:Edition|inline|wikidata_id=Q28913867}} A Pair of Blue Eyes (1873) (start transcription)Wikidata books task force logo

Method: authority_control[edit]

For editions, you can list all available authority controlled identifiers with:

Wikitext Output

And if you want to list all for the parent work of the edition, use:

Wikitext Output

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