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Books noticed: PAGE
Baye, Baron J. Do. The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons 270
Bedell, Frederick, and Albert Cushing Crehore. Alternating Currents 560
Beecher, Henry Ward. Bible Studies 557
Bernard, Henry Meyners. The Apodidæ 277
Blackwell, Antoinette Brown. The Philosophy of Individuality 558
Blyth, A. Wynter. Lectures on Sanitary Law 852
Boies, Henry M. Prisoners and Paupers 268
Bolles, Frank. At the North of Bearcamp Water 563
Bonney, G. E. Electrical Experiments 847
Booth. Charles, Editor. Life and Labor of the People in London. Vols. III and IV 561
Bottone, S. R. How to Manage the Dynamo 710
Bowker, William. The Harvest of the Sea 419
Boyd, Nelson. Coal Pits and Pitmen 132
Bradford, E. F., M. D., and Louis Lewis, M. D. Handbook of Emergencies and Common Ailments 561
Brooklyn Ethical Association. Man and the State 710
Brown, A. J. Jukes. The Student's Hand-book of Physical Geology 275
Buckley, J. M. Faith-healing, Christian Science, and Kindred Phenomena 270
Burnz, Mrs. E. B. The Step-by-step Primer 132
Calderwood, Henry. Evolution and Man's Place in Nature 705
Carus, Paul. Truth in Fiction 564
Cheal, J. Practical Fruit Culture 134
Clarke, Isaac Edwards. Education in the Industrial and Fine Arts in the United States 131
Clercq, F. S. A. de, and J. D. E. Schmeltz. Ethnographische Beschrijving van de West en Noordkust van Nederlandsch Nieuw-Guinea 272
Colas, Jules A. Poole Brothers' Celestial Planisphere 850
—Poole Brothers' Celestial Handbook 850
Cree, Nathan. Direct Legislation by the People 422
Dana, Mrs. William Starr. How to know the Wild Flowers 708
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States 852
Dean, Bash ford. Physical and Biological Characteristic of the Natural Oyster Grounds of South Carolina 420
—A Report on the Present Methods of Oyster Culture in France 420
Delafield, Francis, M. D., and T. Mitchell Prudden, M. D. A Handbook of Pathological Anatomy and Histology 125
Densmore, Emmet, M. D. How Nature cures 417
Dobbin, Leonard, and James Walker. Chemical Theory for Beginners 133
Dreyspring, Adolphe. The French Reader on the Cumulative Method 564
Dumble, Edwin T. Report on the Brown Coal and Lignite of Texas 420
Edwards, William Seymour. Coals and Cokes in West Virginia 421
Elliot, Sydney Barrington Ædeology 276
English Classics for Schools 276
Evans, Elizabeth E. 422
Evermann, Barton W. Fish-hatching Stations in the Rocky Mountain Region and Gulf States 420
Fisher, A. K. Hawks and Owls of the United States 852
Fouillée, Alfred. Education from a National Standpoint 415
Galton, Francis. Hereditary Genius 559
Gore, J. Ellard. The Visible Universe 127
Gould, P. J. A Concise History of Religion 853
Hague, Arnold. Geology of the Eureka District 423
Hart, Ernest. Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and the New Witchcraft 845
Haviland, Alfred, M. D. Geographical Distribution of Disease in Great Britain 423
Heaviside, Oliver. Electrical Papers 560
Henry, A. J. Normal Temperature Charts, by Decades, for the United States and the Dominion of Canada 564
Herrick, C. L. Mammals of Minnesota 422
Hilgard, E. W. Relations of Soil to Climate 419
Hilton, John. Rest and Pain 130
Hoblyn, Richard D. A Dictionary of Terms used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences 272
Hobson, E. W., and C. M. Jessop. Elementary Treatise on Trigonometry 277
Hopkins, W. J. Telephone Lines and their Properties 709
Hopkinson, John. Original Papers on Dynamo Machinery and Allied Subjects 704
Houston, Edwin J. Electrical Measurements 703
—Electricity and Magnetism 703
Howard, O. O. General Taylor 269
Hudson, W. H. Idle Days in Patagonia 704
Hutchinson, G. W. Caldwell. Some Hints on Learning to Draw 851
Hutchinson, H. N. Extinct Monsters 556
Interstate Commerce Commission. Third Annual Report on the Statistics of Rail-ways in the United States 133
Jamieson, Andrew, An Elementary Manual on Applied Mechanics 559
Keenan, W. J., and James Riley. The Transmitted Word 710
Kirby, W. F. Elementary Text-book of Entomology 274