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Lists versions of a book in the Bible, in order of publication.



Book titles can be overridden as necessary. You can put an alternative title in the following fields to replace the default. Special cases are described in the footnotes.

Code Translation WS page Special cases
oe1 Old English translation (1) n/a standalone books;[1] partial translation[2]
oe2 Old English translation (2) n/a standalone books;[1] partial translation[2]
wy1 Wycliffe Bible, early version Bible (Early Wycliffe) uses value of wyc if not specified
wyc Wycliffe Bible, late version Bible (Wycliffe)
tyn Tyndale Bible Bible (Tyndale) partial translation[2]
tcb The Coverdale Bible Bible (Coverdale)
gen Geneva Bible Bible (Geneva)
bis Bishops' Bible Bible (Bishops')
dr1 Douay-Rheims Bible, original Bible (Douay-Rheims Original)
kj1 King James Version, original Bible (King James Version, 1611)
dr3 Douay-Rheims, illustrated edition Bible (Douay-Rheims, 1633-1635)
dr2 Douay-Rheims, Challoner revision Bible (Douay-Rheims, Challoner)
kj2 King James Version, Oxford standard text Bible (King James)
ctt Charles Thomson's Translation Bible (Thomson)
wbt Webster's Revision Bible (Webster's)
lee Leeser's OT translation The Twenty-Four Books of the Holy Scriptures Hebrew bible[3]
erv English Revised Version Bible (English Revised Version)
ylt Young's Literal Translation The Holy Bible (YLT)
asv American Standard Version Bible (American Standard)
kj3v/kj3 King James Version, 1911 printing The Holy Bible, containing the Old & New Testament & the Apocrypha 3-level navigation[4]
ebr Rotherham's Emphasized Bible The Emphasised Bible
mm1/jps Jewish Publication Society of America Version, 3rd printing Bible (Jewish Publication Society 1917) Hebrew bible[3]
bbe Bible in Basic English Bible (Basic English)
web World English Bible Bible (World English)
mm1/mm2 Jewish Publication Society of America Version, Mechon Mamre edition Bible (Mechon Mamre) Hebrew bible[3]
ws Wikisource translation Translation:Bible
lsv Literal Standard Version Bible (Literal Standard Version)


  1. 1.0 1.1 Old English translations are of individual books rather than a whole canon. There are two available slots as some books have two hosted OE translations.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Old English books and Bible (Tyndale) are partial translations, so their books will not display unless explicitly listed.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Hebrew bibles (i.e. the two JPS versions of the Tanakh, and the Leeser translation) will NOT display if mm1 is empty or missing. This parameter is used for the three-level navigation of Bible (Mechon Mamre) and indicates that a book is in the Hebrew Scriptures. Acceptable values are Torah, Nevi'im, or Kevutim.
  4. The Holy Bible, containing the Old & New Testament & the Apocrypha (KJV 1911) has three-level navigation and thus its books require a volume number kj3v = 1