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This is a template for easy formatting of paragraph references in Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar.


  • 1 - required - paragraph number.
  • 2 - optional - sub-paragraph marginal letter.
  • 3 - optional - a or b, needed only for paragraph 84, which is subdivided into §84a and §84b.

The paragraph sign § is always inserted, unless "nosign=1" is specified. Specifying "doublesign=1" adds another paragraph sign §. Specifying "nonumber=1" doesn't show the paragraph sign and the paragraph number, and only shows the margin letter.

This template uses {{GHGmargin-letter-fmt}}.


  • Reference to the whole paragraph: {{GHGpar|34}} - §34
  • Reference to a subparagraph: {{GHGpar|3|b}} - §15b
  • Reference to the heading of §84b: {{GHGpar|84||b}} - §84b
  • Reference to a subparagraph of §84a: {{GHGpar|84|f|a}} - §84af
  • Reference to a range of paragraphs: {{GHGpar|1}}–{{GHGpar|3|nosign=1}} - §13
  • Reference to several paragraphs: {{GHGpar|1|doublesign=1}}, {{GHGpar|2|nosign=1}} - §§1, 2
  • Reference to subparagraph showing only the margin letter: {{GHGpar|15|e|nonumber=1}} - e

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