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  • This is for newly completed works
  • Add new items using {{new texts/item}}. No subst. See documentation for information to overwrite title.
  • Please use a descriptive edit summary of the work being added

Simple listing:

{{new texts/item|LINK TO WORK|Author name|YYYY}}

Advanced listing controlling aspects of display (nowiki=yes displays the author name without a wikilink):

{{new texts/item|LINK TO WORK|Author name|YYYY|nowiki=yes|display=Preferred title to display}}

Please limit the number of texts to a maximum of seven, so that it fits nicely on the page.

  1. Insert a new text on the top, and move the bottom one to the "Old" section.
  2. Try not to have two texts by the same author on this template at the same time, thanks.
  3. Have a descriptive edit-summary of the work being added to help enable management of this page
  4. Edit the New texts section

New texts

NOTE: When adding a new text, move the last entry from the upper list to the top of the lower list below, under the text "Older entries". This will still hide it from view on the main page, though make monthly archival easier. All new additions are to be placed between the onlyinclude tags

Philochristus (1878)
 by Edwin Abbott Abbott
The Printer's Devil (1921)
 by Anon
The Hambledon Men (1907)
 by Edward Verrall Lucas (editor)
Euripides (1879)
 by John Pentland Mahaffy
Napoleon's Young Neighbor
 by Helen Leah Reed
Ideas of Good and Evil (1903)
 by William Butler Yeats
His Majesty the King (1890)
 by Kipling

Older entries (not currently displayed)

The Settled Estates Act, 1882
 by Harry Lyndsay Manby
An address delivered by the Hon. Mrs. Welby to the married women of Newton on the first Thursday in Lent, 1872
 by Victoria Welby
Notes on five years' experiments on hop manuring conducted at Golden Green, Hadlow, Tonbridge (1900)
 by Bernard Shirley Dyer
Riders of the Silences
 by John Frederick (better known as Max Brand)
On the Similarity of Effect of Electrical Stimulus on Inorganic and Living Substances (1900)
 by Jagadish Chandra Bose
Indian Palmistry (1895)
 by Mrs. J. B. Dale
Rupert Brooke and the Intellectual Imagination (1919)
 by Walter de la Mare
Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle (1911)
 by Victor Appleton
The Comic English Grammar (1840)
 by Percival Leigh
The Order for Compline, or, Prayers before Bed-Time (1847)
Mashi and Other Stories (1918)
 by Rabindranath Tagore
Embarrassments (1896)
 by Henry James
Hints for the improvement of village schools and the introduction of industrial work (1859)
 by John Fitzwygram
The Four Swindlers (1920)
 by Francis Bradley Bradley-Birt
The Land of Heart's Desire (1894)
 by William Butler Yeats
The White Bull (1774 — 1906 for translation)
 by Voltaire
The Complete Poems of Francis Ledwidge (1919)
 by Francis Ledwidge
A Tangled Tale (1885)
 by Lewis Carroll
The Postmaster (1918)
 by Rabindranath Tagore
Iolanthe (1882)
 by W. S. Gilbert
Folk-tales of Bengal (1912)
 by Lal Behari Dey, illustrated by Warwick Goble
Dick Hamilton's Steam Yacht (1911)
 by Howard Roger Garis
Marlborough and other poems (1919)
 by Charles Hamilton Sorley
Zanele Situ: My Story (2014)
 by Liz Sparg, Jesse Breytenbach, and Andy Thesen
The Kiss and its History (1902)
 by Kristoffer Nyrop
Views in India, chiefly among the Himalaya Mountains (1838)
 by George Francis White
In the Seven Woods (1903)
 by William Butler Yeats
United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (1979)
 by United Nations General Assembly
On Our Selection (1903)
 by Steele Rudd
The Adventures of Two Thieves and of their Sons (1912)
 by Lal Behari Dey, illustrated by Warwick Goble
Dave Porter at Star Ranch (1910)
 by Edward Stratemeyer
Review of Governance of Wikimedia UK (2013)
 by Compass Partnership
Primary and classical education (1867)
 by Robert Lowe
An address on compulsory education (1871)
 by Richard Gardner

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