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  • This is for newly completed works
  • Add new items using {{new texts/item}}. No subst. See documentation for information to overwrite title.
  • Please use a descriptive edit summary of the work being added

Simple listing:

{{new texts/item|LINK TO WORK|Author name|YYYY}}

Advanced listing controlling aspects of display (nowiki=yes displays the author name without a wikilink):

{{new texts/item|LINK TO WORK|Author name|YYYY|nowiki=yes|display=Preferred title to display}}

Please limit the number of texts to a maximum of seven, so that it fits nicely on the page.

  1. Insert a new text on the top, and move the bottom one to the "Old" section.
  2. Try not to have two texts by the same author on this template at the same time, thanks.
  3. Have a descriptive edit-summary of the work being added to help enable management of this page
  4. Edit the New texts section

New texts

NOTE: When adding a new text, move the last entry from the upper list to the top of the lower list below, under the text "Older entries". This will still hide it from view on the main page, though make monthly archival easier. All new additions are to be placed between the onlyinclude tags

Colas Breugnon (1919)
 by Romain Rolland, translated by Katherine Miller
Understood Betsy (1917)
 by Dorothy Canfield
Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar, a story of his life and work (1902)
 by Subal Chandra Mitra
An Address to the People on the Death of the Princess Charlotte (1817)
 by Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Adventures of one Hans Pfaall (1850)
 by Edgar Allan Poe
The Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Romans (1910)
 by Frederick James Gould
California State Constitution of 1879 (1879)
 by the State of California

Older entries (not currently displayed)

The London Gazette 28314 (1909)
 by the Government of the United Kingdom
Oedipus the King (1917)
 by Sophocles, translated by Richard Claverhouse Jebb
On the Irony of Sophocles (1833)
 by Connop Thirlwall
The Pig and the Box (2009)
 by MCM
Federated Australia (1901)
 by Alfred Odgers
A letter to Samuel Whitbread, Esq. M.P. on his proposed Bill for the Amendment of the Poor Laws (1807)
 by Thomas Robert Malthus
Federal Election Commission in the Matter of Robert Aderholt for Congress and Jeff Mobley, in his official capacity as treasurer (2012)
 by the Federal Election Commission
Scientific Method in Biology (1898)
 by Elizabeth Blackwell
Letter from William Beaumont to Samuel Beaumont (1811)
 by William Beaumont
The Bishop's Candlesticks (1908)
 by Norman McKinnel
The Highway Code (1931)
 by Ministry of Transport
The Mediaeval Mind (1911)
 by Henry Osborn Taylor
Discourses of Politics (1863)
 by Theodore Parker
The Venerable Don Bosco, the Apostle of Youth (1916)
 by M. S. Pine
The Anti-Apartheid (United Nations Convention) Act 1981 (1981)
 by Parliament of India
Liberty Reserve, et al. — indictment (2013)
 by US District Court, Southern District of New York
Van Cise exhibits to the Commission on Industrial Relations regarding Colorado coal miner's strike (1916)
The Book of the Damned (1919)
 by Charles Fort
Wrong and Right Methods of Dealing with Social Evil (1883)
 by Elizabeth Blackwell
Address of Narendra Modi to the Joint Sitting of the U. S. Congress (2016)
 by Narendra Damodardas Modi
A Garland for Girls (1893)
 by Louisa May Alcott
A Lecture on the Study of History (1911)
 by John Acton
The New Latin Primer (1888)
 by John Percival Postgate
The Acharnians (1909)
 by Aristophanes, translated by John Hookham Frere
The Literary Sense (1903)
 by E. Nesbit
Descriptions of Some New Species of Devonian Fossils (1918)
 by Clinton R. Stauffer
Department of Justice Report Regarding the Criminal Investigation into the Shooting Death of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson (2015)
 by US Department of Justice
The Nature and Origin of the Noun Genders of the Indo-European Languages (1897)
 by Karl Brugmann, translated by Edmund Y. Robbins
Voyage from France to Cochin-China, in the Ship Henry (1821)
 by L. Rey
Whole Works of Joseph Butler (1850)
 by Joseph Butler
Ten nights in a bar-room and what I saw there (1882)
 by Timothy Shay Arthur
The Practical Designer for Women's and Misses' Underwear (1918)
 by Isidor Rosenfeld
St. Irvyne; or, the Rosicrucian (1811)
 by Percy Bysshe Shelley

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