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Proofread works added in 2017
These works are from scanned texts and have been proofread at least once, if not fully validated.


  1. Poems of Nature (1895)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  2. Philoctetes (1878)
     by Sophocles, translated by Edward Hayes Plumptre
  3. Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States (2017)
     by Donald John Trump
  4. Cicero de Senectute (On Old Age) (1884)
     by Marcus Tullius Cicero, translated by Andrew Preston Peabody
  5. The Origin of Christian Science (1912)
     by Thomas Polhill Stafford
  6. The Way of the Holy Cross (1850)
     by Arthur Martin, translated by John Moore
  7. Chandra Shekhar (1904)
     by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, translated by Manmatha Nath Ray Chowdhury
  8. Meda: a Tale of the Future (1891)
     by Kenneth Folingsby
  9. The Maidens of Trachis (1878)
     by Sophocles, translated by Edward Hayes Plumptre
  10. Tom Swift and His Wireless Message (1911)
     by Victor Appleton
  11. Wild Apples (1862)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  12. Picturesque Dunedin (1890)
     by Alexander Bathgate (ed.)
  13. Prehistoric Britain (1913)
     by Robert Munro
  14. The Celestial Country (1900)
     by Bernard of Cluny, translated by John Mason Neale
  15. Poems and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth (1883)
     by George Meredith
  16. Electra (1878)
     by Sophocles, translated by Edward Hayes Plumptre
  17. The Clandestine Marriage (1766)
     by George Colman & David Garrick
  18. Instruments of the Modern Symphony Orchestra (1917)
     by Arthur Edward Johnstone
  19. The Song of the Lark (1915)
     by Willa Sibert Cather
  20. The Book of Tea (1906)
     by Okakura Kakuzō
  21. Humanity's Gain from Unbelief (1889)
     by Charles Bradlaugh
  22. The Ajax of Sophocles (1919)
     by Sophocles, translated by Robert Calverley Trevelyan
  23. A Legend of Camelot, Pictures and Poems, etc (1898)
     by George Du Maurier
  24. Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins (1918)
     by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  25. Letters from New Zealand, 1857-1911 (1914)
     by Henry William Harper
  26. The Cuckoo Clock (1882)
     by Mrs. Molesworth
  27. True Stories of Girl Heroines (1901)
     by Evelyn Everett-Green


  1. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (1882)
     by Ignatius Donnelly
  2. The Red Mist (1914)
     by Randall Parrish
  3. The Death-Doctor (1912)
     by William Le Queux
  4. Considerations on the state of Ireland (1864)
     by John Kells Ingram
  5. Rough-Hewn (1922)
     by Dorothy Canfield
  6. Enter the imperceptible: Reading Die Antwoord (2015)
     by Sonja Smit
  7. Christian Science versus Pantheism (1909)
     by Mary Baker G. Eddy
  8. Cursory Observations on the Poems Attributed to Thomas Rowley (1782)
     by Edmond Malone
  9. Dream Tales and Prose Poems (1897)
     by Ivan Turgenev, translated by Constance Garnett
  10. Points of View (1892)
     by Agnes Repplier
  11. Mycenaean Troy (1903)
     by Herbert Cushing Tolman and Gilbert Campbell Scoggin
  12. The Light That Failed (1891)
     by Rudyard Kipling
  13. Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout (1910)
     by Victor Appleton
  14. The Steel Horse (1888)
     by Harry Castlemon
  15. The Fourth Pythian Ode, B. C. 462 (1846)
     by Pindar, translated by Charles Apthorp Wheelwright
  16. A Newport Aquarelle (1883)
     by Maud Howe
  17. The Winning Touchdown (1911)
     by Lester Chadwick
  18. True and wonderfull (1614)
     by A. R.
  19. The People's Theater (1918)
     by Romain Rolland, translated by Barrett Harper Clark
  20. The Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act, 1991 (1991)
     by Parliament of India
  21. The Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 1991 (1991)
     by Parliament of India
  22. The First Olympic Ode, B. C. 476 (1846)
     by Pindar, translated by Charles Apthorp Wheelwright
  23. The Miracle Man (1914)
     by Frank L. Packard
  24. A genuine epistle written some time since to the late famous Mother Lodge (1735)
     by Mrs. Dunbo
  25. The Dolly Dialogues (1899)
     by Anthony Hope
  26. Twenty-one Days in India (1881)
     by George Robert Aberigh-Mackay
  27. Recipes Tried and True (1922)
     by Freda R. Lavine


  1. The Months (1850)
     by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
  2. The Quimby Manuscripts (1921)
     by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and Horatio W. Dresser
  3. The Moor of Venice (1855)
     by Giovanni Battista Giraldi, translated by John Edward Taylor
  4. Manual of The Mother Church (1917)
     by Mary Baker Eddy
  5. Sun, Moon and Talia (1850)
     by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
  6. Animals drawn from Nature and engraved in aqua-tinta (1788)
     by Charles Catton
  7. What are the causes of the distressed state of the Highlands of Scotland? (1852)
     by William Neilson Hancock
  8. The Extant Odes of Pindar, translated into English (1874)
     by Pindar, translated by Ernest Myers
  9. The Contrasts in Dante (1906)
     by William Warren Vernon
  10. A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon (1891)
     by George Reynolds (ed.)
  11. Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice (1911)
     by Victor Appleton
  12. The Special 301 Report, Issue 2012
     by Office of the United States Trade Representative
  13. Babylonian Penitential Psalms (1921)
     by Percy Handcock
  14. Celtic migrations (1853)
     by Denis Caulfield Heron
  15. The Nature and Elements of Poetry (1892)
     by Edmund Clarence Stedman
  16. Our habitual criminals (1882)
     by Frederick Richard Falkiner
  17. Haka Ka Mate Attribution Act 2014 (2014)
     by Parliament of New Zealand
  18. The Eye of Zeitoon (1920)
     by Talbot Mundy
  19. The Prometheus Bound of Aeschylus (1843)
     by Aeschylus, translated by Henry David Thoreau
  20. Effects of emigration; can it be made a means of relieving distress? (1856)
     by Thomas Jordan
  21. The Social and Moral Elevation of our Working Classes (1857)
     by James Haughton
  22. Miscellaneous Writings (1914)
     by Mary Baker Eddy
  23. The Psychology of Dementia Præcox (1909)
     by Carl Gustav Jung
  24. Emigration and immigration (1888)
     by Charles Francis Bastable
  25. Dandelion Cottage (1904)
     by Carroll Watson Rankin
  26. An Hymn to Venus (1748)
     by Sappho, translated by Ambrose Philips
  27. The Law of Population: Its Consequences, and Its Bearing upon Human Conduct and Morals (1877)
     by Annie Besant
  28. Cape Cod (1865)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  29. The progress of the colony of Victoria (1856)
     by Alfred Webb
  30. The National Institutes of Technology, Science, Education and Research (Amendment) Act, 2014 (2014)
     by Parliament of India
  31. On death punishments (1850)
     by James Haughton
  32. On Irish absenteeism (1850)
     by William Neilson Hancock
  33. The Fable of Thule, unfinished (1748)
     by Ambrose Philips
  34. Song of Hubbardton Raid (1880)
     by John McNab Currier
  35. The Copyright Act, 1957 (1957)
     by Parliament of India
  36. The Club of Queer Trades (1905)
     by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
  37. Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 (1999)
     by Parliament of India
  38. Hail, Holy Queen (1946)
     by John Hugh O'Donnell
  39. A letter to the Right Hon. Chichester Fortescue, M.P. on the state of Ireland (1868)
     by John Earl Russell
  40. Collected Physical Papers (1927)
     by Jagadish Chandra Bose
  41. Marriage, As It Was, As It Is, And As It Should Be: A Plea For Reform (1878)
     by Annie Besant
  42. The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy (1909)
     by Georgine Milmine
  43. The Loom of Destiny (1899)
     by Arthur Stringer
  44. Poems (1917)
     by Edward Thomas
  45. Dave Porter on Cave Island (1912)
     by Edward Stratemeyer


  1. The Higher Education of Women (1866)
     by Emily Davies
  2. Beautiful Joe (1893)
     by Margaret Marshall Saunders
  3. Mr. Gladstone or Lord Salisbury: Which? (1886)
     by Charles Bradlaugh
  4. The Principles of Biology (Volume I) (1898)
     by Herbert Spencer
  5. Socrates (1759—1906 for translation)
     by Voltaire
  6. Masterpieces of the Sea (1912)
     by Harrison S. Morris
  7. The Thruston speech on the progress of medicine 1880 (1880)
     by Donald William Charles Hood
  8. Tales from the Indian Epics (1918)
     by Charles Augustus Kincaid, illustrated by Mahadev Vishwanath Dhurandhar
  9. Walden, or, Life in the Woods, 1st edition (1854)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  10. Alice in Blunderland (1907)
     by John Kendrick Bangs
  11. The Fallacy of Danger From Great Wealth (1913)
     by Harry Hubbard
  12. Kali the Mother (1900)
     by Sister Nivedita
  13. Ambassador Morgenthau's Story (1919)
     by Henry Morgenthau
  14. The Sermon on the Mount (1908)
     by Jesus of Nazareth, as qtd. by Matthew the Evangelist, translated by various authors
  15. Thyestes (1902)
     by Seneca the Younger, translated by Watson Bradshaw
  16. The Service (1902)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  17. Reminiscences of Captain Gronow (1862)
     by Rees Howell Gronow
  18. The Middle Temple Murder (1919)
     by J. S. Fletcher
  19. The Right to Affirm (1889)
     by Charles Bradlaugh
  20. History of Knox Church Dunedin (1892)
     by John Hislop
  21. The ancient Irish church (1892)
     by John Healy
  22. The American Democrat (1838)
     by James Fenimore Cooper
  23. Good Friday (1920)
     by the Society of SS. Peter and Paul
  24. Why I Am a Socialist (1886)
     by Annie Besant
  25. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers (1849)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  26. Is the Bible Indictable? (c. 1877)
     by Annie Besant
  27. Bengal Fairy Tales (1920)
     by Francis Bradley Bradley-Birt, illustrated by Abanindranath Tagore
  28. The Beautiful White Devil (1897)
     by Guy Boothby
  29. Una and the Lion (1871)
     by Florence Nightingale
  30. Peter Bell (1819)
     by William Wordsworth
  31. Life or Death in India (1874)
     by Florence Nightingale
  32. Œdipus (1718, 1906 for translation)
     by Voltaire, translated by William F. Fleming
  33. The Bird of Time (1912)
     by Sarojini Naidu
  34. The Awkward Age (1899)
     by Henry James
  35. Excursions (1863)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  36. The Special 301 Report, Issue 2013
     by Office of the United States Trade Representative
  37. Her Prairie Knight, and Rowdy of the "Cross L" (1907)
     by B. M. Bower
  38. Jacobite broadsides (18th century)
     by Walter Biggar Blaikie, collector
  39. The Roman Catholic Bishops of Limerick and Clonfert on Boycotting and the Plan of Campaign (1887)
     by Edward Thomas O'Dwyer and John Healy
  40. Rome and Fenianism: The Pope's Anti-Parnellite Circular (1883)
     by William Maziere Brady
  41. A Yankee in Canada, with Anti-slavery and Reform Papers (1866)
     by Henry David Thoreau


  1. Twenty-four plates illustrative of Hindoo and European Manners in Bengal (1832)
     by Sophie Charlotte Belnos and Alexandre-Marie Colin
  2. The Fortune of the Indies (1922)
     by Edith Ballinger Price
  3. Outlines of the women's franchise movement in New Zealand (1905)
     by William Sidney Smith
  4. The World Factbook (1990)
     by United States Central Intelligence Agency
  5. Demosthenes (1877)
     by William Jackson Brodribb
  6. The Three Sisters (1850)
     by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
  7. Women's suffrage: a short history of a great movement (1911)
     by Millicent Garrett Fawcett
  8. Plan Your Family For Health and Happiness (c. 1940)
     by the Birth Control Federation of America
  9. Sintel (2010)
     by the Blender Foundation, screenplay by Esther Wouda
  10. Edinburgh (1914)
     by Robert Louis Stevenson
  11. Marriage in the House versus Marriage in the Church (1921)
     by Adeniran Oke
  12. The Story of Ginger Cubes (1922)
     by Christopher Morley
  13. Early Spring in Massachusetts (1881)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  14. Petrosinella (1850)
     by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
  15. Cicero And The Fall Of The Roman Republic (1894)
     by James Leigh Strachan-Davidson
  16. Savage Island (1902)
     by Basil Home Thomson
  17. A forgotten small nationality (1917)
     by Francis Sheehy Skeffington and Hanna Sheehy Skeffington
  18. The Sacred Fount (1901)
     by Henry James
  19. Translations from the Chinese (1922)
     by Christopher Morley
  20. Sir Walter Raleigh (1905)
     by Henry David Thoreau
  21. The Forerunners (1920)
     by Romain Rolland
  22. The Dream (1922)
     by John Masefield
  23. The Special 301 Report, Issue 2014
     by Office of the United States Trade Representative
  24. The Tourist's Maritime Provinces (1915)
     by Ruth Kedzie Wood
  25. For Remembrance (1901)
     by Agnes Repplier, ed.
  26. Sonnets (1916)
     by John Masefield


Mr. Verdant Green Married and Done for (1857)
 by Cuthbert Bede
Light waves and their uses (1902)
 by Albert Abraham Michelson
The World Set Free (1914)
 by Herbert George Wells
The Shaving of Shagpat (1909)
 by George Meredith
The Suppliant Maidens of Aeschylus, 1st edition Speaker Icon.svg (1883)
 by Aeschylus, translated by Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead
The Song of the Cheerful (but slightly Sarcastic) Jesus (1905)
 by Oliver St. John Gogarty
The Special 301 Report, Issue 2015
 by Office of the United States Trade Representative
Little Mr. Bouncer; and Tales of College Life (1893)
 by Cuthbert Bede
Translations from Pindar (1906)
 by Pindar, translated by Henry David Thoreau
Hymns for the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII, Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg (1902)
 by various hymnwriters
The Wonderful Visit (1895)
 by Herbert George Wells
The House of Atreus, 2nd edition Speaker Icon.svg (1889)
 by Aeschylus, translated by Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead
Eastern Book Company & Ors vs D.B. Modak & Anr (2007)
 by the Supreme Court of India
Tarzan of the Apes (1914)
 by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1883)
 by John Henry Ingram
The Serpent (1850)
 by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
Oriental Scenery (1816)
 by Thomas Daniell and William Daniell
The Battery and the Boiler (1883)
 by R. M. Ballantyne
Ode on the Day of the Coronation of King Edward VII (1902)
 by William Watson
The Earliest Lives of Dante (1901)
 by Giovanni Boccaccio & Leonardo Bruni, translated by James Robinson Smith
Us and the Bottle Man (1920)
 by Edith Ballinger Price
Thoreau: His Home, Friends and Books (1902)
 by Annie Russell Marble
Travels in Philadelphia (1920)
 by Christopher Morley
Genius (1849)
 by Sampson Reed
Gagliuso (1850)
 by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
War (1849)
 by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Diddle, Diddle; Or, The Kind Country Lovers (17th century)
 by Anonymous
Alden the Pony Express Rider (1909)
 by Edward S. Ellis
The Sundhya, or, the Daily Prayers of the Brahmins (1851)
 by Sophie Charlotte Belnos
Prohibition (1867)
 by Alexander Tilloch Galt
Science and Health (1881)
 by Mary Baker G. Eddy
Violet (1850)
 by Giambattista Basile, translated by John Edward Taylor
The First and Last Journeys of Thoreau, Volume 1 (1905)
 by Henry David Thoreau
Demagogues and Mystagogues (1908)
 by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The New Life (La Vita Nuova) of Dante Alighieri (1899)
 by Dante Alighieri, translated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti