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Proofread works added in 2013
These works are from scanned texts and have been proofread at least once, if not fully validated.


Mr. Punch's Book of Sports (1910)

by The Editors of Punch

The Cycle Industry (1921)

History of West Hoboken N.J. 1609-1903 (1903)

The Moths of the British Isles (Second series) (1909)

Of the Laws of England (1768)

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Canto I (1818, 1899)

Kipps (1906)

Under Dewey at Manila (1898)

English As She Is Spoke (1884)

Japanese flower arrangement (1903)

William Godwin's Novels (1902)

How to Write a Short Story (1904)

The Complete Confectioner (1800)

Tensing Exercises (1913)

The Prophecy of Dante (1819)

The Bobbsey Twins at School (1913)

The Early English Organ Builders and their work (1864)

The Moths of the British Isles (First series) (1920)

John Ruskin (1902)

Guatimala or the United Provinces of Central America in 1827-8 (1828)

Evolution of the Thermometer (1900)

The Blues (1823)

Short Stories (1912)

Jews and Judaism (1886)


Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches (1910)

by Saki

UN Security Council Resolution 1837 (2008)

The Clipper Ship Era (1911)

The Mystery of Choice (1897)

Thomas Henry Huxley (1902)

The Swiss Family Robinson (1851)

Parisina (1816)

The House Sparrow (1885)

by Various authors

Walter Bagehot (1902)

Moyarra: An Australian Legend in Two Cantos (1891)

Machiavelli (1897)

Senator Wyden Remarks at Aaron Swartz Memorial (2013)

The Inner House (1888)

The Young Auctioneers (1897)

The Curse of Minerva (1811)

Carter Interview with Harry Reasoner (1976)

A Supplicacyon for the Beggers (1529)

The power of the dog (1910)

The Waltz (1813)

The Kernel and the Husk (1886)

Colymbia (1873)

Organon (340 B.C.)

Narrative of a Voyage Round the World (1835)

Studies in letters and life (1890)

The Story of Doctor Dolittle (1920)


Spirella Corsets (1913)

by Spirella Corsets

President Ford–Eastern Europe Advocates memcon (1975)

by Gerald Ford et al

Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan (1854)

Sonnets and poems (1916)

The Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton (1897)

Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads (1919)

A Reconstruction Letter (1866)

The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun (1896)

The Recluse (1888)

Address on the opening of the Free Public Library of Ballarat East, on Friday, 1st. January, 1869 (1869)

A lecture on the evils of emigration and transportation (1838)

Suppression of Communism Act (1950)

The Prelude (1850)

Off for Hawaii (1899)

Hustler Magazine v. Falwell/Amicus curiae motions granted (1987)

Emancipate your colonies! (1830)

Florence Earle Coates (1895)

Secretary Kissinger's Talks in China (1974)

A Century of Roundels (1883)

The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon (1891)

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (1922)

Quits (1896)

The Pathway of Roses (1913)

The Five Nations (1903)

The Story of a Little Gray Mouse (1945)

Reflections on the Formation and the Distribution of Riches (1770)

James Anthony Froude (1902)

The fall of Ulysses (1912)

The Dictionary of Australasian Biography (1892)

Issa, Cummings Ask for Briefing on Swartz Prosecution (2013)


Mimicry in Butterflies (1915)

Inaugural address delivered to the University of St. Andrews, Feb. 1st 1867 (1867)

The volunteer, and other poems (1916)

The poor Sisters of Nazareth (1889)

Cotton and Immigration (1871)

The spirit of place, and other essays (1899)

Historical characteristics of the Celtic race (1885)

Address to an emigrant (1839)

by Religious Tract Society

The Australian Commonwealth and her relation to the British Empire (1912)

The Intrusion of Jimmy (1910)

A Critical Examination of Dr G. Birkbeck Hills "Johnsonian" Editions (1898)

Poems, now first collected (1897)

President Ford–King Hussein memcon (1974)

The Great Secret (1895)

The Life of Tolstoy (1911)

Barchester Towers (1857)

The New Arcadia (1894)

Interference Phenomena in a new form of Refractometer (1882)

Box and Cox (1847)

Artabanzanus (1896)

Major Achievements in the Courtroom: Terrorism Cases: United States v. Zachary Chesser (2012)

Fighting in Cuban Waters (1899)

Sonnets to Duse and other Poems (1907)

Franken Inquiry to Holder Over Death of Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz (2013)


Agnes Grey (1st edition) (1847)

A dream of Midlothian (1884)

The future of democracy (1918)

An address to the middle and working classes engaged in trade and manufactures throughout the empire on the necessity of union at the present crisis (1842)

Have you heard the news? (1835)

by a Freeman

Logan Banner 125 Year Anniversary (2013)

Aphorisms (1887)

Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplify'd (1749)

On the Aberration of Light (1845)

The Strange Experiences of Tina Malone (1922)

History of the Guillotine (1853)

Statement of facts relating to the trespass on the printing press in the possession of Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie, in June, 1826 (1828)

Honoring Brandon Elizares (2012)

To Alaska for Gold (1899)

A father of women, and other poems (1917)

Letter from Department of State to Defense Distributed (2013)

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (emended 1st edition) (1848)

In Xanadu: a fantasy of the exposition (1916)

Trial by Jury (1875)

Preludes (1875)

Studies of a Biographer (1898–1902, four vols)

The Yellow Wall Paper (1901)

Thoth: A Romance (1888)

President Ford–Umar al-Saqqaf memcon (1974)


Grove's Dictionary Of Music and Musicians, Volume 1 (1900)

by George Grove (ed.)

The Campaign of the Jungle (1900)

The Laws of Hammurabi, King of Babylonia (1903)

translated by H. Otto Sommer

The Canterville Ghost (1887)

Solange (1909)

The Triangle of Terror (1950)

Things Japanese (1905)

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Vol. IV. The Canterbury Tales: Text. (1900)

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Vol. V. Notes to the Canterbury Tales. (1900)

The House of Lords and the nation (1884)

The Pleasures of England (1888)

A Sailor Boy with Dewey (1899)

Commemorating Dia de Portugal (1996)


Holder Letter to Russian Justice Minister About Snowden (2013)

Tommy Thumb's Song Book (1744)

Representative Louise McIntosh Slaughter speech on FARM act of 2013 (2013)

The Last Cruise of the Spitfire (1900)

Illustrated Index of British Shells (1859)

Trees and Other Poems (1914)

The Rover Boys on Land and Sea (1903)

Jack in the Box (1890) Cox and Box (1866)

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Vol. VI. Introduction, Glossary, and Indexes. (1894)

Philosophical Transactions, Volume II (1667)

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Vol. I. Romaunt of the Rose & Minor Poems. (1899)

History of England, Volumes 1 to 4 (1893)


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820)

On the forfeiture of property by married women (1870)

Affidavit of Ronald DeWolf (1979)

by United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts

Homoeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions (1842)

International Religious Freedom Report 2005 - Sweden (2005)

by United States Department of State

"Silence" (1900)

Wood Carvings in English Churches—II. Stalls, Thrones & Chairs (1910)

Charles Harte letter to Lionel Walter Rothschild (1899)

The Hessians and the other German auxiliaries of Great Britain in the revolutionary war (1884)

The homes of the working classes and the promises of the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P. (1884)

Villette (1st edition) (1853)

A voice from the signal-box (1874)

by a signalman

Commentary on the Maya Manuscript in the Royal Public Library of Dresden (1906)

The slave trade of east Africa (1869)

by Church Missionary Society

An Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs (1915)

The bitter cry of outcast London (1883)

by London Congregational Union

Electoral purity and economy (1882)

Some account of the town of Zanzibar (1869)

Female suffrage. A letter from the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P. to Samuel Smith, M.P. (1892)

The Lull before Dorking (1871)

The Religion of Ancient Egypt (1880)

The farm labourer in 1872 (1872)

The Rover Boys in Camp (1904)

A Conchological Manual (1842)

Marriage as a Trade (1909)

The State and the Slums (1884)

Pauperization: cause and cure (1871)

Agricultural labour (1872)

Tales of the Dead (1813)

by various authors, translated by Sarah Elizabeth Utterson

Poems (collected) (1921)

Val d'Arno (1890)

Measuring Tools (Machinery's Reference Series) (1910)

by various authors

The Buke of the Order of Knyghthood (edition 1847)

by Ramon Llull, translated by Sir Gilbert Hay


Anglican sisterhoods (1886)

Conspiracy to murder the United States Attorney for the District of Oregon (1990)

by United States Department of Justice

Great Britain and the Suez Canal (1882)

Native Flowers of New Zealand (1888)

Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux vol. 1 (1819)

The Afghan War (1878)

The promises of Turkey (1877)

Best Russian Short Stories (1917)

by Various Authors

The land league proposal (1882)

The Dioceses of England (c.1892)

The Fangs of Tsan-Lo (1946)

Tithes : a paper read at the Diocesan Conference at Rochester, May 31, 1883 (1883)

Unarmoured ships (1875)

A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings, and Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (1791)

Phosphor (1888)

Putting a Stop to Modern-Day Slavery (2010)

by Federal Bureau of Investigation

Workhouse nursing (1867)

Speech on military intervention in Syria (2013)

The Pathfinder (Vol V No 6) (1911)

The Vision and Creed of Piers Ploughman (1887)

Female suffrage (1875)

The government of London (1884)


The opium revenue (1875)

Book of Halloween (1919)

Zoological Illustrations Series II (1833)

Ballot (1839)

Employers' liability (1880)

DMCA Subpoenas Should Not Be Abused to Silence Speech (2006)

A Hand-book to the Primates (1894)

Shall we have a Channel tunnel? (1883)

Judging from the past and present, what are the prospects for good architecture in London? (1864)

Ports of the world - Canton (1920)

by United States Bureau of Naval Personnel

Lhasa and Central Tibet (1903)

An address to women (1885)

Landmark Education v. Rick Ross answer (2004)

Workhouses and women's work (1858)

Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree - US Immigration and Naturalization Service, Report Number 1 (1981)

Miracle Mongers and Their Methods (1920)

Local taxation and poor law administration in great cities (1869)

Dwellings of working-people in London (1874)

Notes on New Zealand (1892)


Reminiscences of Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi (1920)

Memoirs of Henry Villard (1904)

Our big guns (1886)

Christian Science (1907)

History of England, Volume 5 (1893)

The Fuck Brief (2006)

Project Longshot: An Unmanned Probe to Alpha Centauri (1987-1988)

by Keith A. Beals, et al; NASA & Universities Space Research Association

The Crystal Palace: Its Architectural History and Constructive Marvels (1851)

Forty Thousand Followers of Gandhi in Prison (1923)

by India Information Bureau of America

A Brief Study of Mahatma Gandhi (1926)

The Origin of Vertebrates (1908)

Armistice Day (1927)

by Various; A. P. Sanford, ed.

An Elementary Manual of New Zealand Entomology (1892)


Stabilizing the Dollar (1920)

Madame Butterfly; Purple eyes; A gentleman of Japan and a lady; Kito; Glory (1904)

Report on the Radiolaria collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876 (1887)

The Fables of Æsop (1922)

translated by Joseph Jacobs

The Conquest of Mount Cook (1915)

How to Play Chess (1907)

Observations on the present financial embarrassments (1831)

Letters to Lord John Russell on the Further Measures for the Social Amelioration of Ireland (1847)

A Christmas Carol (1843) (1843)

Madame Butterfly (1904)

A Christmas Carol (1843 facsimile) (1843)

A Landscape Painter (1919)

Abolition of the Vice-Royalty of Ireland (1850)

What is the use of phonetics? (1910)

Jim of the Hills (1919)

The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard (1896)

On the motion of Sir George Strickland; for the abolition of the negro apprenticeship (1838)

Gitanjali (1913)

Indoor and Outdoor Gymnastic Games (1913)

The Story of a Year (1865)

Science and Health (1875)

The battle of the channel tunnel and Dover Castle and forts (1882)

Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister or With a Niece Contrary to the Holy Law of God (1885)

The leather-workers of Daryaganj (1884)

The Republican Party (1920)

The Royal Family of France (1882)

Doctor Syn (1915)

Association Football and How to Play It (1908)