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A list of templates I often use, and some other editing helps.

Editing templates[edit]

Drop initial
  • Bar: short line in text. {{bar}} makes ——————; {{bar|2}} makes ——
  • Rule: inserts a horizontal rule: {{rule|10em}} makes:

Ruler side.gifRuler center.gifRuler side.gif

(with optional parameters)
  • Frame: a frame around text.
  • block center: text in the middle, left aligned.
  • c: center
  • clear: adds html clear:both
  • dhr: double height row: two textrows between paragraphs (or more with parms)
  • frac: making fractions with 1,2 or 3 parameters! {{frac|a|b|c}} makes a+bc; * and sfrac: a (vertical) fraction, like 5/6.
  • gap: to create some space
  • hi -> Hanging indent
  • hws: hyphenated word start - syntax: {{hws|differ|differences}} For hws and hwe combined with italics, see: doc on Template (below)
  • hwe: hyphenated word end - syntax: {{hwe|ences|differences}}
  • nop: end of paragraph
  • rh: RunningHeader - syntax: {{RH|left|center|right}}
  • separator - syntax: {{separator|7}} - means: 7 dots
  • SIC - mind the capitals! example: {{SIC|taping mistake|typing mistake}} gives: taping mistake. Another example: The Voyage Out (my predecessor used "sic" and the word disappeared completely!)
  • Help about sidenotes, with links to different templates
  • Larger and smaller:
  • smaller block; with smaller block/s and smaller block/e
  • fine block: not as small as "smaller"

  • poem is not a template, but a tag: <poem>....</poem>!

Some special templates[edit]

Special characters[edit]

and see also:


Dotted tables (table with leader dots)[edit]

Tables with braces[edit]

  • Template:Brace or Template:Brace2 - {{Brace2}} makes: , {{Brace2|2}} makes: , {{Brace2|3|l}} makes: etc.

Footnotes, endnotes and sidenotes[edit]

Footnotes that spread over more than one page[edit]

Index namespace[edit]

Main namespace[edit]


Some help pages[edit]

About removing line breaks[edit]

Sections: when chapters start halfway the page[edit]

When a chapter starts halfway the page, like on Page:Sir William Petty - A Study in English Economic Literature - 1894.djvu/39, use section headers; and link to these headers in the main namespace: Bevan - Sir William Petty (1894)/II and Bevan - Sir William Petty (1894)/III. See: Help:Transclusion#How_to_transclude_a_portion_of_a_page.