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Hello, Zppix, and welcome to Wikisource! Thank you for joining the project. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are a few good links for newcomers:

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You can put a brief description of your interests on your user page and contributions to another Wikimedia project, such as Wikipedia and Commons.

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I hope you enjoy contributing to Wikisource, the library that is free for everyone to use! In discussions, please "sign" your comments using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your IP address (or username if you're logged in) and the date. If you need help, ask me on my talk page, or ask your question here (click edit) and place {{helpme}} before your question.

Again, welcome! Beeswaxcandle (talk) 04:15, 9 December 2017 (UTC)

History of Persia[edit]

When you moved the Index, you failed to move several dozen pages that were dependent upon matching the title of the index. You will need to move of all those pages to the new title as well, otherwise many hours of work will be lost. --EncycloPetey (talk) 21:47, 10 December 2017 (UTC)

@EncycloPetey: i have a move ready im waiting for a csd to finish before i can do it though. Zppix (talk) 21:50, 10 December 2017 (UTC)
It would probably have been wiser to wait then, before initiating the move of that project. You moved the Index over two hours ago. --EncycloPetey (talk) 21:56, 10 December 2017 (UTC)
The links to the index also need to be repaired. --EncycloPetey (talk) 21:57, 10 December 2017 (UTC)
I can do all the cleanup work if you could delete Page:History of Persia EncycloPetey Zppix (talk) 21:59, 10 December 2017 (UTC)
Cleanup is not conditional. Breaking links and making repairs conditional on the actions of others is more than irresponsible; it is rude. --EncycloPetey (talk) 22:02, 10 December 2017 (UTC)
I can't move the pages to the new title unless its deleted though, I realize the way i did the move was wrong, and now i know for the future. Zppix (talk) 22:04, 10 December 2017 (UTC)
Then the best solution is for me to put the Index back the way it was. I'll do that now. --EncycloPetey (talk) 22:05, 10 December 2017 (UTC)

Requested texts[edit]

In this edit], you marked the Request as "done". However, the text still does not exist on Wikisource; you have simply set up an Inde page where the document may be transcribed. Requests are not fulfilled until the text exists in a complete form on Wikisource. An Index page linked to a scan is a good start, but it is only the first step in getting the document hosted here. --EncycloPetey (talk) 01:42, 11 December 2017 (UTC)