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Wikisource:Bot requests (Archives)
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This is an index of archives; for recent discussion, see Wikisource:Bot requests. Please do not post new comments on these pages; if you wish to revive a discussion, either move it back to the main page or link to it. Dates correspond to when the discussions were archived. Archiving may have been irregular with some months absent altogether.

For help archiving pages, see m:standard archival system.


  • 2007
    • Not done: Patrol edits by trusted users | Linking between subdomains
    • Done: UN Security Council Resolutions | Category:Emily Dickinson | Author:William Jefferson Clinton/Executive orders | Fix header links in UN Security Council Resolutions | Standardize headers for documents in Wikisource:UN Security Council Resolutions | Soft redirect maintenance | Re-implement categorical author sorting | Move pages for catholic encyclopedia | Change Image:Crystal_128_error.png to Image:Crystal_128_error.svg | Convert Emily Dickinson's poems to <poem> | Image:??%.png > .svg | Standard chapter headings | Standardize headers (Complete Encyclopaedia of Music) | Implement new header | Endnotes bot for The Public Orations of Demosthenes | Remove extra white space in Bush's executive orders | Perform routine {{header}} checks | Shakespeare's sonnets | Implement new header format, standardisation and normalisation | Move image pages for The New Student's Reference Work to the Page: namespace | Correct links (Complete Encyclopaedia of Music) | Convert Talk:Author: redirects to soft redirects
  • 2009
    • Unassigned requests:Replacing a template|Replacing a template|Blank pages|Excessive author links|Template refs for removal

  • 2015
    • Unassigned requests:Substitution request|Link fixes in US Court works|Mrs Beeton (1907) Bulk move/merge request.