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This WikiProject is reactivating after a long period of inactivity and would greatly benefit from your contributions. Please join if you can do so.

In the last couple of years the proofreading side of Wikisource has dropped far behind rate of acquisition of index files. Last year, 1,300 index files were added and only 106 works were finished. To correct this we need to provide a new framework for proofreaders by presenting opportunities and recognizing achievement.


  1. To increase the number of active proofreaders on Wikisource
  2. To improve the rate of proofreading from index files
  3. To improve the completion rate of proofreading tasks.
  4. To clarify the criteria for proofread and validated indexes


Current task: None yet (project not active)

  1. Provide lists of works to proofread and validate with varied interests
  2. Provide tools to monitor change of state of pages and indexes
  3. Establish cleanup teams for finalising proofreading and validation
  4. Establish mechanisms for recognising the achievements of proofreaders
  5. Define ways of marking the completion of proofreading tasks
  6. Review proofreading and validation policies


Please add your name using * ~~~ if you want to join.