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WikiProject Translation

WikiProject Translation is a proposed interlingual collaboration among various language Wikisources. The goals are to organize existing translations, and to contribute new ones in collaborative wiki fashion where they would do the most good.



{{Translation}} can be used to mark the progress of a translation of a work, or of a smaller unit of a work. Each translation should be proofread by one native speaker, and one speaker of the original language. An idea has been proposed to modify the ProofreadPage extension to deal with translations.

Interwiki Collaboration


Wikiproject Translation at other language Wikisources go here.

  • Feel free to ask questions or leave comments in English at Russian Wikisource's Babylonian Scriptorium.
  • A Wikiproject translation in it.wikisource has been up since 2007. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments at the local scriptorium. The project deals mainly with interwiki collaboration and already existing translations.
  • A Wikiproject translation has been created on fa.wikisource. We are currently trying to decide to which way we should go.
  • A Wikiproject translation has existed since the very beginning in es.wikisource (2005). It's not that active anymore, but anyway, feel free to ask any of the participants whatever you want.
  • A Wikiproject translation exists in fr.wikisource, and the works here.




  • Translation of the Month

Works undergoing translation




Users interested in participating can sign up here.



Template Display Comments
{{User Translation}}
This user is a member of WikiProject Translation. WikiProject Translation translates from French, German and English into French and English.
Display it proudly!

The first parameter takes any languages translated from, the second takes the languages translated to. Both are optional.




  • Each WS will need a WikiProject Translation page
    • Page will be divided into sections by language
  • Perhaps a main project page should be located at old/main WS
  • Each WS will need some categories:
    • Category:Wikisource translations from xx language
  • maintaining interwiki links between translation and source is important
  • IRC channel?
  • Occasional simultaneous announcements across all wikis
    • First will be seeking participants in project
    • Second will announce project formally
  • Identify critical works in popular languages:English, French, German, Spanish
    • Featured texts
  • User boxes
    • These will categorize users as "Category:Wikisource translators to xx language" and " .. from xx language" (hidden cats)
  • Use mw:Extension:Translate

From IRC

  • BirgitteSB: Infrastructure: Translation: namespace?
  • Jayvdb: Small units of text
  • BirgitteSB: pages may not be best for translators
  • Eliyak: what about pages separated by wiki headers on a single page
  • sDrewth: DoubleWiki (<=>) to show original in edit screen
  • Only validated texts
  • Adapt ProofreadPage extension
  • BirgitteSB: make Translation: namespace automatically give side-by side with original
  • sDrweth:Would be nice to have a DJVU with copyable text layer
  • Jayvdb: have collaborative translation projects for single works to multiple languages
  • Birgitte: is likely to have texts needing original translations to English