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The brown fairy book.djvu
Title The brown fairy book
Translator various
Editor Andrew Lang
Illustrator Henry Justice Ford
Publisher Longmans, Green
Location London; New York
Source djvu
Progress Proofread—All pages of the work proper are proofread, but not all are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
OCLC 1041637025
Volumes Blue (1889) •

Red (1890) • Green (1892) • Yellow (1894) • Pink (1897) • Grey (1900) • Violet (1901) • Crimson (1903) • Brown (1904) • Orange (1906) • Olive (1907) •

Lilac (1910)
Pages (key to Page Status)


What the Rose did to the Cypress 1
Ball-Carrier and the Bad One 48
How Ball-Carrier finished his Task 59
The Bunyip 71
Father Grumbler 77
The Story of the Yara 88
The Cunning Hare 100
The Turtle and his Bride 106
How Geirald the Coward was Punished 114
Hábogi 126
How the Little Brother set Free his Big Brothers 134
The Sacred Milk of Koumongoé 143
The Wicked Wolverine 154
The Husband of the Rat's Daughter 161
The Mermaid and the Boy 165
Pivi and Kabo 183
The Elf Maiden 190
How Some Wild Animals became Tame Ones 197
Fortune and the Wood-Cutter 202
The Enchanted Head 205
The Sister of the Sun 215
The Prince and the Three Fates 233
The Fox and the Lapp 245
Kisa the Cat 256
The Lion and the Cat 263
Which was the Foolishest? 270
Asmund and Signy 275
Rübezahl 283
Story of the King who would be Stronger than Fate 300
Story of Wali Dâd the Simple-hearted 315
Tale of a Tortoise and of a Mischievous Monkey 327
The Knights of the Fish 343



[These illustrations are reproduced in full color following page 74.]

'You will have to make me your Wife, said the Elf Maiden (p. 198) Frontispiece
Prince Almas Transformed to face p. 20
The Punishment of the Rose ,, 36
Habogi's Horses ,,128
'Listen, listen!' said the Mermaid to the Prince ,,178
The Princess and the Snake ,,238
Rübezahl and the Princess ,,290
The Dragon and the Mirror ,,346


The Deer eludes Prince Tahmāsp ,,  2
Mihr-afrūz and Prince Tahmāsp ,,  8
The Shadow in the Stream ,, 14
Chil-māq carries off Almas ,, 28
The Death of the Bad One ,, 54
The Witch outstrips the Wolf ,, 60
'Wake up, my Grandson, it is time to go home?' ,, 64
The Bunyip ,, 72
The Yara Defeated ,, 94
The Little Hare is Caught ,,100
The Turtle Outwitted ,,110
Geirald claims his Reward and the Queendemands another Test ,,120
The Jealous Sisters spell-bound in the Ashpit ,,130
The Mermaid asks for the King’s Child ,,166
The Princess on the Seashore ,,172
The Bee, the Princess, the Red Knight, and the Lion ,,180
Pivi dives for the Shellfish ,,186
The Princess sees the Magic Head ,,210
The Golden Hen will not be Caught ,,218
Signy at the Window ,,278
The Gnome falls in love with the Princess ,,284
Wali Dad and the Peris ,,322


Prince Almas brings Game to the King Lion 27
The Dog and his Attendants 39
The Boy in the Witch's Hut 49
The Magic Basket 79
The Wonderful Cock 83
The Holy Man gives the Bag to Father Grumbler 85
Julia sings her Song into the Shell 92
The Girl laughs at the Army of Turtles 108
'The Giant will trouble you no more,' said Geirald 119
Every Time a Bear was killed his Shadow returned to the House of the Great Bear-Chief 135
How the Boys were half turned into Bears 138
'Why do you give to the Ogre your Child, so fair, so fair?' 146
'Bring to me Dilah, Dilah the Rejected One' 151
All the Animals try to get the Rock off Wolverine's Legs 155
The Elf Maiden's House 195
The King falls in Love with the Sister of the Sun 225
The Pool in the Sand 243
The Elves and the Bear 247
Kisa the Cat carries off Ingibjörg's Feet from the Giant's Cave 260
The Princess steals the King's Letter 311