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Lines may refer to:

Anne Lynch Botta[edit]

  • Lines ("Sing me that song again")

Emily Brontë[edit]

  • Lines ("I die, but when the grave shall press")
  • Lines ("Far away is the land of rest")
  • Lines ("The soft unclouded blue of air")

George Gordon Byron[edit]

  • Lines written in "Letters of an Italian Nun and an English Gentleman, by J. J. Rousseau: Founded on Facts" ("Away, away,—your flattering arts")
  • Lines addressed to the Rev. J. T. Becher, on his advising the Author to mix more with Society ("Dear Becher, you tell me to mix with mankind")
  • Lines addressed by Lord Byron to Mr. Hobhouse on his Election for Westminster ("Would you go to the house by the true gate")
  • Lines Addressed to a Young Lady ("Doubtless, sweet girl! the hissing lead")
  • Lines Inscribed upon a Cup Formed from a Skull ("Start not—nor deem my spirit fled")
  • Lines to Mr. Hodgson, written on board the Lisbon Packet ("Huzza! Hodgson, we are going")
  • Lines Written beneath an Elm in the Churchyard of Harrow ("Spot of my youth! whose hoary branches sigh")

Ralph Waldo Emerson[edit]

  • Lines ("Love scatters oil")

Thomas Hardy[edit]

  • Lines ("Before we part to alien thoughts and aims")

Letitia Elizabeth Landon[edit]

  • Lines Addressed to Alaric A. Watts, Esq. ("There is a dear and a lovely power")
  • Lines ("She kneels by the grave where her lover sleeps")
  • Lines ("There is no smile to answer thine")
  • Lines, Supposed to be the Prayer of the Supplicating Nymph in Mr. Lawrence Macdonald’s Exhibition of Sculptures ("She kneels as if in prayer, one graceful arm")
  • Lines, Suggested by a Drawing of W. Daniel’s, Esq. A. R. A., representing the Hindoo Girls floating their Tributary offerings down the Ganges ("They bend above the moonlit stream")

James Russell Lowell[edit]

  • Lines ("The same good blood that now refills")

Epes Sargent[edit]

  • Lines ("Ignoble hate, defeating its own ends!")

Percy Bysshe Shelley[edit]

  • Lines ("That time is dead for ever, child")
  • Lines ("Far, far away, O ye")
  • Lines ("The cold earth slept below")

Christopher Smart[edit]

  • Lines ("He sung of God, the mighty source")

Harriet Beecher Stowe[edit]

  • Lines to the Memory of "Annie" ("In the fair garden of celestial Peace")
  • Lines on the Death of Mrs. Stuart ("How quiet, through the hazy autumn air")

Henry David Thoreau[edit]

  • Lines ("All things are current found")
  • Lines ("Though all the fates should prove unkind")

William Wordsworth[edit]

  • Lines left upon a seat in a YEW-TREE ("Nay, Traveller! rest. This lonely yew-tree stands")
  • Lines written at a small distance from my House ("It is the first mild day of March")
  • Lines written in early Spring ("I heard a thousand blended notes")
  • Lines written in a boat ("How rich the wave, in front, imprest" / "How richly glows the water's breast")
  • Lines written near Richmond upon the Thames ("Glide gently, thus for ever glide")
  • Lines written a few miles above TINTERN ABBEY ("Five years have passed; five summers, with the length")
  • Lines written with a Slate-pencil upon a Stone ("Stranger! this hillock of mishapen stones")
  • Lines In the School of——is a tablet ("If Nature, for a favorite Child")
  • Lines composed at Grasmere ("Loud is the Vale! the Voice is up") (unindexed)