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A Statistical Account

    Professor G. B. Howes, F.R.S., on William Kitchin Parker.
   *Mr. R. H. Hutton (d. 1897) on Walter Bagehot.
   *Mr. Alexander Ireland (d. 1894) on Leigh Hunt.
    Professor Sir Richard Jebb on Bentley and Porson.
    The Hon. Francis Lawley on Admiral Rous.
    Mr. W. S. Lilly on Cardinal Newman.
    Sir Theodore Martin on Prince Albert, John Singleton Copley (Lord Lyndhurst), and Croker.
    Sir Alfred Milner, G.C.B., on Arnold Toynbee.
    The Right Hon. John Morley on Richard Cobden,
    Sir George Herbert Murray, K.C.B., on Thomas Tooke.
    The Hon. George Peel on Sir Robert Peel.
    Mr. F. C. Penrose, F.R.S., on Christopher Wren.
    Mr. G. W. Prothero on Sir John Robert Seeley.
    Mr. . E. Prothero on Dean Stanley.
    The Rev. Hastings Rashdall on Wycliffe.
    Mrs. Richmond Ritchie on Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
    Professor Goldwin Smith on Lord Cardwell.
    The Very Rev. W. R. W. Stephens, Dean of Winchester, on St. Anselm.
    Professor Silvanus Thompson, F.R.S., on Sir Charles Wheatstone.
   *Professor Tyndall (d. 1893) on Michael Faraday.
    Sir Henry Trueman Wood on Sir William Siemens.
    Dr. Aldis Wright on Edward Fitzgerald.

Much voluntary assistance has been rendered to the Dictionary in the course of its publication. Information on points of family history has been placed at the disposal of editors and contributors too frequently and too abundantly to render specific acknowledgment practicable. Special thanks are due to the editor of the ‘Athenæum,’ who generously printed successive lists of names of persons, memoirs of whom were to appear in the Dictionary. Many readers of the ‘Athenæum’ forwarded suggestions, by which the Dictionary has greatly benefited. Nor ought omission to be made of critics of the Dictionary, who carefully examined each volume on publication and noted defects or ambiguities. One of these critics, the Rev. John Russell Washbourn, Rector of Rudford, Gloucester, forwarded his remarks with great regularity, volume by volume, through the first thirty-five volumes, until his death in 1893. Another critic, the Rev. W. C. Boulter, contributed a series of quarterly papers of corrections to 'Notes and Queries' through the whole progress of the undertaking.

Much help has been received from the custodians of archives of the public offices at home and abroad, from the officials of the British Museum,