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This template is intended for use in the djvu pages of Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. The text is hotlinked to the relevant Author page, and the Main page which transcludes the djvu. This is the complete set of initials, covering Volumes I & II (N.B. spacing between the initials):

Author:George Ferguson Bowen {{DGRG initials|G. F. B.}} [ G. F. B. ]
Author:Edward Herbert Bunbury {{DGRG initials|E. H. B.}} [ E. H. B. ]
Author:George Butler {{DGRG initials|G. B.}} [ G. B. ]
Author:William Bodham Donne {{DGRG initials|W. B. D.}} [ W. B. D. ]
Author:J. S. Howson {{DGRG initials|J. S. H.}} [ J. S. H. ]
Author:Edward Boucher James {{DGRG initials|E. B. J.}} [ E. B. J. ]
Author:Robert Gordon Latham {{DGRG initials|R. G. L.}} [ R. G. L. ]
Author:George Long {{DGRG initials|G. L.}} [ G. L. ]
Author:William Ramsay {{DGRG initials|W. R.}} [ W. R. ]
Author:John Robson (1815-1876) {{DGRG initials|J. R.}} [ J. R. ]
Author:Leonhard Schmitz {{DGRG initials|L. S.}} [ L. S. ]
Author:Charles Roach Smith {{DGRG initials|C. R. S.}} [ C. R. S. ]
Author:Philip Smith {{DGRG initials|P. S.}} [ P. S. ]
Author:William Sandys Wright Vaux {{DGRG initials|V.}} [ V. ]
Author:Henry Walford {{DGRG initials|H. W.}} [ H. W. ]
Author:George Williams {{DGRG initials|G. W.}} [ G. W. ]