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Below are selected projects needing to be proofread—categorized using the Library of Congress Classification system. For a comprehensive list of transcription projects needing to be proofread, please click here.

Letter Subject area Project
A General Works
Popular Science Monthly (1872-1918) by Various
B Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
(B-Philosophy (General))
C Auxiliary Sciences of History
D General and Old World History
(DA-History of Great Britain)
E History of America Reconstruction: Political and Economic (1865-1877) (1907) by William Archibald Dunning
F History of the United States and British, Dutch, French, and Latin America
G Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation
H Social Sciences
Handbook for Boys (1912) by Boy Scouts of America
(HS-Societies: secret, benevolent, etc)
J Political Science
(JC-Political theory)
(JF-Political institutions and public administration - General)
K Law
(KF-Law/United States (general))
L Education
Public School History of England and Canada (ca. 1892) by W. J. Robinson
(LA-History of Education)
(LB-Theory and practice of education)
(LC-Special aspects of education)
M Music
N Fine Arts
P Language and Literature
Latin for Beginners (1911) by Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge
(PA-Latin language and literature)
(PE-English language)
Emily Dickinson Poems (Second Series: 1891) by Emily Dickinson
(PS-American Literature)
Grimm's Fairy Tales (1912: translation)
(PZ-Fiction and juvenile belles lettres)
The Ransom of Red Chief & Other O. Henry Stories for Boys (1921)
Q Science
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology
U Military Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography, Library Science, and General Information Resources