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WikiProject References to Wikisource
Citations to Wikisource on Wikipedia
Unless otherwise noted, this information is only valid for the week ending .

In the process of updating and unifying the citation templates used on Wikipedia that cite works on Wikisource, the following information was gathered.


This table shows all of the works cited by Wikipedia using the template {{cite wikisource}} and in which articles these citations occur.

Wikipedia citations using Cite Wikisource
Cited text Quantity Citing article(s)
Address to the Reichstag 1 Battle of Greece
African War, TheThe African War 1 Campaign history of the Roman military
Alexandrian War, TheThe Alexandrian War 1 Campaign history of the Roman military
Anabasis 2 Büyük Menderes River, Eteonicus
Annals, TheThe Annals (Tacitus) 2 Campaign history of the Roman military, Vangiones
As You Like It 1 Impression management[1]
Asleep in the Deep 1 Asleep in the Deep (song)
Athenian Constitution 8 Alcibiades, Athenian sacred ships, Cleisthenes, Education in ancient Greece, Ephialtes, Law, Pericles, Theramenes
Apology (Plato) 1 Alcibiades
Bangkok Declaration 1 Singapore[1][2]
Barack Obama's Letter to The Dalai Lama 1 Mairead Maguire[1]
Barack Obama's speech announcing the goal of Total Nuclear Disarmament 1 Zero Option[1]
Beatrix 1 Béatrix[1]
Book of Martyrs, TheThe Book of Martyrs (Foxe) 1 Hugh Latimer
Canada (Ontario Boundary) Act 1889 2 Non-native territorial evolution of North America 1763 to present, Territorial evolution of Canada[1]
Candide 1 Candide
Charmides (Plato) 3 Early life of Plato, Plato, Pyrilampes
Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions 1 Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions[1]
Chicago Tribune/1893/September/23/Admiring Lily Flagg 1 Lily Flagg[1][3]
Commentaries on the Civil War 2 Campaign history of the Roman military, Vangiones
Constitution of the United States of America 1 United States patent law
Epistles (Plato) 1 Early life of Plato
Epitome of Roman History 1 Campaign history of the Roman military
Executive Order 11494 1 Presidential Citizens Medal
Executive Order 12564 1 Truck driver[1]
Frogs, TheThe Frogs 1 Alcibiades
From the Founding of the City 7 Battle of Lake Regillus, Battle of Mons Algidus, Battle of the Cremera, Battle of Veii, Campaign history of the Roman military, Etruscan civilization, History of democracy
German Instrument of Surrender (8 May 1945) 1 Wilhelm Keitel
Germania 1 Vangiones
Great Men Have Been Among Us 1 Henry Vane the Younger[1]
Gobseck 2 Gobseck,[1] Usury
Gorgias 5 Early life of Plato, Gorgias (dialogue), Polus, Plato, Pyrilampes
Heimskringla 1 Asgard
Hellenica (Xenophon) 39 Alcibiades, Arcadian League, Battle of Aegospotami, Battle of Arginusae, Battle of Cyzicus, Battle of Haliartus, Battle of Lechaeum, Battle of Munichia, Battle of Nemea, Battle of Notium, Battle of Phyle, Battle of Piraeus, Corinthian War, Demaenetus, Dionysius (Athenian commander), Diphridas, Early life of Plato, Epaminondas, Eteonicus, Eunomus (admiral), Gorgopas (4th century BC), Hierax (Spartan admiral), Leontichus, Lycomedes of Mantinea, Mindarus, Peace of Antalcidas, Peisander (general), Phanias (Athenian Commander), Phlius, Phoebidas, Struthas, Teleutias, Theramenes, Thimbron, Thrasybulus, Thrasyllus, Timocrates of Rhodes, Tiribazus, Tithraustes
Histories, TheThe Histories (Tacitus) 2 Campaign history of the Roman military, Vangiones
Historical Library 1 History of democracy
History of Herodotus 2 Büyük Menderes River, Caria
History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, TheThe History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia 1 The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
History of the Peloponnesian War 24 Aetolian campaign, Areopagite constitution, Athenian sacred ships, Battle of Cynossema, Battle of Naupactus, Battle of Pylos, Battle of Rhium, Battle of Sphacteria, Chariot racing, Congress of Gela, Early life of Plato, Eteonicus, Hagnon, Mindarus, Mytilenean revolt, Pentecontaetia, Pericles, Phormio, Plato, Samian War, Thasian rebellion, Theramenes, Thrasybulus, Thrasyllus
History of the United States 1801-09 1 John Pickering (judge)
History of the Wars 1 Campaign history of the Roman military
Iliad, TheThe Iliad 1 Chariot racing
Liliuokalani v. The United States 1 William Ansel Kinney[1]
Lives (Dryden translation) 9 Alcibiades, Campaign history of the Roman military, Early life of Plato, Ephialtes, Mytilenean revolt, Pericles, Plato, Pyrilampes, Samian War
Lives of the Eminent Philosophers 1 Early life of Plato
Macbeth and the Weird Sisters 2 Andrew of Wyntoun, St Serf's Inch
Masnavi I Ma'navi 1 Blind men and an elephant
Metaphysics 1 Early life of Plato
Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar- Letter to The daily Tar Heel 1 Criticism of the Qur'an[1]
New England Mortgage Security Company v. Gay 1 Charles L. Flint[1]
Orations of Lysias, TheThe Orations of Lysias 1 Alcibiades
On divination 2 Anaximander, Early life of Plato
On What There Is 1 Plato's beard[1]
Parmenides 2 Early life of Plato, Pyrilampes
Pennsylvania College Cases 1 Pennsylvania College Cases
Pennsylvania College Cases (1870) 1 Pennsylvania College Cases
Phaedo 1 Theosophy[1]
Phaedrus 1 Theosophy[1]
Physics (Aristotle) 1 Anaximander
Pierre Grassou 1 Pierre Grassou
Poems of John Godfrey Saxe, TheThe poems of John Godfrey Saxe 1 Blind men and an elephant
Poetic Edda 1 Asgard
Politics (Aristotle) 1 History of democracy
Politics as a Vocation 1 Law
Posterior Analytics 1 Alcibiades
Procedure for Making, Indexing and Filing Computations 1 Tennessee Valley Authority
Prose Edda 1 Asgard
Public Orations of Demosthenes, TheThe Public Orations of Demosthenes 1 Thrasybulus
Quebec Boundary Extension Act, 1898 1 Non-native territorial evolution of North America 1763 to present
Republic, TheThe Republic 3 Early life of Plato, History of democracy, Plato
Secretary Root's Record:"Marked Severities" in Philippine Warfare 1 Water cure (torture)[1]
Science of Getting Rich, TheThe Science of Getting Rich 1 Wallace Wattles
Spanish War, TheThe Spanish War 1 Campaign history of the Roman military
Symposium (Plato) 1 Alcibiades
Theogony 2 Büyük Menderes River, Greek mythology
Treaty of Paris (1763) 1 Non-native territorial evolution of North America 1763 to present
Treaty of San Ildefonso 1 Non-native territorial evolution of North America 1763 to present
Treaty of Versailles 1 Kehl
Two Treatises of Government 1 Law
Vande Mataram 1 Vande Mataram
Vathek 1 Vathek
War of the Jews, TheThe War of the Jews 1 Castra
Wasps, TheThe Wasps 1 Early life of Plato, Pyrilampes

Other Wikisources[edit]

For reference, {{cite wikisource}} was also used to cite the following works held on other Wikisources.

Citations to non-English Wikisources
Cited text Wikisource Citing article
Закон о утврђивању надлежности Аутономне Покрајине Војводине Serbian Administrative divisions of Serbia
Candide French Candide
Constitución Federal Regional para Andalucía (1883) Spanish Andalusian nationalism,[1] Blas Infante[1]
Ideal Andaluz Spanish Blas Infante
Manifiesto Andalucista de Córdoba de 1919 Spanish Blas Infante
Regrets sur ma vieille robe de chambre French Diderot effect
Vande Mataram Sanskrit Vande Mataram

Other citation templates[edit]

Detailed information is not available for other citation templates and, due to the large number of articles using some of them, this data will probably not be gathered at all. Nevertheless, this table shows some of these templates and the number of transclusions of each template. Transclusions include use in all namespaces, including the template's own documentation in some cases. However, it can be useful to indicate the level of citation on Wikipedia.

Overview of other templates
Citation template Cited work Number of transclusions
{{Cite Americana}} Encyclopedia Americana 809
{{Cite EB1911}} Encyclopædia Britannica (1911) 14522
{{Cite EB1922}} Encyclopædia Britannica (1922) 144
{{Cite Appletons'}} Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography 1084
{{Cite Australasia}} The Dictionary of Australasian Biography 55
{{Cite Catholic Encyclopedia}} Catholic Encyclopedia 28
{{Cite Collier's}} Collier's New Encyclopaedia 298
{{Cite DNB}} Dictionary of National Biography (1885-1900 edition & 1901 supplement) 6251
{{Cite DNB12}} Dictionary of National Biography (1912 supplement) 18
{{Cite DNBSupp}} Dictionary of National Biography (1901 supplement) 50
{{Cite NIE}} New International Encyclopaedia 904
{{NSRW Cite}} The New Student's Reference Work 107
{{Cite Nuttall}} The Nuttall Encyclopaedia 72
{{WsPSM}} Popular Science Monthly 7
{{Cite PSM}} Popular Science Monthly 43
{{Cite SBDEL}} A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature 58
{{Cite WS}} n/a 31


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