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Not to be confused with William Petty-Fitzmaurice.
William Petty

English scientist, philosopher and economist

William Petty



Sir William Petty wrote a lot. But not many of his writings were published during his life. Much of his writings were “for circulation in the corridors of power or with a view to acquiring influence and jobs - which he never managed to obtain.”[1]

His works can be arranged in three “chronological” groups:[1]

  • The two works of the early 1660s:
    • A Treatise of Taxes and Contributions (London, 1662); a number of editions of the Treatise appeared during Petty's life: 1662, 1667, 1679 and 1685. Although Petty later showed dissatisfaction with this work, “presumably because it did not bring him the influence and office he wanted, (...) the Treatise remains his most important (economic, db) work and deserves to be regarded as a major achievement and landmark in the history of economic thought.”[1][2][3]
    • Verbum Sapienti (written 1665,[4] published London, 1691)
  • The two (statistical) works of the early 1670s:
    • The Political Anatomy of Ireland (written 1671-2,[5] published London, 1690)
    • Political Arithmetic (written 1672-6, published London, 1690)[6]
  • Several works on population, including:
    • Essays in Political Arithmetic (1680s)
    • An Essay Concerning the Multiplication of Mankind (1682)
  • and the pamphlet

Tracts (1769)

  • 1769: Tracts; chiefly relating to Ireland.[8]
I. A Treatise of Taxes and Contributions.
II. Essays in Political Arithmetic.
III. The Political Anatomy of Ireland.
by the late Sir William Petty. To which is prefixed his last will. Dublin : Printed by Boulter Grierson, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. MDCCLXIX.

The Down Survey (1851)

Edited from a manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, with another in the possession of the most noble the Marquis of Lansdowne, and one in the Library of the King's Inn, Dublin, by Thomas Aiskew Larcom, F.R.S., M.R.I.A. Etc., Major, Royal Engineers. Dublin : For the Irish Archæological Society, MDCCCLI.

The Economic Writings (1899)


His economic writings were published in 1899 by Charles Henry Hull (1864-1936), together with an introduction about his life and work:

  • 1899: The Economic Writings of Sir William Petty. Edited by Charles Henry Hull. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.[10][11] in two volumes.
    • Volume 1 (transcription project) contains:
    • Volume 2 (transcription project) contains:
      • Natural and Political Observations upon the Bills of Mortality. By Capt. John Graunt. The Fifth Edition. London, 1676. p. 314-345
      • Sir William Petty's Quantulumcunque concerning Money. (written 1682, published London, 1695). p. 437-448
      • Another Essay in Political Arithmetick concerning the Growth of the City of London. (written 1682, published London, 1683). p. 451-478
      • Observations upon the Dublin-Bills of Mortality, 1681, and the State of that City. (London, 1683). p. 479-491
      • Further Observation upon the Dublin-Bills: or, Accompts of the Houses, Hearths, Baptisms, and Burials in that City. (London, 1686). p. 493-498
      • Two Essays in Political Arithmetick, concerning the People, Housing, Hospitals, &c. of London and Paris. (London, 1687). p. 515-518
      • Observations upon the Cities of London and Rome. (London, 1687). p. 521-544
      • Five Essays in Political Arithmetick. (London, 1687). p. 521-544
      • A Treatise of Ireland. (1687). From the Additional MS. in the British Museum. p. 545-621[12]
      • Appendix. p. 622-632
      • Bibliography of the Printed Writings of Sir William Petty, p. 633-652. Including:
      • Supplement to the Bibliography of Petty's Works. p. 653-657
      • Bibliography of the Natural and Political Observations. p. 658-660
      • List of Books and Manuscripts used. p. 661-672
      • Index. p. 673-700
  • Laughlin, Laurence J. (1899) in The Journal of Political Economy, vol. 8, p. 121-2.[13]

Complete bibliography


See also: Keynes 1971.[14]

  • 1667? An apparatus to the history of the common practices of dying, etc. in "History of the Royal Society (1734, 4th ed.), by Thomas Sprat

Works about William Petty and his works



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