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Index:Lectures on Modern History.djvu

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Title Lectures on Modern History
Author John Acton
Editor Figgis and Laurence
Year 1906 (this is a 1930 reprint)
Publisher MacMillan
Location London
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in March 2017
Introduction ix
Inaugural Lecture on the Study of History 1

I. Beginning of the Modern State 31
II. The New World 52
III. The Renaissance 71
IV. Luther 90
V. The Counter-Reformation 108
VI. Calvin and Henry VIII. 126
VII. Philip II., Mary Stuart, and Elizabeth 144
VIII. The Huguenots and the League 155
IX. Henry the Fourth and Richelieu 168
X. The Thirty Years' War 181
XI. The Puritan Revolution 195
XII. The Rise of the Whigs 206
XIII. The English Revolution 219
XIV. Lewis XIV. 233
XV. The War of the Spanish Succession 249
XVI. The Hanoverian Settlement 264
XVII. Peter the Great and the Rise of Prussia 277
XVIII. Frederic the Great 290
XIX. The American Revolution 305
Appendix I.Letter to Contributors to the Cambridge Modern History 315
Appendix II.Notes to Inaugural Lecture 319
Index 343