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I N D E X.

Aber, William M. Oswego State Normal School* 51
Africa, East, The Masais of. (Misc.) 574
African, East, Finery. (Misc.) 574
"Pluck. (Misc.) 138
Agaves, The. (Misc.) 282
Air, Solid. (Misc.) 428
Alcohol, The Discovery of, and Distillation. P. E. M. Berthelot 85
Alger, Miss Abby L. Grandfather Thunder 651
American Association Meeting, The, at Madison. (Editor's Table) 841
""Notes from the Madison Meeting of the. (Misc.) 856
""Officers of the. (Misc.) 857
Andria, Alcide T. M. d'. An Ethnologic Study of the Yuruks* 184
Animal Courage, Paradoxes of. (Misc.) 430
"Speech, Studies of. E. P. Evans 433
Animals, Endurance in. (Misc.) 863
"for Pets. (Misc.) 280
"How Plants and, grow. M. Miles 503
Anthropological Material. (Misc.) 857
Anthropology at the World's Fair.* F. Starr 610
Apple Barrel, Decay in the.* B. D. Halsted 76
Asteroids, Origin of the. (Misc.) 140
Australasian Association, The. (Misc.) 712
Author's Protest, An. (Corr.) I. E. Clarke 410

Backward Movement, A. (Editor's Table) 413
Bacteriological Processes against Disease. (Misc.) 143
Benjamin, Marcus. Sketch of Charles A. Joy 405
Berthelot, P. E. M. The Discovery of Alcohol and Distillation 85
Binet, Alfred. The Problem of Colored Audition 812
Boland, Miss M. A. Scientific Cooking 653
Bolton, Henry Carrington, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 688
Books noticed 125
Books noticed 268
Books noticed 415
Books noticed 554
Books noticed 702
Books noticed 845
Alexander, James B. The Dynamic Theory Ball, of Life and Mind 423
Alsop, F. C. Practical Electric-light Fitting 559
Anderson, Winslow, M. D. Mineral Springs and Health Resorts of California 274
Arkansas. Geological Survey, Vol. III 132
Ball, Sir Robert Stawell. An Atlas of Astronomy 560
Bandelier, A. F. Documentary History of the Zuñi Tribe 418
Barnes, Mary Sheldon. Studies in American History 277
Bates, Henry Walter. The Naturalist on the River Amazon 558
Baye, Baron J. Do. The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons 270
Bedell, Frederick, and Albert Cushing Crehore. Alternating Currents 560
Beecher, Henry Ward. Bible Studies 557
Bernard, Henry Meyners. The Apodidæ 277
Blackwell, Antoinette Brown. The Philosophy of Individuality 558
Blyth, A. Wynter. Lectures on Sanitary Law 852
Boies, Henry M. Prisoners and Paupers 268
Bolles, Frank. At the North of Bearcamp Water 563
Bonney, G. E. Electrical Experiments 847
Booth. Charles, Editor. Life and Labor of the People in London. Vols. III and IV 561
Bottone, S. R. How to Manage the Dynamo 710
Bowker, William. The Harvest of the Sea 419
Boyd, Nelson. Coal Pits and Pitmen 132
Bradford, E. F., M. D., and Louis Lewis, M. D. Handbook of Emergencies and Common Ailments 561
Brooklyn Ethical Association. Man and the State 710
Brown, A. J. Jukes. The Student's Hand-book of Physical Geology 275
Buckley, J. M. Faith-healing, Christian Science, and Kindred Phenomena 270
Burnz, Mrs. E. B. The Step-by-step Primer 132
Calderwood, Henry. Evolution and Man's Place in Nature 705
Carus, Paul. Truth in Fiction 564
Cheal, J. Practical Fruit Culture 134
Clarke, Isaac Edwards. Education in the Industrial and Fine Arts in the United States 131
Clercq, F. S. A. de, and J. D. E. Schmeltz. Ethnographische Beschrijving van de West en Noordkust van Nederlandsch Nieuw-Guinea 272
Colas, Jules A. Poole Brothers' Celestial Planisphere 850
—Poole Brothers' Celestial Handbook 850
Cree, Nathan. Direct Legislation by the People 422
Dana, Mrs. William Starr. How to know the Wild Flowers 708
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States 852
Dean, Bash ford. Physical and Biological Characteristic of the Natural Oyster Grounds of South Carolina 420
—A Report on the Present Methods of Oyster Culture in France 420
Delafield, Francis, M. D., and T. Mitchell Prudden, M. D. A Handbook of Pathological Anatomy and Histology 125
Densmore, Emmet, M. D. How Nature cures 417
Dobbin, Leonard, and James Walker. Chemical Theory for Beginners 133
Dreyspring, Adolphe. The French Reader on the Cumulative Method 564
Dumble, Edwin T. Report on the Brown Coal and Lignite of Texas 420
Edwards, William Seymour. Coals and Cokes in West Virginia 421
Elliot, Sydney Barrington Ædeology 276
English Classics for Schools 276
Evans, Elizabeth E. 422
Evermann, Barton W. Fish-hatching Stations in the Rocky Mountain Region and Gulf States 420
Fisher, A. K. Hawks and Owls of the United States 852
Fouillée, Alfred. Education from a National Standpoint 415
Galton, Francis. Hereditary Genius 559
Gore, J. Ellard. The Visible Universe 127
Gould, P. J. A Concise History of Religion 853
Hague, Arnold. Geology of the Eureka District 423
Hart, Ernest. Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and the New Witchcraft 845
Haviland, Alfred, M. D. Geographical Distribution of Disease in Great Britain 423
Heaviside, Oliver. Electrical Papers 560
Henry, A. J. Normal Temperature Charts, by Decades, for the United States and the Dominion of Canada 564
Herrick, C. L. Mammals of Minnesota 422
Hilgard, E. W. Relations of Soil to Climate 419
Hilton, John. Rest and Pain 130
Hoblyn, Richard D. A Dictionary of Terms used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences 272
Hobson, E. W., and C. M. Jessop. Elementary Treatise on Trigonometry 277
Hopkins, W. J. Telephone Lines and their Properties 709
Hopkinson, John. Original Papers on Dynamo Machinery and Allied Subjects 704
Houston, Edwin J. Electrical Measurements 703
—Electricity and Magnetism 703
Howard, O. O. General Taylor 269
Hudson, W. H. Idle Days in Patagonia 704
Hutchinson, G. W. Caldwell. Some Hints on Learning to Draw 851
Hutchinson, H. N. Extinct Monsters 556
Interstate Commerce Commission. Third Annual Report on the Statistics of Rail-ways in the United States 133
Jamieson, Andrew, An Elementary Manual on Applied Mechanics 559
Keenan, W. J., and James Riley. The Transmitted Word 710
Kirby, W. F. Elementary Text-book of Entomology 274
Lea, A. Sheridan. The Chemical Basis of the Animal Body 276
Lecky, W. E. H. The Political Value of History 706
Le Row, Caroline B. Werner's Readings and Recitations 854
Lodge, Oliver. Pioneers of Science 129
Loney, S. L. Mechanics and Hydrostatics 848
Lowell, J. R. Conversations on Some of the Old Poets 854
Lubbock, Sir John. A Contribution to our Knowledge of Seedlings 416
Lydston, G. Frank. Varicocele and its Treatment 276
Mahan, A. T. Admiral Farragut 269
Maine, Sir Henry. Speeches 417
Manson, Marsden. Geological and Solar Climates 853
Marine Biological Laboratory. Fifth Annual Report 419
Marshall, A. Milnes, M. D. Vertebrate Embryology 702
Mason, Otis T. The Birth of Invention 562
Miles, Manly. The Heredity of Acquired Characters 277
Minot, Charles Sedgwick. Human Embryology 128
Missouri. Geological Survey Report. Vols. II and III 273
—A Report on the Higginsville Sheet, Lafayette County 564
New York State Reformatory at Elmira. Seventeenth Year-book 421
Newth, G. S. Chemical Lecture Experiments 131
Nuttall, George H. F., M. D. Hygienic Measures in Relation to Infectious Diseases 130
Palmberg, Albert. A Treatise on Public Health and its Applications in Different European Countries 558
Pancoast, Henry S. Representative English Literature from Chaucer to Tennyson 557
Parton, James. General Jackson 269
Pattern-maker, A Foreman. The Principles of Pattern-making 133
Pearce, Alfred J. Longmans' School Mensuration 132
Peddie, William. Manual of Physics 562
Peet, Stephen D. The Mound-builders: their Works and Relics. Vol. I 273
Pellew, Charles E. A Manual of Practical Medical and Physiological Chemistry 272
Picturesque Chicago and Guide to the World's Fair 854
Poyser, Arthur William. Magnetism and Electricity 559
Proctor, Richard A. Old and New Astronomy 849
Quatrefages, A. de. Darwin et ses Précurseurs français 556
Rafter, George W. The Microscopical Examination of Potable Water 133
Roberts, R. D. The Earth's History 275
Robinson. New Primary Arithmetic 276
—New Rudiments of Arithmetic 276
—New Practical Arithmetic 276
Rothwell, Richard P. The Mineral Industry. Vol. I 848
Sayce, A. H. The Primitive Home of the Aryans 562
Seelye, Elizabeth Eggleston. The Story of Columbus 126
Shaler, Nathaniel S. The Interpretation of Nature 707
Song Budget, The 134
—Century, The 134
—Patriot, The 134
Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Ethics. Vol. II 554
Stebbing, Thomas R. R. A History of Crustacea 703
Styx. Hermetic Philosophy. Vol. III 853
Swank, James M. Twenty Years of Progress in the Manufacture of Iron and Steel in the United States 419
Swift, Morrison L. Is it Right to rob Robbers? 854
Talmage, James E. Domestic Science 130
Taussig, F. W. The Silver Situation in the United States 709
Texas Geological Survey. Third Annual Report 421
Thompson, Edward Maunde. Handbook of Greek and Latin Palæography 850
Thompson, Edward P. How to make Inventions 848
Thompson, Herbert M. The Theory of Wages and its Application 416
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin, Vol. X 853
United States Geological Survey. United States Relief Map 563
United States National Museum. Proceedings 562
—Report 851
Usher, J. E., M. D. Alcoholism and its Treatment 422
Vogel, E. Practical Pocketbook of Photography 274
Walton, John. Mollusca of Monroe County 421
Whiting, Charles E. The Complete Musical Reader 134
Who? When? and What? 563
Williams, Montague S. Monier, Winter R. Pidgeon, and Arthur Dryden. Figure Skating, Simple and Combined 133
Willink, Arthur. The World of the Unseen 422
Winchell, Horace V. Iron Ores of the Mesabi Range 419
Wright, J. Horticulture 708
Ziehen, Theodor. Introduction to Physiological Psychology 131
Borneo, North, The Jagir Duseens of. (Misc.) 427
Borodine, N. The Ural Cossacks and their Fisheries* 767
Brain, Human, Structural Plan of the.* C. S. Minot 372
Branner, John C. The Lip and Ear Ornaments of the Botocudus* 753
Breath Figures. (Misc.) 136

Cattell, James McKeen. The Progress of Psychology 779
Celluloid Button, The Danger of the. (Misc.) 283
Ceremonial Use, The, of Tobacco. J. Hawkins 173
Children and Flowers. (Misc.) 137
"Cruelty to. (Misc.) 717
Children's Questions 238
Chinese Naval College, A. (Misc.) 427
"Newspapers. (Misc.) 571
Cholera, Origin of. (Misc.) 285
"The Comma Bacillus, and Sanitation. (Misc.) 137
"The Pilgrim Path of.* E. Hart 634
Civic Duty. (Editor's Table) 699
Clarke, Henry L. A Characteristic Southwestern Plant Group* 786
Clarke, I. Edwards. An Author's Protest. (Corr.) 410
Claypole, E. W. Major Powell on "Are there Evidences of Man in the Glacial Gravels?" (Corr.) 696
Color Changes, The, of Frogs.* C. M. Weed 490
"of Birds, Evolution of the. (Misc.) 283
Colored Audition, The Problem of. A. Binet 812
Communities, Exclusive. (Misc.) 137
Consumption at Davos Platz. (Misc.) 572
Conventionalities, The Reasons of. (Misc.) 570
Cooking, Scientific. M. A. Boland 653
Copper in the United States. (Misc.) 425
"Works of the Aborigines. (Misc.) 859
Correction, A.* (Misc.) 858
Cremation of Cholera-dead. (Misc.) 862
Crime increasing, Is? 399
Criminal Festivals. G. Ferrero 758
"Crocodile Tears." (Misc.) 714
Crystallization of Metallic Oxides. (Misc.) 574
Customs, East Central African. J. Macdonald 240
"Funeral, of the Haida Indians. (Misc.) 568

Davies, N. E. Yorke. Why Grow Old? 226
Dead, The Company of the. (Misc.) 566
Death in Battle, The Phenomena of. G. L. Kilmer 196
Delbœuf, J. The Psychology of Lizards 682
Deserts, American and African. (Misc.) 141
"Vegetation of. (Misc.) 861
Dietary for the Sick. D. Duckworth 111
Duckworth, Sir Dyce, M. D. Dietary for the Sick 111

Eastlake, W. Delano. Japanese Home Life.* 1
"Moral Life of the Japanese* 327
Eaton, Frank II. The Bay of Fundy Tides and Marshes 250
Economics, Sound. (Misc.) 428
Education and Selection. A. Fouillée 349
"Sound Words on. (Editor's Table) 121
Electricity at the World's Fair.* C. M. Lungren 721
"Practical, Progress in. (Misc.) 286
Emigration, Reasons for. (Misc.) 858
Energy in Organic Evolution. (Misc.) 862
Ethnologic Study, An, of the Yuruks.* A. T. d'Andria 184
Evans, E. P. Modern Miracles 192
"Studies of Animal Speech 433
Explosion of Kitchen Boilers. (Misc.) 712

Fans, Early. (Misc.) 140
"Manufacture of. (Misc.) 139
Farmer, The, How Science is helping. C. S. Plumb 100
Fashions, Origin of. (Misc.) 429
Fauna, Curious, of La Plata. (Misc.) 139
Feeding Value of Tree Leaves, (Misc.) 860
Fernald, Frederik A. Household Arts at the World's Fair 803
Ferrero, Guillaume. Criminal Festivals 758
Fire, The, of Incandescent Lamps. (Misc.) 571
Fisheries, The Ural Cossacks and their.* N. Borodine 767
Floral Festivals. (Misc.) 426
Folk Lore of the Kootenay Indians. (Misc.) 279
"Study in America.* L. J. Vance 586
Folsom, J. W. Adaptations of Seeds and Fruits 218
Fossil Forests of the Yellowstone.* S. E. Tillman 301
Fossils, Preservation of Leaves as. (Misc.) 136
Fouillée, Alfred. Education and Selection 349
Fox, William J. Some Remarkable Insects.* 527

Game, A Whipping. (Misc.) 430
Game, Large. (Misc.) 566
Geikie, Sir Archibald, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 257
Geological Exploration, American, Tribute of the French Academy to 95
Geology, Unsolved Problems in. (Misc.) 718
Ghosts, The "Savagery" of believing in. (Editor's Table) 415
Glacial Gravels, Are there Evidences of Man in the? J. W. Powell 316
""Major Powell on "Are there Evidences of Man in the?" (Corr.) E. W. Claypole 696
"Man in Ohio, Evidences of.* G. F. Wright 29
"Moraine, the Pennsylvania, The Tracing of. (Corr.) Mrs. J. F. Lewis 411
"Periods, Number of. (Misc.) 135
Great Work, A, concluded. (Editor's Table) 552
Groff, G. G. Honey and Honey Plants 545
Growth of Boys and Girls, Facts about. (Misc.) 573
Guthrie, Frederick. Teaching Physics 388
Gypsy Moth, Fighting the. (Misc.) 716
Hair, Cleansing Function of the. (Misc.) 431
Halsted, Byron D. Decay in the Apple Barrel* 76
Hart, Ernest. The Pilgrim Path of Cholera* 634
The Revival of Witchcraft 206
The Revival of Witchcraft 516
Hawkins. John. The Ceremonial Use of Tobacco 173
Heat Phenomena of the Diamond. (Misc.) 567
Honey and Honey Plants. G. G. Groff 545
"Hot Waves," Origin of. (Misc.) 139
Household Arts at the World's Fair. F. A. Fernald 803
Humane Ideas and Feelings, The Cultivation of. W. Mills 46
Hygienic Value of the Bicycle. (Misc.) 714

Ice, Impurities in. (Misc.) 138
Iles, George. Success with Scientific and other Meetings 463
Index, Our New. (Editor's Table) 844
Indians, Northwestern, Some Characteristics of 823
Indo-China. (Misc.) 713
Insane, The Duty of the State to the. A. Macfarlane 741
Insects, Some Remarkable.* W. J. Fox 527
Intellectual Work. Vitality in. (Misc.) 715
Irrigation in the Arid States.* C. H. Shinn 145

Jackman, Wilbur S. Food of the Garter Snake. (Corr.) 265
Japanese Home Life.* W. D. Eastlake 1
"Moral Life of the.* W. D. Eastlake 327
Johnson, Samuel William, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 117
Joy, Charles A., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 405

Kilmer, George L. The Phenomena of Death in Battle 196
Kropotkin, Prince. Recent Science 391
Kropotkin, Prince. Recent Science 622

Language, The Whistled, of the Canary Islands. (Misc.) 142
Lea, Henry Charles. The Spanish Inquisition as an Alienist 289
Learn and Search. R. Virchow 440
Leaves and Roots, Relations of, (Misc.) 279
Letourneau, Charles. Origin of Literary Forms 673
Lewis, Mrs. Julia F. The Tracing of the Pennsylvania Glacial Moraine. (Corr.) 411
Life, Hurry and the Chance of. (Misc.) 567
Lightning, Protection from.* A. McAdie 453
Literary Forms, Origin of. O. Letourneau 673
Littlehales, G. W. Growth of our Knowledge of the Deep Sea 39
"Why a Film of Oil can calm the Sea* 494
Lizard, Precautions against the. (Misc.) 284
Lizards, The Psychology of. J. Delbœuf 682
Long, J. H. Evil Spirits 357
Lungren, Charles M. Electricity at the World's Fair* 721
Lupton, Prof. N. T. (Misc.) 859
Lusk, Graham. The Material View of Life and its Relation to the Spiritual 533
McAdie, Alexander. Protection from Lightning* 453
Macdonald, James. East Central African Customs 240
Macfarlane, Andrew, M. D, The Duty of the State to the Insane 741
Mantegazza, Paolo, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 549
Mars, The Channels of. (Misc.) 281
Material View, The, of Life and its Relation to the Spiritual. G. Lusk 533
Meetings, Scientific and Other, Success with. G. Iles 463
Mercer, H. C. Prehistoric Jasper Mines in the Lehigh Hills* 662
Miles, Manly. How Plants and Animals grow 503
Mills, Wesley. The Cultivation of Humane Ideas and Feelings 46
Minot, Charles Sedgwick. Structural Plan of the Human Brain* 372
Miracles, Modern. E. P. Evans 192
Misery, Aids to. (Editor's Table) 839
Moral Evolution. (Editor's Table) 124
Morocco, Life in. (Misc.) 285
Mountain Regions, Unexplored. (Misc.) 861
"Scenery, Contrasts in. (Misc.) 281

"Natural Selection," The Inadequacy of. H. Spencer 21
"Natural Selection," The Inadequacy of. H. Spencer 162

Obituary Notes.—Axel Wilhelmovitch Gadolin, Nikolai Ivanovitch Koksharoff, François van Rysselberghe, Henry F. Blackford 144
F. O. Morris 288
Ludwig Lindenschmit, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de Candolle 432
T. Wolle, Giuseppe Antonio Pasquale, Karl Semper 720
Charles Pritchard, Jean Martin Charcot 864
Ocean, Derelicts on the. (Misc.) 713
Oil, Why a Film of, can calm the Sea.* G. W. Littlehales 494
Old, Why Grow? N. E. Yorke-Davies 226
Orchards, Protection of, against Frost. (Misc.) 138
Ornaments, The Lip and Ear, of the Botocudus.* J. C. Branner 753
Oswego State Normal School.* W. M. Aber 51

Parental Discipline, The Limits of. (Misc.) 715
Pasteur's Seventieth Birthday. (Misc.) 140
Perfumes, Coal-tar. (Misc.) 425
Photographing Savages, (Misc.) 570
Plant Group, A Characteristic Southwestern.* H. L. Clarke 786
Platinum and its Sources. (Misc.) 575
Plumb, Charles S. How Science is helping the Farmer 100
Poor, Private Relief of the. H. Spencer 307
Powell, J. W. Are there Evidences of Man in the Glacial Gravels? 316
Prehistoric Jasper Mines in the Lehigh Hills.* H. C. Mercer 662
"Jeweled Teeth. (Misc.) 569
Prisons, Reformatory, and Lombroso's Theories. H. Zimmern 598
Psychology, The Progress of. J. M. Cattell 779

Rattlesnake's Rattle, The. (Misc.) 862
River's Character, Factors of a. (Misc.) 282
Schooling, Excessive. (Misc.) 429
Schools, Elementary, Science in. (Misc.) 716
"Spinal Curvature in. (Misc.) 280
Science, Recent. Prince Kropotkin 391
Science, Recent. Prince Kropotkin 622
Scientific Alliance, The. (Editor's Table) 122
"Controversy, Amenities of. (Misc.) 281
"Meetings, The, at Madison, Wis. (Misc.) 565
Sea, The Deep, Growth of our Knowledge of. G. W. Littlehales 39
Sealing in the Antarctic 539
Seeds and Fruits, Adaptations of. J. W. Folsom 218
Self-purification. (Misc.) 568
Shinn, Charles Howard. Irrigation in the Arid States* 145
Siemens, Werner von. Sketch of. (With Portrait) 831
Silver, Why, ceases to be Money. F. W. Taussig 577
Sirius and its Companion. (Misc.) 285
Slates, Qualities of. (Misc.) 139
Snake, the Garter, Food of. (Corr.) W. S. Jackman 265
Snakes, Young, Behavior of. (Misc.) 284
Social Problems. (Editor's Table) 266
Spanish Inquisition, The, as an Alienist. II. C. Lea 289
Spencer, Herbert. The Inadequacy of "Natural Selection" 21
""The Inadequacy of "Natural Selection" 162
""Private Relief of the Poor 307
""Professor Weismann's Theories 473
Spirits, Evil. J. H. Long 357
Starr, Frederick. Anthropology at the World's Fair* 610
""Sketch of Paolo Mantegazza 549
Steamboats on Long Island Sound. (Misc.) 717
Steamer, The First Transatlantic. (Corr.) F. C. Wurtele 265
Superstitions about Snakes. (Misc.) 717
"concerning the "Black Devil." (Misc.) 426
"East African. (Misc.) 569

Taussig, F. W. Why Silver ceases to be Money 577
Teaching Physics. F. Guthrie 388
Telautograph, The. (Misc.) 278
Telephotography. (Misc.) 431
Thunder, Grandfather. A. L. Alger 651
Thunderstorm, The Critical Point in a, (Misc.) 282
Tides and Marshes, The Bay of Fundy. F. H. Eaton 250
Tillman, Samuel E. Fossil Forests of the Yellowstone* 301
Trees, Willow, Growth of. (Misc.) 427
Vance, Lee J. Folk-lore Study in America* 586

Varigny, C. de. American Woman, The 383
Virchow, Rudolph. Learn and Search 440

Water, a Polluted, What constitutes? (Misc.) 142
Waterworks, Mongol. (Misc.) 713
Weed, Clarence M. The Color Changes of Frogs* 490
Weismann's, Prof., Theories. H. Spencer 473
Whirpools, The, of Charybdis and Scylla. (Misc.) 572
White's, Gilbert, Character. (Misc.) 860
Wind Effects. (Misc.) 141
Witchcraft, The Revival of. E. Hart 206
Witchcraft, The Revival of. E. Hart 516
Witch hazel. Paradoxes of the. (Misc.) 573
Woman, The American. C. de Varigny 383
Words, Psychology of Some. (Misc.) 428
Wright, G. Frederick. Evidences of Glacial Man in Ohio* 29
"Prof., The Attack on. (Editor's Table) 412
Wurtele, F. C. First Transatlantic Steamer. (Corr.) 265

Zimmern, Miss Helen. Reformatory Prisons and Lombroso's Theories 598