A History of Sanskrit Literature/Bibliographical notes

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On the history of Sanskrit studies see especially Benfey, Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft, Munich, 1869. A very valuable work for Sanskrit Bibliography is the annual Orientalische Bibliographie, Berlin (begun in 1888). Page 1: Some inaccurate information about the religious ideas of the Brahmans may be found in Purchas, His Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World and the Religions observed in all Ages, 2nd ed., London, 1614; and Lord, A Discoverie of the Sect of the Banians [Hindus], London, 1630. Abraham Roger, Open Deure, 1631 (contains trans. of two centuries of Bhartṛihari). Page 2, Dugald Stewart, Philosophy of the Human Mind, part 2, chap. i. sect. 6 (conjectures concerning the origin of Sanskrit). C. W. Wall, D.D., An Essay on the Nature, Age, and Origin of the Sanskrit Writing and Language, Dublin, 1838. Halhed, A Code of Gentoo [Hindu] Law, or Ordinations of the Pandits, from a Persian translation, made from the original written in the Shanscrit language, 1776. Page 4: F. Schlegel, Ueber die Sprache und Weisheit der Inder, Heidelberg, 1808. Bopp, Conjugationssystem, Frankfort, 1816. Colebrooke, On the Vedas, in Asiatic Researches, Calcutta, 1805. P. 5: Roth, Zur Literatur und Geschichte des Veda, Stuttgart, 1846. Böhtlingk and Roth's Sanskrit-German Dictionary, 7 vols., St. Petersburg, 1852-75. Bühler's Encyclopædia of Indo-Aryan Research, Strasburg (the parts, some German, some English, began to appear in 1896). Page 6: See especially Aufrecht's Catalogus Catalogorum (Leipsic, 1891; Supplement, 1896), which gives a list of Sanskrit MSS. in the alphabetical order of works and authors. Adalbert Kuhn, Herabkunft des Feuers, 1849; 2nd ed., Gütersloh, 1886. Page 11: A valuable book on Indian chronology (based on epigraphic and numismatic sources) is Duff's The Chronology of India, London, 1899. On the date of Buddha's death, cf. Oldenberg, Buddha, Berlin, 3rd ed., 1897. Page 13: Fa Hian, trans. by Legge, Oxford, 1886; Hiouen Thsang, trans. by Beal, Si-yu-ki, London, 1884; I Tsing, trans. by Takakusu, Oxford, 1896. Führer, Monograph on Buddha Sakyamuni's Birthplace, Arch. Surv. of India, vol. xxvi., Allahabad, 1897; Alberūnī's India, trans. into English by Sachau, London, 1885. Page 14: Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, vol. i., 1877, vol. iii., 1888, Calcutta. Epigraphia Indica, Calcutta, from 1888.

Important Oriental journals are: Indian Antiquary, Bombay; Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Leipsic; Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, London (with a Bengal branch at Calcutta and another at Bombay); Journal Asiatique, Paris; Vienna Oriental Journal, Vienna; Journal of the American Oriental Society, New Haven, Conn. On the origin of Indian writing (pp. 14-20), see Bühler, Indische Palæographie, Strasburg, 1896, and On the Origin of the Indian Brāhma Alphabet, Strasburg, 1898. Page 18: The oldest known Sanskrit MSS., now in the Bodleian Library, has been reproduced in facsimile by Dr. R. Hoernle, The Bower Manuscript, Calcutta, 1897. The Pāli Kharoshṭhī MS. is a Prākrit recension of the Dhammapada, found near Khotan; see Senart, Journal Asiatique, 1898, pp. 193-304. Page 27: The account here given of the Prākrit dialects is based mainly on a monograph of Dr. G. A. Grierson (who is now engaged on a linguistic survey of India), The Geographical Distribution and Mutual Affinities of the Indo-Aryan Vernaculars. On Pāli literature, see Rhys Davids, Buddhism, its History and Literature, London, 1896. On Prākrit literature, see Grierson, The Mediæval Vernacular Literature of Hindustan, trans. of 7th Oriental Congress, Vienna, 1888, and The Modern Vernacular Literature of Hindustan, Calcutta, 1889.


On the text and metres of the Rigveda see especially Oldenberg, Die Hymnen des Ṛigveda, vol. i., Prolegomena, Berlin, 1888; on the accent, Wackernagel, Altindische Grammatik, vol. i. pp. 281-300 (full bibliography), Göttingen, 1896; on the Rigveda in general, Kaegi, The Rigveda, English translation by Arrowsmith, Boston, 1886. Editions: Saṃhitā text, ed. Max Müller, London, 1873; Pada text, 1877; Saṃhitā text (in Roman characters), ed. Aufrecht, Bonn, 1877 (2nd ed.); Saṃhitā and Pada text with Sāyaṇa's commentary, 2nd ed., 4 vols., by Max Müller, London, 1890-92. Selections in Lanman's Sanskrit Reader (full notes and vocabulary); Peterson's Hymns from the Rigveda (Bombay Sanskrit Series); A. Bergaigne and V. Henry's Manuel pour étudier le Sanskrit Védique, Paris, 1890; Windisch, Zwölf Hymnen des Rigveda, Leipzig, 1883; Hillebrandt, Vedachrestomathie, Berlin, 1885; Böhtlingk, Sanskrit-Chrestomathie, 3rd ed., Leipsic, 1897. Translations: R. H. T. Griffith, The Rigveda metrically translated into English, 2 vols., Benares, 1896-97; Max Müller, Vedic Hymns (to the Maruts, Rudra, Vāyu, Vāta: prose), in Sacred Books of the East, vol. xxxii., Oxford, 1891; Oldenberg, Vedic Hymns (to Agni in Books i.-v.: prose), ibid., vol. xlvi., 1897; A. Ludwig (German prose), 6 vols., Prag, 1876-88 (introduction, commentary, index). Lexicography: Grassmann, Wörterbuch zum Rigveda, Leipsic, 1873; the Vedic portion of Böhtlingk and Roth's Lexicon and of Böhtlingk's smaller St. Petersburg Dictionary (Leipsic, 1879-89); Monier-Williams, Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 2nd ed., Oxford, 1899; Macdonell, Sanskrit-English Dictionary (for selected hymns), London, 1893. Grammar: Whitney, Sanskrit Grammar, 3rd ed., Leipzig, 1896; Wackernagel, op. cit., vol. i. (phonology); Delbrück, Altindische Syntax (vol. v. of Syntaktische Forschungen), Halle, 1888; Speijer, Vedische und Sanskrit Syntax in Bühler's Encyclopædia, Strasburg, 1896.


Consult especially Macdonell, Vedic Mythology, in Bühler's Encyclopædia, vol. iii. part 1 (complete bibliography), 1897; also Kaegi, op. cit.; Muir, Original Sanskrit Texts, vol. v., 3rd ed., London, 1884; Barth, The Religions of India, English trans., London, 1882; Hopkins, The Religions of India, Boston, 1895; Oldenberg, Die Religion des Veda, Berlin, 1894; Bergaigne, La Religion Védique, 3 vols., Paris, 1878-83; Pischel and Geldner, Vedische Studien, 2 vols., Stuttgart, 1889-92; Deussen, Allgemeine Geschichte der Philosophie, vol. i. part 1: Philosophie des Veda, Leipsic, 1894. On method of interpretation (pp. 59-64), cf. Muir, The Interpretation of the Veda, in the Journal of the Roy. As. Soc., 1866. Page 68: On the modification of the threefold division of the universe among the Greeks, cf. Kaegi, op. cit., note 118. P. 128: On dice in India and the Vibhīdaka tree, cf. Roth in Gurupūjākaumudī, pp. 1-4, Leipsic, 1896.


Consult especially Zimmer, Altindisches Leben, Berlin, 1879. On the home of the Rigvedic Aryans (p. 145) cf. Hopkins, The Panjāb and the Rig-Veda, Journal of the Am. Or. Soc., 1898, p. 19 ff. On the Haṃsa (p. 150) cf. Lanman, The Milk-drinking Haṅsas of Sanskrit Poetry, ibid., p. 151 ff. On the Vedic tribes (pp. 153-157), cf. Excursus I. in Oldenberg's Buddha, Berlin, 1897. On the origin of the castes (p. 160) cf. Oldenberg, Journal of the Germ. Or. Soc., 1897, pp. 267-290; R. Fick, Die Sociale Gliederung im nordöstlichen Indien zu Buddha's Zeit, Kiel, 1897.


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Aitareya Brāhmaṇa, ed. Aufrecht, Bonn, 1879 (best edition); ed. and trans. by Haug, 2 vols., Bombay, 1863; Kaushītaki or Çānkhāyana Brāhmaṇa, ed. Lindner, Jena, 1887; Aitareya Āraṇyaka, ed. R. Mitra, Calcutta, 1876 (Bibl. Ind.); Kaushītaki Āraṇyaka, unedited; Tāṇḍya Mahābrāhmaṇa or Panchaviṃça Brāhmaṇa, ed. A. Vedāntavāgīça, Calcutta, 1869-74 (Bibl. Ind.); Shaḍviṃça Brāhmaṇa, ed. J. Vidyāsāgara, 1881; ed. with trans. by Klemm, Gütersloh, 1894; Samavidhāna Brāhmaṇa, ed. Burnell, London, 1873, trans. by Konow, Halle, 1893; Vaṃça Brāhmaṇa, ed. Weber, Indische Studien, vol. iv. pp. 371 ff., and by Burnell, Mangalore, 1873. Burnell also edited the Devatādhyāya Br., 1873, the Ārsheya Br., 1876, Saṃhitā Upanishad Br., 1877; Mantra Br., ed. S. Sāmaçramī, Calc., 1890; Jaiminīya or Talavakāra Br., ed. in part by Burnell, 1878, and by Oertel, with trans. and notes, in the Journal of the Am. Or. Soc., vol. xvi. pp. 79-260; Taittirīya Br., ed. R. Mitra, 1855-70 (Bibl. Ind.), N. Godabole, Ānand. Ser., 1898; Taittirīya Āraṇyaka, ed. H. N. Apte, Ānand. Ser, Poona, 1898; Çatapatha Br., ed. Weber, Berlin, London, 1859; trans. by Eggeling in Sacred Books, 5 vols.; Gopatha Br., ed. R. Mitra and H. Vidyābhūshaṇa, 1872 (Bibl. Ind.), fully described in Bloomfield's Atharvaveda, pp. 101-124, in Bühler's Encyclopædia, 1899. The most important work on the Upanishads in general is Deussen, Die Philosophie der Upanishads, Leipsic, 1899; trans. of several Upanishads by Max Müller, Sacred Books, vols. i. and xv.; Deussen, Sechzig Upanishad's (trans. with valuable introductions), Leipsic, 1897; a very useful book is Jacob, A Concordance to the Principal Upanishads and Bhagavadgītā (Bombay Sanskrit Series), 1891. P. 226: Thirty-two Upanishads, ed. with comm. in Ānandāçrama Series, Poona, 1895; Aitareya Upanishad, ed. Roer, 1850 (Bibl. Ind.), also ed. in Ānandāçrama Series, 1889; Kaushītaki Brāhmaṇa Upanishad, ed. Cowell, Calc., 1861 (Bibl. Ind.); Chhāndogya Up., ed. with trans. by Böhtlingk, Leipsic, 1889; also in Ānand. Ser., 1890. P. 229: Kena or Talavakāra, ed. Roer, Calc., 1850; also in Ānand. Ser., 1889; Maitri Up., ed. Cowell, 1870 (Bibl. Ind.); Çvetāçvatara, ed. Roer, 1850, Ānand. Ser. 1890; Kāṭhaka Up., ed. Roer, 1850, ed. with comm. by Apte, Poona, 1889, by Jacob, 1891; Taittirīya Up., ed. Roer, 1850, Ānand. Ser., 1889; Bṛihadāraṇyaka Up., ed. and trans. by Böhtlingk, Leipzig, 1889, also ed. in Ānand. Ser., 1891; Īçā Up., ed. in Ānand. Ser., 1888; Muṇḍaka Up., ed. Roer, 1850, Apte, Ānand. Ser., 1889, Jacob, 1891; Praçna Up., Ānand. Ser., 1889, Jacob, 1891 ; Māṇḍūkya, Up., Ānand. Ser., 1890, Jacob, 1891; ed. with Eng. trans. and notes, Bombay, 1895; Mahānārāyaṇa Up., ed. by Jacob, with comm., Bombay Sansk. Ser., 1888; Nṛisiṃhatāpanīya Up., Ānand. Ser., 1895. P. 242: The parallelism of Çankara and Plato is rather overstated; for Plato, on the one hand, did not get rid of Duality, and, on the other, only said that Becoming is not true Being.


On the sūtras in general consult Hillebrandt, Ritual-Litteratur, in Bühler's Encyclopædia, 1897; Āçvalāyana Çrauta Sūtra, ed. R. Vidyāratna, Calc., 1864-74 (Bibl. Ind.); Çānkhāyana Çrauta, ed. Hillebrandt, 1885-99 (Bibl. Ind.); Lātyāyana Çrauta, ed. A. Vāgīça, Calc., 1870-72 (Bibl. Ind.); Maçaka and Drāhyāyaṇa Çrauta, unedited; Kātyāyana Çrauta, ed. Weber, London, Berlin, 1855; Āpastamba Çrauta, in part ed. by Hillebrandt, Calc., 1882-97 (Bibl. Ind.); Vaitāna Sūtra, ed. Garbe, London, 1878; trans. by Garbe, Strasburg, 1878. Āçvalāyana Gṛihya Sūtra, ed. with trans. by Stenzler, Leipsic, 1864-65; ed. with comm. and notes, Bombay, 1895; trans. in Sacred Books, vol. xxix.; Çānkhāyana Gṛihya, ed. and trans. into German by Oldenberg, Indische Studien, vol. xv.; Eng. trans. in Sacred Books, vol. xxix.; Gobhila Gṛihya, ed. with comm. by Ch. Tarkālaṃkāra, Calc., 1880 (Bibl. Ind.); ed. by Knauer, Dorpat, 1884; trans. by Knauer, Dorpat, 1887; trans. in Sacred Books, vol. xxx.; Pāraskara Gṛihya, ed. and trans. by Stenzler, Leipsic, 1876; trans. in Sacred Books, vol. xxix.; Āpastamba Gṛihya, ed. Winternitz, Vienna, 1887; trans. in Sacred Books, vol. xxx.; Hiraṇyakeçi Gṛihya, ed. Kirste, Vienna, 1889; trans. Sacred Books, vol. xxx.; Mantrapāṭha, ed. Winternitz, Oxford, 1897; Mānava Gṛihya, ed. Knauer, Leipsic, 1897; Kauçika Sūtra, ed. Bloomfield, New Haven, 1890; Pitṛimedha Sūtras of Baudhāyana, Hiraṇyakeçin, Gautama, ed. Caland, Leipsic, 1896. Āpastamba Dharma Sūtra, ed. Bühler, Bombay Sansk. Ser., two parts, 1892 and 1894; Baudhāyana Dh. S., ed. Hultzsch, Leipsic, 1884; Gautama Dharma Çāstra, ed. Stenzler, London, 1876; Vāsishṭha Dharma Çāstra, ed. Führer, Bombay, 1883; Hiraṇyakeçi Dharma Sūtra, unedited; Vaikhānasa Dharma Sūtra, described by Bloch, Vienna, 1896; Āpastamba, Gautama, Vasishṭha, Baudhāyana, trans. by Bühler, Sacred Books, 2nd ed., Oxford, 1897. Rigveda Prātiçākhya, ed. with German trans. by Max Müller, Leipsic, 1856-69; ed. with Uvaṭa's comm., Benares, 1894; Riktantravyākaraṇa (Sāma Pr.), ed., trans. Burnell, Mangalore, 1879; Taittirīya Prāt., ed. Whitney, Journ. of the Am. Or. Soc., vol. ix., 1871; Vājasaneyi Prāt., ed. with comm. of Uvaṭa, Benares Sansk. Series, 1888; Atharvaveda Prāt., ed. Whitney, Journal Am. Or. Soc., vols. vii. and x. The Çulva Sūtra of Baudhāyana, ed. and trans. by Thibaut, in the Pandit, vol. ix.; cf. his article on the Çulvasūtras in the Jour. of As. Soc. Bengal, vol. xliv., Calc. 1875. Six Vedāngas, Sanskrit text, Bombay, 1892; Yāska's Nirukta, ed. R. Roth, Göttingen, 1852; ed. with comm. by S. Sāmaçramī (Bibl. Ind.); Sarvānukramaṇī, ed. Macdonell, Oxford, 1886 (together with Anuvākānukramaṇī and Shaḍguruçishya's comm.); Ārshānukramaṇī, Chhandonukramaṇī, Bṛihaddevatā, ed. R. Mitra, 1892 (Bibl. Ind.); Pingala's Chhandaḥ Sūtra, ed. in Bibl. Ind., 1874; in Weber's Indische Studien, vol. viii. (which is important as treating of Sanskrit metres in general); Nidāna Sūtra, partly edited, ibid.; Sarvānukrama Sūtras of White Yajurveda, ed. by Weber in his ed. of that Veda; ed. with comm., Benares Sansk. Ser., 1893-94; Charaṇavyūha, ed. Weber, Ind. Stud., vol. iii. On Mādhava see Klemm in Gurupūjākaumudī, Leipsic, 1896.


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