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To become a performer of the act of taksir, one is required to recite the whole of the holy Quran in two Ra'kats (part of the prayers) as zakat (aim) in a forest or at a shrine of a saint, consecutively for three days at night. Or as an alternative, recite the verse of Muzammal 200 times followed by اللہ لاالہ الاھو (Allah Hoo la ttlah Ha Itta Hoc), to be safe from R'ujat (spiritual disorder). It is recommended that the act should be commenced on the first Thursday of New Moon. One must finish the course of one thousand recitation of verse Muzammal in a period of 5 days. Each day before commencing that act, one should wash himself, wear clean clothes and put on perfume.

During the act, one must refrain from all sorts of (Jilali) glorious, (Jamali) illustrious objects, and refrain from all food that relates to and come from animals. It is recommended that the whole period of five days is spent in private.

One must carry on to recite the verse of Muzummal eleven (11) times daily even after the completion the act, in order to maintain the act under control.

In order to attain the assistance and make a contact with the saint of .the tomb, one should visit the holy shrine after midnight. One should start with the recitation of the holy benediction once, the opening chapter (Surah Fatiha) once, the holy benediction one more time followed by recitation of the verse of Ikhlas, and donate the recompense to the spiritualist of the shrine. Further, one should, on all four corner of the grave, repeat the words of prayers call (Azan) and finally say to the saint of the grave the following words: (Ya Abdullah Qum B'Izn'Allah, Imdad Kun Fi Sbeelillah) and later one should sit at the head side of the grave and recite the verse of Muzammal eleven times. If no signal or response is received from the spiritualist, one should repeat the process again from right and left side of the grave. If no signal or response is received as yet again, one should repeat the process from the right and left of foot-side of the grave, one will definitely receive a response now as the spiritualist is forced and compelled by this act. If the performer of the act does not possess the spiritual insight, he might notice one of the given below signals:

Vibration in the grave, fear and fright, smell of fragrance, brightness in eyes, ecstasy in heart, rattling sounds in ears, feelings of heaviness in the body.

As soon as one notices one of these above mentioned signs, he should terminate the act, one should meditate through remembrance and contemplations of the name Allah and Muhammad until he falls asleep there and then.

This is how, one establishes links with spiritualist of the grave, through the act of Taksir. Once the link is established with the spiritualist they assist the aspirant in all sorts of deeds. This is an easy act.

There is also the act of Aksir Hazoori (presence), which enables one to make contact with the Prophet Muhammad wherein all three invisible spiritual bodies, Qulb, Self, Spirit, performs the act of Taksir with their respective tongue. Detail and ranks of these are beyond the intelligibility of common people.

All sorts of act of Taksir must only be performed with the consent and assistance of a spiritual guide, without this one will only waste time or might as well fall prey to state of resurrection. A secret (that relates to the special people) should not be disclosed among common people. But the secret of this divine knowledge is disclosed now, so that the aspirant may ask this from their spiritual guide and do not waste their lives. Only the acts of Aksir and Taksir can distinguish between truthfulness and falsehood. One who makes this knowledge the intermediary, would not be misled from the right path. There is otherwise a risk that one may be misguided by sectism or fall prey to an imposter saint.

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