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Allah Almighty created the ethereal body of Qulb (Heart) of the Prophet seven thousands years before the creation of the spirit of prophet and kept the heart at the station of love.

Anna (ethereal body of ego) was created one thousands years earlier than the creation of spirit (soul), kept the Anna (ego) at the station of union (Wasal).

Allah Almighty created and kept in the presence the spirit (soul) of the Prophet Muhammad seventy thousands years earlier than the creation of Adam.

Allah Almighty created the body of the Prophet Muhammad 5879 years later than the creation of Adam.

Later, Allah Almighty inserted Anna into the spirit, spirit into heart, heart in the body. Allah almighty would sight the heart of the Prophet with affection 360 times and Anna 500 times daily.

The spirit (soul) of the Prophet , after the creation would live in the presence of Allah Almighty as in a relation of beloved-lover. After the Lata'aif were inserted in the body Allah Almighty would sight the body with divine blessing. One sight of Allah Almighty of divine blessing burns seven great sins. This is how the companions of the Prophet got purified of their sins and attained the highest ranks of sainthood without struggle, chillas and much efforts.

Adam lived for 930 years and three thousand twenty two years later, the series of resolute messengers was commenced, and the messenger Ibraheem was sent, who was followed by the messenger Moses after a gap of 2157 years. Jesus Christ was sent, a century later than Moses.

And finally 600 years after Jesus Christ, The Prophet Muhammad arrived. It is 1458 years now since the arrival of the Prophet ,.

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