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Human Body and its inner entities defined by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

QULB (Heart)
Malakoot (The realm of Angels)

First stage of Sainthood, Spiritually linked with the Prophet Adam.

Station of Angels and Spirits of Perfect Saints, souls of martyrs.
Colour (yellow)
Source of Information - Angels
Station of Purification of heart . ,
Station of Khizar and Prophet Ilyas
Lights of Allah's names appear in the shape of the moon.
Station of the Path
Meditation of malakooti through the ideal body of heart Satan has no access.

The Hell The Heaven
1. Hawaih 1. Firdous
2. Jahannum 2. Na'eem
3. Jaeem 3. Ma'va
4. Hutama 4. Eden
5. Nata 5. DarulQarar
6. Sa'eer 6. Darus Slam
7. Saqar 7. Khuld

ROOH (Soul)
(The Realm of Power)

Colour (Red).
Lights of the attributes appear in shape of the sun.
Tajalli-e-Ruh (enlightenment of the spirit)
Second stage of sainthood. Spiritually linked with the Prophet Ibraheem.
Source of information is Gabrielle (The Angel)
Station of Gabrielle
Sidra tul Muntaha (Lote Tree) (A Spiritual Station)
Bayait tul Ma'Moor (Place of worship for angels)
One engages in Dhikr-e-cfulb and Dhikr-e-Ruh along with the performance of external prayer.
Meditation through the ethereal body of Spirit (Ruh)
One remains in this world with the body and the core of his body (spirit) approaches the realm of Jabroot.

(The realm of Unkaboot) The World of Spirit
When the Jussa's (Ethereal ideal bodies) are fully revived and come out of the body. He attain the state of performing the salah (ba-Jamat) .
This is to say that he leads the salah whereas his ethereal spiritual body follow him.

SIRRI (Secret)
(The realm of the divine presence)

Beams of light both glorious and elegance.
Colour (White)
Attribute of life (sift-e-hayat)
Ilm-e-Irada (Knowledge of Intention)
Nature, hearing (Sam'a) Seeing (Basr) appearance of word.
Dhikr-e-Qulbi, Ruhi, Sirri along with external worship.
Source of information - inspiration
Third stage of sainthood, spiritually linked with Moses (Station of Moses) ,
Above the realm of spirit.
World of secrets (Israr-e-Lateef) Burraq (Conveyance made of Light)
Takhlia-e-Sirr (Seclusion of Secret)
Stations of Gnosis
Angels have no, access

AKHFA (Most Hidden)
Wah'dat (Anwar-e-Jamali)
(The beam of light of elegance)

Colour (Purple)
Tajalli-e-Oula (The primitive appearance of light)
Barzakh-e-Kubra (The greatd world of spirits)
Fifth stage of sainthood.
Knowledge of existence (Ilm-e-wajood)
Noor (light) - Shahood (Observation) - Zahoor (Appearance)
Station of the spirits of the great seven Sultan-ul-Fuqra
Station of extinction
Station of Sobriety
Station of Surprise
Station of Prophet Muhammad
Source of Information, through seeing the guarded tablet.
Haqiqat-e-Ahmadi (Truth & reality of Muhammad and his soul)
Station of Dhikr-e-Qulbi, Ruhi, Sirri, Khafi, and Akhfa at all times.
Meditation through Akhfa (Spiritual body)

Realm of Wahdat
Colour (Green)
Station of Fana (Extinction)
States: Sukr (Intoxication) Jazb (Absorption)
Fourth stage of sainthood
Spiritually linked with Jesus Christ
Station of Ruf Ruf (Means of Conveyance made of light)
Source of Information - the divine knowledge (Ilm-e-ladunni)
Dhikr-e-Qulbi, Ruhi, Sirri, and Khafi, at all times.

ANNA (Ego)
The Realm of Hierarchy of man

Colour (Colourless)
Meditation (Maraqba-e-Rehmani) through Ism-e-Allah.
Station of revelation of the tombs of saints, contemplation of the heart, (satan can interfere within this stage).
Station of Alim (learned) Amil (performer of act)
(at this stage they attain the spiritual meditation through wird-o-wazaif (external worship)
Station of self-mortification, external worship, prayers fasting, haj, loud-remembrance.
Stage of the sacred law.
Source of Information Djinns, Muakalat, ethereal bodies beam of light (of act) appear in the shape of stars.
in this realm men and Djinns live together.

The World of satan and evil-spirits
Tarik-us-salat (those who do not perform prayers)
Bideti (Innovator in the religion)
Hypocrite (Munafiq)
Infidel (Kafir)
Meditations through Satanic power.
Evil revelation (Istadraj)
Source of Information. Evil Djinn and evil-Spirits.

NAFS (Self)


The realm of oneness (Anwar-e-Jalali) (Glorious beam of light)

Colour (Blue)(Baqa, Laqa) Immortality and seeing of the Essence of Allah.
Stations of the Essence
Station of revelation and special inspiration
Stage of Hurriat (Freedom), Free from the limits of the sacred law.
Station of Ma'raj-e-Jismani (Physical ascending) reserved for the Prophet Muhammad only.
and Ma'raj-e-Ruhani (Spiritual Ascending) for the favourites (Ashiqeen-e-IIahi) of Allah.
Station of seeing the Essence of Allah unveiled in front and in presence of Allah.
reality of salah. (prayers)

No body has the access to it, no passage leads to Him, No access of Man, No sight of the Spirit. Haqiqat-e-ma'boodiat-e-harfa.

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