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Menara-e-Noor by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, translated by International Spiritual Movement Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam
Imam-e-Haq And A Practicing Savant (Alim-e-ba-Amal)

When the seeker of the path through any spiritual order attains self-mortification, enlightenment of soul and purification of heart, he achieves the rank of Ghous and is called Imam-e-Waqat (leader of the time). He reforms the religious learned internally and externally. The religious learned, who start their reformation manage to achieve the rank of Imamat with the permission of Ghous. There are three Qutabs and one Ghous to maintain this chain at all times. Imam-e-Haq, (the learned of the Essence of God) are spiritually equivalent to Ghous and Qutab. An Alim. (learned) even after the completion of his educational period, does not qualify for the rank of Imamat unless he joins a spiritual order and attains the consent from a perfect spiritual guide. A Hafiz (one, who memorizes the whole Quran by heart) relates to brain (ability of it), a recite of holy Quran relates to his voice, an ascetic relates to his good deeds but Imam-e-Haq relates to the decree and will of the Prophet, and an ordinary savant is only authorized with his permission to be an Imam. Imamat of a savant other than his authorization is uncertified and doubtful, and a doubtful thing is abominable according to the sacred law. Persons of insight (special type of saint) do not participate prayers led by them and if they do, they do it in the benefit of the religion.

مولوی ہر گز نہ شد مولائے روم

تا غلام شمس تبریزی نہ شد

Most people believe in the deceased saints but only by word of mouth. There are those who link with the spiritual order of the Ancestors. There is a possibility that their descendants do not belong to the chain of saints. And that their disciples are deprived of the spiritual benevolence they deserve. Therefore, the spiritual guide should have necessarily been seen by face, whether he relates to the category of saints (perfect in life), or (perfect after demise) and ore should have experienced through his spiritual instructions. If one does not fulfil the above mentioned requirements the Ba'yat is not established. Whoever a spiritual guide buys (take the seeker of path under his Ba'yat) he educates him with the sacred law of the Prophet, for him to approach his spiritual station or destiny.

The sacred law of the Prophet is contained in only 14 families, (who bear the orthodox doctrine of faith) and four spiritual Sufi orders. One of which is the spiritual order of Qadria which is the result of the spiritual benevolence the saints of the order received from the Prophet through his chest and later they continued this spiritual benevolence through chest to chest method. The order Naqshbandia which is bestowed from the chest of Hazrat Abu bakar Siddique R.D. and spread over chest to chest. The order of Chishtia is the result of the spiritual benevolence from Hazrat Alt. The order of Soharwrdia is the result of mutual spiritual benevolence of both the orders of Qadria and Naqshbandia. There were also some other spiritual orders, such as Usmania (which relates to Hazrat Usman, Farooqia (which relates to Hazrat Umar Farooq). Each of Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masqod, Hazrat Abduallh Bin Abbas and Hazrat Abu Hurarah produced a spiritual order, later the spiritual order, Hawaria Owasia was introduced by Hazrat Abu Bakar Hawari. He was a robber, once during his sleep in his dream he was spiritually illuminated and taken under Ba'yat by Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiuqe R.D., 'Hazrat Abu Bakar wore him his Turban and when he wake up from the steep he found the turban on his head, there were nine spiritual orders in the religion of Ahle-Sunnah. Through which the chain of saints was established. Six of the above-mentioned spiritual order are spiritually disconnected as yet and are restricted to the ritual knowledge of Shariah only and later these spiritual order were divided into many groups by the logic and false philosophy of the heedless savants. The savants opposed and confronted each other as a result of which they divided themselves into several sects. A new sect of shiat was made after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. The savants, who belonged to this new sect, were again logical heedless as a result of it was divided into several other sects, list of sect in Islam is as under

Khanarij 15 Mutarah 6
Jamia 1 Masa 3
Kalbaia 1 Ahle - Sunnha 7
Shiat 32 Khadiaria 1
Bukharia 1 Marjia 12

It's really difficult to distinguish the true Ahle-Sunnah. The sectism is the result of ritual oratory knowledge. These al sects are non-spiritual and they don't believe in spiritual a: well. The Muslim Ummah is severely involved in sectism Should one be lucky enough he gets rid of the sectism onh through the act of panacea. Which is like a test to judge false from the truth.

There are three stages of (Shariah-e-Naqisa) the defective station of the sacred law) First, those who are impurified both spiritually and physically. They may belong to the descendants of the Prophet's spiritual family or descendants of sairit, and taking spiritual instruction from them is a great sin. Second is of those type who are spiritually illuminated but their exterior is impurified. Such as majajeeb (unorthodox saints) taking spiritual instruction from them is not recommended. Third is of those type who are active in ritual prayers but they are spiritually dead (our savants are the best example of this type). Taking spiritual instruction from them is of great risk and doubtful. Hadith:

اتقوا عالم الجاھل قیل من العالم الجاھل یا رسول اللہ قال عالم اللسان و جاھل القلب

Translation: "Avoid company of an ignorant scholar, when asked, the Prophet declared, one whose knowledge is restricted to the word of his mouth only and whose heart is ignorant (not spiritually illuminated).

According to the sacred law of Shariah Haqqa, a Kaamil (perfect) is one who is illuminated both internally and externally. Practicing savants and perfect spiritual guide are the, best example of this type. One would be lucky enough to receive spiritual instructions by these people, with reference to them the Prophet said:


العلماء امتی کا الانبیاء بنی اسرائیل ہ

Translation: "The savants of my Ummah are like the prophets of Bani Israel" . .

Mujadid (renovator), Ghous and Qutab, they are also taught the sacred spiritual knowledge, which is verified by an act of miracle (they possess from God), Which they show with the permission of God.

One may be a son of a Ghous or Qutab, or a Savant, but considering and making a claim of one's self to be a Ghous or Qutab, Mujaddid (renovator) without spiritual knowledge and consent (of the spiritual guide or the Prophet!) is to be a great sinner. Faqir Noor Muhammad of Kalachi tells the recognition of a perfect spiritual guide.

The seeker of the path should test his spiritual guide. He should immediately leave his company as soon as he finds out the spiritual guide is sensual, ardent and self-prone. A Spiritual guide is not supposed to be a customary and inherited but he should have acquired spiritual stations and ranks under guidance of a perfect spiritual master. Through struggle and hard core of self mortification. A spiritual guide is supposed to know all concerned spiritual stations and ranks. Reading mystic books, acquisition of the knowledge of Fiqah. knowledge of ma'ni (meaning), logic, philosophy, being born in a saints house or acquiring Khilafah (Sainthood) through an impostor does not make one a spiritual guide. Spiritual benevolence and guidance can not be obtained by these fake guides (impostors). There are some hereditary pirs (guides) who belong to the chain of saint) ask their disciples to prostrate before them. For this they convince them with logical reasons, and are leading the disciples astray. It should be noted that never the Prophet himself and his companions nor any one of the chain of saints asked anybody to prostrate before them. But they have rejected it for any one other than God Almighty. Kissing hands of saints or bowing before them with or without desire and respect is the custom of love and respect. Because it's a custom of admirers of the Prophet, which is also the custom of the admirers of the saints of God. But prostration for a saint either with respect or as compulsion is Shirk (Polytheism) and a favor in the way of Dajjal, this is a custom of pharaoh. One must give it up immediately, and asking forgiveness is compulsory. The Ummah is to be blamed for the mischief, for they don't study Quran and are not aware of the decree of God. They should only believe in which is clearly understandable and unanimous decision of the religious scholars, and act with heart and soul, such as salah, (Prayers) fastening, Haj and Zakat (alms). And if something is beyond understanding and the religious scholars have different views about it, should be ignored. If a spiritual guide is involved in an unorthodox act, he should not be followed and be quit immediately. The holy Quran is the word of God the best and the most truth. No religious scholar or a spiritual guide is superior to the holy Quran. An act that involves impiety, bidet (new invented thing in the religion) or endanger the faith (religion) is a great sin (sin upon sin). One must refrain from it himself and others as well. If a Majzoob (unorthodox type of saint in a state of intoxication) or a saint of God (that relates to the category of beloved or lover of God) in the state of blamableness, as a coincidence or in a state of spiritual pleasure do any thing against the sacred law, is an act, which is not common among public and restricted to them only. If the persons of rank involve in an act which is apparently against the sacred law of Shariah are Tasdiq dor ma'afi (confirmed to be forgiven) (as it takes place due to some spiritual reasons). If anybody other than persons of rank involves in the above mentioned deeds is considered to be a ,Zandiq (heretic and unforgivable).

There are five stages of the sainthood. Hazrat Adam received the sainthood through heart which is first stage of sainthood. The prophet Ibrahim received two stages of sainthood through the soul, the prophet Moses received three stage of sainthood through Latifa Sirri (secret). Jesus Christ received four stages of sainthood through Latifa Khaffi and the Prophet Muhammad was given all five stages of sainthood through Latifa Akhfa. The category of saints who possess the first stage of sainthood, receive spiritual benevolence from prophet Adam. Those of second, third and fourth stage receive spiritual benevolence respectively from Ibrahim, Moses and Jesus Christ. The saints who possess the all five stages of sainthood receive spiritual benevolence from the Prophet of Islam and are considered the real follower of the Prophet.

Saying of Ghous Pak:

وکل ولی لہ، قدم وانی علی قدم النبی بدر الکمال ہ

Translation: "All saints are spiritually attached to one or another prophet, through them they receive spiritual benevolence, ,1 am attached with the prophet of Islam.

Through the Prophet of Islam, all five stages of sainthood have been granted to Ummah. Almighty Allah instructed the prophet Adam with the divine knowledge (Directly from God) (Ilm-e-ladunni). The prophet Adam was both internally and externally (spiritually) illuminated. He could see the tablet of manifest (Loh-e-Mahfooz) with the spiritual insight. The saints of his Ummah received this miraculous deed through him. The prophet Ibrahim, was cast in to the fire but was unhurt, this attribute was transferred to the saints of his Ummah as a result they could walk on fire. Moses was granted by Almighty Allah a scepter which would turn into a python on occasions. This miraculous deed was transferred to the saints of his Ummah. Jesus Christ was given this authority by Almighty Allah that he would bring the dead to life and the same, the saints of his Ummah did. The above-mentioned category of prophet longed for sighting (seeing) the Essence of Allah (See the essence of God) But many saints of the Ummah of the Prophet can see, and have seen the essence of Almighty Allah. The difference between saints and prophets is that a prophet is granted an act of wonder by Almighty Allah which has to be practiced and shown, while a saint of God is granted the power of miracle which he must hide.

There are occasions when, in states of spiritual (perfect) and eminence, these miracles automatically take place. As the greatest saint Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad saved a yacht which had been sunk for the past twelve years (and regenerated all the deeds). Shah Shams Sabzwari revived the dead son of a Hindu-King by proclaiming the word Qum-bay-Isni and later He was imposed fatwa~e-Kufr (religious verdict), the incident when Hazrat Adham brought out the deceased daughter of a king of that time, from her grave. He revived her and got married and later on Ibrahim bin Adham was born to them. The tomb of Hazrat Makhdoom Jahania flew off the crowd, Hazrat Lai Shahbaz Qalander twisted the fort. Hazrat Imam Bari revived the dead buffaloes and made them run off the pond. He also turned the calf into stone. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo turned the lumps of clay into gold by putting his esoteric glance on them and said. Verse:

نظر جنہاں دی کیمیا ہووے سونا کردے وٹ

اللہ ذات کر یندائ کیا سیّد تے کیا جٹ

One who can tell the circumstances and conditions with the help of divine spiritual knowledge (Ilm-e-ladunni) is considered to be Khizar of the time. The act in which one disappears and can not be seen by eyes. There are many more examples and thousands of different types of miracles that relates to one or another saint. Most of our Muslims don't believe it and are doubtful. They regard it as Shirk (Paganism), on many occasions the holy Quran mentions miracles. The incident when the Moses went to Khizar to learn the divine knowledge (Ilm-e-ladunni). Jesus Christ revived a dead man and asked him who he was, the fire did not affect Hazrat Ibrahim and went cool. The Moses spoke to God on the mount of Sanai, was it all paganism or what? A saint is a substitute of a prophet.

No doubt Almighty Allah gave so much powers to magicians as well. The magician Samri made a golden calf who could speak. The incident when the pharaoh was informed by about the birth of Moses through astrology. The incident when the magician made snakes out of ropes and encountered the prophet Moses. There are these incidents which proves the powers of magicians and astrologists, would the saint of God have no powers? There is this famous incident that a saint of the prophet Solomon brought such a heavy "throne of Queen Bilqees in a blink of an eye from a distant place. The Solomon made his saints present their powers before jinns, animals and human beings. Would this all be considered as Shirk (polytheism)? the Prophet of Islam thus said, "My saints are so powerful that the prophets of Israelites would envy them".

There is an incident which is related to Hazrat Sheikh Jamal uddin Abu Muhammad bin Abdul Basri. He said, he once met Hazrat Khizar, who told him about the saints of this Ummah. He said; He was traveling along the bank of a surrounding sea. He saw a man lying, wearing a cloak. He said he recognized him that he was saint. He said he pushed him by his foot and asked him to stand arid serve. The saint said, mind your own business. Khizar warned him that he would tell the people he is a saint of God unless he obeyed him. The saint of God then asked him to leave or he would tell the people that he was Khizar. When Khizar enquired as to how did he recognize Rim, the saint of God asked him as to who he was. Khizar said he tried to find this out with his divine spiritual power but failed to do so. Khizar stated, he made a spiritual contact with God Almighty and whispered in his heart "O Lord I am Naqeeb-ul-Auliya (Proclaimed or leader of saints) this particular saint is beyond my understanding. Allah Almighty replied, O" Khizar, you are leader of my friends (saints) but this particular man is one of those special people, whose friend I am". Later the saint disappeared. Khizar said, "the saints are not able to disappear from me. Khizar further said " O Jamal, the saints of this Ummah are beyond my access. This, however, does not mean that the saints are superior to the prophets.

The saints are lost in the Essence of God through personal name of Allah Almighty, Just as the lover of Allah (a saint of the Ummah of Moses) who cut the flesh off his body and presented to Moses in the name of God. There are many of Muslims who are doubtful about the Prophet of Islam as having possessed knowledge of unseen, and miracle of the breaking of the moon. They also reject that the Prophet of Islam ascended on Maraj physically. However they admit that Jesus Christ was lifted onto the skies alive. Why should a prophet of highest authority, who possesses all five stages of sainthood be considered doubtful of physical ascension while a prophet who possesses only four stage of sainthood climbed the skies physically. Two of the prophets (Jesus Christ and Hazrat Idrees) dwell with the physical body,in the realm of Malakoot (Angelic) they have not physically died as yet.

Another two (Khizar and llyas) they live physically on the planet earth. His eminence the Prophet Muhammad is so majestic that Allah Almighty forgave Adam in his name. All of the prophets longed for to be included in the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad . The prophet of Islam is the cause of the creation of whole universe:


لولاک لما خلقت الا فلاک ہ

Translation: If it were not for you to create, I would not produce the lands and skies. •

The Prophet Muhammad walked past all boundaries where the Buraq (Splendor flashing Horse), the angel Gabrielle and Ruff Ruff (the conveyance of light) started burning on one occasion all kinds of conveyance failed to continue, only thus Allah Almighty sent the soul of Piran-e-Pir Abdul Qadir Jilani, on whose shoulders then the Prophet Muhammad traveled and completed his journey, this was on that occasion that the Prophet happily declared, "My feet are on your shoulders and your feet will be on the shoulders of all saints of my Ummah" As on one occasion during his address Pir Dastgeer Abdul Qadir Jilani said.

قدمی ھذہ علی رقبتہ کل ولی اللہ

How might a sensual and ignorant scholar know the glory and dignity of the Prophet Muhammad . Who might not have even seen the Satan all because of his stained and dead heart.

The soul of the Prophet Muhammad was in the union of Allah Almighty 10 thousand years before the creation of Adam. This is why the Prophet Muhammad, soon after his birth, bowed in prostration before Allah, thus declared "I was already prophet when I came here (on earth). Hypocrites object as to how may an infant speak! History tells us that Jesus Christ spoke in his infancy and it has been revealed in the Holy Quran.


ویکلم الناس فی امھد و کھلا و من الصالحین ہ

Translation: "He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. And he shall be (of the company) of the righteous." (Aal-e-Imran 46)

The name of the Prophet Muhammad was written on Empyrean and throne in the Kalima (the word of God) This is when Adam through spiritual insight again saw the name of Prophet Muhammad written on the Empyrean and asked forgiveness in the name of the Prophet and was thus forgiven.

Adam then requested Allah Almighty that he be shown the Prophet Muhammad . Allah then showed the light of the prophet of Muhammad in the nails of Adam's thumbs which he then kissed. This is the custom of Adam which now Muslims follow and kiss their thumb's nail when during the prayer the name of the Prophet is recited.

The light of the name of the Prophet Muhammad was Jamali (Amiable) in the realm of Yahoot, it is also called as Maqam-e-Muhammad (place or station of the Prophet light (Noor, splendor) of the soul of the Prophet Muhammad on account of being in the union of Allah Almighty was Jalali (glorious). When the soul and name of the Prophet were entered into the body, it was so heated and highly enlightened that it become "Noor ala Noor" (light upon light).

This is the reason mat under the right foot of the Prophet was Jamaliat (coolness of loveliness), and Jalaliat (terribleness of glory), the commemoration of the personal name of Allah is Jalali (glorious) and produces Zati Noor (personal light of the essence). Similarly the commemoration of the name of the Prophet Muhammad produces Jamali Noor (light of the elegance). There are some saints (belong to the category of Arif), who approach the court of the Prophet by means of practicing the name of Jamal (elegance). The universe, in whole is under the effect of Jamali (elegance) and Jalali (glory), names. The sun belongs to the glory and the moon elegance. There are quite a number of Quranic verses which are either glorious or elegant. Even human beings and edible things (food) are under the effect of these two above-mentioned states.

There are some of Muslims, who are doubtful about the live hood of the Prophet Muhammad . However they believe in the life of Martyrs. However the martyrs are not superior to the prophet of Islam. Their doubtfulness is the result of darkness of heart and narrow mindedness. This is how they have been unable to see the Prophet of Islam either through a dream or in the physical company. One, who has not seen (through a dream or any other way) the Prophet, has no proof of being a follower of the Prophet. The sight (seeing) of the Prophet Muhammad is assistance towards the Waseela (intermediary) to approach the Essence of Allah.

One must purify his inner self and ethereal spiritual bodies as this is supposed to be intermediary to approach the Prophet Muhammad . For attainment of the inner self's purification one must seek a perfect spiritual guide as a spiritual guide is the basic intermediary to attain all the spiritual stations. The holy Quran declares:

یا ایھا الذین اٰ منوا تقو اللہ وابتغو آ الیہ الو سیلتہ و جاھدوافی سبیلہ لعلکم تفلحون ہ

Translation: O Ye who believe! Do your duty to Allah, (Fear Allah) Seek the means (intermediary) of approach unto Him, And strive (with might and main) in His cause: That Ye may prosper. (Al-Maida 35)

The superiority of Ayatul Kurcy lies in Allah's names as follows Allah, Hayee,Qayyum . Similarly the excellence of the holy Benediction is due to the name, body and soul of the Prophet Muhammad W&. This is the reason that angels stand affirm in respect as they see the Ayetul Kurcy written any where, and when the holy benediction is recited upon the Prophet Muhammad , the angles are intoxicated.

ان اللہ و ملئکۃ یصلون علی النبی یا ایھا الذین اٰمنوا صلوا علیہ وسلموا تسلیماً ہ

Translation: Allah and His Angels, send blessings on the prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on Him, and salute Him with all respect.

The holy benediction on the Prophet Muhammad had already been sent even before the Prophet Muhammad came into this world. When the first woman of the world, the Eve was born from the left rib of Adam, He felt attracted towards her and tried to touch her. The angels said, be patient, O' Adam, you must pay Mehar (favor) first". When - Adam enquired, "What is Mehar (favor)? The angels told, "Say the holy benediction on the Prophet Muhammad three times".

The origin of the Holy Quran bears bright words of Noor (high of God), which was delivered onto the Prophet Muhammad heart by angel Gabrielle which the deserved (Spiritual people) attain through different Sufi orders, through .the process of chest to chest (benevolence). The spiritual benevolence and miracles of the Saints relate to the inner dimension of the holy Quran. The printed holy Quran is only reflection of the original Quran, which has been saved and compiled on paper. The religious scholars and protector of the holy Quran (those who memories the holy Quran by heart) relates to the printed book of the holy Quran. The religious scholars then decorated themselves with the exterior knowledge of the holy Quran. The saints purified the inner self with the spiritual and inner dimension of the holy Quran.

Abdal (category of saints) are not authorized for spiritual instructions. Qutab (saints who bears higher rank than Abdal is half a spiritual guide), can give spiritual instruction with the permission of perfect spiritual guide. Ghous is supposed to be perfect spiritual guide who educates the people (who relates to the sacred law) with the exterior and interior knowledge of shariah (the sacred law).

Mu'arif (category of saints) is of higher rank than the others and is supposed to be Mukam'mal (accomplished). He educates the aspirants, the knowledge of the path (Tariqat) Ahnal (complete spiritual guide) is of higher rank than the above mentioned category. He educates the pupil of the knowledge the truth (Haqiqat). Noor-ul-Huda is on? who instructs the pupil of gnosis.

Noor-ala-noor is the highest rank among all saints, a noor-ala-noor takes the aspirants to the highest spiritual station of Baqa (immortality), and Laqa (seeing). This is the spiritual station of Ma'raj (where one sights the Essence of Allah Almighty). This is where the Prophet ascended physically and sighted the Essence of Allah Almighty and the Fuqra of this umma reaches this destination spiritually with the help of ethereal bodies).

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