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The knowledge of Faqr is of two types, for one of the types, the Prophet said


نعوذ با اللہ من فقر المکب ہ

Translation: "I seek refuge from unorthodox Faqr",

for the other type of Faqr, The Prophet said,


الفقر فخری والفقر منی

Translation: "Faqr is my pride and Faqr is my heritage".

In the early stages of Faqr, the seeker of path is considered as blamable, through the period of worship, struggle and self mortification, 'the seeker of the path is called as veiled (Mahjoob). And if upon the special sight from God one loses his intellect, he is known as Majzoob. And the one, who, upon the special sight of God don not lose senses and remain steadfast becomes Mahboob (Beloved of God). He is then authorized to Regenerate the Hearts of the people (Aspirant). To take spiritual benevolence from a Majzoob is of a great loss. Because they don't follow the sacred law of Shariah. Undoubtedly they are attached to the chain of saints, But they don't produce any saintly order. Because they, in the way of the true love of God, lost their intellect, they possess very high rank, regardless of their physical state whether they are naked.

It is very difficult to distinguish them. Because in the physical state, they do not differ an ordinary worldly mad and half mental. Some, of the above mentioned categories of Majzoob, possess the features of Majzoob. Salik (those, who did not lose their intellect totally and are left with some senses.) they posses a bit of sense. They confer their spiritual benevolence to whom they like, and transfer the light into the chest of the seeker of the path by embracing him or shaking hands with him, for this they do not put him through the hardship of worship, self-mortification and remembrance of God. Through this, the seeker of the path attains the enlightenment of the chest and becomes spiritually illuminated. Thus through the above mentioned process of light his spiritual benevolence starts to progress. If the seeker of the path stops making progress and stays on this spiritual station, and he does not acquire the knowledge of spiritual bodies (Lataif) which produce light (Noor), cover up the deficiency of (Noor),-purify the self (Nafs). As a result of it, involvement with public causes the seeker of the path, loss of spirituality and eventually he loses all of his spiritual power like Peer Sipahi of Multan. Most of the seeker who possess enlightenment of the chest as being conferred from saints either they lose it or somebody snatch it from them. Through acquisition, along with the conferment of the light, they manage to stabilize the level of spiritually. This is the reason that to attain higher ranks, even the saintly born went through the process of self-mortification, purgation and remembrance of God.

Most saints of (the category of beloved) join the chain of RIJAL UL GHAYAB (Men of unseen) Only those who bear the rank of Ghous or Qutab are appointed for the guidance of people, while all other types of saints hide their secret (sainthood). After every forty miles of distance, one of the above mentioned category of saints, is appointed, they possess a special spiritual insight, by the help of which they communicate with each other, they get together on the occasion of Haj.

Apart from the category of beloved there are some, those, who are spiritually equivalent to Ghous and Qutab they do not bear the rank. There are Mu'arif (a type of saint), Sultan and Ashiqeen (lovers of God). They are unofficial (in a sense That they do not belong to the chain of Rijalul ghayab, which is considered as official group of saint appointed by the . Prophet) They don't posses proper spiritual insight But from time to time they get awareness spiritually. They are recommended as the best for guidance of People.

There are those, who in the way of path (Tariqat) get struck in evil evaluation or involvement with people and could hot progress, (spiritually) having attained some power through a small act of jinn or Muakalat (creation of unseen) they trap people presenting their outer look by wearing apron and holding tasbeeh (string of beads). Most of those who occupy saintly throne belong to the above mentioned category of saints. Taking gift (Nazrana) is not a sin but wasting the life of aspirants (who deserve spiritual benevolence) is a seven crime.

Fifth type is of those international saints who for the sake of their self (Nafs) disguise themselves as all sorts of saints, the) put on long aprons, big rosary (Tasbeeh) around their neck ironic bracelet in their hands, most of them don't grow beard they are faithless, they do not perform prayers nor they fast they smoke drugs, even giving charity to them is a gross injustice with the religion. As they spend the charity money on drugs, which keep their (drug-places) lively and there are then those, who in the state of intoxication claim to be god some of those claim to be prophet there are others who abuse the companions of the Prophet and so many other shameful deeds occur (God for give us). For them, the prophet declared: Hadith:

لا تجلسو امع اھل البدعتہ

Translation: Don't keep the company of Ahley bidet (those who performs certain deeds which are unrelated to the religion).


اھل المبتدع کلاب النار

Translation: Ahley bidet are the dogs of the hell.

It's really very difficult to recognize a true saint of God. Thus the real saint of God Almighty is one in whose company and by whose esoteric glance the heart of the seeker of the path is revived with the remembrance of Allah.

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