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What humans are like externally does not need explaining. With regard to the internal features of man Hazrat Ali(RD), has declared:

دواء ک منک وما تبصر*وداء ک فیک و ماتشعر

وتزعم انک جرم صغیر*وفیک انطوی العالم الا اکبر

Translation: You are your own remedy but you perceive not,

your sickness lies within you but you are unaware of it,

you think that your body is a small thing,

when there is a great world which is hidden inside you.

The description of this world is given below. When sperm enters the womb it is accompanied by Ruh-e-Jamadi (spirit that unites) which develops and brings the blood together, that forms the foetus. Ruh-e-Jamadi is also found in special stones like Aqeeq and Feroza. Just as some special people exhort Allah at all times, there are some special types of Aqeeq and Feroza which exhort Allah at all times. As Allah SWT has declared in the Holy Quran:

سبح للہ مافی السمٰوٰات ومافہ الارض وھو العزیز الحکیم


Translation: Whatever is in the heavens and on the earth,

praises and Glorifies Allah SWT for he is Exalted in Might The Wise.

(Surah Hasher-1).

Thereafter, Ruh-e-Nabati (Botanical Spirit) enters and generates the growth of the blood. Ruh-e-Nabati also generates the growth of the blood. Ruh-e-Nabati is also found in trees as Allah SWT has declared in Surah Rahman.

والنجم والشجر یسجدون ۃ
Translation: The stars and trees do prostrate in adoration.

(Surah Rahman-6)

After a period of six months Ruh-e-Haywani (animal spirit) enters the womb, as a result of which the embryo is able to make small movements. When the child is born, a human spirit is placed in the child's body, which is taken from Alam-e-Arwah, (the realm of spirits), Accompanying this human spirit are some invisible "assistant spirits" also. These assistant spirits are called LATAIFS, (plural), (Perceptive, Invisible Spiritual Bodies.) The Lataif (spiritual bodies are the receptive mediums through which knowledge wisdom and the lights of Allah SWT are attained, received and contemplated. This is so, as animals too possess fleshy hearts but do not possess the faculties found in humans. Hadith:

لافرق بین الحیوان والانسان الا بالعلم والعقل
Translation: The only difference between animal and human is reason and knowledge.

The Latifa-e-Qulb (1) is one of the Lataif's (spiritual body S.B.) it sits on the fleshy heart. It protects the heart and is the recipient of the "lights" of Allah SWT.

The second, Latifa-e-Ruh (2) (S.B.) is located on the right side inside the chest. Latifa-e-Akhfa (3) (S.B.) is in the centre of the chest. Latifa-e-Khafi (4) (S.B.) lies between the Latifa-e-Akhfa and Latifa-e-Ruh. Latifa-e-Sirri (5) (S.B.) lies between the Latifa-e-Qulb and Latifa-e-Akhfa. The Latifa-e-Anna (6) (S.B.) is located in the head, whilst Latifa-e-Nafs (7) (S.B.) lies at the naval point. These Lataif 's (S.B. 'S) exist inside every human being and they dwell at their respective places as mentioned above.

Just as the Ruh {soul cannot be seen by the naked eye, the Lataif cannot be seen by the naked eye. The Lataif exist and are found at their respective locations in the inner spiritual dimensions of human beings. Each Lataif has it's individual status and individual exhortation (Dhikr) of Allah SWT. As is stated in Hadith Qudsi:

ان فی جسد آدم مضغتہ فی فؤ ادو فی فؤ اد قلب و قلب فی الروح و روح فی السروسر فی خفی و خفی فی انا
Translation: There is a piece of flesh in the human body which is the heart,

the heart lies in the Qulb, the Qulb lies in the Ruh,

the Ruh lies in the Sirri, Sirri lies in Khafi, Khafi lies in Anna.

When the Latifa-e-Nafs (S.B.) enters the human body brings along with it five vices, which dwell close to all the Lataif. Each Latifa (S.B.) has one vice attached to it as follows:

Latifa-e-Qulb - Lust

Latifa-e-Ruh - .Anger and Tyranny

Latifa-e-Sirri - Desire, Want

Latifa-e-Khafi - Jealousy and Greed

Latifa-e-Akhfa- Pride and Arrogance

These vices exist, their purpose is to influence and finally to take control over these spiritual bodies, and to lead them astray. Amongst the Lataif, the Latifa-e-Qulb and Latifa-e-Nafs are the most dominant. Depending upon which one of these two Lataifs is the most dominant, the remaining Lataifs then follow, are obedient to its dictates. In other words Might is Right. There is a constant struggle inside the human body between the Latifa-e-Qulb and the Latifa-e-Nafs. Further in order to support and assist the Latifa-e-Nafs (in it's purpose) there lies between the Latifa-e-Qulb and the Latifa-e-Nafs a body known as Khannaas. A reference of Khannaas is found in the verse "Wannaas". A description of the Khannaas and the Latifa-e-Nafs follows.

1. When prophet Adam's (AS.) body was created, Satan out of spite spat at it. The saliva landed at the naval point on the body, from which a bacterium came into being, which resembled an evil jinn. (as Satan too is from amongst jinns) This bacterium entered into as Satan's spy.

2. It is in relation to this that Prophet Muhammad have stated, that when a human is born a Satan Djinn is born along with the human being. The companions asked the Prophet Muhammad "O" Prophet was one (Djinn) accompanying yourself?" The Prophet Muhammad pbuh stated most definitely, and due it's proximity to me it became a Muslim.

3. When Prophet Adam was thrown onto the earth, due to the mischief, perpetrated by this Nafs he started to repent and asked for forgiveness. Satan observed that Adam's Nafs gradually became weak and in order to assist the Nafs Satan intended to place Khannaas inside . Adam's body. One day, In Adam's absence Satan along with a child attended upon mother Hawa (Eve) and said to her, I leave my child in your trust, I will collect him upon my return. Adam returned and saw the child, became angry and asked mother Hawa (Eve) why have you allowed the enemy's child to sit here. Adam killed the child and buried it in the earth. The next day Satan returned, again in Adam's absence. As he could not see the child he shouted "Khannaas, Khannaas" the child emerged out of the ground calling "here, here". Satan left leaving the child there. On this occasion Adam cut the child into four pieces and the scattered the pieces on four mountains far and wide. Satan returned and again called, at which Khannaas reappeared. Satan then left it and went away again. On this occasion Adam burnt him and threw the ashes in water. Again Satan returned and called, upon which it reappeared. Leaving it Satan went away. Adam by this time was very angry and could not think of a solution. He cut it into pieces and ate it. Satan then returned and in Adam's presence called Khannaas a voice came from close to Adam's heart, which said "Here" Satan replied, now remain there, this was my intended plan.

Now as a child grows he needs food for his physical body. In the same way the spiritual bodies lying in the inner dimensions too. need sustenance. A child belonging to Non-Muslim family or a Muslim by name only, if it's lifestyle is that of a Non-Muslim and the child's upbringing was one of a Non-Muslim and the child's upbringing was one in which the Holy Quran, prayers and (Zikr - the exhortation and remembrance of Allah) had no part to play then that child's Latifa-e-Nafs will have become very strong. The remaining Lataif will then become dependent upon the Nafs and being to take their sustenance from it. The sustenance is in the form Naar (evil fire). The Latifa-e-Qulb (S.B.) on the other hand is connected to angels and is never sustained by Naar (evil fire). It remains alive and maintains itself from the strength that it possesses until the age of forty. Should it not revive it's sustenance. Noor (light), upto this age then it dies. .What remains is the heart, a mass of flesh the likes of which are found in dogs.

It is for these hearts that Allah SWT has declared:
ختم اللہ علی قلو بھم

(سورۃ البقرۃ آیت)

Translation: Allah SWT has sealed their Quloob (hearts).

In short that Nafs is engaged in the commission of sinful actions, The Nafs-e-Ammarah is found in the non-believers, polytheists, hypocrites and infidels. When a child receives a proper upbringing from pious parents, the child's Nafs becomes weak and the Qulb becomes very strong. Until a day comes when the Nafs dies due to not receiving Naan sustenance or helplessly starts taking (light) sustenance from the Qulb, and will start to become purified. This stage of the Nafs is known as Nafs-e-Lawwama (repenting self).

Described in the Holy Quran thus: ,
لا اقسم بیوم القیمۃ ہ ولااقسم بالنفس اللوامۃ ہ
Translation: I do call to witness the day of resurrection,

I do call to witness the Repenting Self. (Surah Qiamah).

When the process of the purification of the Nafs commences, it passes through various stages. It progresses from Lawioama to llhama (revealing self), and from Ilhama to Mutma'Inna, (satisfied self). Some children after passing the age of puberty possess a dual state. In other words both the Nafs and Qulb are strong. Such children do not find peace either in the Mosque nor in the Temple. What is meant is that they are on occasions in the cinema and at other times at a shrine of a Holy Saint. Sometimes they are pious and at other times sinful. Should' such children receive the benevolence and be in the proximity of a perfect Holy Saint, they then are able to free themselves from the grip of the Nafs. These are the effects of being born into a Muslim home, but not the effects of being a true Muslim believer, as faith has been declared by word of mouth but has not reached the stage where it is endorsed by and on the heart. The religious scholars have taught the knowledge relating to ablution, prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran but in order to obtain purification of the heart, and the. purification of the Nafs it is essential to seek the guidance of a perfect holy spiritual guide.

One becomes a Muslim by reciting the declaration of faith and through external worship; but until the inner dimensions are purified and until Allah's light enters the heart one can not be known as a Mo'min. As is declared in the Holy Quran:

Described in the Holy Quran thus: ,
قالت الاعراب امنا ط قل لم تو منوا ولکن قولوا اسلمنا ولما یدخل الایمان فی بکم ہ
Translation: The Arabs said We believe (are faithful), (Allah SWT declared)

(a MUHAMMAD) say to them you hope not entered, into faith,

but you have only, embraced Islam. You mil be entitled to call yourselves

Momins only when faith enters your hearts. (Surah Al-Hujrat -14).

External worship is related to Shariah (Islamic Law). Those who recite the Quran frequently others who perform additional, obligatory prayers, pray using rose beads or those who exhort and praise Allah SWT verbally, the Hafiz and the Qari are all within the confines of Shariah. They are the seekers of Paradise and the pure companions of Paradise. Their Nafs did not die nor was it purified, although it most certainly did improve to some degree. External worship is like a snake inside a hole who is being beaten from the outside, but itself is unaware of the attempt being made upon it's life.

As Shariah is Maqam-e-Shunied (a state where divine revelation, is confined to only verbal transmission recollection and submission.) This state is connected to Alam-e-Nasoot (place of abode of Satan jinns and humans, the earth) Should a person have a dream or a premonition or start to receive revelation then such experiences are untrustworthy as the worshipers, the pious and the religious scholars in the Alam-e-Nasoot become arrogant. Some claim to be Reformers and others claim the titles "Ghous or Qufab". (very senior spiritual states). Mirza Ghulam Ahmed also claimed to be a prophet, although he was a pious man, he did not have a Perfect Holy Guide, who would have interpreted for him his secret revealing and directed him with their true meaning.

ومن یضلل فلن تجدلہ، ولیا مرشداہ


Translation: Whom Allah SWT leads astray, shall never find any Wali Murshid,

(Saints of Allah SWT). (Surah Kahaf- 17)

A Hadith Qudsi also states
من لاشیخ لہ، فشیخہ الشیطان
Translation: One who has no Guide has Stan as his Guide.

Muraqaba (meditation) nowadays is being taught through spiritual magazines, and with the exception of one or two the majority are false, as meditation cannot occur within the stage of Shariah, but what actually occurs in this stage are dreams. Meditation is suited to the person who has cleaned his Qulb, Purified his Nqfs (self) and enlightened his Ruh (soul) to some degree. Upto this point, the progressive stage, can be described as Pandora's box where faith is accompanied by arrogance, malice, envy, and greed. The Muslim at this stage cannot be regarded as a true Muslim and neither can he be considered a practising Scholar. The books and publications of such people are doubtful. To eradicate this confused state and to reveal and highlight the truth there exists Ilm-e-Tariqat (knowledge of the divine path.). The perfect Holy Saint controls and purifies the Nafs (self) of his pupil and makes him a Zakir-e-Qalbi (by reviving his heart with the remembrance of Allah SWT). The heart is strengthened with the light which is made from the continuous Dhikr (remembrance) of the heart. Further, the remaining Lataifs (spiritual bodies) also obtain sustenance in this way and eradicate the vices which accompany them. A verse from the Holy Quran relating to Zakireen (those who engage in the remembrance of Allah SWT) declares:

A Hadith Qudsi also states
رجال لا تلھیھم یجارۃ و لا بیع عن ذکر اللہ
Translation: By men who neither traffic nor trade can divert from the

remembrance of Allah SWT. (Surah Al-Noor).

When a "Jussa" (a spiritual body made of light, of which there are nine in the human body, in addition to the seven Lataif, totalling sixteen.) of the Qulb, becdmes strong through the sustenance of the light it receives (from the remembrance of Allah SWT) it begins to leave the human body, during sleep and hovers around the Holy Ka'aba and the shrines of holy Saints. The Zakir (one who exhorts Allah with his heart), experience this in this dreams. The first of these "Jussa" which leaves the human body in this way, through the remembrance of Allah SWT is named in the Holy Quran as "Qulb-t-Saleem" . The Holy Quran further names the second of these ideal bodies as " Qulb-e-Muneeb" and the third ideal body (belonging to the Qulb) names in the Holy Quran as "Qulb-e-Shaheed." In contrast those individuals whose Latifa-e-Nafs is very strong due to the sustenance of Naar (fire) Their Latifa-e-Nafs (Spiritual body of the self) leaves their body during sleep. It wanders around in bad (evil) societies and keeps the company of jinns. After the Latifa-e-Qulb (S.B) of the Zakir has been engaged in the remembrance, of Allah SWT for some time, his Latifa-e-Ruh (S.B) also begins to engage in the remembrance of Allah SWT.

Translators note: (It should be noted that the remembrance of Allah SWT which is done by these Lataif's, spiritual bodies, is done independently.)

This process progresses until all seven Lataif (Spiritual bodies) are occupied and engaged in the remembrance of Allah SWT, at their respective places in the human body. Eventually they burn away the accompanying vices through the heat generated by the remembrance of Allah SWT. After this, finally the Latifa-e-Nafs recites the Kalima (Declaration of faith) and it then passes through the four different stages, and at every stage (of purification) one of the "Jussa's" (belonging to the Latifa-e-Nafs, of which there are four) leaves the human body. Those ideal bodies are the Nafs-e-Ammarah, Lawwamah, Ilhama and Mutma'inna.

Four ideal bodies from the Latifa-e-Nafs, three from the Latifa-e-Qulb and the two souls known as Jamadi (uniting soul) and Nabati (botanical soul) leave the human body. These nine ideal bodies completely resemble the seeker (from whose body they leave) in physical appearance. Some of these ideal bodies then visit shrines of Saints and their assemblies and under their supervision are nurtured with the remembrance of Allah SWT, and the ensuring reward to the Zakir, the seeker, (to whom those ideal bodies belong). All this takes place whilst at the same time the seven Lataif (S.B) of the seeker of the path are cleansed and purified. It is only then that the seeker of the Path qualifies and is able to be in the company of the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD. The seekers ideal bodies are presented before the PROPHET MUHAMMAD- The seeker either through meditation or contemplation sees himself in the compan- of THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD , then he is rewarded with a rank. Further if the seeker of the path, in the apparent knowledge (Shariak) was not an Alim (Savant) men he attains the. stage of a Dervish and if he is a Savant in the apparent knowledge men he attains the stage of Mujadid or Imam, or the stage of Ghous at Qutob. It is men that he becomes Alm-e-Ba-Amol (a true practising Savant), some are seiected as "Rijal-ul-Ghmb" (men of the unseen) who are the selected individuals who are the official members of the PROPHET MUHAMMAD office. The official members can physically approach the PROPHET MUHAMMAD company.

In the realm of Tariqat (the path) When the seekers Qulb and the ideal bodies begin to be purified he first experiences true dreams and gradually at a later stage has meditational experiences. Thereafter whilst conscious and through contemplation they (seekers) communicate with departed souls. After attaining the knowledge of "Gnosis and the Truth" Morifat and Haqiqat whatever is spoken by such people is spoken with the consent, of Allah SWT. It is with reference to such people that the Holy Quran declares;

نحن اقرب الیہ من حبل الوریدہ
Translation: We are close to you than your jugular vein. (Surah Qaf).

When such a seeker dies his soul goes to Alam-e-Barzakh (the realm of departed soul), at a place known as Maqam-e-Illiyin, and it is these ideal bodies that remain at his grave which then bestow Fayz (spiritual benevolence) upon people.

With reference to such people the Holy Quran declares:

ولاتقو لوا لمن یقتل فی سبیل اللہ اموات بل احیاء
Translation: Those who have been martyred in the way of Allah SWT,

do not call them dead they are alive. (Surah Baqara -154).

People say that this verse refers to martyrs, but such people are known as Shaheed-e-Akbar because such people have spent their entire lives fighting against their Latifa-e-Nafs (self). Hadith:

رجعنا من الجھاد الا صغر الی الجھاد الاکبر
Translation: We return tofehad-e-Akbar from fehad-e-Asghar.

When an ordinary person dies his soul goes either to illiyin or Sijjiyin but the ideal bodies remain in the grave because they do not contain the qualities of light or fire and therefore after some time they disintegrate. Should anyone attempt to control these ideal bodies, then by using Amal-e-Hamzaad (act of contemporary spirit) he can enslave these ideal bodies. When magician or Sorcerer dies his soul goes to Alam-e-Barzakh and as some of his ideal bodies are very strong due to the abundant Naar (fire) they contain, they (ideal bodies) dwell in marghats (place where Hindu's burn the bodies of their dead) and together with evil spirits they torment and harm Allah's SWT creation, (human beings). These are evil spirits which are referred to in the Bible also. It is said that Jesus treated people possessed by evil spirits. A practitioner of evil spells performs his deed with the assistance of evil spirits Satan and contemporary spirits (bad spirits). As these ideal bodies become a creature in their own right they are affected by the cold, heat and rain. It is for this reason that shrines are made on the graves of Saints and seekers of the path, and if a shrine is made on the grave of an ordinary man (as his ideal bodies have disintegrated) and the shrine is vacated then satanic jinns occupy the "shrine" and it becomes their dwelling-house. Some people have made shrines in their homes after receiving sign in their dreams. There is danger in this as it is possible that the sing was from Satan .and as a consequence their home may become the dwelling place of Satan, as it may later be difficult to get rid of the house of it's evil occupants. The ideal bodies of Saints and seekers of the path are more powerful in strength than jinns. It is for this reason that those possessed by Djinns are exercised at the shrines of Saints and seekers of the path. Those seeking spiritualism also benefit from such Shrines. Allah SWT listens the prayers of these ideal bodies as the ideal bodies are at all time engaged in the remembrance and worship of Allah SWT. It is the light emanating from such worship that becomes their sustenance. On occasion these ideal bodies enter human bodies and communicate with people, though this is rare. What is common is that Satan and evil jinns enter human bodies and make saintly claims thereafter becoming the medium for misleading masses, just as Satanic spirits enter and occupy shrines they also occupy empty idols. It matters not whether the idol is made of stone or whether it is the human idol (referring to spiritually empty human body). Today when the chests of Muslims are bare and empty of the light of Allah SWT as result they (chests) have become the dwelling place of Satan. Who with various means torments Muslim and causes Satan worship to materialize.

It is narrated mat at the conquest of Makkah THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD IP* sent Hazart Khalid Bin Walid along with seventy thousand soldiers to Nakhla in order to destroy and demolish the temple of Uzza. At the time of destroying the idol Uzza a black nude witch came out of the idol screaming and shouting. She was one of Satan's lot who then ran away. It had entered the idol and had been the subject of worship (by using its evil powers).

Europeans learnt to control ideal bodies through the use of the alphabet (Ouija board) and obtained information from them, and to the point that images have been obtained of the ideal bodies. Many people in Pakistan have come across Noon' (of light) and Naari (of fire) ideal bodies. In the war of 1965 against Pakistan many Sikh pilot confirmed sightings of ideal bodies during the war; but many of our Muslim scholars who claim to be Mujadid on the basis of the apparent knowledge openly deny the existence of the ideal bodies, when the Saints of all orders confirm their existence, and many have received Fayz, spiritual benevolence) from their shrines. Just as Sultan-ul-Hind Hazrat Knawaja Moen Uddin Chishti received spiritual benevolence from the shrine of Data Sahib (Data Ganj Baksh R.E.)

گنج بخشِ فیض عالم مظہر نورِ خُدا

ناقصاں را پیر کامل کاملاں را رہنما

(Ganj Baksh spiritual benevolence of all the world, the mirror of the light of Allah.)

(The perfect Holy Spiritual Guide for imperfect seekers and The Guide to perfects.)

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