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His Holiness Shah Sahib (Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi) is from a village known as Gohar Shah, which is in Gujarkhan, Rawalpindi Pakistan. Shah Sahib is the fifth generation descendant of Syed Gohar Ali Shah, whose family was further linked to the Mughals. Gohar Ali Shah Sahib was a Sadat Bukhari and lived in Srinagar in Kashmir. On one occasion some Hindu's Kidnapped a Muslim girl. Gohar Ali Shah took to his sword and executed seven Hindus thus paving their way into hellfire. The English Government at the time intended to arrest Gohar Ali Shah Sahib, he then left Srinagar and moved to Rawalpindi where he spent some time in an area known as Nala lai. Due to the danger from the police Goher Ali Shah Sahib went to a jungle near Gujerkhan. This became his place of abode and also the place where he remained in the concentration of Spiritual Discipline and worship. Some years later his Spiritual Benevolence (Fayz) became apparent The area of the jungle in which he lived was owned by a Gujer family, who then devoted that portion of land to Gohar Ali Shah Sahib. That land is today known as the village of Gohar Shah. Gohar Ali Shah Sahib married into a Mughal family and had children. It follows that Shah Sahib's (RIAZ AHMED GOHAR SHAHI) mother is the descendant of Syed Gohar Ali Shah's paternal grandson and his father is the descendant of Baba Sahib's maternal grandson. Shah Sahib's grandfather belonged to a Mughal family.

Baba Sahib for some reason, spent the last episode of his life as a hermit in Bakra Mandi, Rawalpindi, which then became Gohar Ali Shah Sahib's resting place. A shrine is to be found there today. Gohar Ali Shah Sahib's spiritual gown, staff and other belongings were buried in the shrine at Bakra Mandi and his holy body was returned to his native village of Gohar Shah where there is also a shrine.

As Baba Sahib spent most of his life in Bakra Mandi, much of his Spiritual Benevolence (Fayz) is to be found there. His Spiritual Benevolence also pours abundantly from his Shrine in his native village Gohar Shah.

His Holiness Syed Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, was the owner of F.Q. Steel Industries (registered) Rawalpindi, where gas and electrical equipment was manufactured. At the age of twenty he started to search for spiritualism amongst the saints and dervishes of the time. He soon found that his heart remained unfulfilled. Eventually upon becoming disillusioned with the saints and dervishes which he encountered, and being disappointed in not receiving Spiritual Benevolence (Fayz) he returned to his work. Shah Sahib then married and had three children.

At about the age of thirty four Sarkar BARI IMAM appeared before Shah sahib and said: "My son your time has come, your must go to the shrine of Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Sahib to receive the Sacred Inner Dimensions of Spiritual Knowledge." Shah Sahib then left his work, family and parents and went to Shorkot, where under the blissful supervision of Sakhi SULTAN BAHOO Sahib made the book "NOOR-Al-HUDA" (a book written by SULTAN BAHOO Sahib), his journey's companion. He then went to Sehwan Sharif for self-mortification and peace of heart, and spent a period of three years in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif and the forest of Laal Baag in Self-Purification. Thereafter pursuant to a revelation Shah Sahib went to jaam Shorow where he spent six months in a hut behind the Textbook Board Building, henceforth, with Almighty Allah's will, His Holiness Shah Sahib started to shower Almighty Allah's creation with his benevolence.

As his devotees increased in number Shah Sahib moved to Latifabad, Brely Colony Hyderabad and started to spread his Spiritual Benevolence and Guidance. The phenomena of Shah Sahib's religious order is to revive the hearts of his disciples with the remembrance of Almighty Allah's personal name. Shah Sahib revives and teaches the methods whereby the invisible spirits (lying in the chest), some of which are known as the QULB, RUH, SIRRI individually engage in the remembrance of Allah (ZIKAR). Shah Sahib takes seekers of the path through the stages of Kashf-Al-Qaboor (revelation of the grave) and Kashf-Al-Hazoor (revelation of the person). There are many who through spiritual practices cease to make progress and there are others who are absorbed and in a state of Intoxication. Shah Sahib possesses the authentic authority and power and returns such people back to normalcy, consciousness and spiritual progress. Shah Sahib also treats and heals people affected by magic spells, those Haunted by evil spirits and people suffering at the hand of jinns.

Praise be to Almighty Allah that thousands of men and women have received the spiritual benevolence emanation from Shah Sahib's teachings, for example many have attained the stage of Zikar-e-Sultani. Furthermore, many learned Savants on the strength of Shah Sahib's esoteric glance are progressing through the stages of Kashf-Al-Qaboor (revelation of the grave) and Kashf-Al-Hazoor (revelation of the person). On many occasions it has been witnessed, that when Shah Sahib has given Zikr to a person, the recipient's heart immediately started to proclaim Almighty Allah's name. Many witnessed the name Allah written on their hearts. Many found themselves keeping company in the Holy Court of GHAUS-AL-AZAM, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Others were fortunate enough to be in the Holy Court of the Prophet (P.B.U.H).

It is for these reasons that the youth are embarking upon this path and in order to maintain Shah Sahib's spiritual teachings and to propagate Islamic Spiritualism Anjuman Serfroshan-e-Islam Pakistan was established.

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