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In the very first place, wash and purify your self. Sit on a clean place of land or at a tomb of a perfect saint alone, after midnight or between dawn and sunset. Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays are recommended days for to commence the act of Akseer (Panacea).

Recite the Holy Kalima, Ayatul Kurcy (the verse of the throne) all four qul (Four verses of Holy Quran which starts with the word qul) and the verse of Muzummil, each three times, make a circle around yourself, blow in on your hands, rub it all over your body.

Get rid of all worldly thoughts, close your eyes, concentrate on your heart, consider your finger is a pen, try to mark

word Allah (اللہ) on your heart (through imagination) Say Allah, when inhale and hoo (ھو) when exhale. If your spiritual guide is perfect, he will definitely appear and assist you regardless of whether he relates to the category of perfect in life or perfect after demise.

The spiritual guide may possibly appear before the aspirant through one of his ethereal (invisible spiritual) bodies, or acknowledge his spiritual arrival through inspiration in aspirant's heart. Some of the aspirants may be assisted by any saints, some may sight the holy shrine of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Some of the aspirants are potential saints by nature, they may manage to converse with the soul of the Prophet Muhammad. When the aspirant commences the act of panacea, it irritates the satan. The satan plays all sorts of tricks to refrain the aspirant from performing the act, if he. avails the assistance and support of a perfect spiritual guide, it increases the enthusiasm and eagerness in him. Which results in spiritual pleasure and comfort. Eventually, such aspirants attains the access to the personal name of Allah. They, either witness word Allah engraved on their hearts. The very sight of word Allah makes the aspirant spiritually lost. This is when the heart is revived with the remembrance of Allah. Which means the heart engages in the remembrance of Allah involuntarily itself. Further reformation of heart thus continues.

Hadith of 'the Prophet:

ان فی جسد بنی آدم مضغتہ اذا صلحت صلح الجسد کلہ الا وھی القلب
"O, Son of Adam, there is a piece of flesh in your body, when it's reformed the whole body is reformed.

These are the people for whom the holy Quran declares:

اولٰئک کتب فی قلو بھم الایمان ہ

These are the people on whose hearts (we have) marked faith.

Penetration of the light (Noor) of the name of Allah in the body of aspirant makes him loose his sleep and he feels a kind of pain in the left side of his chest. He loses his appetite. He feels a bit of temperature as well. The aspirant should not be worried of these symptoms as this is the process through which the body is purfied with the blessings of the name of Allah. Eventually, the aspirant restores his health altogether. When the heart is in full swing with the remembrance of Allah, it continues even during sleep.

Tradition of the Prophet (P.B.U.H):

ینام عینی ولاینام قلبی

I sleep with my eyes but my heart is awake.

When the light of the name of Allah enters the eyes of the aspirant, he attains the spiritual inner sight. The aspirant, then sees the objects of unseen, spirits, djinns and (Mu'akalat) (Invisible Creation). There are times when the aspirant seeks solitude, behaves harshly and easily irritated. In these circumstances the aspirant is advised to send the holy benediction on the Prophet Muhammad more frequently. The aspirant must always abide by the sacred law.

There are some of those people who don't manage to avail the assistance of a perfect spiritual guide, there are those whose hearts have been sealed (with disbelief)- They feel distressed when performing this act. The aspirant, during the act of Panacea, may likely be engulfed by Satanic whispers. He may also feel frightened.

Those who don't find any positive omen (response) out of this act, are advised to quit Immediately, or else it may bi harmful.

Every tree is not fruitful, every weed is not alchemy.

When the aspirant advances in this act, he experiences dreams and he may as well attain the spiritual insight temporarily. He may sometimes receive spiritual hint and good-tidings from the spirits of martyrs, ethereal (Invisible Spiritual) bodies of saints or angels. There are times when satan Interferes and the aspirant may as well receive hints from satan which is very difficult to distinguish for the aspirant at the early stage. There are some aspirants who misunderstand these hints and consider themselves saints even without attaining self mortification and purification of heart. They make false claims, entangles in public affairs. Hints and inspirations from satan, produces arrogance, greed, misguidance, in them, and eventually they lose their faith. At this point, to be on the safe side, one must not follow any hint that is against the sacred law. The satan is able to appear in visions, in the image of saints, the planets and the stars. He can not but appear in three particular images, had it been so, the distinction between truth and falsehood would have been impossible. First, he is not able to appear in the image of the Holy Quran (in its original form). He can but appear in an image of a thick book similar to Holy Quran in which he might present something in arable script other than the verses of holy Quran. second he is not able to appear in the image of holy Ka'ba in its original form. He may but misguide the aspirant by showing an artificial K'aba.

Third, he can never appear in the true image of Prophet Muhammad in his majesty's original appearance. To distinguish the original appearance of the Prophet Muhammad , one must have already Seen The Prophet Muhammad through contemplation, revelations or in the dreams. The aspirant may, otherwise be misguided .

At present, there are thousands of people, who have been deceived and misguided by satan, and they consider themselves as saints> Mula Jeevan claims to have seen the Prophet three times in the image of of Molana Ashraf ali Thanwi (Sadaq-e-Koya).

Moulvi Hussain Ali Claims that he has, in a dream saved the Prophet from falling off from the Bridge of Sirat. They are satisfied with what they have seen, they present the following prophetic traditions as a proof.

من رأنی فقدرأی الحق ہ

One who has seen me in a dream has truly seen me. As the satan can not disguise in my appearance.

The above mentioned prophetic saying was instructed to the companions of the Prophet who had seen the Prophet with their physical eyes, and when so ever they saw the Prophet in a dream, they saw the true image of the Prophet. One, who has not seen the Prophet before, can not distinguish the Prophet in a dream. In the sacred law; the people of path (Tariqat) usually fall prey to satanic deceptions. Therefore, the secret is disclosed as to how one may truly recognize the Prophet, when sight in a dream, through meditation or revelations.

Just as one appears face to face before the presence of the Prophet, (through dream, meditation or spiritual insight) the intensity of the divine light emanating from the Prophet, will dazzle his eyes and, thus prevent him from focusing upon any part. If he attempts to capture the Prophet's image in his eyes he risks death, on the other hand, should he not attempt to look, then he will become bewildered and depressed. He will notice the recitation of the Holy Kalima and Holy Benediction upon the Prophet in the assembly. Subsequent to seeing the Prophet, his heart will turn away from the world and its contents. Healthy interest in the worship will develop, eyes bearing tears all the time, he will become humble and all evil and sensual desires will vanish from his mind. If experiencing what appears to be a vision of the Prophet and there is silence in the background (in the assembly) and furthermore, one is occupied in pride and arrogance and full of evil desires then the vision is false.

Those, who sight or approach the assembly of the Prophet through meditation or dream, are involuntary and have no control to interfere in but the person. of spiritual insight are conscious and authoritative. It is, therefore recommended and advised that, on approaching the assembly of the Prophet, they must recite the Holy Benediction upon the Prophet and further more, the words of "La haula wala Quat", to judge whether or not the vision in real.

Description of the Prophet Muhammad is as follows:

Whitish brown complexion, high nose, broad forehead, long hands, wide (well-balanced) teeth, black eyes, full and heavy beard.

One can sight the Prophet Muhammad only through one of his purified ethereal spiritual bodies, which has attained the capability of access to the court of the Prophet . Only after these ethereal invisible spiritual bodies are nourished (with the light of Allah), the aspirant becomes able of performing the act of Taksir. Through the act of Taksir, the aspirant attains the spiritual help from angels and souls. Further knowledge and detail is beyond common intelligibility.

In the very first place, the aspirant learns the following acts by his physical tongue and later by his ethereal (Invisible spiritual) bodies the act of (Captivating hearts) (Captivating life) (Captivating Mo'aklat) and the act of calling angels and souls.

Many people at present call the spirits (Souls) through mesmerism. This is known as istidraj (an act related to devil.)

Satans disguise themselves as spirits and misguide the aspirants just to injure the reputation of the act of taksir.'

An act of taksir, for a night, at a tomb of saint is more beneficent than hundreds of chilla's (an act in which people retire to their cells or to mosques and engage themselves in divine worship). I'tikaf (retirement to a mosque for religious and years of discipline and struggle. If the saint, at whose shrine the act of Taksir is performed, assist and cooperate with the aspirant, he teaches the aspirant all the spiritual stations he has possessed in his life time. To learn the act of taksir, the aspirant has to see the saint of the' tomb face to face. When the heart is revived with the remembrance of Allah, the aspirant should incline towards the revival of Lataif (Spiritual bodies).

Procedure of Dhikr for Lataif is similer to an ordinary assembly of dhike for except different contemplation on each Lataif (Spiritual bodies). In some cases, all Lat'aif (spiritual bodies) are revived only by the personal name Allah. But as they have their respective places, so are their different dhikr and contemplations, provided they engage in their respective dhikr and contemplation, they are rapidly nourished. Dhikr-e-Qulb (remembrance by heart) is the utmost umit of the sacred aim.

The chart of zikar (different types of zikar given below is considered to be the threshold of the path (tariqat).
لاالہ الااللہ
La ilala il lallah
یا اللہ
Ya Allah
یا حیی یا قیوم
Ya hayee-o ya qayoom
یا واحد
Ya Wahid
(Most Hidden)
یا احد
Ya ahad
یا ھو
ya hoo
اللہ محمدُ
Allah Muhammad
لاالہ الااللہ محمدرسول اللہ
la ilaha il lallah Muhammad ur Rasool allah

According to the list given above, Qulb (Heart) is the first and Nafs (Self) is the last.

Do one or two rounds of beads of the above mentioned adhkar, daily. Revive all Lat'aif one by one. Continue Dhikr-e-Qulb with word Allah or Lillah during the normal routine of life, or engage in the remembrance with any revived Laftifa (ethereal spiritual body). When all Lat'aif (spiritual bodies) are revived, one becomes Dhakir-e-Sultani, which is followed by the stage of Dhakir-e-Rabbani. Later, one attains the stage of Dhakir-e-Qurbani, which is the last stage.

This is the least required spiritual status which a Ghous and Qutub must attain before he can render his spiritual benevolence and instruction. Their affection, spiritual glance and instruction guide the aspirant towards the right path.

There are those, who are spiritually equivalent to Ghous and Qutub, they also go through the same process of acquiring the above mentioned spiritual status.

Upon concentrating on the respective places of Lat'aif, they vibrate with the remembrance, as similar as heart does and the aspirant attains the state of ecstasy, this is the true distinction of revival of Lat'aif and their Adhkar. On completion of the stage of Dhakir-e-Suliani, all seven ethereal bodies are purified and the aspirant is supposed to be ready for the performance of the act of Taksir.

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