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War poetry

Poems written about and during wars.

A field of poppies

War of the Spanish Succession[edit]

Crimean War poetry[edit]

American Civil War poetry[edit]


Individual poems[edit]

World War One poetry[edit]


Collections containing war poetry[edit]

Individual poems[edit]

Poetry not contained in any of the above collections

By participants[edit]

Owen, Wilfred:

Winterbotham, Cyril:

Rosenberg, Isaac

By non-participants[edit]

Coates, Florence Earle:

Howard, Robert Ervin:

Kipling, Rudyard:

Mastin, Florence Ripley:

Newbolt, Henry:

Orwell, George:

Phelps, Arthur L.:

  • "Old War" in A Treasury of War Poetry (2nd Series)

Yeats, William Butler


Other war poetry[edit]


Individual poems[edit]

Cameron, George Frederick:

Coates, Florence Earle:

America ("Thy children are inspired by thee")
To the Returning Brave (as "Welcome" in Mine and Thine)
Memorial Ode

Landon, Letitia Elizabeth

Newbolt, Henry:

Woods, William Hervey:

War poets[edit]

List not exhaustive

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