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WikiProject NARA Completed works

This page is to list works that have been retrieved from NARA and fully transcribed.

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Please add a simple link to the work or index page in the list below. The only work that should be needed on these works is validating or matching and splitting.

Key: Proofread (awaiting validation); Validated


Add transcriptions still awaiting validation here.


To link[edit]

Newly validated transcriptions should be listed here. These documents will be linked from the National Archives catalog (see example).

Annual Estimate for School Year 1915-1916 284608
Edwin M. Watson to Franklin D. Roosevelt (March 5, 1940),_1940) 194784
Winston Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt (December, 1940),_1940) 194808
Cordell Hull to Franklin D. Roosevelt (December 17, 1940),_1940) 194809
Winston Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt (November 23, 1940),_1940) 194815
Sumner Welles to Franklin D. Roosevelt (June 13, 1940),_1940) 194804
Copy of Sumner Welles to Franklin D. Roosevelt (June 13, 1940),_1940) 194805
Lord Lothian to Franklin D. Roosevelt (December 8, 1940),_1940) 194811
Neville Butler to Franklin D. Roosevelt (December 21, 1940),_1940) 194807
Alterations to Winston Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt (December 7, 1940),_1940) 194814
Resolution for the relief of the Inhabitants of the County of New Madrid 306692
Chart of the investments made with funds from the Smithsonian Bequest 306709
Memorial from Hannah Stephens 306398
Petition and map from John Muir and other founders of Sierra Club 306674
Senate Revisions to House Proposed Amendments to the U.S. Constitution 559854
A history concerning the pension claim of Harriet Tubman 306575
Statement of My Property and Debts, with Remarks,_with_Remarks 306690
List of all the persons voted for by the electors in the state of Delaware for President and Vice President of the United States 306212
Certification of an Act of the Maryland Legislature by Governor John Eager Howard 306219
Proclamation of Governor John Eager Howard announcing the election of the electors of the state of Maryland 306220
Proclamation of June 19, 1846,_1846 299808
Conference committee report on the Missouri Compromise 306524
Story of the Black Cats 12990


These validated transcriptions have been linked by NARA. Click through to get to their catalog records.