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The current Proofread of the Month is

Weird Tales/Volume 31/Issue 2  (1938)
by Farnsworth Wright (editor).

Last month completed: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus (Revised Edition, 1831)
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in November.

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Yann (talk) 21:49, 2 March 2009 (UTC)


I see you are taking an interest in the DNB pages - you are very welcome. It's a big project, and known problems with the initial uploads are logged at Wikisource:WikiProject DNB/Progress. Other project pages explain the methods of working. The misalignment you noted is one of the issues, and volumes are gradually being fixed up (in reverse order). Do drop by the main project Talk page, or leave me a note, if there are any specific things you'd like to discuss. Charles Matthews (talk) 08:27, 6 March 2010 (UTC)

Directing questions[edit]

You are better off asking for assistance in the Scriptorium.

User:Heyzeuss has not been active here for nearly three years. --EncycloPetey (talk) 10:52, 21 January 2017 (UTC)

Matthew Henry[edit]

Welcome to The Exposition!

I see you have started working on Henry's Exposition, which is wonderful! I started this project as a convergience of my love for Wikipedia, old books, and the Bible. There are some references in Wikipedia to this work. Nevertheless, they link to sources that are completely outside any Wikimedia project, which pains me. At first I wanted to import pre-existing text into Wikisource. I found out immediately that that method was proscribed, not necessarily for copywrite concerns, but to keep the Wikisource text faithful to just one edition or another. I appreciated the logic of preserving certain editions and enthusiastically obtained a pdf of the 1828 edition from Internet Archive. I asked them for a machine OCR, which they happily provided. At some point I got the pdf converted to djvu in order to get the pages to load reliably. I was a bit disappoined to give up image quality, but I later realized that I was not throwing out the baby with the bathwater because I could still keep the hi-fi pdf as a resource. I created an author page, an index page, and a top namespace page. The index page was no trivial exercise because I had to identify and document each page and chapter in each volume.

Available editions of Henry's Exposition

The 1828 edition is not the earliest. Old Testament and Gospels/Acts sections were first published between 1706 and 1710. The remainder of the New Testament (Epistles and Revelation) were edited and completed from Henry's notes, in 1811, by a committee of nonconformist ministers. In any event, the 1828 edition is early enough for our purposes, and it may be the one that is the most set in stone before any modern abridgements would come and muddle things.

Wikisource Bibles

You will notice that there are other bibles available, but they are either incomplete proofreads or they are not transcluded at all. That is, they are not reliably attached to djvu copies of any certain editions. For example, there is no complete, transcluded version of the 1611 King James translation. How disappointing! I hope that someone will do it soon because that is one of, if not the the most, important works of Modern English. I wish I had the time.


It looks like you have figured out how to transclude pages, in spite of my slow response. Well done! For more information on the workflow used at Wikisource, see my user page.

Differentiating Bible text from commentary

I think my original solution to the issue of different typefaces was just to put space above and below the quotation blocks because they are identical in typeface and very close to each other in size. I am fine with just making them larger. The main commentary could be normal-sized for readability.


I must have been completely crazy for getting myself into this. It is obviously more than anybody could complete alone, but I felt optimistic that others would come along and pitch in here and there. I get distracted, i get sucked in so easily by projects like this. I entered an unintentional hiatus in order care for concerns like family and paying rent, but before I did, I wanted to reach my first goal, which was to get the project up and running so that anybody could jump in and start proofreading. That meant that I had to have the index page complete, the first pages of chapters laid out properly, and transclusion into the main namespace started. We benefit from this project personally just by working on it. I would say that it is more about the journey than the destination, but the objective is to have a complete resource that Wikipedia can link back to. Matthew Henry is just as relevant now as he was in his lifetime, and he has made the world a better, more bearable place to live. His commentary is indespenasible, not just as a resource, but as primary reading. Not only will others benefit from your contributions, but you will enjoy his commentary and personally gain from it! Heyzeuss (talk) 05:36, 31 January 2017 (UTC)

In response to e-mail.[edit]

Your welcome ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 09:06, 25 June 2018 (UTC)