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Monthly Challenge

June 2024

Welcome to the Monthly Challenge!

  • Each month, the challenge aims to proofread and validate several texts.
  • It provides a safe space for new users to learn about Wikisource.
  • The texts are featured for a maximum of three months with a few exceptions.
  • The challenge builds Wikisource's core collection and makes free, scan-backed ebooks accessible to everyone.
  • Pages processed: 4756
    • (158% of 3000)
  • Pages proofread: 3816
  • Pages validated: 682
  • Pages processed: 5313
    • (177% of 3000)
  • Pages proofread: 4283
  • Pages validated: 922
  • Pages processed: 4334
    • (144% of 3000)
  • Pages proofread: 3983
  • Pages validated: 295
  • Pages processed: 4809
    • (160% of 3000)
  • Pages proofread: 3224
  • Pages validated: 1516
  • Pages processed: 7372
    • (245% of 3000)
  • Pages proofread: 4330
  • Pages validated: 2876
  • Pages processed: ~2722
    • (~90% of 3000)
  • Pages proofread: 1934
  • Pages validated: 694

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Daily statistics
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June 2024

  • Works in current challenge: 71
  • Total pages in current challenge: 27756
  • Average processed pages per day this month: 133
  • Recent changes in this Challenge (only indexes, pages, authors)



Welcome to this month's challenge. For a general overview of proofreading at Wikisource, see Help:Beginner's guide to proofreading. The challenge has a few special guidelines and tips for new users.

Guidelines, tips and information


  1. If you've worked on a page, but don't have time to finish, please save your work as Not Proofread.
  2. If you encounter a difficulty such as a table, missing image, or a different alphabet, please mark the page as Problematic and an experienced editor will review it.
  3. Once you have finished proofreading a page, make sure to mark it as Proofread.
  4. Validation requires a careful checking of the proofread text to make sure that the formatting and spelling match the original. Be sure to read and follow the guidelines in Help:Beginner's guide to validation. Once you finish validating a page, mark it as Validated.
    • Do not use spell-check to validate, as many older works use non-standard spellings. Even if there is a mistake in the original, transcribe it as-is.


  1. Many books published before 1820 feature a long s (ſ). Replace those with {{ls}} to yield s (its appearance is changed by the Visibility gadget).
  2. Use {{ppoem}} for formatting poems. Separate verses with a blank line.
  3. Mark the spot where an image should go with {{missing image}}, a table with {{missing table}} and other alphabets with {{Language characters}}.
  4. Add a blank line between each paragraph.
  5. For images, use the following format:
{{img float
 | file = name of the image file
 | cap = The caption
 | align = left/center/right
 | alt = A description for those with different visual abilities.
 | width = How wide the image is: e.g. 500px
For more information, see {{img float}}.

Difficulty Levels

  1. Easy – These works have good OCR and have simple formatting consisting mainly of font sizes, bold, italics, centering, and a Table of Contents.
  2. Average – These works have references and indexes in addition to the formatting of Easy texts. In addition, there language tends to be more academic or contain dialectical English.
  3. Last Bits – This category could use a better name, but the idea is that this is an Index that has mostly been proofread, but a few more challenging pages remain.
  4. Second Glance - This category is for works that appears to have been proofread once, but require a careful look to make sure that the text matches the scan.
  5. Formatting – This category is for Indexes imported from another site that also does proofread, but wishes not to be named. They are fully proofread, but require checking to make sure that all the formatting is there. All pages will require the addition of header and footers. However, most pages will require no other work.
  6. Transclusion – These works have been fully proofread, but remain untranscluded. They are a great place for a user to learn about transclusion and reduce the backlog.

Challenge texts

To fix

The Reshaping of British Railways Richard Beeching (Railways, British history) UK 1963

Under 50 pages: to proofread
To proofread (new works this month)

Alice Adams Booth Tarkington (Pulitzers) USA 1921

Fielding (Dobson) Henry Austin Dobson (Scan clean up, Literary biography) UK 1907

The Fun of It Amelia Earhart (Women, Aviation) US 1932

History of Australia George William Rusden (Incomplete texts, Australia) Australia 1897

How we think John Dewey (Requested texts) US 1910

Lalla Rookh Thomas Moore (Migrate to scans, Requested texts, Poetry) Ireland 1817

The Poetical Works of Robert Burns Robert Burns (Incomplete texts, Poetry) UK 1887

Project Blue Book United States Air Force (Requested texts, Ufology) US 1955

Son of the wind Lucia Chamberlain (Requested texts)   1910

A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism James Clerk Maxwell (Incomplete texts, Physics, Final push) UK 1873

The True Benjamin Franklin Sydney George Fisher (Incomplete texts, Biography) US 1903

The Truth About China and Japan B. L. Putnam Weale (Requested texts, China, Japan) US 1919

To proofread (works added 1 month ago)

History of Aurangzib Jadunath Sarkar (Indian history, Scan clean up) India 1912

The Path to the Stars Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky (Science fiction, Requested texts) Russia 1966

The Persian Revolution of 1905-1909 Edward Granville Browne (Persian history, Incomplete texts) Iran 1910

The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Novels, Children's, Nobel laureates) UK 1895

Sons of Africa Georgina Anne Gollock (Public domain) UK 1928

The Teeth of the Tiger Maurice Leblanc (Novels, Detective fiction) France 1914

The Works of Alexander Pope Alexander Pope (Poetry, Incomplete texts) UK 1717

To proofread (works added 2 months ago)
Under 50 pages: to validate

The Second Armada Abraham Hayward (Future history, Requested texts) UK 1871

To validate (new works this month)

Adams and Jefferson Daniel Webster (Scan clean up, US Politics) US 1885

Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy (Validation) Russia 1899

The History of the Royal Society of London Thomas Sprat (Incomplete texts, Final push, Science) UK 1734

Under the Gaslight Augustin Daly (Incomplete texts, Plays) US 1867

To validate (works added 1 month ago)
To validate (works added 2 months ago)

Chronicles of Avonlea Lucy Maud Montgomery (Fiction, Women writers) US 1912

The Heimskringla Snorri Sturluson (Transclusion, Images) Iceland 1844

Moonfleet John Meade Falkner (Children's, Adventure) UK 1909

Tales from the Gulistan Sa'di (Requested Texts) Iran 1928

Completed works

Ovid's Metamorphoses, in fifteen books Ovid (Roman Classics, Eighteenth-Century) UK 1727