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Chapter 1[edit]

1 In the firste yeer of Cirus, kyng of Persis, that the word of the Lord bi the mouth of Jeremye schulde be fillid, the Lord reiside the spirit of Cyrus, kyng of Persis; and he pupplischide a vois in al his rewme, ye, bi the scripture, and seide, Cirus,

2 the kyng of Persis, seith these thingis, The Lord God of heuene yaf to me alle the rewmes of erthe, and he comaundide to me, that Y schulde bilde to hym an hows in Jerusalem, which is in Judee.

3 Who is among you of al his puple? his God be with hym; stie he in to Jerusalem, which is in Judee, and bilde he the hows of the Lord God of Israel; he is God, which is in Jerusalem.

4 And alle othere men, `that dwellen where euere in alle places, helpe hym; the men of her place helpe in siluer, and gold, and catel, and scheep, outakun that that thei offren wilfulli to the temple of God, which is in Jerusalem.

5 And the princis of fadris of Juda and of Beniamyn risiden, and the preestis, and dekenes, and ech man whos spirit God reiside, for to stie to bilde the temple of the Lord, that was in Jerusalem.

6 And alle men that weren `in cumpas helpiden the hondis of hem, in vesselis of siluer, and of gold, `in catel, in purtenaunce of houshold, and in alle werk beestis, outakun these thingis which thei offriden bi fre wille.

7 Forsothe kyng Cyrus brouyte forth the vessels of the temple of the Lord, whiche Nabugodonosor hadde take fro Jerusalem, and hadde set tho in the temple of his god.

8 Sotheli Cyrus, the kyng of Persis, brouyte forth tho bi the hond of Mytridatis, sone of Gazabar; and noumbride tho to Sasabazar, the prince of Juda.

9 And this is the noumbre of tho vessels; goldun violis, thritti; siluerne viols, a thousynde; `grete knyues, nyne and twenti; goldun cuppis, thritti; siluerne cuppis,

10 two thousynde foure hundrid and ten; othere vessels, a thousynde;

11 alle the vessels of gold and siluere weren fyue thousynde foure hundrid. Sasabazar took alle vessels, with hem that stieden fro the transmygracioun of Babiloyne, in to Jerusalem.

Chapter 2[edit]

1 Forsothe these ben the sones of prouynce, that stieden fro the caitifte, which Nabugodonosor, kyng of Babiloyne, hadde translatid in to Babiloyne; and thei turneden ayen in to Jerusalem and in to Juda, ech man in to his citee, that camen with Zorobabel;

2 Jesua, Neemie, Saray, Rahelaie, Mardochaa, Belsan, Mesfar, Begnay, Reum, Baana. This is the noumbre of men of the sones of Israel; the sones of Phares,

3 two thousynde an hundrid and two and seuenti; the sones of Arethi, seuene hundrid and fyue and seuenti;

4 the sones of Sephezie, thre hundrid and two and seuenti;

5 the sones of Area, seuene hundrid and fyue and seuenti;

6 the sones of Phe and of Moab, sones of Josue and of Joab, twei thousynde nyne hundrid and twelue;

7 the sones of Helam, a thousynde two hundrid and foure and fifti;

8 the sones of Zechua, nyne hundrid and fyue and fourti;

9 the sones of Zahai, seuene hundrid and sixti;

10 the sones of Bany, sixe hundrid and two and fourti;

11 the sones of Bebai, sixe hundrid and thre and twenti; the sones of Azgad,

12 a thousynde two hundrid and two and twenti;

13 the sones of Adonycam, sixe hundrid and sixe and sixti;

14 the sones of Beguai, two thousynde two hundrid and sixe and fifti; the sones of Adyn,

15 foure hundrid and foure and fifti;

16 the sones of Ather, that weren of Ezechie, nynti and eiyte;

17 the sones of Besai, thre hundrid and thre and twenti;

18 the sones of Jora, an hundrid and twelue;

19 the sones of Asom, two hundrid and thre and thritti;

20 the sones of Gebar weren nynti and fyue;

21 the sones of Bethleem weren an hundrid and eiyte and twenti;

22 the men of Nechopha, sixe and fifti;

23 the men of Anathot, an hundrid and eiyte and twenti;

24 the sones of Asmaneth, two and fourti;

25 the sones of Cariathiarym, Cephiara, and Berhoc, seuene hundrid and thre and fourti;

26 the sones of Arama and of Gaba, sixe hundrid and oon and twenti;

27 men of `Mathmas, an hundrid and two and twenti; men of Bethel and of Gay,

28 two hundrid and thre and twenti;

29 the sones of Nebo, two and fifti;

30 the sones of Nebgis, an hundrid and sixe and fifti;

31 the sones of the tother Helam, a thousynde two hundrid and foure and fifti;

32 the sones of Arym, thre hundrid and twenti;

33 the sones of Loradid and of Ono, seuene hundrid and fyue and twenti;

34 the sones of Jerico, thre hundrid and fyue and fourti;

35 the sones of Sanaa, thre thousynde sixe hundrid and thritti;

36 preestis, the sones of Idaie, in the hows of Jesue, nyne hundrid and thre and seuenti;

37 the sones of Emmeor, a thousynde and two and fifti; the sones of Phesur,

38 a thousynde two hundrid and seuene and fourti;

39 the sones of Arym, a thousynde and seuentene; dekenes,

40 the sones of Jesue and of Cedynyel, sones of Odonye, foure and seuenti; syngeris,

41 the sones of Asaph, an hundrid and eiyte and twenti;

42 the sones of porteris, sones of Sellum, sones of Ather, sones of Thelmon, sones of Accub, sones of Aritha, sones of Sobar, sones of Sobai, alle weren an hundrid and eiyte and thritty;

43 Nathynneis, the sones of Osai, sones of Asupha, sones of Thebaoth, sones of Ceros,

44 sones of Sisaa, sones of Phadon,

45 sones of Jebana, sones of Agaba, sones of Accub,

46 sones of Accab, sones of Selmai,

47 sones of Annam, sones of Gaddel, sones of Gaer,

48 sones of Rahaia, sones of Rasyn, sones of Nethoda, sones of Gazem, sones of Asa,

49 sones of Phasea, sones of Besee,

50 sones of Asennaa, sones of Numyn, sones of Nethusym,

51 sones of Bethuth, sones of Acupha, sones of Aryn, sones of Besluth,

52 sones of Maida, sones of Arsa,

53 sones of Bercos, sones of Sisara, sones of Thema,

54 sones of Nasia, sones of Acupha,

55 the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, the sones of Sothelthei, the sones of Soforeth, the sones of Pharuda, the sones of Asa,

56 the sones of Delcon, the sones of Gedeb,

57 the sones of Saphata, the sones of Atil, the sones of Phecerethi, that weren of Asebam, the sones of Ammy;

58 alle the Nathyneis, and the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon weren thre hundrid nynti and tweyne.

59 And thei that stieden fro Thelmela, Thelersa, Cherub, and Don, and Mey, and myyten not schewe the hows of her fadris and her seed, whether thei weren of Israel;

60 the sones of Delaya, the sones of Thobie, the sones of Nethoda, sixe hundrid and two and fifti;

61 and of the sones of prestis, the sones of Obia, sones of Accos, sones of Berzellai, which took a wijf of the douytris of Bersellai Galadite, and was clepid bi the name of hem;

62 these souyten the scripture of her genologie, and founden not, and thei weren cast out of preesthod.

63 And Attersatha seide to hem, that thei schulden not ete of the hooli of hooli thingis, til a wijs preest and perfit roos.

64 Al the multitude as o man, two and fourti thousynde thre hundrid and sixti,

65 outakun the seruauntis of hem and `the handmaydis, that weren seuene thousynde thre hundrid and seuene and thretti; and among hem weren syngeris and syngeressis twei hundrid.

66 The horsis of hem weren sixe hundrid and sixe and thritti; the mulis of hem weren foure hundrid and fyue and fourti;

67 the camels of hem weren foure hundrid and fyue and thritti; the assis of hem weren sixe thousynde seuene hundrid and twenti.

68 And of the princes of fadris, whanne thei entriden in to the temple of the Lord, which is in Jerusalem, thei offriden of fre wille in to the hows of God, to bilde it in his place;

69 thei yauen `bi her myytes the costis of the werk, oon and fourti thousynde platis of gold; fyue thousynde besauntis of siluer; and preestis clothis an hundrid.

70 Therfor preestis and dekenes of the puple, and syngeris, and porteris, and Nathynneis dwelliden in her citees, and al Israel in her cytees.

Chapter 3[edit]

1 And thanne the seuenthe monethe was comun, and the sones of Israel weren in her citees.

2 Therfor the puple was gaderid as o man in to Jerusalem. And Josue, the sone of Josedech, roos, and hise britheren, prestis, and Zorobabel, the sone of Salatiel, and hise britheren, and thei bildiden the auter of God of Israel for to offre therynne brent sacrifices, as it is writun in the lawe of Moises, the man of God.

3 Forsothe thei settiden the auter on his foundementis, while the puplis of londis bi cumpas maden hem aferd, and thei offriden on that auter brent sacrifice to the Lord in the morewtid and euentid.

4 And thei maden solempnytee of tabernaclis, as it is writun, and brent sacrifice ech dai bi ordre, `bi the werk of the dai comaundid in his dai.

5 And after this thei offriden contynuel brent sacrifice, bothe in calendis and in alle solempnytees of the Lord, that weren halewid, and in alle solempnytees, in which yifte was offrid to the Lord bi fre wille.

6 In the firste dai of the seuenthe monethe thei bigunnen to offre brent sacrifice to the Lord; certis the temple of God was not foundid yit.

7 But thei yauen monei to heweris of stoon, and to liggeris of stoon, and thei yauen mete, and drynke, and oile, to men of Sidon, and `to men of Tire, that thei schulden brynge cedre trees fro the Liban to the see of Joppe, bi that that Cirus, kyng of Persis, hadde comaundid to hem.

8 Forsothe in the secounde yeer of her comyng to the temple of God in Jerusalem, in the secounde monethe, Zorobabel, the sone of Salatiel, and Josue,

9 the sone of Josedech, and othere of her britheren, preestis and dekenes, and alle that camen fro the caitifte in to Jerusalem, bigunnen; and thei ordeyneden dekenes, fro twenti yeer and aboue, for to haste the werk of the Lord; and Josue stood, and hise sones, and hise britheren, Cedynyel and hise sones, and the sones of Juda, as o man, to be bisi ouer hem that maden the werk in the temple of God; the sones of Benadab, her sones and her britheren, dekenes, `weren bisy.

10 Therfor whanne the temple `of the Lord was foundid of stoon leggeris, prestis stoden in her ournement with trumpis, and dekenes, the sones of Asaph, in cymbalis, for to herie God bi the hond of Dauid, kyng of Israel.

11 And thei sungen togidere in ympnes and knoulechyng to the Lord, For he is good, for his merci is with outen ende on Israel. And al the puple criede with greet cry, in preisynge the Lord, for the temple of the Lord was foundid.

12 Also ful manye of the preestis, and of the dekenes, and the princes of fadris, and the eldre men, that hadden seyn the formere temple, whanne it was foundid, and this temple bifor her iyen, wepten with greet vois, and many men criynge in gladnesse reisiden the vois;

13 and no man myyte knowe the vois of cry of men beynge glad, and the vois of wepyng of the puple; for the puple criede togidere with greet cry, and the vois was herd afer.

Chapter 4[edit]

1 Forsothe the enemyes of Juda and of Beniamyn herden, that the sones of caitifte bildiden a temple to the Lord God of Israel;

2 and thei neiyeden to Zorobabel, and to the princes of fadris, and seiden to hem, Bilde we with you, for so as ye, we seken youre God; lo! we han offrid sacrificis fro the daies of Assoraddon, kyng of Assur, that brouyte vs hidur.

3 And Zorobabel, and Josue, and the othere princes of the fadris of Israel, seiden to hem, It is not to vs and to you, that we bilde an hows to oure God; but we vs silf aloone schulen bilde to `oure Lord God, as Cirus, the kyng of Persis, comaundide to vs.

4 Forsothe it was doon, that the puple of the lond lettide the hondis of the puple of Juda, and trobliden hem in bildyng.

5 And thei hiriden counselouris ayens the Jewis, that thei schulden destrie the counseil of the Jewis, in alle the daies of Cirus, king of Persis, and `til to the rewme of Darius, king of Persis.

6 Forsothe in the rewme of Assueris, he is Artaxersis, in the bigynnyng of his rewme, thei writiden accusing ayens the dwellers of Juda and of Jerusalem;

7 and in the daies of Artaxarses, Besellam wroot, Mytridates, and Thabel, and othere, that weren in the counsel of hem, to Artaxarses, kyng of Persis. For the pistle of accusyng was writun in langage of Sirie, and was red in word of Sirie.

8 Reum, Beel, Theem, and Samsai, the scryuen, writen sich oon epistle fro Jerusalem to the kyng Artaxerses; Reum,

9 Beel, Theem, and Samsai, the writere, and othere counselouris of hem, Dyney, Pharsathei, and Therphalei, Arphasei, Harthuei, men of Babiloyne, Susanne, Thanei, Dacei, men of Helam,

10 and othere of hethene men, whiche the grete and gloriouse Asennaphar translatide, and made hem to dwelle in the citees of Samarie, and in othere cuntrees biyonde the flood, `in pees.

11 This is the saumplere of the pistle, which thei senten to the kyng. `To Artaxerses, king, thi seruauntis, men `that ben biyende the flood, seyn helthe.

12 Be it knowun to the kyng, that the Jewis, that stieden fro thee, ben comun to vs `in to Jerusalem, the rebel and worste citee, which thei bilden, and thei maken the ground wallis therof, and arayen the wallis aboue.

13 Nou therfor be it knowun to the kyng, that if thilke citee be bildid, and the wallis therof be restorid, thei schulen not yyue tribut, and tol, and annuel rentis, and this trespas schal come `til to the kyng.

14 Therfor we ben myndeful of the salt, which we eeten in the paleis, and for we holden it vnleueful to se the harmes of the kyng, therfor we han sent and teld to the kyng;

15 that thou acounte in the bokis of stories of thi fadris, and thou schalt fynde writun in cronyclis, and thou schalt wite, that thilke citee is a rebel citee, and that it anoieth kyngis and prouynces, and batels ben reisid therynne of elde daies; wherfor also thilke citee was distried.

16 We tellen to the kyng, that if thilke citee be bildid, and the wallis therof be restorid, thou schalt not haue possessioun biyende the flood.

17 The kyng sente word to Reum, Beel, Theem, and to Samsai, the scryuen, and to othere that weren in the counsel of hem, to the dwelleris of Samarie, and to othere biyendis the flood, and seide, Helthe and pees.

18 The accusyng, which ye senten to vs, was red opynli bifor me;

19 and it was comaundid of me, and thei rekenyden, and thei foundun, that thilke citee rebellith of elde daies ayens kyngis, and dissenciouns and batels ben reisid therynne;

20 for whi `and ful stronge kyngis weren in Jerusalem, which also weren lordis of al the cuntrei which is biyende the flood; also thei token tribut, and tol, and rentis.

21 Now therfor here ye the sentence, that ye forbede tho men, and that thilke citee be not bildid, til if perauenture it be comaundid of me.

22 Se ye, that this be not fillid necgligentli, and yuel encreesse litil `and litil ayens kyngis.

23 Therfor the saumple of the comaundement of kyng Artaxarses was red bifor Reum, Beel, Theem, and Samsai, the scryueyn, and her counseleris; and thei yeden hastili in to Jerusalem to the Jewis, and forbediden hem with arm and myyt.

24 Thanne the werk of Goddis hows in Jerusalem was left, and it was not maad til to the secounde yeer of Darius, king of Persis.

Chapter 5[edit]

1 Forsothe Aggei, the prophete, and Zacharie, the prophete, the sone of Ado, prophesieden, prophesiynge in the name of God of Israel, to the Jewis that weren in Juda and Jerusalem.

2 Thanne Zorobabel, the sone of Salatiel, and Josue, the sone of Josedech, risiden, and bigunnen to bilde the temple of God in Jerusalem; and with hem rysyden the prophetis of God, helpynge hem.

3 Forsothe in that tyme Tatannai, that was duyk biyende the flood, and Starbusannay, and the counselouris of hem, camen to hem, and seiden thus to hem, Who yaf counsel to you to bilde this hows, and to restore these wallis?

4 To which thing we answeriden to hem, whiche weren the names of men, autours of that bildyng.

5 Forsothe the iye of God of hem was maad on the elde men of Jewis, and thei myyten not forbede the Jewis; and it pleside that the thing schulde be teld to Darius, and thanne thei schulden make satisfaccioun ayens that accusyng.

6 This is the saumpler of the pistle, which Tathannai, duyk of the cuntrey biyende the flood, and Starbursannai, and hise counselouris, Arphasacei, that weren biyende the flood, senten to kyng Darius.

7 The word which thei senten to hym was writun thus; Al pees be to the kyng Darius.

8 Be it knowun to the kyng, that we yeden to the prouince of Judee, to the hows of greet God, which is bildid with stoon vnpolischid, and trees ben set in the wallis, and thilke werk is bildid diligently, and encreessith in the hondis of hem.

9 Therfor we axiden tho elde men, and thus we seiden to hem, Who yaf to you power to bilde this hows, and to restore these wallis?

10 But also we axiden of hem the names `of hem, that we schulden telle to thee; and we han write the names of men, whiche thei ben, that ben princes among hem.

11 Sotheli thei answeriden bi sich word, and seiden, We ben the seruauntis of God of heuene and of erthe; and we bilden the temple that was bildid bifor these many yeeris, and `which temple the greet kyng of Israel `hadde bildid, and maad.

12 But aftir that oure fadris stiryden God of heuene and of erthe to wrathfulnesse, bothe he bitook hem in the hond of Nabugodonosor, Caldey, kyng of Babiloyne; and he distriede this hows, and translatide the puple therof in to Babiloyne.

13 Forsothe in the firste yeer of Cirus, king of Babiloyne, Cirus, the king of Babiloyne, settide forth `a comaundement, that the hows of God schulde be bildid.

14 For whi kyng Cirus brouyte forth `fro the temple of Babiloyne also the goldun and siluerne vessels of Goddis temple, whiche Nabugodonosor hadde take fro the temple, that was in Jerusalem, and hadde bore tho awei in to the temple of Babiloyne; and tho vessels weren youun to Sasabazar bi name, whom `he made also prince. And Cirus seide to hym, Take these vessels,

15 and go, and sette tho in the temple, which is in Jerusalem; and the hows of God be bildid in `his place.

16 Therfor thanne thilke Sasabazar cam, and settide the foundementis of Goddis temple in Jerusalem; and fro that tyme `til to now it is bildid, and is not yit fillid.

17 Now therfor if it `semeth good to the king, rikene he in the biblet of the kyng, which is in Babiloyne, whether it be comaundid of kyng Cyrus, that Goddis hows schulde be bildid in Jerusalem; and sende he to vs the wille of the kyng `on this thing.

Chapter 6[edit]

1 Thanne kyng Darius comaundide, and thei rekenyden in the biblet of bokis, that weren kept in Babiloyne.

2 And o book was foundun in Egbatanys, which is a castel in the prouynce of Medena, and sich a sentence of the kyng was writun therynne.

3 In the first yeer of kyng Cirus, Cirus the kyng demyde, that, `Goddis hows, which is in Jerusalem, schulde be bildid in the place where thei offren sacrifices, and that thei sette foundementis supportynge the heiythe of sixti cubitis, and the lengthe of sixti cubitis, thre ordris of stonys vnpolischid,

4 and so ordris of newe trees. Sotheli costis schulen be youun of the kyngis hows.

5 But also the goldun and siluerne vessels of Goddis temple, whiche Nabugodonosor took fro the temple of Jerusalem, and brouyte tho in to Babiloyne, be yoldun, and borun ayen in to the temple of Jerusalem, and in to her place, whiche also be set in the temple of God.

6 Now therfor Tathannai, duyk of the cuntrei which is biyende the flood, and Starbusannai, and youre counseleris, Arphasacei, that ben byyende the flood, departe ye fer fro hem;

7 and suffre ye, that thilke temple of God be maad of the duyk of Jewis, and of the eldre men of hem; and that thei bilde that hows of God in his place.

8 But also it is comaundid of me, that that bihoueth to be maad of tho preestis of Jewys, that the hows of God be bildid, that is, that costis be youun bisili to tho men of the arke of the kyng, that is, of tributis, that ben youun of the contrei biyende the flood, lest the werk be lettid.

9 That if it be nede, yyue thei bothe calues, and lambren, and kidis in to brent sacrifice to God of heuene; wheete, salt, and wyn, and oile, bi the custom of preestis that ben in Jerusalem, be youun to hem bi ech dai, that no pleynt be in ony thing.

10 And offre thei offryngis to God of heuene; and preye thei for the lijf of the kyng and of hise sones.

11 Therfor the sentence is set of me, that if ony man chaungith this comaundement, a tre be takun of his hows, and be reisid, and be he hangid therynne; sotheli his hows be forfetid.

12 Forsothe God, that makith his name to dwelle there, distrie alle rewmes and puple, that holdith forth her hond to impugne and destrie thilke hows of God, which is in Jerusalem. I Darius haue demyd the sentence, which Y wole be fillid diligentli.

13 Therfor Tathannai, duyk of the `cuntrei biyende the flood, and Starbusannai, and hise counseleris, diden execucioun, `ether filliden, so diligentli, bi that that kyng Darius hadde comaundid.

14 Sotheli the eldre men of Jewis bildiden, and hadden prosperite, bi the profesie of Aggey, the profete, and of Zacarie, the sone of Ado; and thei bildiden, and maden, for God of Israel comaundide, and for Cirus, and Darius, and Artaxerses, kyngis of Persis, comaundiden;

15 and thei performyden this hows of God `til to the thridde dai of the monethe Adar, which is the sixte yeer of the rewme of king Darius.

16 Forsothe the sones of Israel, the preestis and dekenes, and the othere of the sones of transmygracioun, `that is, that camen fro transmigracioun, `ether caitifte, maden the halewyng of Goddis hows in ioie;

17 and offriden, `in the halewyng of Goddis hows, an hundrid caluys, twei hundryd wetheris, foure hundrid lambren, twelue buckis of geet for the synne of al Israel, bi the noumbre of lynagis of Israel.

18 And thei ordeyneden preestis in her ordris, and dekenes in her whilis, on the werkis of God in Jerusalem, as it is writun in the book of Moises.

19 Forsothe the sones of transmygracioun maden pask, in the fourtenthe dai of the firste monethe.

20 For the preestis and dekenes as o man weren clensid, alle weren clene for to offre pask to alle the sones of transmygracioun, and to her britheren preestis, and to hem silf.

21 And the sones of Israel eeten, that turneden ayen fro transmygracioun, and ech man eet, that hadde departid hym silf fro al the defoulyng of hethene men of the lond, for to seke the Lord God of Israel.

22 And thei maden solempnyte of therf looues seuene daies in gladnesse; for the Lord hadde maad hem glad, and hadde turned the herte of the kyng of Assur to hem, that he wolde helpe `her hondis in the werk of the hows of the Lord God of Israel.

Chapter 7[edit]

1 Forsothe aftir these wordis Esdras, the sone of Saraie, sone of Azarie, sone of Helchie,

2 sone of Sellum, sone of Sadoch, sone of Achitob,

3 sone of Amarie, sone of Azarie,

4 sone of Maraioth, sone of Saraie, sone of Ozi,

5 sone of Bocci, sone of Abisue, sone of Phynees, sone of Eleazar, sone of Aaron, preest at the bigynnyng, was in the rewme of Artaxerses, king of Persis; thilke Esdras stiede fro Babiloyne,

6 and he was a swift writere in the lawe of Moises, which the Lord God of Israel yaf; and the kyng yaf to hym al his axyng, by the goode hoond of his Lord God on hym.

7 And there stieden of the sones of Israel, and of the sones of preestis, and of the sones of dekenes, and of the syngeris, and of the porteris, and of Nathyneis, `in to Jerusalem in the seuenthe yeer of Artaxerses, kyng.

8 And thei camen in to Jerusalem in the fyuethe monethe; thilke is the seuenthe of the kyng.

9 For in the firste dai of the firste monethe he bigan to stie fro Babiloyne, and in the firste dai of the fyuethe monethe he cam in to Jerusalem, bi the good hond of his God on hym. Forsothe

10 Esdras made redi his herte to enquere the lawe of the Lord, and to do, and teche in Israel the comaundement and doom.

11 Sotheli this is the saumpler of the pistle of the comaundement, which the kyng Artaxerses yaf to Esdras, preest, writere lerud in the wordis and comaundementis of the Lord, and in hise cerymonyes in Israel.

12 Artaxerses, kyng of kyngis, desirith helthe to Esdras, the preest, moost wijs writere of the lawe of God of heuene.

13 It is demyd of me, that whom euer it plesith in my rewme of the puple of Israel, and of hise preestis, and dekenes, to go in to Jerusalem, go he with thee.

14 For thou art sent fro the face of the kyng and of hise seuene counseleris, that thou visite Judee and Jerusalem in the lawe of thi God, which is in thin hond;

15 and that thou bere siluer and gold, which the kyng and hise counseleris han offrid bi fre wille to God of Israel, whos tabernacle is in Jerusalem.

16 And take thou freli al siluer and gold, which euer thou fyndist in al the prouynce of Babiloyne, and the puple wole offre, and of preestis that offriden bi fre wille to the hows of her God, which is in Jerusalem;

17 and bie thou bisili of this monei calues, rammes, lambren, and sacrifices, and moiste sacrifices of tho; and offre thou tho on the auter of the temple of youre God, which temple is in Jerusalem.

18 But also if ony thing plesith to thee, and to thi britheren, for to do of the residue siluer and gold, do ye bi the wille of youre God;

19 also bitake thou in the siyt of God in Jerusalem the vessels, that ben youun in to the seruyce of the hows of thi God.

20 But also thou schalt yyue of the tresouris of the kyng, and of the comyn arke, `ethir purse, and of me `othere thingis, that ben nedeful in the hows of thi God, as myche euere as is nedeful, that thou spende.

21 Y Artaxerses, kyng, haue ordeyned, and demyd to alle the keperis of the comyn arke, that ben biyende the flood, that what euer thing Esdras, the preest, writere of the lawe of God of heuene, axith of you, ye yyue with out tariyng,

22 `til to an hundrid talentis of siluer, and to an hundrid `mesuris clepid chorus of wheete, and til an hundrid mesuris clepid bathus of wyn, and `til to an hundrid `mesuris clepid bathus of oile, salt forsothe without mesure.

23 Al thing that perteyneth to the custom, `ethir religioun, of God of heuene, be youun diligentli in the hows of God of heuene, lest perauenture he be wrooth ayens the rewme of the kyng and of hise sones.

24 Also we make knowun to you of alle the preestis, and dekenes, syngeris, and porteris, and Nathyneis, and mynystris of the hows of this God, `that ye han not power to put on hem tol, and tribute, and costis for keperis of the lond.

25 Forsothe thou, Esdras, bi the wisdom of thi God, which is in thin hond, ordeyne iugis and gouernouris, that thei deme to the puple, which is biyende the flood, that is, to hem that kunnen the lawe of thi God, and the lawe of the kyng; but also teche ye freli vnkunnynge men.

26 And ech man, that doth not the lawe of thi God, and the lawe of the kyng diligentli, doom schal be of hym, ethir in to the deeth, ethir in to exilyng, ethir in to condempnyng of his catel, ethir certis in to prisoun. And Esdras, the writere, seide, Blissid be the Lord God of oure fadris,

27 that yaf this thing in the herte of the kyng, that he schulde glorifie the hows of the Lord,

28 which is in Jerusalem, and bowide his mercy in to me bifor the kyng, and hise counseleris, and bifore alle the myyti princes of the kyng. And Y was coumfortid bi the hond of `my Lord God, that was in me, and Y gederide of the sones of Israel princes, that stieden with me.

Chapter 8[edit]

1 Therfor these ben the princes of meynees, and this is the genologie of hem, whiche beynge in the rewme of Artaxerses, kyng, stieden with me fro Babiloyne.

2 Of the sones of Phynees, Gerson; of the sones of Ythamar, Danyel; of the sones of Dauid, Arcus;

3 of the sones of Sechemye and of the sones of Pharos, Zacarie, and with hym weren noumbrid an hundrid and fifti men;

4 of the sones of Phet, Moab, and Elioneay, the sone of Zacharie, and with hym two hundrid men;

5 of the sones of Sechemye, the sone of Ezechiel, and with hym thre hundrid men;

6 of the sones of Addam, Nabeth, the sone of Jonathan, and with hym fifti men;

7 of the sones of Elam, Ysaie, the sone of Italie, and with him seuenti men;

8 of the sones of Saphacie, Zebedie, the sone of Mycael, and with him fourescore men;

9 of the sones of Joab, Obedie, the sone of Jehiel, and with him two hundrid and eiytene men;

10 of the sones of Salomyth, the sone of Josphie, and with hym an hundrid and sixti men; of the sones of Belbai,

11 Zacarie, the sone of Belbai, and with hym twenti and eiyte men;

12 of the sones of Ezead, Johannam, the sone of Ezethan, and with hym an hundrid and ten men;

13 of the sones of Adonycam, that weren the laste, and these ben the names of hem, Eliphelech, and Eihel, and Samaie, and with hem weren sexti men;

14 of the sones of Beguy, Vtai, and Zaccur, and with hem weren seuenti men.

15 Forsothe Y gaderide hem togidere at the flood, that renneth doun to Hanna; and we dwelliden there thre daies. And `Y souyte in the puple, and in the prestis of the sonus of Leuy, and Y fonde not there.

16 Therfor Y sente Eliezer, and Ariehel, and Semeam, and Helnathan, and Jaubeth, and an other Helnathan, and Nathan, and Zacharie, and Mesollam, princes; and Joarib, and Elnathan, wise men;

17 and Y sente hem to Heldo, which is `the firste in the place of Casphie, and Y puttide in the mouth of hem wordis, whiche thei schulden speke to Heldo, and to hise britheren, Natynneis, in the place of Casphie, for to brynge to vs the mynystris of the hows of oure God.

18 And `thei brouyten to vs, bi the good hoond of oure God on vs, a ful wijs man of the sones of Mooli, the sone of Leuy, sone of Israel; and Sarabie, and his sones twenti, and his britheren eiytene;

19 and Azabie, and Isaie, with him of the sones of Merari, thei brouyten his britheren, and his sones, twenti;

20 and of Nathynneis, whiche Dauid and the princis hadden youe to the seruyces of dekenes, thei brouyten two hundrid and twenti Nathynneis; alle these weren clepid bi her names.

21 And `Y prechide there fastyng bisidis the flood of Hanna, that we schulden be turmentid bifor `oure Lord God, and that we schulden axe of him the riytful weie to vs, and to oure sones, and to al oure catel.

22 For Y schamede to axe of the kyng help, and horse men, that schulden defende vs fro enemyes in the weie, for we hadden seid to the king, The hond of oure God is on alle men that seken hym in goodnesse; and his lordschip, and his strengthe, and strong veniaunce ben on alle men that forsaken hym.

23 Forsothe we fastiden, and preieden oure God for this thing, and it bifelde to vs `bi prosperite.

24 And `Y departide twelue of the princes of prestis, Sarabie, and Asabie, and ten of her britheren with hem;

25 and Y bitook vndur certeyn weiyte and noumbre to hem the siluer and gold, and the halewid vessels of the hows of oure God, whiche the kyng hadde offrid, and hise counseleris, and hise princes, and `al Israel, of hem that weren foundun.

26 And Y bitook vndur certeyn weiyte and noumbre in the hondis of hem sixe hundrid and fifti talentis of siluer, and an hundrid siluerne vessels; an hundrid talentis of gold,

27 and twenti goldun cuppis, that hadden a thousynde peesis of gold; and twei faire vessels of best bras, schynynge as gold.

28 And Y seide to hem, Ye ben the hooli men of the Lord,

29 and wake ye, and kepe the hooli vessels, and siluer and gold, which is offrid bi fre wille to the Lord God of oure fadris, til ye yelde vndur certeyn weiyte and noumbre bifor th princes of prestis, and of dekenes, and bifor the duykis of meynees of Israel in Jerusalem, in to the tresour of Goddis hows.

30 Sotheli the preestis and dekenes token the weiyte of siluer, and of gold, and of vessels, for to bere in to Jerusalem, in to the hows of oure God.

31 Therfor we mouyden forth fro the flood of Hanna, in the tweluethe dai of the firste monethe, for to go in to Jerusalem; and the hond of oure God was on vs, and delyuerde vs fro the hond of enemye and of aspiere in the weie.

32 And we camen to Jerusalem, and we dwelliden there thre daies.

33 Forsothe in the fourthe dai the siluer was yoldun vndur certeyn weiyte and noumbre, and the gold, and the vessels, `in the hows of oure God, by the noumbre and weiyte of alle thingis, bi the hond of Remmoth, `sone of Vrie, preest; and with him was Eleazar, the sone of Phynees, and with him weren Jozaded, the sone of Josue, and Noadaie, the sone of Bennoy, dekenes;

34 and al the weiyte was discriued in that tyme.

35 But also the sones of transmygracioun, that camen fro caitifte, offriden brent sacrifices to the Lord God of Israel, `twelue calues for al the puple of Israel, nynti and sixe rammes, seuene and seuenti lambren, twelue buckis of geet for synne; alle thingis in to brent sacrifice to the Lord.

36 Forsothe thei yauen the comaundementis of the kyng to the princes, that weren of the siyt of the king, and to the duykis biyende the flood; and thei reisiden the puple, and the hows of God.

Chapter 9[edit]

1 Forsothe after that these thingis weren fillid, the princes neiyeden to me, and seiden, The puple of Israel, and the prestis, and dekenes, ben not depertid fro the `puplis of londis, and fro abhominaciouns of hem, that is, of Cananei, of Ethei, and of Pheresei, and of Jebusei, and of Amonytis, and of Moabitis, and of Egipcians, and of Ammorreis.

2 For thei han take `of her douytris wyues to hem silf, and to her sones, and thei han medlid hooli seed with the puplis of londis; also the hond of princes and of magistratis was the firste in this trespassyng.

3 And whanne Y hadde herd this word, Y torente my mentil and coote, and Y pullide awei the heeris of myn heed and berd, and Y sat morenynge.

4 Forsothe alle that dredden the word of God of Israel camen togidere to me, for the trespassyng of hem that weren comun fro caitifte; and Y sat sori `til to the sacrifice of euentid.

5 And in the sacrifice of euentid Y roos fro myn afflicioun, and aftir that Y to-rente the mentil and coote, Y bowide my knees, and I spredde abrood myn hondis to `my Lord God,

6 and Y seide, My God, Y am confoundid and aschamed to reise my face to thee, for oure wickidnessis ben multiplied `on myn heed, and oure trespassis encreessiden `til to heuene,

7 fro the daies of oure fadris; but also we vs silf han synned greuousli `til to this dai, and for our wickidnessis we, and oure kyngis, and oure prestis ben bitakun in the hondis of kyngis of londis, bothe in to swerd, and in to caitifte, in to raueyn, and in to schenship of cheer, as also in this dai.

8 And now as at a litil and at a moment oure preier is maad anentis `oure Lord God, that relikis schulden be left to vs, and that `his pees schulde be youun in his hooli place, and that oure God schulde liytne oure iyen, and yyue to vs a litil lijf in oure seruage.

9 For we ben seruauntis, and oure God forsoke vs not in oure seruage; and he bowide merci on vs bifor the king of Persis, that he schulde yyue lijf to vs, and enhaunse the hows of oure God, and that he schulde bilde the wildernessis therof, and yyue to vs hope in Juda and in Jerusalem.

10 And now, `oure Lord God, what schulen we seie after these thingis? For we han forsake thi comaundementis,

11 whiche thou comaundidist in the hond of thi seruauntis profetis, and seidist, The lond, to which ye schulen entre, to holde it in possessioun, is an vnclene lond, bi the vnclennesse of puplis, and of othere londis, in the abhomynaciouns of hem, that filliden it with her defoulyng, fro the mouth `til to the mouth.

12 Now therfor yiue ye not youre douytris to her sones, and take ye not her douytris to youre sones; and seke ye not the pees of hem and the prosperite `of hem `til in to with outen ende; that ye be coumfortid, and ete the goodis, that ben of the lond, and that ye haue eiris, youre sones, `til in to `the world.

13 And after alle thingis that camen on vs in oure werste werkis, and in oure grete trespas, for thou, oure God, hast delyuered vs fro oure wickidnesse, and hast youe helthe to vs,

14 as `it is to dai, that we schulden not be turned, and make voide thi comaundementis, and that we schulden not ioyne matrimonyes with the puplis of these abhomynacouns. Whether thou art wrooth to vs `til to the endyng, that thou schuldist not leeue to us remenauntis, and helthe?

15 Lord God of Israel, thou art iust; for we ben left, that schulden be sauyd as in this day, lo! we ben bifor thee in oure synne; for me may `not stonde bifor thee on this thing.

Chapter 10[edit]

1 Therfor while Esdras preiede so, and bisouyte God, and wepte, and lai bifor the temple of God, a ful greet cumpenye of Israel, of men, and of wymmen, and of children, was gaderid to him; and the puple wepte bi myche weping.

2 And Sechenye, the sone of Jehiel, of the sones of Helam, answeride, and seide to Esdras, We han trespasside ayens oure God, and han weddid wyues, alien wymmen, of `the puplis of the lond. And now, for penaunce is in Israel on this thing,

3 smyte we boond of pees with `oure Lord God, and caste we awei alle `wyues aliens, and hem that ben borun of tho wyues, bi the wille of the Lord; and of hem that dreden the comaundement of oure God, `be it don bi the lawe.

4 Rise thou, it `is thin office to deme, and we schulen be with thee; be thou coumfortid, and do.

5 Therfor Esdras roos, and chargide greetli the princes of prestis, and of dekenes, and of al Israel, to do after this word; and thei sworen.

6 And Esdras roos bifor the hows of God, and he yede to the bed of Johannan, sone of Eliasiph, and entride thidur; he eet not breed, and drank not watir; for he biweilide the trespassing of hem, that weren comun fro the caitifte.

7 And a vois of hem was sent in to Juda and Jerusalem, to alle the sones of transmygracioun, that thei schulden be gaderid in to Jerusalem;

8 and ech man that cometh not in thre daies, bi the counsel of the princes and of eldre men, al his catel schal be takun awey fro him, and he schal be cast awei fro the cumpeny of transmygracioun.

9 Therfor alle the men of Juda and of Beniamyn camen togidere in to Jerusalem in thre daies; thilke is the nynthe monethe, in the twentithe dai of the monethe; and al the puple sat in `the street of Goddis hows, and trembliden for synne and reyn.

10 And Esdras, the preest, roos, and seide to hem, Ye han trespassid, and han weddid wyues, alien wymmen, that ye schulden `leie to on the trespas of Israel.

11 And now yyue ye knowlechyng to the Lord God of oure fadris, and do ye his pleasaunce, and be ye departid fro the puplis of the lond, and fro `wyues aliens.

12 And al the multitude answeride, and seide with greet vois, Bi thi word to vs, so be it doon.

13 Netheles for the puple is myche, and the tyme of reyn is, and we suffren not to stonde withoutforth, and it is not werk of o dai, nether of tweyne; for we han synned greetli in this word;

14 `princes be ordeyned in al the multitude, and alle men in oure citees, that han weddid `wyues aliens, come in tymes ordeyned, and with hem come the eldere men, bi citee and citee, and the iugis therof, til the ire of oure God be turned awei fro vs on this synne.

15 Therfor Jonathan, the sone of Asahel, and Jaazie, the sone of Thecue, stoden on this thing; and Mosollam, and Sebethai, dekenes, helpiden hem.

16 And the sones of transmygracioun diden so. And Esdras, the prest, and men, princes of meynees, yeden into the howsis of her fadris, and alle men bi her names; and thei saten in the firste dai of the tenthe monethe, for to seke the thing.

17 And alle men weren endid, that hadden weddid `wyues aliens, `til to the firste dai of the firste monethe.

18 And there weren foundun of the sones of preestis, that weddiden `wyues aliens; of the sones of Josue, the sone of Josedech, and hise britheren, Maasie, and Eliezer, and Jarib, and Godolie.

19 And thei yauen her hondis, that thei schulden caste out her wyues, and offre for her trespas a ram of the scheep.

20 And of the sones of Semmer; Anam, and Zebedie.

21 And of the sones of Serym; Maasie, and Helie, and Semeie, and Jehiel, and Ozie.

22 And of the sones of Phessur; Helioneai, Maasie, Hismael, Nathanael, and Jozabet, and Elasa.

23 And of the sones of dekenes; Josabeth, and Semey, and Elaie; he is Calithaphataie; Juda, and Elezer.

24 And of syngeris, Eliazub; and of porteris, Sellum, and Thellem, and Vry.

25 And of Israel, of the sones of Pharos; Remea, and Ezia, and Melchia, and Vnanym, and Eliezer, and Melchia, and Banea.

26 And of the sones of Elam; Mathanye, and Zacharie, and Jehil, and Abdi, and Rymoth, and Helia.

27 And of the sones of Zechua; Helioneay, Heliasib, Mathanye, and Jerymuth, and Zaeth, and Aziza.

28 And of the sones of Bebai; Johannan, Ananye, Zabbai, Athalia.

29 And of the sones of Beny; Mosallam, and Melue, and Azaie, Jasub, and Saal, and Ramoth.

30 And of the sones of Phaeth; Moab, Edua, and Calal, Banaie, and Massie, Mathanye, Beseleel, and Bennun, and Manasse.

31 And of the sones of Erem; Elieer, Jesue, Melchie, Semeye, Symeon, Beniamyn, Maloth, Samarie.

32 And of the sones of Asom; Mathanai, Mathetha,

33 Zabeth, Eliphelech, Jermai, Manasse, Semei.

34 Of the sones of Bany; Maddi, Amram,

35 and Huel, Baneas, and Badaie, Cheilian,

36 Biamna, Marymuth, and Eliasiph, Mathanye,

37 and Jasy, and Bany, and Bennan,

39 and Semei, and Salymas, and Nathan, and Daias,

40 Metuedabai, Sisai, Sarai, Ezrel,

41 and Seloman, Semerie, Sellum,

42 Amarie, Joseph.

43 Of the sones of Nebny; Aiel, Mathatie, Zabed, Zabina, Jebdu, and Johel, Banai.

44 Alle these hadden take `wyues aliens, and of hem weren wymmen, that hadden bore children.

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