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Wycliffe's Bible
Dedis of Apostlis
43480Wycliffe's Bible — Dedis of Apostlis

Chapter 1


1 Theofle, first `Y made a sermoun of alle thingis, that Jhesu bigan to do and to teche,

2 in to the daie of his ascencioun, in which he comaundide bi the Hooli Goost to hise apostlis, whiche he hadde chosun;

3 to whiche he schewide hym silf `alyue aftir his passioun, by many argumentis, apperinge to hem fourti daies, and spekinge of the rewme of God.

4 And he ete with hem, and comaundide, that thei schulden not departe fro Jerusalem, but abide the biheest of the fadir, which ye herden, he seide, bi my mouth;

5 for Joon baptiside in watir, but ye schulen be baptisid in the Hooli Goost, aftir these fewe daies.

6 Therfor thei that weren come to gidere, axiden hym, and seiden, Lord, whether in this time thou schalt restore the kingdom of Israel?

7 And he seide to hem, It is not youre to knowe the tymes ether momentis, whiche the fadir hath put in his power;

8 but ye schulen take the vertu of the Hooli Goost comynge fro aboue in to you, and ye schulen be my witnessis in Jerusalem, and in al Judee, and Samarie, and to the vtmeste of the erthe.

9 And whanne he had seid these thingis, in her siyt he was lift vp, and a cloude resseyuede him fro her iyen.

10 And whanne thei biheelden hym goynge in to heuene, lo! `twei men stoden bisidis hem in white clothing, and seiden,

11 Men of Galile, what stonden ye biholdinge in to heuene? This Jhesu, which is takun vp `fro you in to heuene, schal come, as ye seyn hym goynge in to heuene.

12 Thanne thei turneden ayen to Jerusalem, fro the hille that is clepid `the hille of Olyuete, which is bisidis Jerusalem an halidaies iourney.

13 And whanne thei weren entrid in to the hous, where thei dwelliden, thei wenten vp in to the soler, Petir and Joon, James and Andreu, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matheu, James of Alphei, and Symount Zelotes, and Judas of James.

14 Alle these weren lastingli contynuynge with o wille in preier, with wymmen, and Marie, the moder of Jhesu, and with hise britheren.

15 In tho daies Petre roos vp in the myddil of the britheren, and seide; and ther was a company of men togidere, almest an hundrid and twenti;

16 Britheren, it bihoueth that the scripture be fillid, whiche the Hooly Goost bifore seide bi the mouth of Dauith, of Judas that was ledere of hem that token Jhesu;

17 and was noumbrid among vs, and gat a part of this seruyce.

18 And this Judas hadde a feeld of the hire of wickidnesse, and he was hangid, and `to-brast the myddil, and alle hise entrailes weren sched abrood.

19 And it was maad knowun to alle men that dwelten in Jerusalem, so that the ilke feeld was clepid Acheldemak in the langage of hem, that is, the feeld of blood.

20 And it is writun in the book of Salmes, The abitacioun of hem be maad desert, and be ther noon that dwelle in it, and an other take his bishopriche.

21 Therfor it bihoueth of these men, that ben gaderid togidere with vs in al the tyme, in which the Lord Jhesu entride, and wente out among vs,

22 and bigan fro the baptym of Joon til in to the dai in which he was takun vp fro vs, that oon of these be maad a witnesse of his resurreccioun with vs.

23 And thei ordeyneden tweyn, Joseph, that was clepid Barsabas, that was named Just, and Mathie.

24 And thei preieden, and seiden, Thou, Lord, that knowist the hertis of alle men, schewe whom thou hast chosun of these tweyne,

25 that oon take the place of this seruyce and apostlehed, of which Judas trespasside, that he schulde go in to his place.

26 And thei yauen lottis to hem, and the lot felde on Mathie; and he was noumbrid with enleuen apostlis.

Chapter 2


1 And whanne the daies of Pentecost weren fillid, alle the disciplis weren togidre in the same place.

2 And sodeynli ther was maad a sown fro heuene, as of a greet wynde comynge, and it fillide al the hous where thei saten.

3 And diuerse tungis as fier apperiden to hem, and it sat on ech of hem.

4 And alle weren fillid with the Hooli Goost, and thei bigunnen to speke diuerse langagis, as the Hooli Goost yaf to hem for to speke.

5 And ther weren in Jerusalem dwellinge Jewis, religiouse men, of ech nacioun that is vndur heuene.

6 And whanne this vois was maad, the multitude cam togidere, and thei weren astonyed in thouyt, for ech man herde hem spekinge in his langage.

7 And alle weren astonyed, and wondriden, and seiden togidere, Whether not alle these that speken ben men of Galyle,

8 and hou herden we ech man his langage in which we ben borun?

9 Parthi, and Medi, and Elamyte, and thei that dwellen at Mesopotami, Judee, and Capodosie, and Ponte,

10 and Asie, Frigie, and Pamfilie, Egipt, and the parties of Libie, that is aboue Sirenen, and `comelingis Romayns, and Jewis,

11 and proselitis, men of Crete, and of Arabie, we han herd hem spekynge in oure langagis the grete thingis of God.

12 And alle weren astonyed, and wondriden, `and seiden togidere, What wole this thing be?

13 And othere scorneden, and seiden, For these men ben ful of must.

14 But Petre stood with the enleuene, and reiside vp his vois, and spak to hem, Ye Jewis, and alle that dwellen at Jerusalem, be this knowun to you, and with eris perseyue ye my wordis.

15 For not as ye wenen, these ben dronkun, whanne it is the thridde our of the dai;

16 but this it is, that was seid bi the prophete Johel,

17 And it schal be in the laste daies, the Lord seith, Y schal helde out my spirit on ech fleisch; and youre sones and youre douytris schulen prophesie, and youre yonge men schulen se visiouns, and youre eldris schulen dreme sweuenes.

18 And on my seruauntis and myn handmaidens in tho daies Y schal schede out of my spirit, and thei schulen prophecie.

19 And Y schal yyue grete wondris in heuene aboue, and signes in erthe bynethe, blood, and fier, and heete of smoke.

20 The sunne schal be turned in to derknessis, and the moone in to blood, bifor that the greet and the opyn dai of the Lord come.

21 And it schal be, ech man which euere schal clepe to help the name of the Lord, schal be saaf.

22 Ye men of Israel, here ye these wordis. Jhesu of Nazareth, a man preued of God bifor you bi vertues, and wondris, and tokenes, which God dide bi hym in the myddil of you,

23 as ye witen, ye turmentiden, and killiden hym bi the hoondis of wyckid men, bi counseil determyned and bitakun bi the forknouwyng of God.

24 Whom God reiside, whanne sorewis of helle weren vnboundun, bi that that it was impossible that he were holdun of it.

25 For Dauid seith of hym, Y saiy afer the Lord bifore me euermore, for he is on my riythalf, that Y be not mouyd.

26 For this thing myn herte ioiede, and my tunge made ful out ioye, and more ouere my fleisch schal reste in hope.

27 For thou schalt not leeue my soule in helle, nethir thou schalt yiue thin hooli to se corrupcioun.

28 Thou hast maad knowun to me the weies of lijf, thou schalt fille me in myrthe with thi face.

29 Britheren, be it leueful boldli to seie to you of the patriark Dauid, for he is deed and biried, and his sepulcre is among vs in to this dai.

30 Therfore whanne he was a prophete, and wiste, that with a greet ooth God hadde sworn to hym, that of the fruyt of his leende schulde oon sitte on his seete,

31 he seynge afer spak of the resurreccioun of Crist, for nether he was left in helle, nether his fleisch saiy corrupcioun.

32 God reiside this Jhesu, to whom we alle ben witnessis.

33 Therfor he was enhaunsid bi the riythoond of God, and thorouy the biheest of the Hooli Goost that he took of the fadir, he schedde out this spirit, that ye seen and heren.

34 For Dauid stiede not in to heuene; but he seith, The Lord seide to my Lord,

35 Sitte thou on my riyt half, til Y putte thin enemyes a stool of thi feet.

36 Therfor moost certeynli wite al the hous of Israel, that God made hym bothe Lord and Crist, this Jhesu, whom ye crucefieden.

37 Whanne thei herden these thingis, thei weren compunct in herte; and thei seiden to Petre and othere apostlis, Britheren, what schulen we do?

38 And Petre seide to hem, Do ye penaunce, and eche of you be baptisid in the name of Jhesu Crist, in to remissioun of youre synnes; and ye schulen take the yifte of the Hooli Goost.

39 For the biheest is to you, and to youre sones, and to alle that ben fer, which euer oure Lord God hath clepid.

40 Also with othere wordis ful many he witnesside to hem, and monestide hem, and seide, Be ye sauyd fro this schrewid generacioun.

41 Thanne thei that resseyueden his word weren baptisid, and in that dai soulis weren encreesid, aboute thre thousinde;

42 and weren lastynge stabli in the teching of the apostlis, and in comynyng of the breking of breed, in preieris.

43 And drede was maad to ech man. And many wondris and signes weren don bi the apostlis in Jerusalem, and greet drede was in alle.

44 And alle that bileueden weren togidre, and hadden alle thingis comyn.

45 Thei selden possessiouns and catel, and departiden tho thingis to alle men, as it was nede to ech.

46 And ech dai thei dwelliden stabli with o wille in the temple, and braken breed aboute housis, and token mete with ful out ioye and symplenesse of herte,

47 and herieden togidere God, and hadden grace to al the folk. And the Lord encreside hem that weren maad saaf, ech dai in to the same thing.

Chapter 3


1 And Petre and Joon wenten vp in to the temple, at the nynthe our of preiyng.

2 And a man that was lame fro the wombe of his modir, was borun, and was leid ech dai at the yate of the temple, that is seid feir, to axe almes of men that entriden in to the temple.

3 This, whanne he say Petre and Joon bigynnynge to entre in to the temple, preyede that he schulde take almes.

4 And Petre with Joon bihelde on hym, and seide, Biholde thou in to vs.

5 And he biheelde in to hem, and hopide, that he schulde take sumwhat of hem.

6 But Petre seide, Y haue nether siluer ne gold; but that that Y haue, Y yiue to thee. In the name of Jhesu Crist of Nazareth, rise thou vp, and go.

7 And he took hym bi the riythoond, and heuede hym vp; and anoon hise leggis and hise feet weren sowdid togidere;

8 and he lippide, and stood, and wandride. And he entride with hem in to the temple, and wandride, and lippide, and heriede God.

9 And al the puple sai hym walkinge, and heriynge God.

10 And thei knewen hym, that he it was that sat at almes at the feire yate of the temple. And thei weren fillid with wondryng, and stoniynge, in that thing that byfelde to hym.

11 But whanne thei sien Petre and Joon, al the puple ran to hem at the porche that was clepid of Salomon, and wondriden greetli.

12 And Petre siy, and answeride to the puple, Men of Israel, what wondren ye in this thing? ether what biholden ye vs, as by oure vertue ethir power we maden this man for to walke?

13 God of Abraham, and God of Ysaac, and God of Jacob, God of oure fadris, hath glorified his sone Jhesu, whom ye bitraieden, and denyeden bifor the face of Pilat, whanne he demede hym to be delyuered.

14 But ye denyeden the hooli and the riytful, and axiden a mansleer to be youun to you.

15 And ye slowen the maker of lijf, whom God reiside fro deth, of whom we ben witnessis.

16 And in the feith of his name he hath confermyd this man, whom ye seen and knowen; the name of hym, and the feith that is bi him, yaf to this man ful heelthe in the siyt of alle you.

17 And now, britheren, Y woot that bi vnwityng ye diden, as also youre princis.

18 But God that bifor telde bi the mouth of alle profetis, that his Crist schulde suffre, hath fillid so.

19 Therfor be ye repentaunt, and be ye conuertid, that youre synnes be don awei,

20 that whanne the tymes of refresching schulen come from the siyt of the Lord, and he schal sende thilke Jhesu Crist,

21 that is now prechid to you. Whom it bihoueth heuene to resseyue, in to the tymes of restitucioun of alle thingis, which the Lord spak bi the mouth of hise hooli prophetis fro the world.

22 For Moises seide, For the Lord youre God schal reise to you a profete, of youre britheren; as me, ye schulen here hym bi alle thingis, what euer he schal speke to you.

23 And it schal be, that euery man that schal not here the ilke profete, schal be distried fro the puple.

24 And alle prophetis fro Samuel and aftirward, that spaken, telden these daies.

25 But ye ben the sones of prophetis, and of the testament, that God ordeynede to oure fadris, and seide to Abraham, In thi seed alle the meynes of erthe schulen be blessid.

26 God reiside his sone first to you, and sente hym blessynge you, that ech man conuerte hym from his wickidnesse.

Chapter 4


1 And while thei spaken to the puple, the preestis and magistratis of the temple, and the Saduceis camen vpon hem, and soreweden,

2 that thei tauyten the puple, and telden in Jhesu the ayenrisyng fro deth.

3 And thei leiden hondis on hem, and puttiden hem in to warde in to the morewe; for it was thanne euentid.

4 But manye of hem that hadden herd the word, bileueden; and the noumbre of men was maad fyue thousyndis.

5 And amorewe it was don, that the princis of hem, and eldre men and scribis weren gadirid in Jerusalem;

6 and Annas, prince of preestis, and Caifas, and Joon, and Alisaundre, and hou manye euere weren of the kynde of preestis.

7 And thei settiden hem in the myddil, and axiden, In what vertue, ether in what name, han ye don this thing?

8 Thanne Petre was fillid with the Hooli Goost, and seide to hem, Ye pryncis of the puple, and ye eldre men, here ye.

9 If we to dai be demyd in the good dede of a sijk man, in whom this man is maad saaf,

10 be it knowun to you alle, and to al the puple of Israel, that in the name of Jhesu Crist of Nazareth, whom ye crucifieden, whom God reiside fro deth, in this this man stondith hool bifor you.

11 This is the stoon, which was repreued of you bildinge, which is maad in to the heed of the corner;

12 and heelthe is not in ony othir. For nether other name vndur heuene is youun to men, in which it bihoueth vs to be maad saaf.

13 And thei siyen the stidfastnesse of Petre and of Joon, for it was foundun that thei weren men vnlettrid, and lewid men, and thei wondriden, and knewen hem that thei weren with Jhesu.

14 And thei siyen the man that was helid, stondinge with hem, and thei myyten no thing ayenseie.

15 But thei comaundiden hem to go forth with out the counsel. And thei spaken togidere,

16 and seiden, What schulen we do to these men? for the signe is maad knowun bi hem to alle men, that dwellen at Jerusalem; it is opyn, and we moun not denye.

17 But that it be no more pupplischid in to the puple, manasse we to hem, that thei speke no more in this name to ony men.

18 And thei clepiden hem, and denounsiden to hem, that on no maner thei schulden speke, nether teche, in the name of Jhesu.

19 But Petre and Joon answeriden, and seiden to hem, If it be riytful in the siyt of God to here you rather than God, deme ye.

20 For we moten nedis speke tho thingis, that we han sayn and herd.

21 And thei manassiden, and leften hem, and foundun not hou thei schulden punische hem, for the puple; for alle men clarifieden that thing that was don in that that was bifalle.

22 For the man was more than of fourty yeer, in which this signe of heelthe was maad.

23 And whanne thei weren delyuerid, thei camen to her felowis, and telden to hem, hou grete thingis the princis of preestis and the eldre men hadden seid to hem.

24 And whanne thei herden, with oon herte thei reiseden vois to the Lord, and seiden, Lord, thou that madist heuene and erthe, see, and alle thingis that ben in hem, which seidist bi the Hooli Goost,

25 bi the mouth of oure fadir Dauid, thi child, Whi hethen men gnastiden with teeth togidre, and the puplis thouyten veyn thingis?

26 Kyngis of the erthe stoden nyy, and princis camen togidre `in to oon, ayens the Lord, and ayens his Crist.

27 For verili Eroude and Pounce Pilat, with hethene men, and puplis of Israel, camen togidre in this citee ayens thin hooli child Jhesu,

28 whom thou anoyntidist, to do the thingis, that thin hoond and thi counsel demyden to be don.

29 And now, Lord, biholde in to the thretnyngis of hem, and graunte to thi seruauntis to speke thi word with al trist,

30 in that thing that thou holde forth thin hond, that heelthis and signes and wondris be maad bi the name of thin hooli sone Jhesu.

31 And whanne thei hadden preyed, the place was moued, in which thei weren gaderid; and alle weren fillid with the Hooli Goost, and spaken the word of God with trist.

32 And of al the multitude of men bileuynge was oon herte and oon wille; nether ony man seide ony thingis of tho thingis that he weldide to be his owne, but alle thingis weren comyn to hem.

33 And with greet vertu the apostlis yeldiden witnessyng of the ayenrysyng of Jhesu Crist oure Lord, and greet grace was in alle hem.

34 For nether ony nedi man was among hem, for how manye euere weren possessouris of feeldis, ether of housis, thei seelden, and brouyten the pricis of tho thingis that thei seelden,

35 and leiden bifor the feet of the apostlis. And it was departid to ech, as it was nede to ech.

36 Forsothe Joseph, that was named Barsabas of apostlis, that is to seie, the sone of coumfort, of the lynage of Leuy,

37 a man of Cipre, whanne he hadde a feeld, seelde it, and brouyte the prijs, and leide it bifor the feet of apostlis.

Chapter 5


1 But a man, Anany bi name, with Safira, his wijf,

2 seelde a feeld, and defraudide of the prijs of the feeld; and his wijf was witinge. And he brouyte a part, and leide bifor the feet of the apostlis.

3 And Petre seide to hym, Anany, whi hath Sathanas temptid thin herte, that thou lye to the Hooli Goost, and to defraude of the prijs of the feeld?

4 Whethir it vnseld was not thin; and whanne it was seld, it was in thi power? Whi hast thou put this thing in thin herte? Thou hast not lied to men, but to God.

5 Anany herde these wordis, and felde doun, and was deed. And greet drede was maad on alle that herden.

6 And yonge men risen, and mouyden hym awei, and baren hym out, and birieden.

7 And ther was maad as a space of thre ouris, and his wijf knewe not that thing that was don, and entride.

8 And Petre answerde to hir, Womman, seie to me, whether ye seelden the feeld for so mych? And sche seide, Yhe, for so mych.

9 And Petre seide to hyr, What bifelde to you, to tempte the spirit of the Lord? Lo! the feet of hem that han birieden thin hosebonde ben at the dore, and thei schulen bere thee out.

10 Anoon sche felde doun at hise feet, and diede. And the yonge men entriden, and founden hir deed, and thei baren hir out, and birieden to hir hosebonde.

11 And greet drede was maad in al the chirche, and in to alle that herden these thingis.

12 And bi the hoondis of the apostlis signes and many wondris weren maad in the puple. And alle weren of oon acord in the porche of Salomon.

13 But no man of othere durste ioyne hymsilf with hem, but the puple magnyfiede hem.

14 And the multitude of men and of wymmen bileuynge in the Lord was more encreessid,

15 so that thei brouyten out sike men in to stretis, and leiden in litle beddis and couchis, that whanne Petre cam, nameli the schadew of hym schulde schadewe ech of hem, and thei schulden be delyuerid fro her syknessis.

16 And the multitude of citees niy to Jerusalem ran, bryngynge sijk men, and that weren trauelid of vnclene spiritis, whiche alle weren heelid.

17 But the prince of preestis roos vp, and alle that weren with hym, that is the eresye of Saduceis, and weren fillid with enuye;

18 and leiden hondis on the apostlis, and puttiden hem in the comyn warde.

19 But the aungel of the Lord openyde bi nyyt the yatis of the prisoun, and ledde hem out, and seide, Go ye,

20 and stonde ye, and speke in the temple to the puple alle the wordis of this lijf.

21 Whom whanne thei hadden herd, thei entriden eerli in to the temple, and tauyten. And the prince of preestis cam, and thei that weren with him, and clepiden togidre the counsel, and alle the eldre men of the children of Israel; and senten to the prisoun, that thei schulden be brouyt forth.

22 And whanne the mynystris camen, founden hem not, and for the prisoun was openyd, thei turneden ayen,

23 and teelden, and seiden, We founden the prisoun schit with al diligence, and the keperis stondynge at the yatis; but we opneden, and founden no man ther ynne.

24 And as the maiestratis of the temple, and the princis of preestis herden these wordis, thei doutiden of hem, what was don.

25 But a man cam, and teelde to hem, For lo! tho men whiche ye han put in to prisoun, ben in the temple, and stonden, and techen the puple.

26 Thanne the magistrat wente with the mynystris, and brouyte hem with out violence; for thei dredden the puple, lest thei schulden be stonyd.

27 And whanne thei hadden brouyt hem, thei settiden hem in the counsel; and the princes of prestis axiden hem,

28 and seiden, In comaundement we comaundiden you, that ye schulden not teche in this name, and lo! ye han fillid Jerusalem with youre teching, and ye wolen bringe on vs the blood of this man.

29 And Petre answeride, and the apostlis, and seiden, It bihoueth to obeie to God, more than to men.

30 God of oure fadris reiside Jhesu, whom ye slowen, hangynge in a tre.

31 God enhaunside with his riythond this prince and sauyour, that penaunce were yyue to Israel, and remyssioun of synnes.

32 And we ben witnessis of these wordis, and the Hooli Goost, whom God yaf to alle obeischinge to him.

33 Whanne thei herden these thingis, thei weren turmentid, and thouyten to sle hem.

34 But a man roos in the counsel, a Farise, Gamaliel bi name, a doctour of the lawe, a worschipful man to al the puple, and comaundide the men to be put without forth for a while.

35 And he seide to hem, Ye men of Israel, take tent to you silf on these men, what ye schulen do.

36 For bifore these daies Teodas, that seide hym silf to be sum man, to whom a noumbre of men consentiden, aboute foure hundrid; which was slayn, and alle that bileueden to hym, weren disparplit, and brouyt to nouyt.

37 Aftir this, Judas of Galilee was in the daies of professioun, and turnyde awei the puple aftir hym; and alle hou manye euere consentiden to hym, weren scatered, and he perischide.

38 And now therfor Y seie to you, departe ye fro these men, and suffre ye hem; for if this counsel ether werk is of men, it schal be vndon;

39 but if it is of God, ye moun not vndo hem, lest perauenture ye be foundun to repugne God.

40 And thei consentiden to him; and thei clepiden togidere the apostlis, and denounsiden to hem, that weren betun, that thei schulden no more speke in the name of Jhesu, and thei leten hem go.

41 And thei wenten ioiynge fro the siyt of the counsel, that thei weren had worthi to suffre dispisyng for the name of Jhesu. But ech dai thei ceessiden not in the temple, and aboute housis, to teche and to preche Jhesu Crist.

Chapter 6


1 But in tho daies, whanne the noumbre of disciplis encreesside, the Grekis grutchiden ayens the Ebrews, for that her widewis weren dispisid in euery daies mynystryng.

2 And the twelue clepiden togidere the multitude of disciplis, and seiden, It is not ryytful, that we leeuen the word of God, and mynystren to boordis.

3 Therfor, britheren, biholde ye men of you of good fame, ful of the Hooli Goost and of wisdom, whiche we schulen ordeyne on this werk;

4 for we schulen be bisi to preier, and preche the word of God.

5 And the word pleside bifor al the multitude; and thei chesiden Styuen, a man ful of feith and of the Hooli Goost, and Filip, and Procore, and Nycanor, and Tymon, and Parmanam, and Nycol, a comelyng, a man of Antioche.

6 Thei ordeyneden these bifor the siyt of apostlis, and thei preyeden, and leiden hoondis on hem.

7 And the word of the Lord wexide, and the noumbre of the disciplis in Jerusalem was myche multiplied; also myche cumpany of preestis obeiede to the feith.

8 And Steuen, ful of grace and of strengthe, made wondris and grete signes in the puple.

9 But summe rysen of the synagoge, that was clepid of Libertyns, and Cirenensis, and of men of Alisaundre, and of hem that weren of Cilice and of Asie, and disputiden with Steuene.

10 And thei miyten not withstonde the wisdom and the spirit, that spak.

11 Thanne thei priueli senten men, that schulden seie, that thei herden hym seiynge wordis of blasfemye ayens Moises and God.

12 And so thei moueden togidere the puple, and the eldre men, and the scribis; and thei rannen togidre, and token hym, and brouyten in to the counsel.

13 And thei ordeyneden false witnessis, that seiden, This man ceessith not to speke wordis ayens the hooli place, and the lawe.

14 For we herden hym seiynge, That this Jhesus of Nazareth schal destrye this place, and schal chaunge the tradiciouns, whiche Moyses bitook to us.

15 And alle men that seten in the counsel bihelden hym, and sayn his face as the face of an aungel.

Chapter 7


1 And the prynce of prestis seide to Steuene, Whethir these thingis han hem so?

2 Which seide, Britheren and fadris, here ye. God of glorie apperide to oure fadir Abraham, whanne he was in Mesopotamie, bifor that he dwelte in Carram, and seide to hym,

3 Go out of thi loond, and of thi kynrede, and come in to the loond, which Y schal schewe to thee.

4 Thanne he wente out of the loond of Caldeis, and dwelte in Carram. And fro thens aftir that his fader was deed, he translatide him in to this loond, in which ye dwellen now.

5 And he yaf not to hym eritage in it, nethir a paas of a foot, but he bihiyte to yyue hym it in to possessioun, and to his seed aftir hym, whanne he hadde not a sone.

6 And God spak to hym, That his seed schal be comling in an alien lond, and thei schulen make hem suget to seruage, and schulen yuel trete hem, foure hundrid yeris and thritti;

7 and Y schal iuge the folk, to which thei schulen serue, seith the Lord. And after these thingis thei schulen go out, and thei schulen serue to me in this place.

8 And he yaf to hym the testament of circumcisioun; and so he gendride Ysaac, and circumcidide hym in the eiyt dai. And Isaac gendride Jacob, and Jacob gendride the twelue patriarkis.

9 And the patriarkis hadden enuye to Joseph, and selden hym in to Egipt.

10 And God was with hym, and delyuerede hym of alle hise tribulaciouns, and yaf to hym grace and wisdom in the siyt of Farao, king of Egipt. And he ordeynede hym souereyn on Egipt, and on al his hous.

11 And hungur cam in to al Egipt, and Canaan, and greet tribulacioun; and oure fadris founden not mete.

12 But whanne Jacob hadde herd, that whete was in Egipt, he sente oure fadris first.

13 And in the secounde tyme Joseph was knowun of hise britheren, and his kyn was maad knowun to Farao.

14 And Joseph sente, and clepide Jacob, his fadir, and al his kynrede, seuenti and fyue men.

15 And Jacob cam doun in to Egipt, and was deed, he and oure fadris;

16 and thei weren translatid in to Sichen, and weren leid in the sepulcre, that Abraham bouyte bi prijs of siluer of the sones of Emor, the sone of Sichen.

17 And whanne the tyme of biheeste cam niy, which God hadde knoulechid to Abraham, the puple waxede, and multipliede in Egipt,

18 til another kyng roos in Egipt, which knewe not Joseph.

19 This bigilide oure kyn, and turmentide oure fadris, that thei schulden putte awey her yonge children, for thei schulden not lyue.

20 In the same tyme Moyses was borun, and he was louyd of God; and he was norischid thre monethis in the hous of his fadir.

21 And whanne he was put out in the flood, the douyter of Farao took hym vp, and nurischide hym in to hir sone.

22 And Moises was lerned in al the wisdom of Egipcians, and he was myyti in his wordis and werkis.

23 But whanne the tyme of fourti yeer was fillid to hym, it roos vp `in to his herte, that he schulde visite hise britheren, the sones of Israel.

24 And whanne he say a man suffringe wronge, he vengide hym, and dide veniaunce for hym that suffride the wronge, and he killide the Egipcian.

25 For he gesside that his britheren schulden vndurstonde, that God schulde yyue to hem helthe bi the hoond of hym; but thei vndurstoden not.

26 For in the dai suynge he apperide to hem chidinge, and he acordide hem in pees, and seide, Men, ye ben britheren; whi noyen ye ech othere?

27 But he that dide the wronge to his neiybore, puttide hym awey, and seide, Who ordeynede thee prince and domesman on vs?

28 Whethir thou wolt sle me, as yistirdai thou killidist the Egipcian?

29 And in this word Moises flei, and was maad a comeling in the loond of Madian, where he bigat twei sones.

30 And whanne he hadde fillid fourti yeer, an aungel apperide to hym in fier of flawme of a buysch, in desert of the mount of Syna.

31 And Moises siy, and wondride on the siyt. And whanne he neiyede to biholde, the vois of the Lord was maad to hym,

32 and seide, Y am God of youre fadris, God of Abraham, God of Ysaac, God of Jacob. Moises was maad tremblynge, and durste not biholde.

33 But God seide to hym, Do of the schoon of thi feet, for the place in which thou stondist is hooli erthe.

34 Y seynge say the turmentyng of my puple that is in Egipt, and Y herde the mornyng of hem, and Y cam doun to delyuere hem. And now come thou, and Y schal sende thee in to Egipt.

35 This Moises whom thei denyeden, seiynge, Who ordeynede thee prince and domesman on vs? God sente this prince and ayenbiere, with the hoond of the aungel, that apperide to hym in the busch.

36 This Moises ledde hem out, and dide wondris and signes in the loond of Egipt, and in the reed see, and in desert fourti yeeris.

37 This is Moises, that seide to the sones of Israel, God schal reise to you a profete of youre bretheren, as me ye schulen here him.

38 This it is, that was in the chirche in wildirnesse, with the aungel that spak to hym in the mount of Syna, and with oure fadris; which took words of lijf to yyue to vs.

39 To whom oure fadris wolden not obeie, but puttiden hym awei, and weren turned awei in hertis in to Egipt,

40 seiynge to Aaron, Make thou to vs goddis, that schulen go bifore vs; for to this Moyses that ledde vs out of the lond of Egipt, we witen not what is don to hym.

41 And thei maden a calf in tho daies, and offriden a sacrifice to the mawmet; and thei weren glad in the werkis of her hondis.

42 And God turnede, and bitook hem to serue to the knyythod of heuene, as it is writun in the book of profetis, Whether ye, hous of Israel, offriden to me slayn sacrificis, ether sacrificis, fourti yeris in desert?

43 And ye han take the tabernacle of Moloc, and the sterre of youre god Renfam, figuris that ye han maad to worschipe hem; and Y schal translate you in to Babiloyn.

44 The tabernacle of witnessing was with oure fadris in desert, as God disposide to hem, and spak to Moyses, that he schulde make it aftir the fourme that he say.

45 Which also oure fadris token with Jhesu, and brouyten in to the possessioun of hethene men, whiche God puttide awey fro the face of oure fadris, til in to the daies of Dauid,

46 that fonde grace anentis God, and axide that he schulde fynde a tabernacle to God of Jacob.

47 But Salomon bildide the hous `to hym.

48 But the hiy God dwellith not in thingis maad bi hoond,

49 as he seith bi the profete, Heuene is a seete to me, and the erthe is the stool of my feet; what hous schulen ye bilde to me, seith the Lord, ether what place is of my restyng?

50 Whether myn hoond made not alle these thingis?

51 With hard nol, and vncircumcidid hertis and eris ye withstoden eueremore the Hooli Goost; and as youre fadris, so ye.

52 Whom of the profetis han not youre fadris pursued, and han slayn hem that bifor telden of the comyng of the riytful man, whos traitouris and mansleeris ye weren now?

53 Whiche token the lawe in ordynaunce of aungels, and han not kept it.

54 And thei herden these thingis, and weren dyuersli turmentid in her hertis, and grenneden with teeth on hym.

55 But whanne Steuene was ful of the Hooli Goost, he bihelde in to heuene, and say the glorie of God, and Jhesu stondinge on the riythalf of the vertu of God. And he seide, Lo! Y se heuenes openyd, and mannus sone stondynge on the riythalf of the vertu of God.

56 And thei crieden with a greet vois, and stoppiden her eris, and maden with o wille an assauyt in to hym.

57 And thei brouyten hym out of the citee, and stonyden. And the witnessis diden of her clothis, bisidis the feet of a yong man, that was clepid Saule.

58 And thei stonyden Steuene, that clepide God to help, seiynge, Lord Jhesu, resseyue my spirit.

59 And he knelide, and criede with a greet vois, and seide, Lord, sette not to hem this synne. And whanne he hadde seid this thing, he diede.

Chapter 8


1 But Saul was consentynge to his deth. And greet persecucioun was maad that dai in the chirche, that was in Jerusalem. And alle men weren scatered bi the cuntrees of Judee and Samarie, outakun the apostlis.

2 But good men birieden Steuene, and maden greet mornyng on hym.

3 But Saul greetli distruyede the chirche, and entryde bi housis, and drowe men and wymmen, and bitook hem in to prisoun.

4 And thei that weren scaterid, passiden forth, prechynge the word of God.

5 And Filip cam doun in to a citee of Samarie, and prechide to hem Crist.

6 And the puple yaf tent to thes thingis that weren seid of Filip, with o wille herynge and seynge the signes that he dide.

7 For manye of hem that hadden vnclene spirits, crieden with a greet vois, and wenten out.

8 And manye sijk in the palsi, and crokid, weren heelid.

9 Therfor greet ioye was maad in that citee. But there was a man in that citee, whos name was Symount, a witche, that hadde disseyued the folc of Samarie, seiynge, that him silf was sum greet man.

10 Whom alle herkeneden, fro the leest to the moost, and seiden, This is the vertu of God, which is clepid greet.

11 And thei leueden hym, for long tyme he hadde maddid hem with his witche craftis.

12 But whanne thei hadden bileued to Filip, `that prechide of the kingdom of God, men and wymmen weren baptisid in the name of Jhesu Crist.

13 And thanne also Symount him silf bileued; and whanne he was baptisid, he drouy to Filip; and he sai also that signes and grete vertues weren don, he was astonyed, and wondride.

14 But whanne the apostlis that weren at Jerusalem, hadden herd that Samarie hadde resseyued the word of God, thei senten to hem Petre and Joon.

15 And whanne thei camen, thei preieden for hem, that thei schulden resseyue the Hooli Goost;

16 for he cam not yit in to ony of hem, but thei weren baptisid oonli in the name of the Lord Jhesu.

17 Thanne thei leiden hoondis on hem, and thei resseyueden the Hooli Goost.

18 And whanne Symount hadde seyn, that the Hooly Goost was youun bi leiyng on of the hoondis of the apostlis, and he proferide to hem money, and seide,

19 Yyue ye also to me this power, that whom euere Y schal leye on myn hoondis, that he resseyue the Hooli Goost.

20 But Petir seide to hym, Thi money be with thee into perdicioun, for thou gessidist the yifte of God schulde be had for monei.

21 Ther is no part, ne sort to thee, in this word, for thin herte is not riytful bifor God.

22 Therfor do thou penaunce for this wickidnesse of thee, and preie God, if perauenture this thouyt of thin herte be foryouun to thee.

23 For Y se that thou art in the gall of bitternesse and in the boond of wickidnesse.

24 And Symount answeride, and seide, Preie ye for me to the Lord, that no thing of these thingis that ye han seid, com on me.

25 And thei witnessiden, and spaken the word of the Lord, and yeden ayen to Jerusalem, and prechiden to many cuntrees of Samaritans.

26 And an aungel of the Lord spak to Filip, and seide, Ryse thou, and go ayens the south, to the weie that goith doun fro Jerusalem in to Gasa; this is desert.

27 And he roos, and wente forth. And lo! a man of Ethiopie, a myyti man seruaunt, a yelding of Candace, the queen of Ethiopiens, which was on alle her richessis, cam to worschipe in Jerusalem.

28 And he turnede ayen, sittinge on his chare, and redinge Isaie, the profete.

29 And the spirit seide to Filip, Neiye thou, and ioyne thee to this chare.

30 And Filip `ran to, and herde hym redynge Ysaie, the prophete. And he seide, Gessist thou, whether thou vndirstondist, what thingis thou redist?

31 And he seide, How may Y, if no man schewe to me? And he preiede Filip, that he schulde come vp, and sitte with hym.

32 And the place of the scripture that he redde, was this, As a scheep he was led to sleyng, and as a lomb bifor a man that scherith him is doumb with out vois, so he openyde not his mouth.

33 In mekenesse his dom was takun vp; who schal telle out the generacioun of hym? For his lijf schal be takun awei fro the erthe.

34 And the gelding answeride to Filip, and seide, Y biseche thee, of `what profete seith he this thing? of him silf, ethir of ony othere?

35 And Filip openyde his mouth, and bigan at this scripture, and prechide to him Jhesu.

36 And the while thei wenten bi the weie, thei camen to a water. And the gelding seide, Lo! watir; who forbedith me to be baptisid?

37 And Filip seide, If thou bileuest of al the herte, it is leueful. And he answeride, and seide, Y bileue that Jhesu Crist is the sone of God.

38 And he comaundide the chare to stonde stille. And thei wenten doun bothe into the watir, Filip and the gelding, and Filip baptiside hym.

39 And whanne thei weren come vp of the watir, the spirit of the Lord rauyschide Filip, and the gelding say hym no more.

40 And Filip was foundun in Azotus; and he passide forth, and prechide to alle citees, til he cam to Cesarie.

Chapter 9


1 But Saul, yit a blower of manassis and of betingis ayens the disciplis of the Lord,

2 cam to the prince of preestis, and axide of hym lettris in to Damask, to the synagogis; that if he fond ony men and wymmen of this lijf, he schulde lede hem boundun to Jerusalem.

3 And whanne he made his iourney, it bifelde, that he cam nyy to Damask. And sudenli a liyt from heuene schoon aboute hym;

4 and he fallide to the erthe, and herde a vois seiynge to hym, Saul, Saul, what pursuest thou me?

5 And he seide, Who art thou, Lord? And he seide, Y am Jhesu of Nazareth, whom thou pursuest. It is hard to thee, to kike ayens the pricke.

6 And he tremblide, and wondride, and seide, Lord, what wolt thou that Y do?

7 And the Lord seide to hym, Rise vp, and entre in to the citee, and it schal be seide to thee, what it bihoueth thee to do. And tho men that wenten with hym, stoden astonyed; for thei herden a vois, but thei sien no man.

8 And Saul roos fro the earth; and whanne hise iyen weren opened, he say no thing. And thei drowen hym bi the hondis, and ledden hym in to Damask.

9 And he was thre daies not seynge; `and he eete not, nether drank.

10 And a disciple, Ananye bi name, was at Damask. And the Lord seide to hym in `a visioun, Ananye. And he seide, Lo!

11 Y, Lord. And the Lord seide to hym, Rise thou, and go in to a streete that is clepid Rectus; and seke, in the hous of Judas, Saul bi name of Tharse. For lo! he preieth; and he say a man,

12 Ananye bi name, entringe and leiynge on hym hoondis, that he resseyue siyt.

13 And Ananye answerde, Lord, Y haue herd of many of this man, how greete yuelis he dide to thi seyntis in Jerusalem;

14 and this hath power of the princis of preestis, to bynde alle men that clepen thi name to helpe.

15 And the Lord seide to hym, Go thou, for this is to me a vessel of chesing, that he bere my name bifore hethene men, and kingis, and tofore the sones of Israel.

16 For Y schal schewe to hym, how grete thingis it bihoueth hym to suffre for my name.

17 And Ananye wente, and entride in to the hous; and leide on hym his hondis, and seide, Saul brothir, the Lord Jhesu sente me, that apperide to thee in the weie, in which thou camest, that thou se, and be fulfillid with the Hooli Goost.

18 And anoon as the scalis felden fro hise iyen, he resseyuede siyt. And he roos, and was baptisid.

19 And whanne he hadde takun mete, he was coumfortid. And he was bi sum daies with the disciplis, that weren at Damask.

20 And anoon he entride in to the synagogis, and prechide the Lord Jhesu, for this is the sone of God.

21 And alle men that herden hym, wondriden, and seiden, Whether this is not he that impugnede in Jerusalem hem that clepiden to help this name? and hidir he cam for this thing, that he schulde leede hem boundun to the princis of preestis?

22 But Saul myche more wexede strong, and confoundide the Jewis that dwelliden at Damask, and affermyde that this is Crist.

23 And whanne manye daies weren fillid, Jewis maden a counsel, that thei schulden sle hym.

24 And the aspies of hem weren maad knowun to Saul. And thei kepten the yatis dai and niyt, that thei schulden sle him.

25 But hise disciplis token hym bi nyyt, and delyuereden hym, and leeten him doun in a leep bi the wal.

26 And whanne he cam in to Jerusalem, he assaiede to ioyne hym to the disciplis; and alle dredden hym, and leueden not that he was a disciple.

27 But Barnabas took, and ledde hym to the apostlis, and telde to hem, how in the weie he hadde seyn the Lord, and that he spak to hym, and hou in Damask he dide tristili in the name of Jhesu.

28 And he was with hem, and entride, and yede out in Jerusalem, and dide tristili in the name of Jhesu.

29 And he spak with hethene men, and disputide with Grekis. And thei souyten to sle hym.

30 Which thing whanne the britheren hadden knowe, thei ledden hym bi nyyt to Cesarie, and leten hym go to Tarsis.

31 And the chirche bi al Judee, and Galilee, and Samarie, hadde pees, and was edefied, and walkide in the drede of the Lord, and was fillid with coumfort of the Hooli Goost.

32 And it bifelde, that Petre, the while he passide aboute alle, cam to the hooli men that dwelliden at Lidde.

33 And he foond a man, Eneas bi name, that fro eiyte yeer he hadde leie `in bed; and he was sijk in palsy.

34 And Petre seide to hym, Eneas, the Lord Jhesu Crist heele thee; rise thou, and araye thee. And anoon he roos.

35 And alle men that dwelten at Lidde, and at Sarone, saien hym, whiche weren conuertid to the Lord.

36 And in Joppe was a disciplesse, whos name was Tabita, that is to seie, Dorcas. This was ful of good werkis and almesdedis, that sche dide.

37 And it bifelde in tho daies, that sche was sijk, and diede. And whanne thei hadden waischun hir, thei leiden hir in a soler.

38 And for Lidda was nyy Joppe, the disciplis herden that Petre was thereynne, and senten twei men to hym, and preieden, That thou tarie not to come to vs.

39 And Petre roos vp, and cam with hem. And whanne he was comun, thei ledden hym in to the soler. And alle widewis stoden aboute hym, wepynge, and schewynge cootis and clothis, which Dorcas made to hem.

40 And whanne alle men weren put with out forth, Petre knelide, and preiede. And he turnede to the bodi, and seide, Tabita, rise thou. And sche openyde hir iyen, and whanne sche siy Petre, sche sat vp ayen.

41 And he took hir bi the hond, and reiside hir. And whanne he hadde clepid the hooli men and widewis, he assignede hir alyue.

42 And it was maad knowun bi al Joppe; and many bileueden in the Lord.

43 And it was maad, that many daies he dwellide in Joppe, at oon Symount, a curiour.

Chapter 10


1 A man was in Cesarie, Cornelie bi name, a centurien of the cumpanye of knyytis, that is seid of Italie;

2 a religious man, and dredinge the Lord, with al his meyne; doynge many almessis to the puple, and preynge the Lord euere more.

3 This say in a visioun opinli, as in the nynthe oure of the dai, an aungel of God entringe in to hym, and seiynge to hym, Cornelie.

4 And he bihelde hym, and was a dred, and seide, Who art thou, Lord? And he seide to hym, Thi preieris and thin almesdedis han stied vp in to mynde, in the siyt of the Lord.

5 And now sende thou men in to Joppe, and clepe oon Symount, that is named Petre.

6 This is herborid at a man Symount, curiour, whos hous is bisidis the see. This schal seie to thee, what it bihoueth thee to do.

7 And whanne the aungel that spak to hym, was gon awei, he clepide twei men of his hous, and a knyyt that dredde the Lord, whiche weren at his bidding.

8 And whanne he hadde told hem alle these thingis, he sente hem in to Joppe.

9 And on the dai suynge, while thei maden iournei, and neiyeden to the citee, Petre wente vp in to the hiest place of the hous to preie, aboute the sixte our.

10 And whanne he was hungrid, he wolde haue ete. But while thei maden redi, a rauysching of spirit felde on hym;

11 and he say heuene openyd, and a vessel comynge doun, as a greet scheet with foure corneris, to be lette doun fro heuene in to erthe,

12 in which weren alle foure footid beestis, and crepinge of the erthe, and volatilis of heuene.

13 And a vois was maad to hym, Rise thou, Petre, and sle, and ete.

14 And Petre seide, Lord, forbede, for Y neuer ete ony comun thing and vnclene.

15 And eft the secounde tyme the vois was maad to him, That thing that God hath clensid, seye thou not vnclene.

16 And this thing was don bi thries; and anoon the vessel was resseyued ayen.

17 And while that Petre doutide with ynne hym silf, what the visioun was that he say, lo! the men, that weren sent fro Corneli, souyten the hous of Symount, and stoden at the yate.

18 And whanne thei hadden clepid, thei axiden if Symount, that is named Petre, hadde there herbore.

19 And while Petre thouyte on the visioun, the spirit seide to hym, Lo! thre men seken thee.

20 Therfor ryse thou, and go doun, and go with hem, and doute thou no thing, for Y sente hem.

21 And Petre cam doun to the men, and seide, Lo! Y am, whom ye seken; what is the cause, for which ye ben come?

22 And thei seiden, Cornelie, the centurien, a iust man, and dredinge God, and hath good witnessyng of alle the folc of Jewis, took aunswere of an hooli aungel, to clepe thee in to his hous, and to here wordis of thee.

23 Therfor he ledde hem inne, and resseyuede in herbore; and that nyyt thei dwelliden with hym. And in the dai suynge he roos, and wente forth with hem; and sum of the britheren folewiden hym fro Joppe, that thei be witnessis to Petre.

24 And the other dai he entride in to Cesarie. And Cornelie abood hem, with hise cousyns, and necessarie freendis, that weren clepid togidere.

25 And it was don, whanne Petre was come ynne, Corneli cam metynge hym, and felle doun at hise feet, and worschipide him.

26 But Petre reiside hym, and seide, Aryse thou, also Y my silf am a man, as thou.

27 And he spak with hym, and wente in, and foonde many that weren come togidere.

28 And he seide to hem, Ye witen, how abhomynable it is to a Jewe, to be ioyned ether to come to an alien; but God schewide to me, that no man seye a man comyn, ethir vnclene.

29 For which thing Y cam, whanne Y was clepid, with out douting. Therfor Y axe you, for what cause han ye clepid me?

30 And Cornelie seide, To dai foure daies in to this our, Y was preiynge and fastynge in the nynthe our in myn hous. And lo! a man stood bifore me in a whijt cloth, and seide,

31 Cornelie, thi preier is herd, and thin almesdedis ben in mynde in the siyt of God.

32 Therfor sende thou in to Joppe, and clepe Symount, that is named Petre; this is herborid in the hous of Symount coriour, bisidis the see. This, whanne he schal come, schal speke to thee.

33 Therfor anoon Y sente to thee, and thou didist wel in comynge to vs. `Now therfor we alle ben present in thi siyt, to here the wordis, what euer ben comaundid to thee of the Lord.

34 And Petre openyde his mouth, and seide, In trewthe Y haue foundun, that God is no acceptor of persoones;

35 but in eche folk he that dredith God, and worchith riytwisnesse, is accept to hym.

36 God sente a word to the children of Israel, schewinge pees bi Jhesu Crist; this is Lord of alle thingis.

37 Ye witen the word that is maad thorou al Judee, and bigan at Galile, aftir the baptym that Joon prechide, Jhesu of Nazareth;

38 hou God anoyntide hym with the Hooli Goost, and vertu; which passide forth in doynge wel, and heelynge alle men oppressid of the deuel, for God was with hym.

39 And we ben witnessis of alle thingis, whiche he dide in the cuntrei of Jewis, and of Jerusalem; whom thei slowen, hangynge in a tre.

40 And God reiside this in the thridde dai, and yaf hym to be maad knowun,

41 not to al puple, but to witnessis bifor ordeyned of God; to vs that eeten and drunken with hym, after that he roos ayen fro deth.

42 And he comaundide to vs to preche to the puple, and to witnesse, that he it is, that is ordeyned of God domesman of the quyk and of deede.

43 To this alle prophetis beren witnessing, that alle men that bileuen in hym, schulen resseyue remyssioun of synnes bi his name.

44 And yit while that Petre spak these wordis, the Hooli Goost felde on alle that herden the word.

45 And the feithful men of circumcisioun, that camen with Petre, wondriden, that also in to naciouns the grace of the Hooli Goost is sched out.

46 For thei herden hem spekynge in langagis, and magnyfiynge God.

47 Thanne Petre answeride, Whether ony man may forbede watir, that these ben not baptisid, that han also resseyued the Hooli Goost as we?

48 And he comaundide hem to be baptisid in the name of the Lord Jhesu Crist. Thanne thei preieden hym, that he schulde dwelle with hem sum daies.

Chapter 11


1 And the apostlis, and the britheren that weren in Judee, herden that also hethene men resseyueden the word of God, and thei glorifieden God.

2 But whanne Petre cam to Jerusalem, thei that weren of circumcisioun, disputiden ayens hym,

3 and seiden, Whi entridist thou to men that han prepucie, and hast eete with hem?

4 And Petre bigan, and expownede to hem bi ordre,

5 and seide, Y was in the citee of Joppe, and preiede, and Y sai in rauysching of my mynde a visioun, that a vessel cam doun, as a greet scheete with foure coordis, and was sent doun fro heuene; and it cam to me.

6 In to which Y lokinge biheld, and sai foure footid beestis of the erthe, and beestis, and crepynge beestis, and volatils of heuene.

7 And Y herde also a vois that seide to me, Petre, rise thou, and sle, and eete.

8 But Y seide, Nay, Lord; for comyn thing ether vnclene entride neuer in to my mouth.

9 And the vois answeride the secounde tyme fro heuene, That thing that God hath clensid, seie thou not vnclene.

10 And this was don bi thries, and alle thingis weren resseyued ayen in to heuene.

11 And lo! thre men anoon stooden in the hous, in which Y was; and thei weren sent fro Cesarie to me.

12 And the spirit seide to me, that Y schulde go with hem, and doute no thing. Yhe, and these sixe britheren camen with me, and we entriden in to the hous of the man.

13 And he telde to vs, how he say an aungel in his hous, stondinge and seiynge to hym, Sende thou in to Joppe, and clepe Symount, that is named Petre, which schal speke to thee wordis,

14 in whiche thou schalt be saaf, and al thin hous.

15 And whanne Y hadde bigunnun to speke, the Hooli Goost felle on hem, as in to vs in the bigynnyng.

16 And Y bithouyte on the word of the Lord, as he seide, For Joon baptiside in watir, but ye schulen be baptisid in the Hooli Goost.

17 Therfor if God yaf to hem the same grace, as to vs that bileueden in the Lord Jhesu Crist, who was Y, that myyte forbeede the Lord, that he yyue not the Hooli Goost to hem that bileueden in the name of Jhesu Crist?

18 Whanne these thingis weren herd, thei helden pees, and glorifieden God, and seiden, Therfor also to hethene men God hath youun penaunce to lijf.

19 And thei that weren scaterid of the tribulacioun that was maad vndir Steuene, walkiden forth to Fenyce, and to Cipre, and to Antioche, and spaken the word to no man, but to Jewis aloone.

20 But sum of hem weren men of Cipre, and of Cirenen; whiche whanne thei hadden entride in to Antioche, thei spaken to the Grekis, and prechiden the Lord Jhesu.

21 And the hond of the Lord was with hem, and myche noumbre of men bileuynge was conuertid to the Lord.

22 And the word cam to the eris of the chirche, that was at Jerusalem, on these thingis; and thei senten Barnabas to Antioche.

23 And whanne he was come, and siy the grace of the Lord, he ioyede, and monestide alle men to dwelle in the Lord in purpos of herte;

24 for he was a good man, and ful of the Hooli Goost, and of feith. And myche puple was encresid to the Lord.

25 And he wente forth to Tharsis, to seke Saul; and whanne he hadde foundun hym, he ledde to Antioche.

26 And al a yeer thei lyueden ther in the chirche, and tauyten myche puple, so that the disciplis weren namyd first at Antioche cristen men.

27 And in these daies profetis camen ouer fro Jerusalem to Antioche.

28 And oon of hem roos vp, Agabus bi name, and signefiede bi the spirit a greet hungur to comynge in al the world, which hungur was maad vndur Claudius.

29 And alle the disciplis purposiden, after that ech hadde, for to sende in to mynysterie to britheren that dwelliden in Judee.

30 Which thing also thei diden, and sente it to the eldre men, bi the hoondis of Barnabas and Saul.

Chapter 12


1 And in the same tyme Eroude the king sente power, to turmente sum men of the chirche.

2 And he slowe bi swerd James, the brothir of Joon.

3 And he siy that it pleside to Jewis, and keste to take also Petre; and the daies of therf looues weren.

4 And whanne he hadde cauyte Petre, he sente hym in to prisoun; and bitook to foure quaternyouns of knyytis, to kepe hym, and wolde aftir pask bringe hym forth to the puple.

5 And Petre was kept in prisoun; but preier was maad of the chirche with out ceessing to God for hym.

6 But whanne Eroude schulde bringe hym forth, in that nyyt Petre was slepinge bitwixe twei knyytis, and was boundun with twei cheynes; and the keperis bifor the dore kepten the prisoun.

7 And lo! an aungel of the Lord stoode nyy, and liyt schoon in the prisoun hous. And whanne he hadde smyte the side of Petre, he reiside hym, and seide, Rise thou swiftli. And anoon the cheynes felden doun fro hise hoondis.

8 And the aungel seide to hym, Girde thee, and do on thin hoosis. And he dide so. And he seide to hym, Do aboute thee thi clothis, and sue me.

9 And he yede out, and suede hym; and he wiste not that it was soth, that was don bi the aungel; for he gesside hym silf to haue sey a visioun.

10 And thei passiden the first and the secounde warde, and camen to the iren yate that ledith to the citee, which anoon was opened to hem. And thei yeden out, and camen in to o street, and anoon the aungel passide awei fro hym.

11 And Petre turnede ayen to hym silf, and seide, Now Y woot verili, that the Lord sente his aungel, `and delyueride me fro the hoond of Eroude, and fro al the abiding of the puple of Jewis.

12 And he bihelde, and cam to the hous of Marie, modir of Joon, that is named Marcus, where many weren gaderid togidre, and preiynge.

13 And whanne he knockid at the dore of the yate, a damysel, Rode bi name, cam forth to se.

14 And whanne sche knewe the vois of Petre, for ioye sche openyde not the yate, but ran in, and telde, that Petre stood at the yate.

15 And thei seiden `to hir, Thou maddist. But sche affermyde, that it was so. And thei seiden, It is his aungel.

16 But Petre abood stille, and knockide. And whanne thei hadden opened the dore, thei sayen hym, and wondriden.

17 And he bekenyde to hem with his hoond to be stille, and telde hou the Lord hadde led hym out of the prisoun. And he seide, Telle ye to James and to the britheren these thingis. And he yede out, and wente in to an othere place.

18 And whanne the dai was come, ther was not lytil troubling among the knyytis, what was don of Petre.

19 And whanne Eroude hadde souyt hym, and foonde not, aftir that he hadde made enqueryng of the keperis, he comaundide hem to be brouyt to hym. And he cam doun fro Judee in to Cesarie, and dwellide there.

20 And he was wroth to men of Tyre and of Sidon. And thei of oon acord camen to hym, whanne thei hadden counseilid with Bastus, that was the kingis chaumbirleyn, thei axiden pees, for as myche that her cuntrees weren vitailid of hym.

21 And in a dai that was ordeyned, Eroude was clothid with kyngis clothing, and sat for domesman, and spak to hem.

22 And the puple criede, The voicis of God, and not of man.

23 And anoon an aungel of the Lord smoot hym, for he hadde not youun onour to God; and he was wastid of wormes, and diede.

24 And the word of the Lord waxide, and was multiplied.

25 And Barnabas and Saul turneden ayen fro Jerusalem, whanne the mynystrie was fillid, and token Joon, that was named Marcus.

Chapter 13


1 And profetis and doctouris weren in the chirche that was at Antioche, in which Barnabas, and Symount, that was clepid Blac, and Lucius Cironense, and Manaen, that was the soukynge fere of Eroude tetrarke, and Saul weren.

2 And whanne thei mynystriden to the Lord, and fastiden, the Hooli Goost seide to hem, Departe ye to me Saul and Barnabas, in to the werk to which Y haue takun hem.

3 Thanne thei fastiden, and preieden, and leiden hondis on hem, and leten hem go.

4 But thei weren sent of the Hooli Goost, and wenten forth to Seleucia, and fro thennus thei wenten bi boot to Cipre.

5 And whanne thei camen to Salamyne, thei prechiden the word of God in the synagogis of Jewis; and thei hadden also Joon in mynystrie.

6 And whanne thei hadden walkid bi al the ile to Pafum, thei founden a man, a witche, a false profete, a Jewe, to whom the name was Bariesu,

7 that was with the proconsul Sergius Paule, a prudent man. This clepide Barnabas and Poul, and desiride to here the word of God.

8 But Elymas witche withstoode hem; for his name is expowned so; and he souyte to turne awei the proconsul fro bileue.

9 But Saul, which is seid also Paul, was fillid with the Hooli Goost, and bihelde in to hym, and seide, A!

10 thou ful of al gile, and al falsnesse, thou sone of the deuel, thou enemye of al riytwisnesse, thou leeuest not to turne vpsodoun the riytful weies of the Lord.

11 And now lo! the hoond of the Lord is on thee, and thou schalt be blynde, and not seynge the sunne in to a tyme. And anoon myste and derknesse felden doun on hym; and he yede aboute, and souyte hym that schulde yyue hoond to hym.

12 Thanne the proconsul, whanne he hadde seyn the dede, bileuede, wondringe on the techyng of the Lord.

13 And whanne fro Pafum Poul hadde go bi a boot, and thei that weren with hym, thei camen to Pergen of Pamfilie; but Joon departide fro hem, and turnede ayen to Jerusalem.

14 And thei yeden to Pergen, and camen to Antioche of Persidie; and thei entriden in to the synagoge in the dai of sabatis, and saten.

15 And after the redyng of the lawe and of the prophetis, the princis of the synagoge senten to hem, and seiden, Britheren, if ony word of exortacioun to the puple is in you, seie ye.

16 And Poul roos, and with hoond baad silence, and seide, Men of Israel, and ye that dreden God, here ye.

17 God of the puple of Israel chees oure fadris, and enhaunside the puple, whanne thei weren comelingis in the loond of Egipt, and in an hiy arme he ledde hem out of it;

18 and bi the tyme of fourti yeeris he suffride her maneres in desert.

19 And he destriede seuene folkis in the loond of Canaan, and bi sort departide to hem her lond,

20 as aftir foure hundrid and fifti yeeris. And aftir these thingis he yaf domesmen, to Samuel, the profete.

21 And fro that tyme thei axiden a kyng, and God yaf to hem Saul, the sone of Cis, a man of the lynage of Beniamyn, bi fourti yeeris.

22 And whanne he was don awei, he reiside to hem Dauid king, to whom he bar witnessing, and seide, Y haue foundun Dauid, the sone of Jesse, a man aftir myn herte, which schal do alle my willis.

23 Of whos seed bi the biheest God hath led out to Israel a sauyoure Jhesu,

24 whanne Joon prechide bifor the face of his comyng the baptym of penaunce to al the puple of Israel.

25 But whanne Joon fillide his cours, he seide, Y am not he, whom ye demen me to be; but lo! he cometh aftir me, and Y am not worthi to doon of the schoon of hise feet.

26 Britheren, and sones of the kynde of Abraham, and whiche that in you dreden God, to you the word of helthe is sent.

27 For thei that dwelliden at Jerusalem, and princis of it, that knewen not this Jhesu, and the voicis of prophetis, that by euery sabat ben red, demyden, and filliden;

28 and thei founden in hym no cause of deth, and axiden of Pilat, that thei schulden sle hym.

29 And whanne thei hadden endid alle thingis that weren writun of hym, thei token hym doun of the tre, and leiden hym in a graue.

30 And God reiside hym fro deth in the thridde dai; which was seyn bi mony daies to

31 hem that wenten vp togidere with hym fro Galilee in to Jerusalem, which ben til now his witnessis to the puple.

32 And we schewen to you the biheest that was maad to oure fadris;

33 for God hath fulfillid this to her sones, and ayenreisid Jhesu; as in the secounde salm it is writun, Thou art my sone, to dai Y bigat thee.

34 And he ayenreiside hym fro deth, that he schulde not turne ayen in to corrupcioun, seide thus, For Y schal yyue to you the hooli trewe thingis of Dauid.

35 And therfor and on an othere stide he seith, Thou schalt not yyue thin hooli to se corrupcioun.

36 But Dauid in his generacioun, whanne he hadde mynstrid to the wille of God, diede, and was leid with hise fadris, and say corrupcioun;

37 but he whom God reiside fro deth, say not corrupcioun.

38 Therfor, britheren, be it knowun to you, that bi hym remyssioun of synnes is teld to you, fro alle synnes, of whiche ye myyten not be iustified in the lawe of Moises.

39 In this ech man that bileueth, is iustified.

40 Therfor se ye, that it come not to you, that is biforeseid in the profetis,

41 Ye dispiseris, se ye, and wondre ye, and be ye scaterid abrood; for Y worche a werk in youre daies, a werk that ye schulen not bileue, if ony man schal telle it to you.

42 And whanne thei yeden out, thei preieden, that in the sabat suynge thei schulden speke to hem these wordis.

43 And whanne the synagoge was left, manye of Jewis and of comelingis worschypynge God supeden Poul and Barnabas; that spaken, and counseliden hem, that thei schulden dwelle in the grace of God.

44 And in the sabat suynge almest al the citee cam togidir, to here the word of God.

45 And Jewis sien the puple, and weren fillid with enuye, and ayenseiden these thingis that weren seyd of Poul, and blasfemyden.

46 Thanne Poul and Barnabas stidfastli seiden, To you it bihofte first to speke the word of God; but for ye putten it awei, and han demyd you vnworthi to euerlastinge lijf, lo! we turnen to hethen men.

47 For so the Lord comaundide vs, Y haue set thee in to liyt to hethen men, that thou be in to helthe to the vtmest of erthe.

48 And hethen men herden, `and ioieden, and glorifieden the word of the Lord; and bileueden, as manye as weren bifore ordeyned to euerlastinge lijf.

49 And the word of the Lord was sowun bi al the cuntre.

50 But the Jewis stiriden religiouse wymmen, and onest, and the worthiest men of the citee, and stireden persecucioun ayens Poul and Barnabas, and dryuen hem out of her cuntreis.

51 And thei schoken awei in to hem the duste of her feet, and camen to Yconye.

52 And the disciplis weren fillid with ioye and the Hooli Goost.

Chapter 14


1 But it bifelde at Yconye, that thei entriden togidir in to the synagoge of Jewis, and spaken, so that ful greet multitude of Jewis and Grekis bileueden.

2 But the Jewis that weren vnbileueful, reiseden persecucioun, and stiriden to wraththe the soulis of hethene men ayens the britheren; but the Lord yaf soone pees.

3 Therfor thei dwelliden myche tyme, and diden tristili in the Lord, berynge witnessyng to the word of his grace, yyuynge signes and wondris to be maad bi the hondis of hem.

4 But the multitude of the citee was departid, and sum weren with the Jewis, and sum with the apostlis.

5 But whanne ther was maad `an asaute of the hethene men and the Jewis, with her princis, to turmenten and to stonen hem,

6 thei vndurstoden, and fledden togidere to the citees of Licaonye, and Listris, and Derben, and into al the cuntre aboute. And thei prechiden there the gospel, and al the multitude was moued togider in the teching of hem. Poul and Barnabas dwelten at Listris.

7 And a man at Listris was sijk in the feet, and hadde sete crokid fro his modris wombe, which neuer hadde goen.

8 This herde Poul spekinge; and Poul biheld hym, and siy that he hadde feith, that he schulde be maad saaf,

9 and seide with a greet vois, Rise thou `vp riyt on thi feet. And he lippide, and walkide.

10 And the puple, whanne thei hadde seyn that that Poul dide, reriden her vois in Licaon tunge, and seiden, Goddis maad lijk to men ben comun doun to vs.

11 And thei clepiden Barnabas Jubiter, and Poul Mercurie, for he was ledere of the word.

12 And the preest of Jubiter that was bifor the citee, brouyte boolis and crownes bifor the yatis, with puplis, and wolde haue maad sacrifice.

13 And whanne the apostlis Barnabas and Poul herden this, thei to-renten her cootis; and thei skipten out among the puple,

14 and crieden, and seiden, Men, what don ye this thing? and we ben deedli men lijk you, and schewen to you, that ye be conuertid fro these veyn thingis to the lyuynge God, that maad heuene, and erthe, and the see, and alle thingis that ben in hem;

15 which in generaciouns passid suffride alle folkis to gon in to her owne weies.

16 And yit he lefte not hym silf with out witnessing in wel doyng, for he yaf reyns fro heuene, and times beringe fruyt, and fulfillide youre hertis with meete and gladnesse.

17 And thei seiynge these thingis, vnnethis swagiden the puple, that thei offriden not to hem.

18 But sum Jewis camen ouer fro Antioche and Iconye, and counseilden the puple, and stonyden Poul, and drowen out of the citee, and gessiden that he was deed.

19 But whanne disciplis weren comun aboute him, he roos, and wente in to the citee; and in the dai suynge he wente forth with Barnabas in to Derben.

20 And whanne thei hadden prechid to the ilk citee, and tauyte manye, thei turneden ayen to Listris, and Iconye, and to Antioche; confermynge the soulis of disciplis,

21 and monestinge, that thei schulden dwelle in feith, and seiden, That bi many tribulaciouns it bihoueth vs to entre in to the kingdom of heuenes.

22 And whanne thei hadden ordeined prestis to hem bi alle citees, and hadden preied with fastyngis, thei bitoken hem to the Lord, in whom thei bileueden.

23 And thei passiden Persidie, and camen to Pamfilie;

24 and thei spaken the word `of the Lord in Pergen, and camen doun in to Italie.

25 And fro thennys thei wenten bi boot to Antiochie, fro whennus thei weren takun to the grace of God, in to the werk that thei filliden.

26 And whanne thei weren comun, and hadden gaderid the chirche, thei telden hou grete thingis God dide with hem, and that he hadde openyde to hethene men the dore of feith.

27 And thei dwelliden not a litil tyme with the disciplis.

Chapter 15


1 And summe camen doun fro Judee, and tauyten britheren, That but ye ben circumcidid after the lawe of Moises, ye moun not be maad saaf.

2 Therfor whanne ther was maad not a litil discencioun to Poul and Barnabas ayens hem, thei ordeyneden, that Poul and Barnabas, and summe othere of hem, schulden go vp to the apostlis and preestis in Jerusalem, on this questioun.

3 And so thei weren led forth of the chirche, and passiden bi Fenyce and Samarie; and thei telden the conuersacioun of hethene men, and thei maden greet ioie to alle the britheren.

4 And whanne thei camen to Jerusalem, thei weren resseyued of the chirche and of the apostlis, and of the eldre men, and telden, hou greet thingis God dide with hem.

5 But summe of the erise of Fariseis, that bileueden, risen vp, and seiden, That it bihoueth hem to be circumsidid, and to comaunde to kepe also the lawe of Moises.

6 And the apostlis and eldre men camen togidre, to se of `this word.

7 And whanne there was maad a greet sekyng herof, Petre roos, and seide to hem, Britheren, ye witen, that of elde daies in you God chees bi my mouth hethene, to here the word of the gospel, and to bileue;

8 and God, that knewe hertis, bar witnessing, and yaf to hem the Hooli Goost, as also to vs;

9 and no thing diuerside bitwixe vs and hem, `and clenside the hertis of hem bi feith.

10 Now thanne what tempten ye God, to putte a yok on the necke of the disciplis, which nether we, nether oure fadris miyten bere?

11 But bi the grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist we bileuen to be saued, as also thei.

12 And al the multitude helde pees, and herden Barnaban and Poul, tellinge hou grete signes and wondris God dide bi hem in hethene men.

13 And aftir that thei helden pees, James answeride, and seide, Britheren, here ye me.

14 Symount telde, hou God visitide, first to take of hethene men a puple to his name.

15 And the wordis of prophetis acorden to him,

16 as it is writun, Aftir this Y schal turne ayen, and bilde the tabernacle of Dauid, that felle doun; and Y schal bilde ayen the cast doun thingis of it, and Y schal reise it;

17 that other men seke the Lord, and alle folkis on which my name is clepid to helpe; the Lord doynge this thing, seith.

18 Fro the world, the werk of the Lord is knowun to the Lord.

19 For which thing Y deme hem that of hethene men ben conuertid to God,

20 to be not disesid, but to write to hem, that thei absteyne hem fro defoulingis of maumetis, and fro fornicacioun, and stranglid thingis, and blood.

21 For Moyses of elde tymes hath in alle citees hem that prechen him in synagogis, where bi ech sabat he is red.

22 Thanne it pleside to the apostlis, and to the eldre men, with al the chirche, to chees men of hem, and sende to Antioche, with Poul and Barnabas, Judas, that was named Barsabas, and Silas, the firste men among britheren;

23 and wroten bi the hondis of hem, Apostlis and eldre britheren to hem that ben at Antioche, and Sirie, and Silice, britheren of hethen men, greting.

24 For we herden that summe wenten out fro vs, and trobliden you with wordis, and turneden vpsodoun youre soulis, to whiche men we comaundiden not,

25 it pleside to vs gaderid in to oon, to chese men, and sende to you, with oure most dereworthe Barnabas and Poul,

26 men that yauen her lyues for the name of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

27 Therfor we senten Judas and Silas, and thei schulen telle the same thingis to you bi wordis.

28 For it is seyn to the Hooly Goost and to vs, to putte to you no thing more of charge, than these nedeful thingis,

29 that ye absteyne you fro the offrid thingis of maumetis, and blood stranglid, and fornicacioun. Fro whiche ye kepinge you, schulen do wel. Fare ye wel.

30 Therfor thei weren let go, and camen doun to Antioche; and whanne the multitude was gaderid, thei token the epistle;

31 which whanne thei hadden red, thei ioyden on the coumfort.

32 And Judas and Silas and thei, for thei weren prophetis, coumfortiden britheren, and confermyden with ful many wordis.

33 But aftir that thei hadden be there a lytil while, thei weren let go of britheren with pees, to hem that hadden sent hem.

34 But it was seyn to Silas, to dwelle there; and Judas wente aloone to Jerusalem.

35 And Poul and Barnabas dwelten at Antioche, techinge and prechinge the word of the Lord, with othere manye.

36 But after summe daies, Poul seide to Barnabas, Turne we ayen, and visite britheren bi alle citees, in whiche we han prechid the word of the Lord, hou thei han hem.

37 And Barnabas wolde take with hym Joon, that was named Marcus.

38 But Poul preiede him, that he that departide fro hem fro Pamfilie, and wente not with hem in to the werk, schulde not be resseyued.

39 And dissencioun was maad, so that thei departiden a twynny. And Barnabas took Mark, and cam bi boot to Cipre.

40 And Poul chees Silas, and wente forth fro the britheren, and was bitakun to the grace of God.

41 And he wente bi Sirie and Silice, and confermyde the chirche, comaundinge to kepe the heestis of apostlis and eldre men.

Chapter 16


1 And he cam in to Derben and Listram. And lo! a disciple was there, bi name Timothe, the sone of a Jewesse cristen, and of the fadir hethen.

2 And britheren that weren in Listris and Iconye, yeldiden good witnessing to hym.

3 And Poul wolde that this man schulde go forth with him, and he took, and circumsidide hym, for Jewis that weren in the places. For alle wisten, that his fadir was hethen.

4 Whanne thei passiden bi citees, thei bitoken to hem to kepe the techingis, that weren demyd of apostlis and eldre men, that weren at Jerusalem.

5 And the chirches weren confermed in feith, and encreseden in noumbre eche dai.

6 And thei passiden Frigie, and the cuntre of Galathi, and weren forbedun of the Hooli Goost to speke the word of God in Asie.

7 And whanne thei camen in to Mysie, thei assaieden to go in to Bithynye, and the spirit of Jhesu suffride not hem.

8 But whanne thei hadden passid bi Mysie, thei camen doun to Troade;

9 and a visioun `bi nyyt was schewid to Poul. But a man of Macedonye that stoode, preiede hym, and seide, Go thou in to Macedonye, and helpe vs.

10 And as he hadde sei the visioun, anoon we souyten to go forth in to Macedonye, and weren maad certeyn, that God hadde clepid vs to preche to hem.

11 And we yeden bi schip fro Troade, and camen to Samatrachia with streiyt cours; and the dai suynge to Neapolis;

12 and fro thennus to Filippis, that is the firste part of Macedonye, the citee colonye. And we weren in this citee summe daies, and spaken togidere.

13 And in the dai of sabotis we wenten forth with out the yate bisidis the flood, where preier semyde to be; and we saten, and spaken to wymmen that camen togidere.

14 And a womman, Lidda bi name, a purpuresse of the cite of Tiatirens, worschipinge God, herde; whos herte the Lord openyde to yyue tente to these thingis, that weren seid of Poul.

15 And whanne sche was baptisid and hir hous, sche preyede, and seide, If ye han demyd that Y am feithful to the Lord, entre ye in to myn hous, and dwelle.

16 And sche constreynede vs. And it was don, whanne we yeden to preier, that a damysel that hadde a spirit of diuynacioun, mette vs, which yaf greet wynnyng to her lordis in dyuynynge.

17 This suede Poul and vs, and criede, and seide, These men ben seruauntis of the hiy God, that tellen to you the weie of helthe.

18 And this sche dide in many daies. And Poul sorewide, and turnede, and seide to the spirit, Y comaunde thee in the name of Jhesu Crist, that thou go out of hir.

19 And he wente out in the same our. And the lordis of hir siyen, that the hope of her wynnyng wente awei, and thei token Poul and Silas, and ledden in to the `dom place, to the princis.

20 And thei brouyten hem to the magistratis, and seiden, These men disturblen oure citee,

21 for thei ben Jewis, and schewen a custom, which it is not leueful to vs to resseyue, nether do, sithen we ben Romayns.

22 And the puple `and magistratis runnen ayens hem, and when thei hadden to-rente the cootis of hem, thei comaundiden hem to be betun with yerdis.

23 And whanne thei hadden youun to hem many woundis, thei senten hem into prisoun, and comaundiden to the kepere, that he schulde kepe hem diligentli.

24 And whanne he hadde take siche a precept, he putte hem into the ynnere prisoun, and streynede the feet of hem in a tre.

25 And at mydniyt Poul and Silas worschipide, and heriden God; and thei that weren in kepyng herden hem.

26 And sudenli a greet erthe mouyng was maad, so that the foundementis of the prisoun weren moued. And anoon alle the doris weren openyd, and the boondis of alle weren lousid.

27 And the kepere of the prisoun was awakid, and siy the yatis `of the prisoun openyd, and with a swerd drawun out he wolde haue slawe hym silf, and gesside that the men that weren boundun, hadden fled.

28 But Poul criede with a greet vois, and seide, Do thou noon harm to thi silf, for alle we ben here.

29 And he axide liyt, and entride, and tremblide, and felle doun to Poul and to Silas at her feet.

30 And he brouyte hem with out forth, and seide, Lordis, what bihoueth me to do, that Y be maad saaf?

31 And thei seiden, Bileue thou in the Lord Jhesu, and thou schalt be saaf, and thin hous.

32 And thei spaken to hym the word of the Lord, with alle that weren in his hous.

33 And he took hem in the ilke our of the niyt, and waschide her woundis. And he was baptisid, and al his hous anoon.

34 And whanne he hadde led hem in to his hous, he settide to hem a boord. And he was glad with al his hous, and bileuede to God.

35 And whanne dai was come, the magistratis senten catchepollis, and seiden, Delyuere thou tho men.

36 And the kepere of the prisoun telde these wordis to Poul, That the magistratis han sent, that ye be delyuered; now therfor go ye out, and go ye in pees.

37 And Poul seide to hem, Thei senten vs men of Rome in to prisoun, that weren betun openli and vndampned, and now priueli thei bringen vs out; not so, but come thei hem silf, and delyuere vs out.

38 And the catchepollis telden these wordis to the magistratis; and thei dredden, for thei herden that thei weren Romayns.

39 And thei camen, and bisechiden hem, and thei brouyten hem out, and preieden, that thei schulden go out of the citee.

40 And thei yeden out of the prisoun, and entriden to Lidie. And whanne thei siyen britheren, thei coumfortiden hem, and yeden forth.

Chapter 17


1 And whanne thei hadden passid bi Amfipolis and Appollonye, thei camen to Thessolonyk, where was a synagoge of Jewis.

2 And bi custom Poul entride to hem, and bi thre sabatis he declaride to hem of scripturis,

3 and openyde, and schewide that it bihofte Crist to suffre, and rise ayen fro deth, and that this is Jhesus Crist, whom Y telle to you.

4 And summe of hem bileueden, and weren ioyned to Poul and to Silas; and a greet multitude of hethene men worschipide God, and noble wymmen not a fewe.

5 But the Jewis hadden enuye, and token of the comyn puple summe yuele men, and whanne thei hadden maad a cumpenye, thei moueden the citee. And thei camen to Jasouns hous, and souyten hem to brynge forth among the puple.

6 And whanne thei founden hem not, thei drowen Jasoun and summe britheren to the princis of the citee, and crieden, That these it ben, that mouen the world, and hidir thei camen,

7 whiche Jason resseyuede. And these alle don ayens the maundementis of the emperour, and seien, that Jhesu is anothir king.

8 And thei moueden the puple, and the princis of the citee, herynge these thingis.

9 And whanne satisfaccioun was takun of Jason, and of othere, thei leten Poul and Silas go.

10 And anoon bi niyt britheren leten Silas go in to Beroan. And whanne thei camen thidur, thei entriden in to the synagoge of the Jewis.

11 But these weren the worthier of hem that ben at Thessolonik, whiche resseyueden the word with al desire, eche dai sekinge scripturis, if these thingis hadden hem so.

12 And manye of hem bileueden and of hethen wymmen onest and men not a fewe.

13 But whanne the Jewis in Tessalonyk hadden knowe, that also at Bero the word of God was prechid of Poul, thei camen thidir, mouynge and disturblynge the multitude.

14 And tho anoon britheren delyuerden Poul, that he schulde go to the see; but Sylas and Tymothe dwelten there.

15 And thei that ledden forth Poul, ledden hym to Atenes. And whanne thei hadden take maundement of him to Silas and to Tymothe, that ful hiyyngli thei schulden come to hym, thei wenten forth.

16 And while Poul abood hem at Atenys, his spirit was moued in him, for he saiy the citee youun to ydolatrie.

17 Therfor he disputide in the synagoge with the Jewis, and with men that worschipiden God, and in the dom place, by alle daies to hem that herden.

18 And summe Epeicureis, and Stoisens, and filosofris disputiden with hym. And summe seiden, What wole this sowere of wordis seie? And othere seiden, He semeth to be a tellere of newe fendis; for he telde to hem Jhesu, and the ayenrisyng.

19 And thei token, and ledden hym to Ariopage, and seide, Moun we wite, what is this newe doctryne, that is seid of thee?

20 For thou bringist ynne summe newe thingis to oure eeris; therfor we wolen wite, what these thingis wolen be.

21 For alle men of Athenys and comlingis herborid yauen tent to noon other thing, but ether to seie, ethir to here, sum newe thing.

22 And Poul stood in the myddil of Ariopage, and seide, Men of Athenys, bi alle thingis Y se you as veyn worschipers.

23 For Y passide, and siy youre maumetis, and foond an auter, in which was writun, To the vnknowun God. Therfor which thing ye vnknowynge worschipen, this thing Y schew to you.

24 God that made the world and alle thingis that ben in it, this, for he is Lord of heuene and of erthe, dwellith not in templis maad with hoond,

25 nethir is worschipid bi mannus hoondis, nether hath nede of ony thing, for he yyueth lijf to alle men, and brethinge, and alle thingis;

26 and made of oon al the kinde of men to enhabite on al the face of the erthe, determynynge tymes ordeyned, and termes of the dwellynge of hem,

27 to seke God, if perauenture thei felen hym, ether fynden, thouy he be not fer fro eche of you.

28 For in hym we lyuen, and mouen, and ben. As also summe of youre poetis seiden, And we ben also the kynde of hym.

29 Therfor sithen we ben the kynde of God, we schulen not deme, that godli thing is lijk gold, and siluer, ethir stoon, ethir to grauyng of craft and thouyt of man.

30 For God dispisith the tymes of this vnkunnyng, and now schewith to men, that alle euery where doon penaunce; for that he hath ordeyned a dai,

31 in which he schal deme the world in equite, in a man in which he ordeynede, and yaf feith to alle men, and reiside hym fro deth.

32 And whanne thei hadden herd the ayenrysing of deed men, summe scorneden, and summe seiden, We schulen here thee eft of this thing.

33 So Poul wente out of the myddil of hem.

34 But summen drowen to hym, and bileueden. Among whiche Dynyse Aropagite was, and a womman, bi name Damaris, and othere men with hem.

Chapter 18


1 Aftir these thingis Poul yede out of Atenes, and cam to Corinthie.

2 And he fonde a man, a Jewe, Aquila bi name, of Ponte bi kynde, that late cam from Ytalie, and Priscille, his wijf, for that Claudius comaundide alle Jewis to departe fro Rome; and he cam to hem.

3 And for he was of the same craft, he dwellide with hem, and wrouyte; and thei weren of roopmakeris craft.

4 And he disputide in the synagoge bi ech sabat, puttynge among the name of the Lord Jhesu; and he counselide Jewis and Grekis.

5 And whanne Silas and Tymothe camen fro Macedonye, Poul yaf bisynesse to the word, and witnesside to the Jewis, that Jhesu is Crist.

6 But whanne thei ayenseiden and blasfemyden, he schoke awei hise clothis, and seide to hem, Youre blood be on youre heed; Y schal be clene from hennus forth, and schal go to hethene men.

7 And he passide fro thennus, and entride in to the hous of a iust man, Tite bi name, that worschipide God, whos hous was ioyned to the synagoge.

8 And Crispe, prince of the synagoge, bileuede to the Lord, with al his hous. And many of the Corinthies herden, and bileueden, and weren cristened.

9 And the Lord seide bi nyyt to Poul bi a visioun, Nyle thou drede, but speke, and be not stille;

10 for Y am with thee, and no man schal be put to thee to noye thee, for myche puple is to me in this citee.

11 And he dwellide there a yeer and sixe monethis, techinge among hem the word of God.

12 But whanne Gallion was proconsul of Acaye, Jewis risen vp with oo wille ayens Poul, and ledden hym to the doom,

13 and seiden, Ayens the lawe this counselith men to worschipe God.

14 And whanne Poul bigan to opene his mouth, Gallion seide to the Jewis, If there were ony wickid thing, ether yuel trespas, ye Jewis, riytli Y schulde suffre you;

15 but if questiouns ben of the word, and of names of youre lawe, bisee you silf; Y wole not be domesman of these thingis.

16 And he droof hem fro the doom place.

17 And alle token Sostenes, prince of the synagoge, and smoten him bifor the doom place; and no thing of these was to charge to Gallion.

18 And whanne Poul hadde abidun many daies, he seide fare wel to britheren, and bi boot cam to Syrie. And Priscille and Aquila camen with hym, whiche hadden clippid his heed in Tencris; for he had a vow.

19 And he cam to Effesie, and there he lefte hem; and he yede in to the synagoge, and disputide with Jewis.

20 And whanne thei preieden, that he schulde dwelle more time,

21 he consentide not, but he made `fare wel, and seide, Eft Y schal turne ayen to you, if God wole; and he wente forth fro Effesi.

22 And he cam doun to Cesarie, and he yede vp, and grette the chirche, and cam doun to Antiochie.

23 And whanne he hadde dwellide there sumwhat of time, he wente forth, walkinge bi rewe thorou the cuntrei of Galathie, and Frigie, and confermyde alle the disciplis.

24 But a Jewe, Apollo bi name, a man of Alisaundre of kinde, a man eloquent, cam to Effesie; and he was myyti in scripturis.

25 This man was tauyt the weie of the Lord, and was feruent in spirit, and spak, and tauyte diligentli tho thingis that weren of Jhesu, and knew oonli the baptym of Joon.

26 And this man bigan to do tristili in the synagoge. Whom whanne Priscille and Aquila herden, thei token hym, and more diligentli expowneden to hym the weie of the Lord.

27 And whanne he wolde go to Acaie, britheren excitiden, and wroten to the disciplis, that thei schulden resseyue hym; which whanne he cam, yaf myche to hem that bileueden.

28 For he greetli ouercam Jewis, and schewide opynli bi scripturis, that Jhesu is Crist.

Chapter 19


1 And it bifelle, whanne Apollo was at Corinthi, that Poul whanne he hadde go the hiyer coostis, he cam to Efesie, and foond summe of disciplis.

2 And he seide to hem, Whethir ye that bileuen han resseyued the Hooli Goost? And thei seiden to hym, But nether `han we herd, if the Hooli Goost is.

3 And he seide, Therfor in what thing ben ye baptisid? And thei seiden, In the baptym of Joon.

4 And Poul seide, Joon baptiside the puple in baptym of penaunce, and tauyte, that thei schulden bileue in hym that was to comynge `after hym, that is, in Jhesu.

5 Whanne thei herden these thingis, thei weren baptisid in the name of the Lord Jhesu.

6 And whanne Poul hadde leid on hem his hoondis, the Hooli Goost cam in hem, and thei spaken with langagis, and profecieden.

7 And alle weren almest twelue men.

8 And he yede in to the synagoge, and spak with trist thre monethis, disputinge and tretinge of the kingdom of God.

9 But whanne summe weren hardid, and bileueden not, and cursiden the weie of the Lord bifor the multitude, he yede awei fro hem, and departide the disciplis, and disputide in the scole of a myyti man eche dai.

10 This was doon bi twei yeeris, so that alle that dwelliden in Asie herden the word of the Lord, Jewis and hethene men.

11 And God dide vertues not smale bi the hoond of Poul,

12 so that on sijk men the sudaries weren borun fro his bodye, and sijknessis departiden fro hem, and wickid spiritis wenten out.

13 But also summe of the Jewis exorsisists yeden aboute, and assaieden to clepe the name of the Lord Jhesu Crist on hem that hadden yuele spiritis, and seiden, Y coniure you bi Jhesu, whom Poul prechith.

14 And ther weren seuene sones of a Jewe, Steuen, a prince of preestis, that diden this thing.

15 But the yuel spirit answeride, and seide to hem, Y knowe Jhesu, and Y knowe Poul; but who ben ye?

16 And the man in which was the worste deuel, lippide on hem, and hadde victorie of bothe, and was stronge ayens hem, that thei nakid and woundid fledden awei fro that hous.

17 And this thing was maad knowun to alle the Jewis and to hethene men, that dwelliden at Effesie; and drede felle doun on hem alle, and thei magnyfieden the name of the Lord Jhesu.

18 And many men bileueden, and camen, knowlechinge and tellynge her dedis.

19 And manye of them that sueden curiouse thingis, brouyten togidere bookis, and brenneden hem bifor alle men; and whanne the prices of tho weren acountid, thei founden monei of fifti thousynd pens;

20 so strongli the word of God wexide, and was confermyd.

21 And whanne these thingis weren fillid, Poul purposide in spirit, aftir that Macedony was passid and Acaie, to go to Jerusalem, and seide, For aftir that Y schal be there, it bihoueth me `to se also Rome.

22 And he sente in to Macedonye twey men, that mynystriden to hym, Tymothe, and Eraste, and he dwellide for a tyme in Asie.

23 And a greet troubling was maad in that dai, of the weie of the Lord.

24 For a man, Demetrie bi name, a worcher in siluer, makide siluer housis to Diane, and yaf to crafti men myche wynnyng;

25 which he clepide togidere `hem that weren suche maner werkmen, and seide, Men, ye witen that of this craft wynnyng is to vs;

26 and ye seen and heren, that this Poul counseilith and turneth awei myche puple, not oonli of Effesie, but almest of al Asie, and seith, that thei ben not goddis, that ben maad with hoondis.

27 And not oonli this part schal be in perel to vs, to come in to repreef, but also the temple of the greet Dian schal be acountid in to nouyt; yhe, and the maieste of hir schal bigynne to be destried, whom al Asie and the world worschipith.

28 Whanne these thingis weren herd, thei weren fillid with ire, and crieden, and seiden, Greet is the Dian of Effesians.

29 And the citee was fillid with confusioun, and thei maden an asaut with oon wille in to the teaatre, and tooken Gayus and Aristark, men of Macedonye, felawis of Poul.

30 And whanne Poul would haue entrid in to the peple, the disciplis suffriden not.

31 And also summe of the princis of Asie, that weren hise freendis, senten to him. and preieden, that he schulde not yyue hym silf in to the teatre.

32 And othere men crieden othir thing; for the chirche was confusid, and many wisten not for what cause thei weren come togidere.

33 But of the puple thei drowen awei oon Alisaundre, while Jewis puttiden hym forth. And Alisaundre axide with his hoond silence, and wolde yelde a resoun to the puple.

34 And as thei knewen that he was a Jew, o vois of alle men was maad, criynge as bi tweyn ouris, Greet Dian of Effesians.

35 And whanne the scribe hadde ceessid the puple, he seide, Men of Effesie, what man is he, that knowith not, that the citee of Effesians is the worschipere of greet Dian, and of the child of Jubiter?

36 Therfor whanne it may not be ayenseid to these thingis, it behoueth you to be ceessid, and to do no thing folili;

37 for ye han brouyt these men, nethir sacrilegeris, nethir blasfemynge youre goddesse.

38 That if Demetrie, and the werk men that ben with hym, han cause ayens ony man, there ben courtis, and domes, and iugis; accusen thei eche other.

39 If ye seken ouyt of ony othir thing, it may be assoylid in the lawful chirche.

40 For whi we ben in perel to be repreuyd of this daies dissencioun, sithen no man is gilti, of whom we moun yelde resoun of this rennyng togidre. And whanne he hadde seid this thing, he lete the puple go.

Chapter 20


1 And aftir the noise ceesside, Poul clepide the disciplis, and monestide hem, and seide fare wel; and he wente forth, to go in to Macedonye.

2 And whanne he hadde walkid bi tho coostis, and hadde monestid hem bi many wordis, he cam to Greece.

3 Where whanne he hadde be thre monethis, the Jewis leiden aspies for hym, that was to saile in to Sirie; and he hadde counsel to turne ayen bi Macedonye.

4 And Sosipater of Pirri Boroense folowide hym; of Thessolonycenses, Astirak, and Secoundus, and Gayus Derbeus, and Tymothe; and Asians, Titicus and Trofimus.

5 These for thei wenten bifore, aboden vs at Troade.

6 For we schippiden aftir the daies of therf looues fro Filippis, and cam to hem at Troade in fyue daies, where we dwelten seuene daies.

7 And in the first dai of the woke, whanne we camen to breke breed, Poul disputide with hem, and schulde go forth in the morew;

8 and he drow along the sermoun til in to mydnyyt. And many laumpes weren in the soler, where we weren gaderyd togidir.

9 And a yong man, Euticus bi name, sat on the wyndowe, whanne he was fallun in to an heuy sleep, while Poul disputide long, al slepynge he felle doun fro the thridde stage; and he was takun vp, and was brouyt deed.

10 To whom whanne Poul cam doun, he lay on hym, and biclippide, and seide, Nyle ye be troblid; for his soule is in hym.

11 And he wente vp, and brak breed, and eete, and spak ynowy vnto the dai; and so he wente forth.

12 And thei brouyten the childe alyue, and thei weren coumfortid greetli.

13 And we wenten vp in to a schip, and schippiden in to Asson, to take Poul fro thennus; for so he hadde disposid to make iourney bi loond.

14 And whanne he foond vs in Asson, we token hym, and camen to Mitilene.

15 And fro thennus we schippiden in the dai suynge, and we camen ayens Chyum, and another dai we hauenyden at Samum, and in the dai suynge we camen to Mylete.

16 And Poul purposide to schip ouer to Efesi, lest ony tariyng were maad to hym in Asie; for he hiyede, if it were possible to hym, that he schulde be in the dai of Pentecost at Jerusalem.

17 Fro Mylete he sente to Effesi, and clepide the grettest men of birthe of the chirche.

18 And whanne thei camen to hym, and weren togidir, he seide to hem, Ye witen fro the firste dai, in which Y cam in to Asie, hou with you bi eche tyme Y was,

19 seruynge to the Lord with al mekenesse, and mildnesse, and teeris, and temptaciouns, that felden to me of aspiyngis of Jewis;

20 hou Y withdrowe not of profitable thingis to you, that Y telde not to you, and tauyte you opynli, and bi housis;

21 and Y witnesside to Jewis and to hethene men penaunce in to God, and feith in to oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

22 And now lo! Y am boundun in spirit, and go in to Jerusalem; and Y knowe not what thingis schulen come to me in it,

23 but that the Hooli Goost `bi alle citees witnessith to me, and seith, that boondis and tribulaciouns at Jerusalem abiden me.

24 But Y drede no thing of these, nether Y make my lijf preciousere than my silf, so that Y end my cours, and the mynysterie of the word, which Y resseyuede of the Lord Jhesu, to witnesse the gospel of the grace of God.

25 And `now lo! Y woot, that ye schulen no more se my face, alle ye bi whiche Y passide, prechynge the kingdom of God.

26 Wherfor Y witnesse to you this day, that Y am cleen of the blood of alle men.

27 For Y fley not awey, that Y telde not to you al the counsel of God.

28 Take ye tente to you, and to al the flocke, in which the Hooli Goost hath set you bischops, to reule the chirche of God, which he purchaside with his blood.

29 Y woot, that aftir my departyng, rauyschinge wolues schulen entre in to you, `and spare not the flok;

30 and men spekinge schrewid thingis schulen rise of you silf, that thei leden awei disciplis aftir hem.

31 For which thing wake ye, holdinge in mynde that bi thre yeer nyyt and dai Y ceesside not with teeris monestinge ech of you.

32 And now Y bitake you to God and to the word of his grace, that is myyti to edifie and yyue eritage in alle that ben maad hooli.

33 And of no man Y coueitide siluer, and gold, ether cloth, as you silf witen;

34 for to tho thingis that weren nedeful to me, and to these that ben with me, these hoondis mynystriden.

35 Alle these thingis Y schewide to you, for so it bihoueth men trauelinge to resseyue sike men, and to haue mynde of the `word of the Lord Jhesu; for he seide, It is more blesful to yyue, than to resseyue.

36 And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he knelide, and he preiede with alle hem.

37 And greet weping of alle men was maad; and thei felden on the necke of Poul, and kissiden hym,

38 and sorewiden moost in the word that he seide, for thei schulen no more se his face. And thei ledden hym to the schip.

Chapter 21


1 And whanne it was don, that we schulden seile, and weren passid awei fro hem, with streiyt cours we camen to Choum, and the day suynge to Rodis, and fro thennus to Patiram, and fro thennus to Myram.

2 And whanne we founden a schip passinge ouer to Fenyce, we wenten vp in to it, and sailden forth.

3 And whanne we apperiden to Cipre, we leften it at the left half, and seiliden in to Sirie, and camen to Tire. For there the schip schulde be vnchargid.

4 And whanne we foundun disciplis, we dwelliden there seuene daies; whiche seiden bi spirit to Poul, that he schulde not go vp to Jerusalem.

5 And whanne the daies weren fillid, we yeden forth, and alle men with wyues and children ledden forth vs with outen the citee; and we kneliden in the see brenke, and we preieden.

6 And whanne we hadden maad fare wel togidre, we wenten vp into the schip; and thei turneden ayen in to her owne places.

7 And whanne the schip sailinge was fillid fro Tire, we camen doun to Tolamayda, and whanne we hadden gret wel the britheren, we dwelliden o dai at hem.

8 And another dai we yeden forth, and camen to Cesarie. And we entriden in to the hous of Filip euangelist, that was oon of the seuene, and dwelliden at hym.

9 And to hym weren foure douytris, virgyns, that profecieden.

10 And whanne we dwelliden there bi summe daies, a profete, Agabus bi name, cam ouer fro Judee.

11 This whanne he cam to vs, took the girdil of Poul, and boond togidere hise feet and hoondis, and seide, The Hooli Goost seith these thingis, Thus Jewis schulen bynde in Jerusalem the man, whos is this girdil; and thei schulen bytake into hethene mennys hoondis.

12 Which thing whanne we herden, we preieden, and thei that weren of that place, that he schulde not go vp to Jerusalem.

13 Thanne Poul answeride, and seide, What doen ye, wepinge and turmentinge myn herte? For Y am redi, not oonli to be boundun, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jhesu.

14 And whanne we myyten not counseile hym, we weren stille, and seiden, The wille of the Lord be don.

15 And aftir these daies we weren maad redi, and wenten vp to Jerusalem.

16 And summe of the disciplis camen with vs fro Cesarie, and ledden with hem a man, Jason of Cipre, an elde disciple, at whom we schulden be herborid.

17 And whanne we camen to Jerusalem, britheren resseyueden vs wilfulli.

18 And in the dai suynge Poul entride with vs to James, and alle the eldre men weren gaderid.

19 Whiche whanne he hadde gret, he telde bi alle thingis, what God hadde doon in hethene men, bi the mynysterie of hym.

20 And whanne thei herden, thei magnyfiden God, and seiden to hym, Brothir, thou seest how many thousyndis ben in Jewis, that han bileued to God, and alle ben loueris of the lawe.

21 And thei herden of thee, that thou techist departing fro Moises of thilk Jewis that ben bi hethene men, that seien, that thei owen not circumcide her sones, nether owen to entre by custom.

22 Therfor what is? It bihoueth that the multitude come togidre; for thei schulen here, that thou art come.

23 Therfor do thou this thing, that we seien to thee. Ther ben to vs foure men, that han a vow on hem.

24 Take thou these men, and halowe thee with hem; honge on hem, that thei schaue her heedis; and that alle men wite, that the thingis that thei herden of thee ben false, but that thou walkist, and thi silf kepist the lawe.

25 But of these that bileueden of hethene men, we writen, demynge that thei absteyne hem fro thing offrid to idols, and fro blood, and also fro stranglid thing, and fro fornicacioun.

26 Thanne Poul took the men, and in the dai suynge he was purified with hem, and entride in to the temple, and schewide the filling of daies of purifying, til the offring was offrid for ech of hem.

27 And whanne seuene daies weren endid, the Jewis that weren of Asie, whanne thei saien him in the temple, stiriden al the puple, and leyden hondis on hym,

28 and crieden, Men of Israel, helpe ye vs. This is the man, that ayens the puple and the lawe and this place techith euery where alle men, more ouer and hath led hethene men in to the temple, and hath defoulid this hooli place.

29 For thei seyen Trofimus of Effesi in the citee with hym, whom thei gessiden that Poul hadde brouyt in to the temple.

30 And al the citee was moued, and a rennyng togider of the puple was maad. And thei token Poul, and drowen him out of the temple; and anoon the yatis weren closid.

31 And whanne thei souyten to sle hym, it was teld to the tribune of the cumpany of knyytis, that al Jerusalem is confoundid.

32 Which anoon took knyytis, and centuriens, and ran to hem. And whanne thei hadden seen the tribune, and the knyytis, thei ceessiden to smyte Poul.

33 Thanne the tribune cam, and cauyte hym, and comaundide, that he were boundun with twei cheynes; and axide, who he was, and what he hadde don.

34 But othere crieden other thing among the puple. And whanne he miyte `knowe no certeyn thing for the noise, he comaundide hym to be led in to the castels.

35 And whanne Poul cam to the grees, it bifel that he was borun of kniytis, for strengthe of the puple.

36 For the multitude of the puple suede hym, and criede, Take hym awei.

37 And whanne Poul bigan to be led in to the castels, he seide to the tribune, Whether it is leueful `to me, to speke ony thing to thee?

38 And he seide, Kanst thou Greek? Whether thou art not the Egipcian, which bifor these daies mouedist a noise, and leddist out in to desert foure thousynde of men, mensleeris?

39 And Poul seide to hym, For Y am a Jew, of Tharse of Cilicie, a citeseyn, which citee is not vnknowun. And Y preye thee, suffre me to speke to the puple.

40 And whanne he suffride, Poul stood in the grees, and bikenede with the hoond to the puple. And whanne a greet silence was maad, he spak in Ebrew tunge, and seide,

Chapter 22


1 Britheren and fadris, here ye what resoun Y yelde now to you.

2 And whanne sum herden that in Ebrew tunge he spak to hem, thei yauen the more silence.

3 And he seide, Y am a man a Jew, borun at Tharse of Cilicie, nurischid and in this citee bisidis the feet of Gamaliel, tauyt bi the treuthe of fadris lawe, a louyere of the lawe, as also ye alle ben to dai.

4 And Y pursuede this weie til to the deth, byndynge and bitakinge `in to holdis men and wymmen,

5 as the prince of prestis yeldith witnessyng to me, and alle the grettest in birth. Of whom also Y took pistlis to britheren, and wente to Damask, to bring fro thennys men boundun in to Jerusalem, that thei schulden be peyned.

6 And it was don, while Y yede, and neiyede to Damask, at myddai sudeynli fro heuene a greet plente of liyt schoon aboute me.

7 And Y felde doun to the erthe, and herde a voice fro heuene, seiynge to me, Saul, Saul, what pursuest thou me? It is hard to thee to kike ayens the pricke.

8 And Y answeride, Who art thou, Lord? And he seide to me, Y am Jhesu of Nazareth, whom thou pursuest.

9 And thei that weren with me sien but the liyt, but thei herden not the vois of hym, that spak with me.

10 And Y seide, Lord, what schal Y do? And the Lord seide to me, Rise thou, and go to Damask; and there it schal be seid to thee, of alle thingis which it bihoueth thee to do.

11 And whanne Y saye not, for the clerete of that liyt, Y was led bi the hond of felowis, and Y cam to Damask.

12 And a man, Ananye, that bi the lawe hadde wytnessyng of alle Jewis dwellinge in Damask,

13 cam to me, and stood niy, and seide to me, Saul, brother, biholde. And Y in the same our biheelde in to hym.

14 And he seide, God of oure fadris hath bifor ordeyned thee, that thou schuldist knowe the wille of him, and schuldist se the riytful man, and here the vois of his mouth.

15 For thou schalt be his witnesse to alle men, of tho thingis that thou hast seyn and herd.

16 And now, what dwellist thou? Rise vp, and be baptisid, and waische awei thi synnes, bi the name of hym clepid to help.

17 And it was don to me, as Y turnede ayen in to Jerusalem, and preyede in the temple, that Y was maad in rauysching of soule,

18 and Y siy him seiynge to me, Hiye thou, and go out faste of Jerusalem, for thei schulen not resseyue thi witnessing of me.

19 And Y seide, Lord, thei witen, that Y was closing togidir `in to prisoun, and betinge bi synagogis hem that bileueden `in to thee.

20 And whanne the blood of Steuene, thi witnesse, was sched out, Y stood niy, and consentide, and kept the clothis of men that slowen hym.

21 And he seide to me, Go thou, for Y schal sende thee fer to naciouns.

22 And thei herden him til this word; and thei reiseden her vois, and seiden, Take awei fro the erthe siche a maner man; for it is not leueful, that he lyue.

23 And whanne thei crieden, and kesten awei her clothis, and threwen dust in to the eir,

24 the tribune comaundide hym to be led in to castels, and to be betun with scourgis, and to be turmentid, that he wiste, for what cause thei crieden so to him.

25 And whanne thei hadden boundun hym with cordis, Poul seide to a centurien stondinge niy to hym, Whether it is leueful to you, to scourge a Romayn, and vndampned?

26 And whanne this thing was herd, the centurien wente to the tribune, and telde to hym, and seide, What art thou to doynge? for this man is a citeseyn of Rome.

27 And the tribune cam niy, and seide to hym, Seie thou to me, whether thou art a Romayn?

28 And he seide, Yhe. And the tribune answeride, Y with myche summe gat this fredom. And Poul seide, And Y was borun a citeseyn of Rome.

29 Therfor anoon thei that schulden haue turmentid hym, departiden awei fro hym. And the tribune dredde, aftir that he wiste, that he was a citeseyn of Rome, and for he hadde boundun hym.

30 But in the dai suynge he wolde wite more diligentli, for what cause he were accusid of the Jewis, and vnbounde hym, and comaundide prestis and al the counsel to come togidir. And he brouyte forth Poul, and sette hym among hem.

Chapter 23


1 And Poul bihelde in to the counsel, and seide, Britheren, Y with al good conscience haue lyued bifore God, `til in to this dai.

2 And Anany, prince of prestis, comaundide to men that stoden nyy hym, that thei schulden smyte his mouth.

3 Thanne Poul seide to hym, Thou whitid wal, God smyte thee; thou sittist, and demest me bi the lawe, and ayens the law thou comaundist me to be smytun.

4 And thei that stoden niy, seiden, Cursist thou the hiyest prest of God?

5 And Poul seide, Britheren, Y wiste not, that he is prince of preestis; for it is writun, Thou schalt not curse the prince of thi puple.

6 But Poul wiste, that o parti was of Saduceis, and the othere of Fariseis; and he criede in the counsel, Britheren, Y am a Farisee, the sone of Farisees; Y am demyd of the hope and of the ayen rising of deed men.

7 And whanne he hadde seid this thing, dissencioun was maad bitwixe the Fariseis and the Saduceis, and the multitude was departid.

8 For Saduceis seien, that no `rysing ayen of deed men is, nether aungel, nether spirit; but Fariseis knowlechen euer eithir.

9 And a greet cry was maad. And summe of Farisees rosen vp, and fouyten, seiynge, We fynden no thing of yuel in this man; what if a spirit, ether an aungel spak to hym?

10 And whanne greet discencioun was maad, the tribune dredde, lest Poul schulde be to-drawun of hem; and he comaundide knyytis to go doun, and to take hym fro the myddil of hem, and to lede hym in to castels.

11 And in the niyt suynge the Lord stood niy to hym, and seide, Be thou stidfast; for as thou hast witnessid of me in Jerusalem, so it bihoueth thee to witnesse also at Rome.

12 And whanne the dai was come, summe of the Jewis gaderiden hem, and maden `avow, and seiden, that thei schulden nether eete, ne drinke, til thei slowen Poul.

13 And there weren mo than fourti men, that maden this sweryng togider.

14 And thei wenten to the princis of prestis, and eldre men, and seiden, With deuocioun we han a vowid, that we schulen not taste ony thing, til we sleen Poul.

15 Now therfor make ye knowun to the tribune, with the counsel, that he bringe hym forth to you, as if ye schulden knowe sum thing more certeynli of hym; and we ben redi to sle hym, bifor that he come.

16 And whanne the sone of Poulis sister hadde herd the aspies, he cam, and entride in to the castels, and telde to Poul.

17 And Poul clepide to hym oon of the centuriens, and seide, Lede this yonge man to the tribune, for he hath sum thing to schewe to hym.

18 And he took hym, and ledde to the tribune, and seide, Poul, that is boundun, preide me to lede to thee this yonge man, that hath sum thing to speke to thee.

19 And the tribune took his hoond, and wente with hym asidis half, and axide hym, What thing is it, that thou hast to schewe to me?

20 And he seide, The Jewis ben acordid to preye thee, that to morewe thou brynge forth Poul in to the counsel, as if thei schulden enquere sum thing more certeynli of hym.

21 But bileue thou not to hem; for mo than fourti men of hem aspien hym, which han a vowid, that thei schulen not eete nether drynke, til thei sleen hym; and now thei ben redi, abidinge thi biheest.

22 Therfor the tribune lefte the yonge man, and comaundide, that he schulde speke to no man, that he hadde maad these thingis knowun to hym.

23 And he clepide togidre twei centuriens, and he seide to hem, Make ye redi twei hundrid knyytis, that thei go to Cesarie, and horse men seuenti, and spere men twey hundrid, fro the thridde our of the nyyt.

24 And make ye redy an hors, for Poul to ride on, to lede hym saaf to Felix, the presydent.

25 For the tribune dredde, lest the Jewis wolden take hym bi the weie, and sle hym, and aftirward he miyte be chalengid, as he hadde take money.

26 And wroot hym `a pistle, conteynynge these thingis. Claudius Lisias to the beste Felix, president, heelthe.

27 This man that was take of the Jewis, and bigan to be slayn, Y cam vpon hem with myn oost, and delyuerede hym fro hem, whanne Y knewe that he was a Romayn.

28 And Y wolde wite the cause, which thei puttiden ayens hym; and Y ledde hym to the counsel of hem.

29 And Y foond, that he was accusid of questiouns of her lawe, but he hadde no cryme worthi the deth, ethir boondis.

30 And whanne it was teeld me of the aspies, that thei arayden for hym, Y sente hym to thee, and Y warnede also the accuseris, that thei seie at thee. Fare wel.

31 And so the knyytis, as thei weren comaundid, token Poul, and ledde hym bi nyyt into Antipatriden.

32 And in the dai suynge, whanne the horsmen weren left, that schulden go with hym, thei turneden ayen to the castels.

33 And whanne thei camen to Cesarie, thei token the pistle to the president, and thei setten also Poul byfore him.

34 And whanne he hadde red, and axide, of what prouynce he was, and knewe that he was of Cilicie,

35 Y schal here thee, he seide, whanne thin accuseris comen. And he comaundide hym to be kept in the moot halle of Eroude.

Chapter 24


1 And aftir fyue daies, Ananye, prince of preestis, cam doun with summe eldere men, and Terculle, a feir speker, which wenten to the precident ayens Poul.

2 And whanne Poul was somened, Terculle bigan to accuse hym, and seide, Whanne in myche pees we doon bi thee, and many thingis ben amendid bi thi wisdom, euere more and euery where,

3 thou best Felix, we han resseyued with al doyng of thankingis.

4 But lest Y tarie thee lengere, Y preie thee, schortly here vs for thi mekenesse.

5 We han foundun this wickid man stirynge dissencioun to alle Jewis in al the world, and auctour of dissencioun of the secte of Nazarenus; and he also enforside to defoule the temple;

6 whom also we token, and wolden deme, after oure lawe.

7 But Lisias, the trybune, cam with greet strengthe aboue, and delyuerede hym fro oure hoondis;

8 and comaundide hise accuseris to come to thee, of whom thou demynge, maist knowe of alle these thingis, of whiche we accusen hym.

9 And Jewis putten to, and seiden, that these thingis hadden hem so.

10 And Poul answeride, whanne the president grauntide hym to seie, Of mony yeeris Y knowe thee, that thou art domesman `to this folk, and Y schal do ynowy for me with good resoun.

11 For thou maist knowe, for to me ben not more than twelue daies, sithen Y cam vp to worschipe in Jerusalem;

12 and nether in the temple thei founden me disputinge with ony man, nether makynge concours of puple, nether in synagogis, nether in citee;

13 nether thei moun preue to thee, of the whiche thingis thei now accusen me.

14 But Y knowleche to thee this thing, that aftir the secte which thei seien eresie, so Y serue to God the fadir, `and Y bileue to alle thingis that ben writun in the lawe and profetis; and Y haue hope in God,

15 whiche also thei hem silf abiden, the ayenrisyng `to comynge of iust men and wickid.

16 In this thing Y studie with outen hirtyng, to haue concience to God, and to men euermore.

17 But after many yeeris, Y cam to do almes dedis to my folc, and offryngis, and auowis;

18 in whiche thei founden me purified in the temple, not with company, nether with noise. And thei cauyten me, and thei crieden, and seiden, Take awei oure enemye.

19 And summe Jewis of Asie, whiche it behofte to be now present at thee, and accuse, if thei hadden ony thing ayens me,

20 ether these hem silf seie, if thei founden in me ony thing of wickidnesse, sithen Y stonde `in the counsel,

21 but oneli of this vois, by which Y criede stondynge among hem, For of the ayenrisyng of deed men Y am demyd this dai of you.

22 Sothely Felix delayede hem, and knewe moost certeynli of the weie, and seide, Whanne Lisias, the tribune, schal come doun, Y schal here you.

23 And he comaundide to a centurien to kepe hym, and that he hadde reste, nethir to forbede ony man to mynystre of his owne thingis to him.

24 And after summe dayes Felix cam, with Drussille his wijf, that was a Jewesse, and clepide Poul, and herde of him the feith that is in Crist Jhesu.

25 And while he disputide of riytwisnesse, and chastite, and of dom to comynge, Felix was maad tremblinge, and answerde, That perteneth now, go; but in tyme couenable Y schal clepe thee.

26 Also he hopide, that money schulde be youun to hym of Poul; for which thing eft he clepide hym, and spak with hym.

27 And whanne twei yeeris weren fillid, Felix took a successoure, Porcius Festus; and Felix wolde yyue grace to Jewis, and lefte Poul boundun.

Chapter 25


1 Therfor whanne Festus cam in to the prouynce, aftir the thridde dai he wente vp to Jerusalem fro Cesarie.

2 And the princis of prestis, and the worthieste of the Jewis wenten to hym ayens Poul, and preieden hym,

3 and axiden grace ayens hym, that he schulde comaunde hym to be led to Jerusalem; and thei settiden aspies to sle hym in the weie.

4 But Festus answerde, that Poul schulde be kept in Cesarie; sotheli that he hym silf schulde procede more auisili. Therfor he seide, Thei that in you ben myyti,

5 come doun togidere; and if ony crime is in the man, accuse thei hym.

6 And he dwellede among hem no more than eiyte ether ten daies, and cam doun to Cesarie; and the tother dai he sat for domesman, and comaundide Poul to be brouyt.

7 And whanne he was brouyt forth, Jewis stoden aboute hym, whiche camen doun fro Jerusalem, puttynge ayens hym many and greuouse causis, whiche thei miyten not preue.

8 For Poul yeldide resoun in alle thingis, That nether ayens the lawe of Jewis, nether ayens the temple, nether ayens the emperoure, Y synnede ony thing.

9 But Festus wolde do grace to the Jewis, and answeride to Poul, and seide, Wolt thou gon vp to Jerusalem, and there be demyd of these thingis bifore me?

10 And Poul seide, At the domplace of the emperour Y stonde, where it bihoueth me to be demed. Y haue not noied the Jewis, as thou knowist wel.

11 For if Y haue noyed, ether don ony thing worthi deth, Y forsake not to die; but if no thing of tho is, that thei accusen me, no man may yyue me to hem. Y appele to the emperour.

12 Thanne Festus spak with the counsel, and answerde, To the emperoure thou hast appelid, to the emperoure thou schalt go.

13 And whanne summe daies weren passid, Agrippa kyng, and Beronyce camen doun to Cesarie, to welcome Festus.

14 And whanne thei dwelliden there many daies, Festus schewide to the king of Poul, and seide, A man is left boundun of Felix,

15 of which, whanne Y was at Jerusalem, princis of preestis and the eldre men of Jewis camen to me, and axiden dampnacioun ayens hym.

16 To whiche Y answeride, That it is not custom to Romayns, to dampne ony man, bifore that he that is accusid haue hise accuseris present, and take place of defending, to putte awei the crymes, that ben putte ayens hym.

17 Therfor whanne thei camen togidere hidir, withouten ony delaye, in the dai suynge Y sat for domesman, and comaundide the man to be brouyt.

18 And whanne hise accuseris stoden, thei seiden no cause, of whiche thingis Y hadde suspicioun of yuel.

19 But thei hadden ayens hym summe questiouns of her veyn worschiping, and of oon Jhesu deed, whom Poul affermyde to lyue.

20 And Y doutide of siche maner questioun, and seide, Whether he wolde go to Jerusalem, and ther be demyd of these thingis?

21 But for Poul appelide, that he schulde be kept to the knowing of the emperoure, Y comaundide him to be kept, til Y sende hym to the emperoure.

22 And Agrippa seide to Festus, Y my silf wolde here the man. And he seide, To morew thou schalt here hym.

23 And on the tother day, whanne Agrippa and Beronyce camen with greet desire, and entriden in to the auditorie, with tribunes and the principal men of the citee, whanne Festus bad, Poul was brouyt.

24 And Festus seide, King Agrippa, and alle men that ben with vs, ye seen this man, of which al the multitude of Jewis preyede me at Jerusalem, and axide, and criede, that he schulde lyue no lenger.

25 But Y foond, that he hadde don no thing worthi of deth; and Y deme to sende hym to the emperoure, for he appelide this thing.

26 Of which man Y haue not certeyne, what thing Y schal write to the lord. For which thing Y brouyte hym to you, and moost to thee, thou king Agrippa, that whanne axing is maad, Y haue what Y schal write.

27 For it is seyn to me with out resoun, to sende a boundun man, and not to signifie the cause of hym.

Chapter 26


1 And Agrippa seide to Poul, It is suffrid to thee, to speke for thi silf. Thanne Poul helde forth the hoond, and bigan to yelde resoun.

2 Of alle thingis, in whiche Y am accusid of the Jewis, thou king Agrippa, Y gesse me blessid at thee, whanne Y schal defende me this dai;

3 moost for thou knowist alle thingis that ben among Jewis, customes and questiouns. For which thing, Y biseche, here me pacientli.

4 For alle Jewis that bifor knewen me fro the bigynnyng, knewen my lijf fro yongthe; that fro the bigynnyng was in my folc in Jerusalem,

5 if thei wolen bere witnessing, that bi the moost certeyn sect of oure religioun, Y lyuede a Farisee.

6 And now for the hope of repromyssioun, that is maad to oure fadris of God, Y stonde suget in dom;

7 in which hope oure twelue lynagis seruynge niyt and dai hopen to come; of which hope, sir king, Y am accusid of the Jewis.

8 What vnbileueful thing is demed at you, if God reisith deed men?

9 And sotheli Y gesside, that Y ouyte do many contrarie thingis ayens the name of Jhesu Nazarene.

10 Which thing also Y dide in Jerusalem, and Y encloside manye of the seyntis in prisoun, whanne Y hadde take powere of the princis of preestis. And whanne thei weren slayn, Y brouyte the sentence.

11 And bi alle synagogis ofte Y punyschide hem, and constreynede to blasfeme; and more Y wex wood ayens hem, and pursuede in to alien citees.

12 In whiche, the while Y wente to Damask, with power and suffring of princis of preestis,

13 at myddai, in the weie Y say, sir king, that fro heuene liyt schynede aboute me, passing the schynyng of the sunne, and aboute hem that weren togidir with me.

14 And whanne we alle hadden falle doun in to the erthe, Y herde a vois seiynge to me in Ebrew tunge, Saul, Saul, what pursuest thou me? it is hard to thee, to kicke ayens the pricke.

15 And Y seide, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord seide, Y am Jhesus, whom thou pursuest.

16 But rise vp, and stoond on thi feet. For whi to this thing Y apperide to thee, that Y ordeyne thee mynystre and witnesse of tho thingis that thou hast seyn, and of tho in whiche Y schal schewe to thee.

17 And Y schal delyuere thee fro puplis and folkis, to whiche now Y sende thee,

18 to opene the iyen of hem, that thei ben conuertid fro derknesse to liyt, and fro power of Sathnas to God, that thei take remyssioun of synnes, and part among seyntis, bi feith that is in me.

19 Wherfor, sir kyng Agrippa, Y was not vnbileueful to the heuenli visioun;

20 but Y tolde to hem that been at Damask first, and at Jerusalem, and bi al the cuntre of Judee, and to hethene men, that thei schulden do penaunce, and be conuertid to God, and do worthi werkis of penaunce.

21 For this cause Jewis token me, whanne Y was in the temple, to sle me.

22 But Y was holpun bi the helpe of God in to this dai, and stonde, witnessinge to lesse and to more. And Y seye no thing ellis than whiche thingis the prophetis and Moises spaken that schulen come,

23 if Crist is to suffre, if he is the firste of the ayenrising of deed men, that schal schewe liyt to the puple and to hethene men.

24 Whanne he spak these thingis, and yeldide resoun, Festus seide with greet vois, Poul, thou maddist; many lettris turnen thee to woodnesse.

25 And Poul seide, Y madde not, thou beste Festus, but Y speke out the wordis of treuthe and of sobernesse.

26 For also the king, to whom Y speke stidfastli, woot of these thingis; for Y deme, that no thing of these is hid fro hym; for nether in a cornere was ouyt of these thingis don.

27 Bileuest thou, king Agrippa, `to prophetis? Y woot that thou bileuest.

28 And Agrippa seide to Poul, In litil thing thou counseilist me to be maad a cristen man.

29 And Poul seide, Y desire anentis God, bothe in litil and in greet, not oneli thee, but alle these that heren to dai, to be maad sich as Y am, outakun these boondis.

30 And the kyng roos vp, and the president, and Beronyce, and thei that saten niy to hem.

31 And whanne thei wenten awei, thei spaken togider, and seiden, That this man hath not don ony thing worthi deth, nether boondis.

32 And Agrippa seide to Festus, This man miyt be delyuerid, if he hadde not appelid to the emperour.

Chapter 27


1 But as it was demed hym to schippe into Ytalie, thei bitoken Poul with othere kepers to a centurien, bi name Julius, of the cumpeny of knyytis of the emperoure.

2 And we wenten vp in to the schip of Adrymetis, and bigunnen to seile, and weren borun aboute the placis of Asie, while Aristark of Macedonye, Tessalonycence, dwellide stille with vs.

3 And in the dai suynge, we camen to Sydon; and Julius tretyde curteisli Poul, and suffride to go to frendis, and do his nedis.

4 And whanne we remouede fro thennus, we vndurseiliden to Cipre, for that wyndis weren contrarie.

5 And we seiliden in the see of Silicie and Pamfilie, and camen to Listris, that is Licie.

6 And there the centurien foond a schip of Alisaundre, seilinge in to Ytalie, and puttide vs ouer in to it.

7 And whanne in many daies we seilden slowli, and vnnethe camen ayens Guydum, for the winde lettide vs, we seiliden to Crete, bisidis Salomona.

8 And vnnethe we seilden bisidis, and camen into a place, that is clepid of good hauen, to whom the cite Tessala was niy.

9 And whanne miche time was passid, and whanne seiling thanne was not sikir, for that fasting was passid, Poul coumfortide hem,

10 and seide to hem, Men, Y se that seiling bigynneth to be with wrong and myche harm, not oonli of charge and of the schip, but also of oure lyues.

11 But the centurien bileuede more to the gouernour, and to the lord of the schip, thanne to these thingis that weren seid of Poul.

12 And whanne the hauene was not able to dwelle in wynter, ful many ordeyneden counsel to seile fro thennus, if on ony maner thei miyten come to Fenyce, to dwelle in wynter at the hauene of Crete, which biholdith to Affrik, and to Corum.

13 And whanne the south blew, thei gessiden hem to holde purpos; and whanne thei hadden removed fro Asson, thei seiliden to Crete.

14 And not aftir miche, the wynde Tifonyk, that is clepid north eest, was ayens it.

15 And whanne the schip was rauyschid, and myyte not enforse ayens the wynde, whanne the schip was youun to the blowynges of the wynde, we weren borun with cours into an ile,

16 that is clepid Canda; and vnethe we miyten gete a litil boot.

17 And whanne this was takun vp, thei vsiden helpis, girdinge togidere the schippe; and dredden, lest thei schulden falle into sondi placis. And whanne the vessel was vndur set, so thei weren borun.

18 And for we weren throwun with strong tempest, in the dai suynge thei maden casting out.

19 And the thridde dai with her hoondis thei castiden awei the instrumentis of the schip.

20 And whanne the sunne nether the sterris weren seie bi many daies, and tempest not a litil neiyede, now al the hope of oure helthe was don awei.

21 And whanne myche fasting hadde be, thanne Poul stood in the myddil of hem, and seide, A! men, it bihofte, whanne ye herden me, not to haue take awei the schip fro Crete, and gete this wronge and casting out.

22 And now Y counsel you to be of good coumfort, for los of no persoone of you schal be, outakun of the schip.

23 For an aungel of God, whos Y am, and to whom Y serue, stood niy to me in this niyt, and seide, Poul, drede thou not;

24 it bihoueth thee to stonde bifore the emperour. And lo! God hath youun to thee alle that ben in the schip with thee.

25 For which thing, ye men, be ye of good coumfort; for Y bileue to my God, that so it schal be, as it is seid to me.

26 And it bihoueth vs to come into sum yle.

27 But aftirward that in the fourtenthe dai the niyt cam on vs seilinge in the stony see, aboute mydniyt the schipmen supposiden sum cuntre to appere to hem.

28 And thei kesten doun a plommet, and founden twenti pasis of depnesse. And aftir a litil thei weren departid fro thennus, and foundun fiftene pasis.

29 And thei dredden, lest we schulden haue fallun in to scharp placis; and fro the last parti of the schip thei senten foure ankeris, and desiriden that the dai hadde be come.

30 And whanne the schipmen souyten to fle fro the schip, whanne thei hadden sent a litil boot in to the see, vndur colour as thei schulden bigynne to stretche forth the ankeris fro the formere part of the schip,

31 Poul seide to the centurien and to the knyytis, But these dwellen in the schip, ye moun not be maad saaf.

32 Thanne knyytis kittiden awei the cordis of the litil boot, and suffriden it to falle awei.

33 And whanne the dai was come, Poul preiede alle men to take mete, and seide, The fourtenthe dai this dai ye `abiden, and dwellen fastinge, and taken no thing.

34 Wherfor Y preie you to take mete, for youre helthe; for of noon of you the heer of the heed schal perische.

35 And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, Poul took breed, and dide thankyngis to God in the siyt of alle men; and whanne he hadde brokun, he bigan to eete.

36 And alle weren maad of betere coumfort, and thei token mete.

37 And we weren alle men in the schip, two hundrid seuenti and sexe.

38 And thei weren fillid with mete, and dischargiden the schip, and castiden whete in to the see.

39 And whanne the dai was comun, thei knewen no lond; and thei bihelden an hauene that hadde a watir bank, in to which thei thouyten, if thei miyten, to bringe vp the schip.

40 And whanne thei hadden take vp the ankeris, thei bitoken hem to the see, and slakiden togidir the ioyntours of gouernails. And with a litil seil lift vp, bi blowyng of the wynde thei wenten to the bank.

41 And whanne we felden into a place of grauel gon al aboute with the see, thei hurtliden the schip. And whanne the formere part was fitchid, it dwellide vnmouable, and the last part was brokun of strengthe of the see.

42 And counsel of the kniytis was, to sle men that weren in warde, lest ony schulde ascape, whanne he hadde swymmed out.

43 But the centurien wolde kepe Poul, and forbede it to be don. And he comaundide hem that miyte swymme, to go in to the see, and scape, and go out to the loond.

44 And thei baren summe othere on boordis, summe on tho thingis that weren of the schip. And so it was don, that alle men ascapiden to the lond.

Chapter 28


1 And whanne we hadden ascapid, thanne we knewen that the ile was clepid Militene. And the hethene men diden to vs not litil curtesie.

2 And whanne a fier was kyndelid, thei refreschiden vs alle, for the reyn that cam, and the coold.

3 But whanne Poul hadde gederid `a quantite of kittingis of vines, and leide on the fier, an edder sche cam forth fro the heete, and took hym bi the hoond.

4 And whanne the hethene men of the ile siyen the beest hangynge in his hoond, thei seiden togidir, For this man is a manquellere; and whanne he scapide fro the see, Goddis veniaunce suffrith hym not to lyue in erthe.

5 But he schoke awei the beest in to the fier, and hadde noon harm.

6 And thei gessiden that he schulde be turned `in to swellyng, and falle doun sudenli, and die. But whanne thei abiden longe, and sien that no thing of yuel was don in him, thei turneden hem togider, and seiden, that he was God.

7 And in tho placis weren maners of the prince of the ile, Puplius bi name, which resseyuede vs bi thre daies benygnli, and foond vs.

8 And it bifel, that the fader of Pupplius lai trauelid with fyueris and blodi flux. To whom Poul entride, and whanne he hadde preied, and leid his hondis on hym, he helide hym.

9 And whanne this thing was don, alle that in the ile hadden sijknesses, camen, and weren heelid.

10 Which also onouriden vs in many worschipis, and puttiden what thingis weren necessarie to vs, whanne we schippiden.

11 And after thre monethis we schippiden in a schip of Alisaundre, that hadde wyntrid in the ile, to which was an excellent singne of Castours.

12 And whanne we camen to Siracusan, we dwelliden there thre daies.

13 Fro thennus we seiliden aboute, and camen to Regyum; and aftir oo dai, while the south blew, in the secounde dai we camen to Puteolos.

14 Where whanne we founden britheren, we weren preied to dwelle there anentis hem seuene daies. And so we camen to Rome.

15 And fro thennus whanne britheren hadden herd, thei camen to vs to the cheping of Appius, and to the Thre tauernes.

16 And whanne Poul hadde seyn hem, he dide thankyngis to God, and took trist. And whanne `we camen to Rome, it was suffrid to Poul to dwelle bi hym silf, with a kniyt kepinge him.

17 And after the thridde dai, he clepide togidir the worthieste of the Jewis. And whanne thei camen, he seide to hem, Britheren, Y dide no thing ayens the puple ether custom of fadris, and Y was boundun at Jerusalem, and was bitakun in to the hondis of Romayns.

18 And whanne thei hadden axid of me, wolden haue delyuerid me, for that no cause of deth was in me.

19 But for Jewis ayenseiden, Y was constreyned to appele to the emperour; not as hauynge ony thing to accuse my puple.

20 Therfor for this cause Y preiede to se you, and speke to you; for for the hope of Israel Y am gird aboute with this chayne.

21 And thei seiden to hym, Nether we han resseyued lettris of thee fro Judee, nether ony of britheren comynge schewide, ether spak ony yuel thing of thee.

22 But we preyen to here of thee, what thingis thou felist; for of this sect it is knowun to vs, that euerywhere me ayenseith it.

23 And whanne thei hadden ordeined a dai to hym, many men camen to hym in to the in. To whiche he expownede, witnessinge the kyngdom `of God, and counseilide hem of Jhesu, of the lawe of Moyses, and profetis, for the morewe til to euentid.

24 And summe bileueden to these thingis that weren seid of Poul, summe bileueden not.

25 And whanne thei weren not consentinge togidir, thei departiden. And Poul seide o word, For the Hooli Goost spak wel bi Ysaye, the profete, to oure fadris,

26 and seide, Go thou to this puple, and seie to hem, With eere ye schulen here, and ye schulen not vndirstonde; and ye seynge schulen se, and ye schulen not biholde.

27 For the herte of this puple is greetli fattid, and with eeris thei herden heuyli, and thei closiden togider her iyen, lest perauenture thei se with iyen, and with eeris here, and bi herte vndurstonde, and be conuertid, and Y hele hem.

28 Therfor be it knowun to you, that this helthe of God is sent to hethen men, and thei schulen here.

29 And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, Jewis wenten out fro hym, and hadden myche questioun, ethir musyng, among hem silf.

30 And he dwellide ful twei yeer in his hirid place; and he resseyuede alle that entryden to hym,

31 and prechide the kingdom of God, and tauyte tho thingis that ben of the Lord Jhesu Crist, with al trist, with out forbedyng. Amen.